Thursday, June 02, 2005

Communication is our goal and our despair

The more you think that something is a problem, the more you make it a problem.

If we could define the Era in which we are living, we would as "The Era of Communication".
Nobody talks of anything else.
Everything is created to make "communication" easier, and that was after somebody found out that "communicating" was one of the goal of man.

Marketing is not understanding the needs of people, but understanding the psychology of people and then creating needs into them in order to fill the needs with new products...

Nobody had the need for video games before somebody understood it could have been a good business creating the need to play video games...

And that could be said about all the best selling gadgets of today's market.

We have so many means of communication that we are not able to communicate anymore.
When you talk too much then you have nothing to say anymore.
Because you do not havee the time to read, you do not have the time to think anymore.

You just look at the sky and the only thing you can say is:
Here the weather is nice, how is it there?

In my times, when telephoning was so expensive, when letters took one week to arrive, we spent our time reading the others' thoughs, and some time to think about them too.

May be it was a some kind of "autism", we had time to live in our own world and understand what we were and what we wanted from life, and what we would have liked to be.

And when we wrote a letter, and the letter took one week, we had more to say, because in one week many more things happen than in one minute, and we have more time to think and more time to see and so more things to say...

Speed is not good for the best things in life, yes also for what you are thinking right now...there is no worse enemy than speed especially for that...

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