Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Did Apple invent something?

Just as surely as Apple didn’t reinvent cellular service with the introduction of the iPhone, it DID accelerate the changes taking place in the music business by the deal it announced today with EMI for the electronic distribution of music WITHOUT copy protection (aka DRM or digital rights management).

Tom Evslin

I agree with you, as usual 100%.
The Internet is the End of the middle man, unless he has something to offer.
Like value added services.
But these will be paid on a smaller scale.
The main result is the lowering of cost, not necessarily a lowering of income.
If you sell directly the customer pays less and you earn more...
P2P will not disappear and that should be kept in mind from those upthere.
Everything must change in order to be always the same.
And since technology changes so fast, you cannot sleep.
Otherwise you risk to wake up one they and find a different world where there is no place for you anymore...
Instead of fighting, the best move, in my opinion, would be to lower the copyright time and be really severe on that.
If you want the latest you have to pay, after the necessary time in which copyrights have paid the artist's work, it is OK to download and enjoy it.
In principle we feed on the past and that is how it must be.
Otherwise we should always begin from the beginning...
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