Friday, April 27, 2007

A competition upside down

Can you believe that there is a website where you can win something with the LOWEST bid?
If you don't, please checkbid4prizes and you will see black on white (better: colors on a black background) that it actually exists.
Not only, you can also play and if you are lucky enough to be the worst you can win!
What would I do if I won?
First I have to win, and that is not so easy.
Of course the game is reversed and sometimes it is easier to be the best than the worst...
But, admitting that I did, well, it depends what I win.
I tend to be generous with the things I do not like or need and be extremely selfish with what I like.
So, unless it is really something unusable, I guess I would keep it for myself and enjoy it.
There is nothing you enjoy more than the stuff you get as a bargain.
At least for me.
If I spend a lot of money to buy something I like, deep in my heart there is always that subtle pain for having spent too much.
The opposite if I can get something for less.
Then the joy is double. Because I bought it and because I paid little for it.
So, I guess this is definitely my website.
I can try as long as it takes to get something for cheap...

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