Friday, April 13, 2007

Addressed to a Penis Owner

We are not anti-penis. In the feminine experience the penis can add the finishing touch to satisfaction, but it is not sine qua non.
No, indeed.
We have been brainwashed into paying more homage than is due this particular attachment of the male anatomy, and far too much has been made of its rise and fall. The fact that we admire a Greek statue no less when the penis has crumbled off should be sufficient proof that male beauty does not depend on this unique feature. Freud, of course, was wrong when he claimed that women suffer from penis envy — it is the men who do.
Sadly, a man without a penis is no man at all in our culture, and in male mythology the penis distinguishes a valiant man from a timid one.
We do appreciate a lusty penis when it knows its place. Penis owners should keep in mind that a well-trained penis is a joy to hold and cuddle.
If it knows a trick or two, so much the better. A well-behaved penis is indeed woman's best friend, but we object to those mindless penises that indiscriminately push their way in and out of our folds like sewing machines.
We suspect that the penis culture is a male invention from an earlier age when fertility was tantamount to the survival of the race.
Understandably, then, the penis is still an important showpiece, and while it also adds much gratification to its owner, it offers comparatively less to the fulfillment of female desires.
If this comes as a shock to you, penis owner, please look at yourself from the female point of view. What is natural to you who handle your penis many times a day, is quite unnatural to us.
To us, the penis is a foreign object. I think that no man knows how alien his rod is to the girl who is confronted with it for the first time, when she is told to stroke it, to lick it, to like it.
We know neither the power that comes with owning this tool nor the fear of losing it. Since we don't have anything as obvious and as embarrassingly untrustworthy in our love-making paraphernalia, we share your concern for its ups and downs, so much so that we have obliterated our own needs for gratification.
We are not trying to diminish your appendage, but we want to enlarge upon those parts of you that have been unjustly ignored.
These are the parts that are essential to our pleasure: your hair, your eyes, your lips, your tongue, your chest, your thighs, your voice, and — most importantly — your hands. It is no accident that our stories have celebrated these greater assets.

Liberally taken from Women's own erotica
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