Friday, April 20, 2007

The importance of being insured

Insurance has come to stay as a part of our daily life (and our daily expense).
Our house is insured, our car is insured, our dog is insured, our children are insured...why not us?
Why not protecting the one you love making sure that if something happens they will be able to go on living?
And if besides that you can find also a life insurance that gives you advantages when you live and insures you if you die, what could be a better investment for your money?
Many of us who have asked for a mortgage are obliged to have a life insurance to cover the risk of the mortgage and very often it looks like wasted money, one expense more for our restricted budget.
Why not making a good investment out of it?
Ever heard of Whole life insurance?
Whole life insurance policies offer features other than basic death benefits. Owning a policy is almost like owning a home. You can earn equity with your insurance policy. The longer you have it, the more equity you can earn. You can even use your whole life insurance policy to receive cash or to borrow money against it.
These whole life insurance policies provide owners with a permanency that is not available with most kinds of insurance. It can be very comforting to owners to know that their policies cannot be canceled as long as they pay their premiums.
Where to find it?
At Washington Life Insurance you can find all the details about it and also about Term life Insurance, you can get Life Insurance Quotes , know how much it is going to cost you, compare costs and decide.
All sitting in front of your computer and taking all the time you need to decide.
Why rushing and signing for the wrong Insurance when you have the chance to see what better suits you?

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