Friday, April 20, 2007

Training for cyberspace

To most of the hundred millions of computer users around the world, the inner workings of a computer are an utter mystery.
Users expect information technology (IT) professionals to help them with their needs for designing, locating, retrieving, using, configuring, programming, maintaining, and understanding computers, network, applications and digital objects.
But the reality of what users, students, and professionals find differs markedly from what they expect. They find poorly designed software, complex and confusing systems, crash-prone systems, software without warranties, surly customer service.
And this is where a good training comes into the scene.
Especially if done at a high level like the one at the Open Technology Group.
Their courses are delivered using a unique method of blended learning, which utilizes a combination of industry recognized instructional materials, and their own in-house developed materials.
Their PHP training is both flexible and affordable. The courses are taught by experienced PHP MySQL training instructors.
They combine industry recognized materials and their own course guides.
If you are interested you can find on their website the start date of the courses, the price and the location.
For further information you can complete a form or give them a call and one of their PHP MySQL training enrollment specialists can answer your questions.
So, if you belong to most of the computer users, and want to find the solutions that bring clarity to technology, now you know where to go.

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