Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Importance of linking

Links are the most important issue to get a good Page Ranking.
Of course they can mean a momentary success of a Blog or Web page.
The rest is up to you.
The link is what makes your site among the firsts, the content is what makes it staying there...
Now, you made a nice Blog or Website and you are sure many would like it, how to find those many?
You submit to as many search engine as possible and then wait.
In the meantime you should try to find good links.
What are GOOD links?

As you can find in "There is nothing better then a link embedded in content. Why? because the search engines have created sophisticated algorithms that now consider link location to be a primary factor in how quality a link is. Links located on sidebars or footers do not have the same weight as links embedded in content."
That is where sponsored reviews come in.
Besides, the links are not listed in a separate page,(Search engine Robots have come a long way)but embedded in the text, and possibly in text that matches your content.
Because Search engines have got quite sophisticated and they also look at the topic of the page they are listing.
So a link that concerns a different matter has no o little value.
While every review is written from scratch from the blogger and talks about YOUR SUBJECT, is permanent, is interconnected and is notified via RSS.

In this way you get not only a permanent link, but also a review of your site.
This is what builds what they call a "viral market".
I post, you read and somebody else talks... and if your product is good the trick is done!
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