Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Conference Blog

"I enjoy civil conversation. Much of what appears on blogs or in chat groups or in other online forums is uninformed repetitious uninformed drivel… and boring besides."
And then
"Back to Infamous Scribblers: “If somehow the men and women who settled the New World could rise from their graves and return to us today… and pick up our newspapers and magazine, if they were to watch our television newscasts and listen to the verbal butcheries on our opinion programs on all-news cable and talk radio, even the loudest of them, even the coarsest, the most mean-spirited – if under some marvelous set of circumstances, the citizens of the eighteenth century could find a way to make themselves media-savvy in the first decade of the twenty-first century, they would be startled by, and perhaps not altogether approving of, the extent to which we have tamed the wildly inglorious impulses of their journalism.”
Tom Evslin on Tim O’Reilly has proposed a code of conduct for bloggers...and Infamous Scribblers

I like to comment to comments...It's like a conference blog...
First: If somehow...They cannot, and if they did, how do we know how they would react? May be differently than what we can suppose...

Second: God spare us from code of conduct or similar restrictions.
If you are an impolite funny and intelligent you'll write funny and intelligent impolite posts, if you are not, the politeness won't make them interesting.
So, let people talk and talk as they want and like, the readers will decide what is worth and what is not...
That is the beautiful of the Internet that makes it different from a newspaper.
How many articles people would have enjoyed reading were not published because of this or because of that?
Regarding civil conversation, also this is subjective, what is civil for my son looks outrageous to me, but that doesn't mean that I am right, sometimes it just means I am getting old...
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