Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What would we do with Cows, Pigs, Chicken?

Yesterday I had an alarming telephone call from my mother.
Did you see on TV the new "Vegetarians"?

They not only do not eat any kind of meat, but no eggs, no milk and so on...
"A pig is an animal like a dog or a cat!" Somebody said.

So, what will we do with cows? Just bring them for a walk a few times a day, make a nice bed on our terrace and enjoy their company?

Or we will just keep a few on a zoo and let the race extinguish...

But then, also vegetables are living creatures, and fruit too?

We better begin to think how to live out of nothing, because also the air doesn't belong to us...

This is but one of the so called (by me) stupid way to progress.
The right way to change the world in an unliveable place.

That something must be changed I agree.
That people eat too much and too much meat I agree too.

But that they do not need animals' products I disagree.

And as my friend once dared to say:

I do not care a bit about those vegetarians, I WILL NEVER give up my SALAME...

The same for:

Streaming Music to your Mobile Phone?

Dameon D. Welch-Abernathy - PhoneBoy's Blog

Om points to Ditty Bot, which is a way to send songs from your iPod to your mobile phone using SkypeOut. I'm with Om, this is a stupid idea.

However, if I *were* going to do this, here's what I'd do:

1. Set up an Asterisk server.
2. Get a SPA-3000.
3. Get a Dock n Talk that's compatible with one of my many phones.
4. Get an extra SIM card on Cingular.
5. Configure it so that I could dial into my Asterisk server from my other Cingular phone. Not too hard, but doable.

For a bit of extra hardware and a small monthly charge ($9.99 for an add-a-line on my current Cingular plan, but it's more like $14.99 now), I can stream as much music as I want from my cell phone for one low monthly price. Seems a lot cheaper than using SkypeOut to do it.

Of course, because it would absolutely kill the battery life of your mobile phone, it's a stupid idea. That and my mobile phone already plays MP3s, thank you very much. :)
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