Friday, April 13, 2007

What makes the best business partner?

1) Good credit rating

2) Good customers' portfolio

3) Good working skills

4) Good availability

5) Good future vision

All this is like pretending that a good writer is somebody who knows how to write, who has good writing skills, who knows where and how to publish his books.
All this IS important, but not all this makes a good and mostly a successful writer.
Therefore, the best business partner is not always the best businessman.

You need skills, you need knowledge, but you need a natural disposition to be a good businessman.
You need to like what you do, you need to live what you do, you need to make others liking what you do.
You need to know when to be serious and when to laugh; you need to know when to talk and when to listen.
You need to know what the others are going to think or to do, you need to understand, you need to convince, you need to be a friend without loosing control, in a few words, you need to make your customers liking and trusting you.

All this comes naturally or does not.
And if it doesn't you'd better choose another job.

PS. May be somebody like this won't be the BEST for making a lot of money, but you will certainly have fun having a business with him, and that IS WHAT COUNTS IN LIFE!!!
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