Thursday, April 12, 2007

The reality behind the dream

"Cellular companies have been hampered by their inexperience as middlemen between consumers and producers of music, videos and other content. Their high-speed networks can't yet guarantee constant connections. And equipment is expensive.
What's more, the price of the content provided by cellular companies remains steep."
With special offer on top of special offers listening to music or watching TV on a cell phone is still, and will be for long, outrageously expensive.
And outrageously stupid too.
Even though stupidity wouldn't be a barrier, the cost will.
Paying slightly more to have the same wouldn't be a problem if that is a status symbol, paying a lot more for the same is a problem even if it is a status symbol.
Because it is the symbol of the status of being very rich.
In other words, if the mass cannot afford it, it cannot become a mass market product.
The cell phone network doesn't have enough bandwidth and the bandwidth it has is too expensive.
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