Thursday, April 12, 2007

All what you can dream to get just opening a Bank Account...

What about a bank accounts that offers:

1) Banking. Interest and fee free for the first 100£ (may be they know you'll borrow more than that...)
NO monthly fees. Commission free travel money.

2) Worldwide family travel insurance. Savings (10%) on holidays and cruises.

3) UK and Ireland luxury hotel breaks (–50%). Savings on wine, magazines, gifts, motors and much more (it pays to have a look). Legal helpline.

4) Ecotricity. That stands for clean electricity.Games, Fair trade fashion, flowers (and even trees), books...

That is what the Privilege account offers.
With a monthly subscription of 12£ you can upgrade it to a Privilege Premier Current Account and you can have much more.
More free overdraft, exclusive mortgage deals, discounted personal loans, travel credit card, higher interests and so on...

And of course you can have a basic account, a standard account, and the Internet Banking.
You choose what suits you best.
What do YOU think?
I personally think that I regret living in Italy, but I'd better check, may be they have branches even in my country...
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