Friday, April 13, 2007

That is why segmentation is not always good

Yesterday I went to the Super Market because I badly needed eggs.
I bought:

1) Eight geranium plants because they were in special offer and the RIGHT color for my balcony

2) Five bars of chocolate because it was a long time I didn't please myself, I guess since I bought a "non friendly" electronic scale.

3) An Easter colomba because it was one third of the original price and it is good to have a slice (or two) for Breakfast.

4) Four frozen pizzas because a pizza is what comes at your rescue when you do not have the palest idea what to cook...

Needless to say I came home without eggs, because I completely forgot about them.
I will have to go to the Super Market again tomorrow (may be they have other good special offers)

That is why I do not think that segmentation is such a great idea.(besides the fact that I have less opportunities)
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