Saturday, June 18, 2005

Il paese dei mandolini

Once my country was called "Il paese dei Mandolini" "The country of the mandolins" and it was very poetic thinking of a place where you had always a nice music in the background.
Almost like in a movie, music really makes the difference.

Now that the Progress has arrived also here (and Progress is something Italians cherish very much and couldn't live without) what you hear is a mixed sound of ring tones.
From the most exotic to the most colourful.

What you never hear is a too-too, which is the ringtone of mine, but it is always either disconnected or to be recharged.
Anyway, I would feel kind of ashamed for my "normality", they would look at me:
What kind of an Italian, not even able to copy or invent an individual Ring tone?

Yes, individuality is what I lack.
I am normal and being normal is a kind of suspicious.
How can somebody in the year 2005 still like the plain, normal stuff?

In that I am really not Italian.

Because ring tones or mandolins, we are talking about a "musical" country...
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