Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Internet revolution is just "warming up"

I recently had a discussion about the telcos' revenge over VoIP..
They were talking about the big Telcos in a few years devoring Skype or similar services.
The big Telcos haven't understood yet that the time of the dinosaurus has finished since long.
Since somebody invented the thing that goes under the name of "computer".

That makes everything cheaper including services and infrastructures.
Big corporations need too much food to work, while small companies need just a computer and few devices around and if the brain that is behind the computer is good enough they can function much better than a million employees company.

They can object you need investments to commercialize your service.

But another thing came out in help of the computer: Internet.
There is nothing cheaper and more effective than a good campaign on the Internet.
And this is the second stroke.
The Internet revolution began long ago, but it is not finished, it's just "warming up"...
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