Friday, April 27, 2007

Problems with drugs?

Drug addiction is more a psychological than a physical problem.
Social factors have a major influence on which individuals have access to various drugs, and social attitudes determine which drugs are acceptable for casual "recreational" use, which may be used for relief of tension, and which are prohibited.
The nature of a society often determines the kinds of tensions induced in its members, as well as the kind of behaviors that are viewed as socially acceptable.
Sometimes the use of a drug may become identified with acceptance of the values of particular groups within a society, and individuals may participate in drug-using behavior as a way of symbolizing their group affiliation.
Cultural attitudes toward addicts and alcoholics and the legal or medical complications of drug use further increase the drug user's difficulties in obtaining realistic gratifications and simultaneously foster his return to an environment (the local bar or group of heroin addicts) where he is accepted, where the drug is available, and where its use is acceptable and has been repeatedly reinforced.
These are the reasons why the ones who have problems with drug addiction need a serious drug rehab program.
Without solving the problems which brought the individual to drugs abuse (or alcohol abuse) it is almost certain the return to the prior state of dependence. is a free drug rehab service that helps victims and their families to find treatment and intervention for alcoholism and drug addiction of the highest quality.
They help to achieve a healthy, productive and long term recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction finding the most appropriate rehab center to a single individual at no charge.
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