Saturday, April 21, 2007

Query on PayPerPost to Acquire XYZ

PayPerPost, the global Internet "advertising on blogs" company, for approximately $.. billion (not known) in up-front cash (not clear yet), plus potential performance-based consideration has acquired the famous company XYZ.
The acquisition will strengthen PayPerPost's global marketplace and payments platform, while opening several new lines of business and creating significant new monetization opportunities for the company.
The deal also represents a major opportunity for XYZ and PayPerPost to drive traffic, advance its leadership in Internet advertising market and offer posties worldwide new ways to make money in a global online era.
XYZ and PayPerPost will create an unparalleled ecommerce and advertising platform for advertisers and bloggers around the world.
We still do not know what it really is (at least I didn't understand), but following the past it won't be something hurting PayPerPost.
The only question mark is: Will it be convenient also for bloggers? Or for a few of them?
In this jungle and hard competition world you cannot survive if you are not a wolf or close to it.
It is a challenge, but it is also a big stress trying to be always on top.

"An acquisition is a sheep and two wolves deciding on what to have for lunch.
Success is a well armed sheep contesting the results of the decision."
Patrizia Broghammer

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