Friday, April 13, 2007

Why blogging?

"Most of us blog with a purpose. We want to share our outlandish political beliefs with the world. We want to network with other professionals in our fields. We long for an opportunity to share our lousy poetry with other angst-ridden teens. We can’t wait to let other cat lovers see the latest hi-res photos of Mr. Fluffypants. We want to sell something.

We have a purpose and we have a particular audience in mind as we compose our posts."

What about blogging for blogging, writing for writing, writing for talking and talking for communicating?
We ALL write our posts with the hidden hope somebody will comment.
Just say hi, or hallo, or I like, or I dislike or even fuck off.
Just say something, so that I can answer something else and you can comment again and this Magic thing will happen.
Black on white, one letter after the other to make a word, many words to make a sentence and many sentences my thought and then your thought and so on...

We blog because we like to and because we want and like to communicate.
About politics, about food, about cats, about sex, about our life.
About what it doesn't really matter.
It matters there is somebody who reads and writes back.
That is the magic of blogging, that is the magic of the Internet, that is the Magic of life.
Since the first hiccup to the last grasp, we , we ALL want to feel we are not ALONE.
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