Friday, April 27, 2007

For the lucky ones

Yes, for the lucky women with a slim figure and a big breast.
I am not too young, I belong to the Twiggy generation.
Twiggy was a model with big eyes, a very thin figure and no breast.
And every girl of that time wanted to look like her.
I was exactly the opposite. Like a real Italian girl I was not too tall, had a nice figure, but such a big breast that I hated it.
Every nice sweater I bought didn't fit me and since in the seventy's fashion was like today, very small and made for slim and no breasted women I felt so frustrated.
Luckily now a day big breast is very fashionable and girls like me (I am no more a girl, but I feel like one)can find at Eris the right kind of blouses and dresses that make them looking just right and sexy. And compared to my times it is so easy to buy them. Just sitting in front of a computer, looking at the big selection and choosing what you like best.
If it doesn't problem, you can easily return or exchange it.
For new customers there is a 20% discount on the first purchase.
And if you are the Twiggy type?
Sorry for you, but there are wonderful padded bras.
If you are not, you can pretend, and Eris clothes won't betray you!


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