Friday, April 27, 2007

Will IPTV kill SatelliteTV?

"What can satellite TV and satellite radio expect next year?
How about more competition ...
More VOD From Cable - And a lot of that on-demand content will still be free to subscribers. Also, more VOD titles will be local in nature, and take aim at niche audiences. With VOD, the satellite TV guys could find it hard to compete
effectively with cable incumbents.
Watch Out for Small Telcos - Some small and medium-sized telcos are delivering video, along with advanced broadband and voice services. These small telcos also are in rural areas, satellite TV's current stronghold."

There are two things on the satellite providers' side: quality and mobility.
Yes you can offer mobility with WIFI, but what about quality?
If you, once, listen to satellite Radio, you will not be able to listen to a normal one...The crystal clear signal compared to the noise of normal radio music...

The same with TV.
But in this case, since TV is mostly consumed on a comfortable couch, the Internet could be a real threat to satellite.
I say could, because right now satellite providers can still sleep.
The stamp format of YouTube cannot compete with the HD images of Satellite.
Yes, YouTube offers something else than the Satellite doesn't: self made content, interactivity.
If I was up there I would begin to watch out...
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