Monday, April 16, 2007

Dreams are what our life is made of, aren't they?

"we’ll need to fund the transport as physical infrastructure rather than as billable services..." Bob Frankstone

I think the whole matter depends on it.
If we see (as it was born) the Internet as mainly "transport" or "connectivity" there is no need to talk about Net Neutrality or Scrapping the Internet.

It is a network where you can have your share depending on the bandwidth you are using and paying for.
It would be absolutely perfect if everybody could share the same amount, but there is nothing like a free lunch and of course nothing like a free bandwidth.
But reducing the Internet to a connectivity network is already making the most democratic space on this earth.

And why not leaving space also to billable services?
Services on a transport network.
This is where the money, the revenue, the jobs come from.

The only problem I see is the fact that, being the Internet the mirror of our world, there will always be the ones who make huge profits monopolizing certain services.
But also in that, the Internet is still the most democratic place on this world, where one man company can build an empire.
It's the only place left for the "American dream".
And Dreams are what our life is made of, aren't they?
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