Saturday, June 11, 2005

What is connectivity?

Once there was just the easy simple word: connectivity.
That used to mean to connect two or more devices in something that was called a "Network" and exchange whatever between or among them.

Then The "Spam" arrived and so it was necessary to add the word "intelligent".
And thus connectivity became "intelligent connectivity".

But then the adjective "intelligent" had to be better specified, because too generic and so apt to be understood in the right/wrong way.
That is: following the human brain "intelligent" has a meaning, following computer's logic it can have a totally different one.
The programmer declares something as Spam and the spammer changes his weapons.
The programmer redeclares it and the spammer changes it again.
And the computer follows directions.

Then connectivity became "communication".
Because voice was included in connectivity.
So that connectivity became a "transport mean" and nothing more than that.
There were new protocols and new wars about protocols.
Spamming changed the name in "spitting" which actually gave a better idea of what it was.
So, "voice connectivity" needed to change in "Spitting-free voice connectivity".

Programmers made the Junk-spit folder and all the spitters should have finished there.

But spitters, for their fluid nature can pass randomly from one folder to the other and the programmer needs to be always on alert.

At this point connectivity looks almost like TV broadcasting.
At the beginning we had just one channel and a lot to look at.
Now we have millions of channels but "there is nothing on TV anymore".

Once we could talk, now that we have million ways to communicate, we have nothing to say...
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