Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Free will and a pair of shoes...

"The place you buy your shoes has been decided by the search engine, and the search engine was been decided by the browser, which has been decided by the operating system, which has been decided by the computer.
If those things are kept independent, it's working. But if a company gets into a very strong position of having a vertical supply through the market, and has all these things tied up together, then your choice of shoes is dictated by your choice of computer."

Anyway my choice of shoes was never so independent as it looks.
First I had to see what Armani decided was fashionable that year, then what my friends decided it was "in" that year, then what my parents decided how much I could spend for a new pair of shoes and if I needed one, so in the end I couldn't really talk about "free will"...
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