Tuesday, June 07, 2005

He who seeds a thought, harvests a destiny

"We like things for what they represent, not for what they are. A distinction confirmed by the statistic that he person you love is 72.8% water. Status usually takes precedence over function and appearance over performance."

This could be the explanation of most successes of our generation.
The placebo effect on the use of a new drug counts for 50% of its success, that meaning the therapeutic effect of most of therapies depends on our mind and the way our mind thinks it will heal the body, not the therapy in itself.

We have really come a long way since the first form of life appeared on this planet.
And this is what makes us different from animals: the power of thinking that we think, the power of the thought over the body.
But to think is not enough, we must think of something.
He who seeds a thought, harvests a destiny.
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