Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Once we had the NEWS

Never like now news has become entertainment.
And the good entertainment, the one people like, is that which involves themselves.
Either as writer or just commenters.
"Those of us in so-called old media have also learned the hard way what this new meaning of networking spells for our businesses. Media companies don’t control the conversation anymore, at least not to the extent that we once did. The big hits of the past were often, if not exactly flukes, then at least the beneficiaries of limited options. Of course a film is going to be a success if it’s the only movie available on a Saturday night. Similarly, when three networks divided up a nation of 200 million, life was a lot easier for television executives. And not so very long ago most of the daily newspapers that survived the age of consolidation could count themselves blessed with monopolies in their home cities."
Forbes 90th anniversary

Once we had the NEWS, where somebody wrote, possibly in good English, what was happening or had happened or what he thought right to say.
Now "Fundamental trust in your users is the only way to have a successful relationship with them."
Translated in common words: let the people talk, because that is what they like, that is why they read, that is what creates sales.
Better or worse?
As in everything there is something better and there is something worse.
But one thing is for sure: there is something more and that more is that News is not anymore a monologue, but it is getting more and more a dialogue, which is very good...
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