Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You pay for what you get...

What better offer than paying JUST for what you get?
And that is so important when you talk about SEO.
The usual way is: you pay and we do what we can.
Of course they promise the best, but if you do not reach what they promise?
Sorry...may be it is your fault and so on...
But with search engine optimization company you pay for performance. That means that it is simply the best model to ensure you get the improved search engine placement you want and don't wind up paying a Seo company for non-results.
You pay for the listing in the three most important Search Engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN. If you do not reach a top 10 placement it is free!!!
I bet it is one of those few times in which one is happy to pay...
You are almost sure that your website will get the exposition you need to sell more or to be known better or whatever.
Their monthly fees are based on the number of top 10 rankings they get for their clients. Minimum of 10 top 10 rankings per month or that month is free. Of course competitive keywords are more than welcome!!
And it is better than a pay per click.
You do not have to pay for the number of customers, just for your placement.
You can choose the plan that suits you best and decide. Then you just wait...

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