Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chaos Scenario

"you'll have taken the Chaos Scenario one step further: to a digital landscape in which marketing achieves hitherto unimaginable effectiveness, but in which display advertising's main role will be to quickly, straightforwardly, informatively draw you into a broader brand experience...

"a post-apocalyptic media world substantially devoid of brand advertising as we have long known it...It's a world in which Canadian trees are left standing and broadcast towers aren't. It's a world in which consumer engagement occurs without consumer interruption...It is a world, to be specific, in which marketing -- and even branding -- are conducted without much reliance on the 30-second spot or glossy spread.

Because nobody is much interested in seeing them, and because soon they will be largely unnecessary...
The first element of Chaos presumes the fragmentation of mass media creates a different sort of cycle: an inexorable death spiral, in which audience fragmentation and ad-avoidance hardware lead to an exodus of advertisers, leading in turn to an exodus of capital, leading to a decline in the quality of content, leading to further audience defection, leading to further advertiser defection and so on to oblivion...
Those who have perennially spent more and more for less and less will finally say, "No more," and take their money online -- whether there is sufficient ad inventory or not..."
Bob Garfield

To see what the future will be it is a must to look at the present.
My son spends all his free time on the Net.
He watches the programs of TV that are downloadable on YouTube.
The best of...
He watches the movies he downloads...
He has the bigger inventory of Horror movies you can dream of.
Including rare and obsolete films.(recently a videoteca of Florence contacted him to have something they couldn't find anywhere).
The majority of baby boomers still look at TV, but the ones who have children discovered since long the Magic of the Internet.
And advertisers follow customers, don't they?
And they want sales not just audience (that is getting blinder and deafer, ads are getting like water to the makarel, something to live in without realizing that exists.)
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