Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In the war among Giants, the smart customer should win

This morning I happened to read a very interesting post from Tom Evslin.
Very interesting post for me, because he was talking about a project I had in 2003 and went unnoticed (or almost) and now Time Warner proposes it exactly has I had ideated it.
I called it VoIP WIFY community.
My website is still there:

WOIP Community WIFI

quite outdated and naive, but the substance is that.
Later I added a second one:

WOIP Community

that in my opinion was even easier and cheaper to realize and would have allowed to exchange the bandwidth for Call Termination.
This one was not copied, because it was not anymore a War among Giants, this time the only revenue would be on the customers' side.
It id is Time Warner versus Cellphones' company, it is extremely interesting, if it is Normal people versus Telecoms' monopoly IS NOT a good idea.

Too bad normal people are not able to make fuss enough to be known and reach their goals.
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