Friday, April 20, 2007

Stopping the hypocrisy of advertising

We have finally come close to it: stopping the brainwashing.
But as we see this approaching we also see how the old world is struggling to die, it is a matter of too much money to just say: we are finished.
The new motto is: the old advertising is dead, let us find a new one.
Now they begin to talk about: Check out: The Path to One-to-One Marketing: The Evolution of Behavioral Targeting.
And the hypocrisy goes on: "Yahoo!'s mission is 'to connect people to their passions, their communities, and the world's knowledge.' If we succeed at this mission then everything we do improves the lives of consumers. We know we are getting it right when consumers come to Yahoo! and stay here in droves."
That is in poor words: let's forget the mass brainwashing, let's concentrate on the individuals.
Thanks to the Net we know everything of this guy, where he lives, what he likes, what he wants, how much he earns, how much he saves and how much he spends.
Let's brainwash him in the right and sophisticated way.
Let's create in him the need for what we sell, let him be one of our new clones.
"But those that definitely work to improve people's lives tend to make money more easily. When the money is the byproduct of the work and not the reason for it, it is easier to sustain one's career."
Let's explain what the RIGHT life should be, what he should eat and what he should do.
Then we supply all the information’s to be WHAT he is aiming to.
In principle we work to improve his life, to answer his needs.
Too bad he really wouldn't need what they want to sell, but he is PUSHED to need it...
And then:
"Old isn't always bad, but new isn't always good either. There's an element of destruction in much of the technology in terms of disintermediation of business models (which is potentially threatening to thousands of jobs and millions of dollars) and destruction of our social fabric as we know it (teens who only communicate in text, the breakdown of family time around the TV, and the pervasive role of new media in our lives)."
That is the point.
If advertisement goes back to be what the word means: "telling the others about one product" the loss of the need of the "Middlemen", means the loss of thousands of well paid jobs.
One can easily advertise oneself and more than anything the customer can "choose".
Even if this is in a limited way.
If we consider the power of Search Engines like Google we realize that there is no real freedom of information.
But we are on the way...
People of the World the time has come: no man is born a slave, let's keep our brain as clean from shit as possible.
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