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Is it already Christmas?

Is it Christmas already?

Follow the link:

Is it Christmas?

The Mafia is the leading company in Europe

The 24 convicts are standing still as a rock in Parliament.
No one is taking a step backwards.
The first to hand himself over to the voters and resign will become a national hero. But they won’t understand that. How many years will we need for them to be taken out of our view?
It took three years to get rid of Previti. They are long-term convicts. Drug addicts who can’t stop their addiction.
The government doesn't care the least.
It is doing everything in its power to make them regain confidence in themselves after their trial and conviction. It’s true that few have been in prison, but all are honorary detainees.
Last year Vito and Pomicino, the former convicted of corruption and sentenced to 2 years and the latter sentenced to 1 year and 8 months for illegal financing and to 2 months for corruption, have been appointed to the Antimafia Commission.
Since they’ve been there, organised crime has become the top company in the country. If Andreotti (banned for life) was also there, it would become the top European multinational.
The government does not forget the convicts in Parliament.
And there’s a reason for that.
Imagine the day the current Ministers and undersecretaries finish up in court because of any old judge like Forleo or De Magistris. Who would help them? Today it’s your turn, tomorrow it’s my turn and the CSM is for Mancino.
Gianni De Michelis, once defined as a leftover from a whale, a great chaser of ministerial women and author of the book: “Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera: guida a 250 discoteche italiane” {Where are we going to dance this evening: guide to 250 Italian discos} has been promoted.
This happy initiative to the benefit of the convict (sentenced to 18 months for motorway ring roads in the region of Venice, and to 6 months for illegal financing) is the masterpiece of Massimo D’Alema.
To understand what we should expect in 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has brought together a committee of experts called : “Gruppo di riflessione strategica”. {Strategic Reflection Group}
The people who are in this will get together in a meeting room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss energy, production, commerce, security and the future of the world.
The Charon of the Left has sent Gianni De Michelis to be part of the group.
The appointment of the former ballet dancer is because he is president of the Institute for Relations between Italy and Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Far East.
I expect there’ll be other important gestures in relation to the convicts. The bombers at the Defence Committee, the brigands at the Minister of the Interior, the extortionists at the Treasury. Let us give them hope for the future and let’s give Forleo to D’Alema.

Beppe grillo

Moan my IP

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I do not think anybody needs it, usually if you are that dumb, the woman is supposed to help you, and if she doesn't, well you are supposed not to.

I wrote this post for the title.
It is supposed to drive traffic to my blog.
If you are one of those allured with the title, don't feel offended.
I did it before you.
I went to the German website thinking I would find I do not know what.
And that I think is the intention of the original writer...

The dream of light speed on your DSL

Aussie develops technology to take DSL to 250Mbps
Posted Oct 30th 2007 9:16AM by Darren Murph
Filed under: Networking

While 250Mbps isn't likely to get the drool flowin' quite as quickly as a 40Gbps connection in one's home, it's still nothing to scoff at.
And best of all, the technology is quite a ways beyond the drawing board. Reportedly, University of Melbourne's Dr. John Papandriopoulos has patented his SCALE and SCAPE methods for "dramatically reducing the interference which slows down data transmission in typical DSL networks."
'Course, the tidbit you're interested in comes when we find that these techniques can potentially deliver speeds of up to 250-megabits per second through existing telecommunications networks.
The only changes that would be necessary to facilitate such sensational speeds are new modems for end users and "operational system changes" for providers. No word on when this technology will actually be put to good use (read: installed in our homes), but the inventor himself is headed to the US soon to take a new position within a startup company founded by "Stanford University Professor John Cioffi, the so-called father of DSL." Bring the goods with you, Doc.

A new Environment friendly Serch Engine

Are you an environment friend?
So you won't miss the chance of a Green Search from today on.
First: What is a "green search"?
The users' personal computer usage is 17.57g of CO2(emissions generated through producing search queries), while, using Carbon Neutral Search Engine ,you reduce that production to a fraction of a gram.
In the beginning this Search Engine (powered by Google)will be through Climate Care, later the goal of Carbon Neutral Search Engine is to invest directly in renewable energy projects in the United Kingdom.
The more will use it, the greener our world will get.
The Carbon Neutral Search Engine promises to invest in the environment for future generations and contribute to a low carbon economy.
Daily using it for searching the Internet will be easy and conveniently complete without contemplating the reality of our actions.
The more people that use the Carbon Neutral Search the greater impact they will have on the future of our Planet.
So, what could I say more?
If you really care, if you really want to do something this is the very easy way to begin, just getting used to a new, environment friendly search engine.
The practical outcome of your search will be the same, while the impact on the environment will be completely different, the more you search the more you save on CO2...

Page Rank explained

If you think I have the secret to upgrade your page rank you are mistaken.
If I did, my blog would be page ranked 10.
And if you think somebody else (exept Google of course and a few I do not know) has it, you are again mistaken.
I, for a while, anxiously lost time reading how and when and if and so about page ranking.
The secret was: write things a million people would like to read and you'll have a page rank 10.
Nothing to object, I think I already knew it.
Get as many as possible links from high ranked pages and you'll upgrade your page rank.
Nothing to object to this too. I already knew this too.
Result, I just forgot it.
One thing I wouldn't do is following advices like: fool the robot, get links from non existing, ghost pages and so on.
The few times I did, the result was to be banned with PR 0 or close to it...
Probably when the tips and tricks arrive as low as to my ears, it is too late.
They have reached Google before...
I see a Page Rank as the sign of how much space your blog can reach on the Internet.
Because the number of visitors creates the PR, but the PR creates the number of visitors.
So, you have to work on that.
Shouting and telling people you exist and you have something to say.
Then saying something and again reaching the audience.
It is a never ending job, but that is the nice part of it.
That you are never finished and tomorrow is a brand new Page Rank day...

Competition to eBay

A Competition to eBay doesn't mean you have to use something else.
You just have to use the right tools to make it more effective.
Don't pay for eBay selling tools!
Don't pay, because they can come for free.
Read theThe Auction Software Review and you will get an idea how things work.
I myself am a fanatic of eBay, I did a few good businesses with it, but I would have probably done better had I known this website before.
The concept is; You are able to sell almost everything providing you do it in the right way.
The Internet is such a huge Market and there is always somebody out there interested in what you sell.
What is the problem? To reach him.
Later to see the right value of your stuff and the job is done: SOLD!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Fake and dangerous Democracy

They say the voting civil right was the greatest achievement and a sign of true democracy.
I say that without education it is the most dangerous weapon for the economy and the democracy of a country.
"We can't eliminate national stupidity without eliminating marketing, religion and advertising."
Our whole economy feeds on national stupidity, as well as entertainment, religion and not less important political managment.
They say every country has the government it deserves and never like today this is right.
National stupidity has been used and abused for a general brain washing by those that as Our Greatest poet Dante said "Cola' si vuole dove si puote" "there they want where there they can".

MYSQL writing made easy

SQL (Structured Query Language) now a days is a very wide spreaded way of setting up
intensive searches on a web server hosting SQL-capable databases.
This capabilities belong to the most sought after skills for future IT employees.

Of course, one wishing to use it should have a certain amount of knowledge how to do.
Sometimes basic knowledge is not enough to set up a query with multiple search parameters and logics involved.

Programming is an integral part in most high schools and colleges.
There you will need to construct your very own research paper to show your instructors your key strengths in understanding computer concepts and programming.

Writing such an article in the form of a dissertation or a thesis is always as strong as programming skills themselves.
The quality of such a paper makes a paramount impact to the reader.
Well written and edited content grab the better grades for students, higher-paid jobs for job seekers, higher traffic and page ranks for website owners and new opportunities for businesses.
Style, analysis, grammar, formatting, spelling and punctuation are also an important part in writing high level articles.

Sometimes this is not an easy task for everybody.

But, there is a service out there which can help you out with such requests.
That is:Web development MySQL Service.
Like saying: MYSQL writing made easy.

Pubblicita' in Buca

Non si puo' eliminare la stupidita' nazionale senza eliminare marketing, religione e pubblicita'.
Il suffragio universale e' visto come conquista e segno di vera democrazia.
Senza educazione si trasforma in arma pericolosa contro l'economia e la democrazia.
La pubblicita', il marketing e la religione sono usati come mezzo di lavaggio del cervello della massa sempre piu' ignorante e schiava di ogni tipo di abuso.
Dietro ogni campagna commerciale o programma televisivo di successo c'e' sempre un accurato studio psicologico dell'utente.
Cosi' come dietro ogni campagna politica c'e' lo studio accurato del piano economico da sponsorizzare.
La pubblicita' in buca e' forse la parte meno pericolosa e meno efficace.
Quando si accorgeranno che il 99% la butta nella spazzatura senza neppure degnarla di un minuto di attenzione?
Forse basterebbe tassare l'onere della spedizione per farlo diventare presto un mezzo di pubblicita' "antieconomico".

Talking about health

You cannot see it, taste it or smell it, but it is one of the most pervasive environmental exposures in industrialized countries today.
Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the terms that broadly describe exposures created by the vast array of wired and wireless technologies that have altered the landscape of our lives in countless beneficial ways.
However, these technologies were designed to maximize energy efficiency and convenience; not with biological effects on people in mind. Based on new studies, there is growing evidence among scientists and the public about possible health risks associated with these technologies.
Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals.
Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body.
In today’s world, everyone is exposed to two types of EMFs: extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF) from electrical and electronic appliances and power lines and radiofrequency radiation (RF) from wireless devices such as cell phones and cordless phones, cellular antennas and towers, and broadcast transmission towers.
A working group composed of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals (The BioInitiative Working Group) has joined together to document the information that must be considered in the international debate about the adequacy (or inadequacy) of existing public exposure standards.
Effects occur at non-thermal or low-intensity exposure levels thousands of times below the levels that federal agencies say should keep the public safe. For many new devices operating with wireless technologies, the devices are exempt from any regulatory standards. The existing standards have been proven to be inadequate to control against harm from low-intensity, chronic exposures, based on any reasonable, independent assessment of the scientific literature.
It means that an entirely new basis (a biological basis) for new exposure standards is needed.
There may be no lower limit at which exposures do not affect us. Until we know if
there is a lower limit below which bioeffects and adverse health impacts do not
occur, it is unwise from a public health perspective to continue “business-as-usual”
deploying new technologies that increase ELF and RF exposures, particularly involuntary exposures.
There is little doubt that exposure to ELF causes childhood leukemia.
There is some evidence that other childhood cancers may be related to ELF exposure but not enough studies have been done.
People who have used a cell phone for ten years or more have higher rates of malignant brain tumor and acoustic neuromas. It is worse if the cell phone has been used primarily on one side of the head.
The current standard for exposure to the emissions of cell phones and cordless phones is not safe considering studies reporting long-term brain tumor and acoustic neuroma risks.
The evidence from studies on women in the workplace rather strongly suggests that ELF is a risk factor for breast cancer for women with long-term exposures of 10 mG and higher.
Studies of human breast cancer cells and some animal studies show that ELF is likely to be a risk factor for breast cancer. There is supporting evidence for a link between breast cancer and exposure to ELF that comes from cell and animal studies, as well as studies of human breast cancers.
Alzheimer’s disease is a disease of the nervous system. There is strong evidence that longterm exposure to ELF is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.
The consequence of prolonged exposures to children, whose nervous systems continue to
develop until late adolescence, is unknown at this time.
This could have serious implications to adult health and functioning in society if years of exposure of the young to both ELF and RF result in diminished capacity for thinking, judgment, memory, learning, and control over behavior.
Both ELF and RF exposures can be considered genotoxic (will damage DNA) under certain conditions of exposure, including exposure levels that are lower than existing safety limits.
Very low-level ELF and RF exposures can cause cells to produce stress proteins, meaning that the cell recognizes ELF and RF exposures as harmful.
This is another important way in which scientists have documented that ELF and RF exposures can be harmful, and it happens at levels far below the existing public safety standards.
We cannot afford ‘business as usual” any longer. It is time that planning for new power lines and for new homes, schools and other habitable spaces around them is done with routine provision for low-ELF environments .
The business-as-usual deployment of new wireless technologies is likely to be risky and harder to change if society does not make some educated decisions about limits soon.
Research must continue to define what levels of RF related to new wireless technologies are acceptable; but more research should not prevent or delay substantive changes today that might save money, lives and societal disruption tomorrow.

Prepared for the BioInitiative Working Group
August 2007

My personal war against termites

I love spiders as much as I hate termites(and also mosquitoes).
While I have a friendly and emphatic attitude towards those laborious small insects that help us to get rid of bugs, I have a personal dislike for those who endanger my nice wood furniture.
It happened more than once.
The problem is, you realize they are destroying it too late.
When the piece of furniture is damaged.
So you should be constantly watching for them and have no mercy.
You can find very useful information on termites if you follow my link, and I assure you, if you have a nice home and care for it, you won't regret it, on the contrary, you will be grateful you had the opportunity to read my post.
And remember: the war against them is never finished.
The moment you feel you can relax can be the one they are organizing themselves for a new battle...

Monday, October 29, 2007

No Credit Card? No iPhone

In what I think may be an unprecedented move for such a device, Apple is now reportedly refusing to sell iPhones for cash. If for whatever reason you're a person who doesn't have a credit card (or debit card -- and I assume they mean a debit card tied to a bank account, not an over-the-counter money card) -- they don't want you as a customer.

Apples claims that this is to control "unauthorized" resales, but of course they won't be successful at that goal this way.

Perhaps of more interest, I'm not entirely sure that such a policy is actually legal from a purchase nondiscrimination standpoint in this case. The entire area of requiring credit cards for goods or services seems rather nebulous.

Lauren Weinstein


"Let's say you have a family member in Scotland and you live in northern California,"
"You could buy the MagicJack, select a northern California telephone number, mail the MagicJack to your family member in Scotland and they could have a North American phone number in Scotland and use it like they were next door at home."
With a cheap $40(£20) USB dongle device that also accommodates landline handsets.

Like many net phone services, the MagicJack, which comes with its own telephone number, offers the flexibility of making and receiving calls for free wherever the device is plugged in around the world.

DigitalLife is not a trade show. Its doors are open to anyone with $15 (£7.50) to spare, who wants to see what will be on shop shelves in the coming months.
Making all kinds of telephone calls very cheap is the goal for several startups. There were internet telephony hubs on display that work with any analogue phone and you only pay for the unit itself, with the service free thereafter.

Among the other eyecatching gadgets on display was a dedicated wi-fi-enabled instant messaging device primarily for home use, again low cost.

It is one way to stop teenage chit chat on the home phone and for other family members to get some time on the PC. The Zipit 2 is free, although to many adults a teenager with unlimited texting opportunities might not be such a good thing.

Ian Hardy

A slender, flat tummy can make a woman feel younger and a bikini look stunning...

That terrible moment comes in Summer or worse in the middle of Winter, when you decide to take a nice vacation in a Tropical destination.
When you have to wear again those wonderful Bikinis, all colored and showing the right parts.
Yes, the right parts of the model who wears them, but...on you they strangely look terribly different.
It is the moment in which you find out that it is not the dress that makes a woman, but the woman who makes the dress...
It is the moment in which you decide it is time to change the "woman" instead of the dress.
But it is also the time in which you can make terrible irreversible mistakes.
Because a tummy is not like a bikini.
You buy it, you try it, and if you do not like it or get tired, you just throw it away.
Well, with your tummy it is something else.
That is why for a Tummy Tuck you'd better think before and choose the right place.
For example a place where they deliver cutting edge techniques and always put your needs and desires first.

The more usual part of our body where to find excess skin and fat (after pregnancy or weight loss) is around the belly, and with aging you easily have decreased strength and tone of the muscles beneath.
Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” is the only solution, especially when it comes to "bikinis".
A slender, flat tummy can make a woman feel younger and a bikini look stunning...

Dreaming about miracles

Dreaming about miracles can really change your life.
Much more than miracles themselves.
If you are really lucky you can have a miracle in all your life, while it takes very little to dream about a miracle any time you need one.
And the good thing of dreaming is that you can change gender, type, location, amount, as you please.
A tailored miracle any time you fancy one.
How to?
Very simple.
Just close your eyes and think: how would my life change if for example, my blog was rated 7 or 8?
That could really make a big difference.
I would be able to get most of the well paid, well sought of opportunities on PayPerPost.
And beginning to make real money.
Besides of course being able to write about more interesting things.
This of course comes by itself.
When they pay you $350 for 50 words, any subject becomes interesting and suddenly you find much more to write about.

Or something else like: how would my life change if I found out I won at the lottery?
That is quite impossible for me in the real world, since I never buy tickets, but who knows?
Somebody could buy one and register my name...
Anyway, in the miracles' world this has no importance, since the only thing that counts is the miracle itself.
How and when and where have no meaning anymore.
We are talking about miracles.

The important is being smart about it.
Never dream of more than one or two a day, otherwise they become normality and normality kills the fun.
Enjoy one at a time and fully.
Never loose fantasy and hope.
Go to sleep hoping in a brand new morning miracle for the next day.

How far would you go to become another "you"?

Dreaming is the thing I do best.
I did it all my life, since I was a little girl.
Life was dull and boring, so I put a little spice in it.
But I didn't stop at dreaming.
I also wanted my dreams come true.
And that is the best part of it.
Never accepting ourselves for what we are, always trying to improve, getting better, and if not "better" at least different.
Some people would be very concerned when it comes to change themselves.
"I like the way I am" they would say.
I never did.
I always thought there was another me somewhere, somehow that wanted to take the place of the current "me".
So, if you asked me: Would you try plastic surgery?
I wouldn't hesitate to answer :Yes, I would.
As much as I would try to learn a new language, or being interested in a new subject.
If I would like to improve my knowledge, what would be wrong in wanting to improve my look?
Or just getting rid of some aging wrinkles?
If I lived in the UK, I certainly would try Plastic Surgery UK.
Of course if I could afford it.
Could you resist to the invitation: MYA Make Yourself Amazing.
I wouldn't, and I am not ashamed of it.
Why should I look ugly if I had the chance to be pretty?

Gentile dottoressa Forleo

Ieri sera ho visto Report.
Ho avuto una una fulminazione sul mio paese.
Se potessi parlare alla Forleo le direi:
Io l'ammiro,ma se vuole un piccolo consiglio da una nullita' che forse e' piu' lungimirante di lei, faccia i bagagli e chiuda la bocca.
Questo paese non merita il suo sacrificio.
Un paese che dopo tutto quello che si e' detto e fatto e' riuscito a produrre 3.500.000 allocchi che hanno pagato per dare il voto a idioti che parlano di "costituente" di "nuovi programmi" di "un nuovo futuro" e non sanno fare altro che discutere sul sesso degli angeli e dividersi quello che si puo'quando il paese e' allo sfascio, non avra' alcun futuro per cui valga la pena di sacrificarsi.
Historia magistra vitae, rifletta su quelli che l'hanno preceduta.
Una nullita' disillusa...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Victory of a new device

The days of the good old Hard drive may be counted as there is a new device.
And on the horizon there will be a great future for these.
the main advantages are :

- there are no moving parts in it

- it runs without any noise

- it keeps the data for more than 10 years without electricity

At this very moment we are at a capacity of 64 GB, but in the near future we will
see much higher values.
And - very important - the prices will slump.

Also, we will see different shapes of these new devices :

- the standard flat card

- USB sticks

- ball point like

We will be able to use them in Camera's, Notebooks, Handy's.
The weight of new Notebooks will lower a lot and their power consummation will be reduced,
which you also will recognize regarding the temperature as these cards will not heat like
the good old Hard drives do.
You have to get used of new PC's without the monotonous noise of the Hard drives.
We will also miss the noises of the mechanic parts of the Hard disk head when accessing data tracks.

We will also get rid of these Hard disk crashes, which can take your breathe.
Also a falling Notebook will not leave you without data.

How to make the winning impression

Sometimes success depends on very little.
Just being able to give a good first impression.
Just presenting yourself in the best way.
May be with a few, right lines that tell a lot in a few words, that catch the audience and invite them to go on...
And if the "on" is a good one, the trick is done...

But how to?
Just letting the job done by somebody who knows how to.
Taking advantage of Resume Writing Service offered by
They can really help and make the difference, because they know how, what and when to write the best Resume.
They can provide every kind of writing service: First Class standard academic essays like papers,dissertations, coursework and assignment writing.
They also excel in writing articles, web content, resumes, admission essays, grant applications and business research.

So, if that is WHAT you lack, you found it.
And THAT small detail could really make a huge difference!

Why DRM IS NOT a good thing after all

The real damage is in how much of our technology is throttled down to Hollywood's constraints.
We see this in the LCDs. A computer LCD can be casually used as a TV screen but instead we must have purpose-built screens just for TV so we end up with 1080 lines instead of 1200 lines -- the latter being better at accommodating text. I can buy the 1920x1200 displays and now 2500x1600 but I can't use them thanks to DRM.

People keep complaining about the plethora of remote controls and asking why someone doesn't solve the problem.
But there is no problem -- we know that if we had simple video streams and device with open interfaces (such as XMLRPC) then we could write software to manage the streams and control the devices. Standards would follow after we've had experience but the big the advantage of the digital protocols is that we can learn by doing without having to pre-specify all of the details.
The Set Top Box is designed to prevent any of this from being feasible.

The consumer electronics industry still sees itself as part of the entertainment industry (Tellywood) rather than seeing a far larger opportunity. After all, they used to make record players and radios. Devices such as cassette recorders didn’t get the same respect.
They are helping the DRM effort by maintaining all of their oSS (Oh- So-Special) analog wires and connections rather than using a simple common medium.
Making it simple to interconnect is seen as a threat to the control of those who are delivering the content.
Were it not for DRM the users would be able to push back on the consumer electronics industry to create more extensible devices. We would provide opportunities for all sorts of new creativity and new value.
It’s a mirror of the 1950’s fears of hyper-automation. If we allow people to automate then there would be no jobs. Opportunity is to be viewed with fear because it changes the rules.

DRM is an attempt to prevent opportunity and disruptive change. It’s another attempt to frustrate the first amendment.
It’s the same battle as over whether telecom is in industry or simply a violation of anti-trust.
Perhaps the problem is that we have a generation that doesn’t understand that very idea that we can create our own solutions outside the central authority – both the libcons and those who want to do us good have to come to terms with this.

Liberally taken from Bob Frankston

Our barking friends

I love dogs.
I think they feel it, because every time there is a dog nearby he sees me and looks at me and we talk with the eyes and the expression of the face.
I feel he understands me as much as I understand him.
When I was little I always dreamed to own a dog , but, having a mother peculiar with cleaning and a spotless home, I could never bring one in the house.
So, as soon as I went to live by myself, I bought one.
I had a few dogs, but the one I loved best was my little Daisy.
She was a puddle and was my shadow.
Wherever I went she was with me.
It was hard to teach her to sleep in her room, in her own bed.
She loved couches and beds and especially she loved the places where I was.
That is why once in a while you need dog gates, because they are the only way to teach them to stay away from precious couches and beds.
As much as I love animals, I think we still have more rights than them.
Not because they are inferior, just because we are more "civilized" and more "polite".
We do not loose hair or something else...
That doesn't mean they cannot have a comfortable or luxury bed...
If you look at you'll find the best the market can offer.
I personally dislike to dress dogs like humans, I think they look ridiculous and uncomfortable, but my Daisy had two very nice and warm coats.
I think she liked them, especially when she got a little bit older.
Winters are very cold where I live and they like to be warm as much as we do...
My Daisy lived 17 years, which they say is quite old for a puddle, but not for her owner...

The "Predictable Imbalance"

Wealth follows a "predictable imbalance", with 20% of the population holding 80% of the wealth.
Also life follows a "predictable imbalance" whereas 20 % of the population holds 99% of the power.
Also the economy players follow a "predictable imbalance" with 3%of the population holding 90% of the profitable business.
The first scenario goes under the name of "Social injustice", the second under the name of "Oligarchy" and the third under the name of "Monopoly".

Everybody agrees, but also this follows a "predictable imbalance" with 100% of the population aknowledging it , but 1% fighting for it.

So, everything is clear.

Bed Bugs

It could sound anachronistic to talk about bed bugs in a mattress but, as strange as it can sound it is getting again very actual.
The reasons can be two in my opinion.
Both are direct consequence of using too many disinfectants.
One reason could be that the bugs get stronger and survive.
The second, more probable, that most of them die, but they have, resistant to most disinfectants, individuals, and those survive and reproduce themselves to the point to reach a great and endangering number.
So that, one day or another, you can find, in your spotless home, and your spotless bed, some clandestine you really wouldn't like to find.
But as much as nature goes on, so does science and today we have good ways to get rid of them in a very little time.
The secret is to react immediately, it is much easier to defeat a small number than a huge one.
Do not forget: they reproduce easily and fast...
How do I know they are there?
Follow my link and you'll find all the answers.
And also the solution...
Good Job!

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"

Virtual reality is a technology which electronically converts physical and mental impulses into a computerized facsimile; a digitalized doppelganger.

By putting on some electronic gear you automatically get plugged into cyberspace, a world of controllable illusion.

The brain, anxious to optimize the illusory sensation, grants them the credibility normally reserved for real experience.

At the moment the tools are rather crude, but it works like this: the Datasuit projects an image of the body out into space, the Eyphone conjures up the vistas, the Datagloves interprets your gestures.

Tilt your hand to the left, you look to the left; point your finger, and you move forward.

You are in effect free to go where you like and do what you will.

Using the software of world knowledge one could conduct a symphony orchestra or do a bit of brain surgery.

The more imaginative participants might mix imagery and sensations, play with time and space, or engage in auto-eroticism a field of fantasy referred to as Tellydildonics.

The options are seemingly limitless: jog around the moon, swim through banknotes, sit on the rings of Saturn, be a piano and play yourself.

Technology, said Max Frish, was the knack of so arranging the world that we do not have to experience it.

In much the same way, Virtual Reality bestows a sensation of achievement without the real experience.

I guess that presented with the option of walking around a Virtual Venice rather than the real Venice, many people would choose the former.

They'd prefer the homogeneous version rather than being in an old smelly city with traffic congestion and pigeon shit all over the place..

There is an anecdote about Kierkegaard standing rapt in thought in a municipal flower bed.
An irascible park keeper arrived and demanded to know what he was doing there.
"What are any of us doing here?" replied the sage.

His imagination didn't need an electronic substitute.

What I love about virtual reality is the notion that computers could provide a way for people to share their imagination with each other in new ways.

I am not interested in replacing the physical world or creating a substitute for it.

I am excited about the notion that you could get beyond this dilemma that we all live with; namely that we have infinite imagination and are completely free so long as we retreat into our heads, into our dreams, into our daydreams, and make everyone else disappear, but as soon as we want to share this with other people we become very much not free.

I would like virtual reality to provide a way out of that dilemma, where you have a world that is fully objective like the physical world, but also completely fluid like the imagination.

Jaron Lanier

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bad Credit

I know what it is feeling down, very down, almost at the bottom.
I know how it feels loosing hopes in the future, thinking everything is lost, life is finished and the future doesn't look alluring anymore.
I know and who doesn't?

But I also know how it feels to have a new chance, to be able to hope again, to be able to try again and to be able to be at the top again.
Sometimes you do not need much, you just need another chance.
And that is what you are looking for when you have, for your fault, or your destiny's fault, bad credit and you need credit to begin again.

There is a website where you can go and find all the "Bad Credit Offers" and may be find what you're looking for.
What will help you to buy what you need and prove that bad credit is not an irreversible state, but an accident that sooner or later happens to everybody...

Good Luck!

Virtual Worlds

"Virtual worlds such as There, Entropia Universe, and Second Life let you create avatars, buildings, and even virtual classrooms and businesses. With Google Earth and Microsoft's (MSFT) Virtual Earth 3-D, you can transcend the map layout and zoom into satellite-mapped locations around the world.

All these developments have one thing in common: They suggest that before long, the Internet of the future, and the vast wealth of information and services on it, will look different: slicker, more realistic, more interactive and social than anything we experience today through the Web browser."

Virtual worlds have always existed in our fantasy.
Sometimes we saw them in movies or in dreams.
They are everything, but one thing they are not: social.
On the contrary they risk to isolate our self more and more in a world that is far away from reality and far away from what we really are.
A good, normal conversation with friends over a good meal is still something that no virtual world can beat.

What makes the difference in life

I think the best investment for your money is your home.
Or at least it is for me.
It not only makes me feeling better to live in a place I like, but, doing the right investment, it can also make you saving a lot of money.
For example double glazing with the actual cost of oil and gas is the right thing to do, if you have some money to spare.
And if you don't this is one of those reasons to borrow some.
Because you will enjoy a warmer house and saving on your bills, you will be able to reapay easily and fast the money you borrowed.
What are number first Home improvements ?
First the roof, then the windows.
I love the uPVC kind.
They look great, they are easy to keep clean and in order, they keep the cold out and the warm in. Besides they are secure and elegant and do not need the maintenance of the wood.
What do you want more?
I forgot the price.
If you know where to buy them (for example Anglian Home improvements), they are also cheaper.
And after the windows?
If you still have some money why not building a conservatory?
That will soon become the most used room in the house.
I lived in London and my house had a very nice conservatory, facing the garden.
The thing I miss more of that time, is the moments I sat in it reading or listening to music or just enjoying the rest.
That is what makes the difference in life. (at least for me)

How I make Michelangelo's frescoes


Yes, I proudly admit it: behind all, there are MY IDEAS.
Remember: think and you'll create the problem of disposal of ideas...I have that problem and this time I think I disposed them quite well.
The fact is, I love beautiful things, I love art, I am sometimes obsessed by colors, by pixels, by beauty.
And I like to be sorrounded by beautiful things.
I cannot afford to buy them, so I REPRODUCE them, as well as my husband can.
Because he is the "Deus ex Machina", the one who makes my ideas become reality.
That is what I love in him and that is what he loves in me.
A new idea every day, a new frescoes every day (well in this case it takes more than a day or two...)
We like to show that the impossible IS POSSIBLE.
It is enough you want it and you want it very much.
(You also HAVE to want the things you are able to do of course)
Let's go back to the beginning.
How do I make Michelangel's frescoes?
The first approach is like Michelangelo's.
I study the wall. And I study my ideas.
I think and think, and measure, and try.
And then I decide.
My computer does the rest.
Then it comes to the Skill.
I do not have his skills, and my husband doesn't too.
So we just copy.
It is better a gorgeous copy than a terrible original.
And the good of copying is that you can pass from Michelangelo to Botticelli, to Giotto, to Raffaello.
(not Picasso, because HE is copyrighted)
Living in a wonderful place like Italy, full of Art and with the most magnificent history, what you certainly do not lack is IDEAS.
See other pictures below...

The three Musts of being successful in business

If your business is selling and you want to get better and sell more, why not learn how to? is expanding its business and looking to move into Sales Training .
Since they have been quite successful in Plumbing training, you can bet they are able to teach you all what you need to become the best in Sales.
I always thought you need three Musts to be successful.
First having something good to sell, second having something good to sell at a good price, third being able to sell it.
None of the three works alone, you can have the right merchandise to sell, at the best price, but if you are not able to convince the customers of what you sell it is just for nothing.
Once upon a time there was a good merchant, who worked and produced the best.
But he wasn't able to sell.
"How come, my dear God, that I am able to make the best shirts and I cannot sell them, while my competitors have lower value stuffs and sell them?
Will you help me?"
"Thou Shall sew an alligator on the pockets" was God's answer.
"An alligator?"
"Do as I say"
He did and you know how successful that merchant became.
He just added the third option, probably the most important.
He was taught how to sell...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

If you want to change the World, begin from yourself...

"However, I wrote a belated post of my own about an environmental issue that might strike a cord with some of your readers."

As you said, it sounds as old news, but never so "new".
I live in Italy and I mostly love ceramic or cotto floors.
They last longer than wood and you can wash them easily.
But I like wood of course and I agree with the indiscriminate deforestation.
Too bad the people who shout most are sons of the ones who made the deforestation in Europe and still do it in some way.
That is what I call "before shouting at others look at yourself" and "if you want to change the world begin from you".
I live in a country town (2500 people) and you would expect to find here a lot of trees and flowers and green.
You find mostly concrete and in the last decades the only thing they did was building, building and building.
Some places look more like "ghettoes" than building. Tens of people living in few square meters.
Because it is more convenient to build many small apartments than houses with gardens.
It is also more convenient for the city hall.
They avoid to build new sewers and concentrate all in a small place.
They like people with a lot of cars, because more cars mean more taxes and more profits for the Fiat and of course for the State.
The worst enemy of man is the man himself, or may be his stupidity.
If we want to have a lot of money to have a better life, isn't it stupid to have a worse life to earn more money?


Monday, October 22, 2007

Time is all we have got...

"Time is all we've got. Our challenge is allocating that time, intersecting our time with that of others, managing the disposition over time of the resources we control. Now at last we're getting better tools to help us.

Time itself is abstract, but it takes on value as a measure of unique, un-tradable things.

But computers know nothing of this, even though time is intrinsic to their operation and they can measure it with precision. Its meaning is as foreign to them as the meaning of a mile or a kilometer. They don't understand how people value time, nor how time changes value - both its own value, and the value of the things it measures.

By Esther Dyson

With the dawn of the Internet time has changed its meaning and got to be more "subjective".

Many years ago, when the world was small and we all lived in the same time zone, when calling USA from Europe was unthinkable, time was the same for everybody.

It didn't really matter to syncronize events, because THEY WERE already syncronized.

You got up when everybody got up and went to bed when everybody went to bed.

You had your meals when the others had their meals and so on.

But now that the world has got bigger and we communicate and have businesses with the other half of the globe, time has got its importance.

It is something that has got its shape and its priorities. So much that computers must be taught to consider it.

Time is intrinsic to their operation and they can measure it with precision. Its meaning is not anymore as foreign to them as the meaning of a mile or a kilometer.The Internet is everywhere but not at the same time.

Virtuality doesn't consider space, but gives importance to time.

Our life, our job is getting more than ever our time.

No more our town or our region or our nation, but our day, our hour, our minute.

And it is in this environment that memory and storage have more and more importance.

Because they can stop the time and fix the minute.

The email arrives and is stored so that is opened at "our convenience".

We do not need anymore geographical space, but we certainly need more and more storage space to postpone any event that would be unconvenient in another moment of our day.

May be time is not all we have got, but certainly is something we have to consider.

All you need to know to become a Real "Real Estate Sales expert"

What about a career in Real Estate Sales?
Worried about the exam?
Worried about the real estate test?
You do not need to be.
And you also do not need to attend any school.
There is a new, fast, easy and effective way to prepare for your exam: Easy to use and 100% guaranteed to help you to pass the exam the first time software.
It contains more than 750 practice test questions, written by experts.
And it is tailored on your needs.
First you can choose the location, selecting the State.
Each state's exam is administered by either PSI, Experior, Promissor or AMP.
Second you can see an Online Demo and download a free trial.
Third you decide and compare the cost of the Software with the cost of a training course.
I am sure that at this point there is no doubt about what to choose.

Good luck for your exam!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

"Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?"

Certainly it doesn't. But many flaps could.
I guess this is the aim of Blog Action Day.
To make many flaps, so that we can start a Tornado and do something to change the World.
Many little things all together create a huge saving of energy.
No only.
Many little things make you think and thinking makes you changing the way you think.
And changing the way you think makes you changing the way you behave.
And we come to the point: we have to change our lifestyle.
Saving changing the bulbs is but a beginning.
If we really want to change the environment we have to change the way we live.
Living for having a better life, not for creating hell.
Living for being and being well, not for producing and wasting.
Using our legs or a bike instead of the car whenever possible.
Saving on heating, on air conditioning, on electricity, on food on whatever we do not really need.
Being suddenly aware of the fact that we do a lot, not because we need it, or we are convinced of, but because somebody convinced us of...
Investing more of our time for learning instead of passively watching.
Realizing that 90% of our mobile calls are for nothing.
But they pollute.
Realizing that our freedom ends where somebody else's freedom begins.
That if we make a better world and convince the others to make a better world, we won't reach happiness, but we will go very close to it...

Friday, October 12, 2007

"Net Freedom"

Personal computing devices are at the leading edge of this revolution in consumer empowerment.
These devices exploit rapid innovation in silicon, software and storage, often combined with speedy Internet connections.
But the possibilities for consumer empowerment extend beyond devices. These possibilities arise from the Internet’s open architecture, which allows consumers to freely interact with anyone around the globe.
Musicians and writers, who could never have landed a contract with a major record label or publisher, can find - or create - audiences for their work. Small town radio stations can reach people who have moved to the big city. E-Bay is another good example: gone are the days when each of us had only a small group of potential buyers for what we think is junk in our garages.
Somewhere, in the next state or the next continent, there are people who may
very well want to buy that “junk” and pay us more than we ever dreamed for it.
The open internet has opened markets beyond the traditional geographic limitations.
Companies are eager to feed consumer hunger for these Internet-related goodies.
Many are racing to develop content, applications and devices they hope will entice more and more consumers to abandon dial-up and slower broadband Internet access in favor of faster broadband.
But first, these companies must be able to reach broadband consumers.
Thus, usage and deployment of high-speed Internet depends on access to and use of content, applications and devices.
Giving broadband consumers the access they want is not a matter of charity but simply of good business.
Network owners, ISPs, equipment makers, content and applications developers all benefit when consumers are empowered to get and do what they want.

This is why ensuring that consumers can obtain and use the content, applications and devices they want – is critical to unlocking the vast potential of the broadband Internet.
Today, broadband consumers generally enjoy such internet freedom. They can access and use the content, applications and devices of their choice.
This easy access includes some of the most promising new uses of broadband.
For example, the head of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association recently stated that cable modem providers would not block traffic from competing Internet voice providers.
Many, if not most, in the industry recognize that providing such access and information is in their own self-interest, particularly as infrastructure providers
and developers struggle to discover valuable uses that will enable them to recoup their substantial investments in high-speed Internet technologies.

Consumer Are Entitled to “Internet Freedom”
As we continue to promote competition among high-speed platforms, we must preserve the freedom of use broadband consumers have come to expect.
Thus, I challenge the broadband network industry to preserve the following “Internet Freedoms:”

Freedom to Access Content. First, consumers should have access to their choice of legal content.
Consumers have come to expect to be able to go where they want on high-speed connections, and those who have migrated from dial-up would presumably object to paying a premium for broadband if certain content were blocked.
Thus, I challenge all facets of the industry to commit to allowing consumers to reach the content of their choice. I recognize that network operators
have a legitimate need to manage their networks and ensure a quality experience, thus reasonable limits sometimes must be placed in service contracts.
Such restraints, however, should be clearly spelled out and should be as minimal as necessary.

Freedom to Use Applications. Second, consumers should be able to run applications of their choice.
As with access to content, consumers have come to expect that they can generally run whatever applications they want.
Again, such applications are critical to continuing the digital broadband
migration because they can drive the demand that fuels deployment.
Applications developers must remain confident that their products will continue to work without interference from other companies.
No one can know for sure which “killer” applications will emerge to drive
deployment of the next generation high-speed technologies.
Thus, I challenge all facets of the industry to let the market work and allow consumers to run applications unless they exceed service plan limitations or harm the provider’s network.

Freedom to Attach Personal Devices. Third, consumers should be permitted to attach any devices they choose to the connection in their homes.

Because devices give consumers more choice, value and personalization with respect to how they use their high-speed connections, they are critical to the future of broadband.
Thus, I challenge all facets of the industry to permit consumers to attach any devices they choose to their broadband connection, so long as the devices operate within service plan limitations and do not harm the provider’s network or enable theft of service.

Freedom to Obtain Service Plan Information. Fourth, consumers should receive meaningful information regarding their service plans.
Simply put, such information is necessary to ensure that the market is working.
Providers have every right to offer a variety of service tiers with varying bandwidth and feature options.
Consumers need to know about these choices as well as whether and how their service plans protect them against spam, spyware and other potential invasions of privacy.

Key Benefits of Preserving “Internet Freedom”
Numerous benefits will follow if the industry continues to preserve “Net Freedom.” Preserving “Net Freedom” will preserve consumers’ freedom to access and use whatever content, applications and devices they choose based on the service plan they choose.
It will promote comparison shopping among the growing number of providers by making it easier for consumers to obtain access to meaningful information about the services and technical capabilities they rely on to access and use the Internet.

Internet Freedom also promotes innovation by giving developers and service providers confidence that they can develop broadband applications that reach consumers and run as designed.
Internet voice applications are a notable example that has been grabbing headlines recently.
Net Freedom will ensure that consumers will continue to be able to choose whatever
Internet voice service that will function over their high-speed Internet connection.
Preserving “Net Freedom” also will serve as an important “insurance policy” against the potential rise of abusive market power by vertically-integrated broadband providers.
And, if we secure a reasonable balance between the needs of network providers and internet freedom, consumers will reap the benefits of broadband without intrusive regulation, while preserving industry’s incentives to deploy more high-speed broadband platforms.

“Net Freedom” is intended to give broadband consumers the choices, value and personalization they have come to expect.
Thus, consumers are the ultimate judges of whether the industry is successfully preserving “Net Freedom,” or falling short.

Liberally taken from:
Michael K. Powell
Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

Your Vote is required

Do you want to give your honest opinion of who is the stylish of the 15 finalists of the Queue Jumpers?
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Our societies

I see Europe and US on one side and the Middle East on the other side going opposite directions at a very fast speed.
I see on one side idealism going into fanatism and on the other side pragmatism going into edonism.

Nothing good will come out of it.
Our society is the society of the excesses, where one thinks the real and only life is the one that comes after death and for the other the only life is the one he lives.
Thus sacrificing it is the goal of one's existence, while to fulfill all materialistic needs is the goal of the other.

Death gives life to one and death takes away life and the only possible fullfillment to the other.

Live for today and die for tomorrow.
Both fail to see the only purpose of our livings, which is the progress of the world in which we live.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tomorrow: Bye, bye Googles

TECH TALK: The Emerging Internet: From Advertising to Invertising

Rajesh Jain's Weblog on Emerging Technologies

Advertising has become the primary business model on the consumer Internet.
Even though display advertising has been around since the early days of the Internet, it is search-linked and context-linked advertising that is now dominant. Whichever way we look at it, companies pay to be in front of users on the Internet. Whether we are surfing content sites or searching for things, advertisers use a mix of text and banner ads to attract our attention. The Internet has made advertising campaigns easy to roll out for a large number of businesses, all one needs is a "landing page" where users click to and a credit card to pay for anything starting at a few dollars. Advertisers are also able to track the "clickthroughs" thus enabling them to measure the response to their ads. In other words, the Internet has brought efficiency and metrics to advertising.

There are existing customers that a business has. These are the entire universe of customers who have done at least one transaction with the business. There are loyal customers, who do repeat business and thus are the more profitable ones. Third, there are the future customers, the ones who have yet to do a transaction and whom the business is interested in targeting.
They can also be thought of as prospects. They are former customers or a competitor's customers, who have either exited the relationship with the business or are doing business with a competitor. (There may be some overlap between the third and fourth categories.)

Advertising helps businesses build brand, retain existing customers, and convert prospects into customers. Invertising helps build relationships with existing customers to make them into profitable, loyal customers, and prevent them from becoming former customers. In fact, invertising can also help in educating future customers to initiate a business relationship.

So far, businesses have not had the means to do invertising and build relationships. This is where the mobile comes in, with its reach, its ability to handle subscriptions and provide new content to users as soon as it is published. Brands and businesses can encourage users to subscribe to content channels published by them, think of these as "infostreams".
Users can subscribe to these infostreams by simply sending an SMS from their mobiles, a capability available on every mobile. To unsubscribe, users can send yet another SMS. This ability to start and stop infostreams shifts control to the users and ensures a spam-free environment.

Think, for a moment, about the relationships one would like to have, wherein we are as interested in knowing what's new as the business as in letting us know. The neighbourhood kirana store, the bookshop, the multiplex, the phone manufacturers, deals from the supermarkets, these will form the anchor for the invertising-centric business model of the Live Web. They will all be willing to pay a "relationship fee" to maintain an open communication channel to customers.

Tomorrow: The Next Google
Rajesh Jain's

I agree to all but the use of "mobile".
I think the Internet, as it is, is a much better tool to invertising.
And very important for advertising and invertising in a very near future will be the IPTV as I see it.
As a STREAM like TV, but with millions of channels, where a company could handle its own channels and allure customers offering good content WITH COMMERCIALS in it, or content regarding the products they offer.
The most alluring the content, the biggest the number of users, the biggest the number of users the widest spread Brand and so on...

Tomorrow: Bye, bye Googles...

One of the way to fulfill your little dreams...

How does it sound to have a small account on PayPal, something you can spend on eBay without regretting too much, because it is out of your budget?
I think that in my case eBay should be the biggest sponsor of PayPerPost, because all my money ends there...
And second the Post Offices of this world, because at least once a week I have a parcel from somewhere in this world...USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia...
And if you consider also the stuff that I resell, I guess the biggest part of PayPerPost money ends in the Post Office's pocket...
But I finally could afford the best gray mink coat, a crocodile bag, various jewels (false, but they look like real)several armchairs, some antiques (or almost antiques), new curtains, new upholstery for my coach and I am still spending, because I am still writing.
But the best is that I really enjoy it.
First because I take only the opportunities I like to write about, I also love to take them as a challenge; so very often I take opportunities about things that have nothing to do with me, but those are the ones I like most.
Don't you feel good realizing you are able to write things you thought you would never be able to?
My only regret in all this is that I live so far away from USA.
I would really like to meet the people from PayPerPost, being able to join to the meetings.
I know it can sound kind of naive, but besides all what I said, writing posts about this or that, makes me feeling a little bit like a marketing expert.
I really take it the way I would do it as if it was my job.
What would I like to read about this or that?
What would convince me about this or that?
That is what I write. The best I can. With a little bit of humor, the one I am able to add. So that it is not too boring.
So that it can drive traffic to the ones who pay and to the owner of the blog...
Because I want my blog to be read, sponsored posts or not...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It Only Took Eight Years

Here's a great talk by Yahoo’s Ian Rogers:

Eight years later, Amazon’s finally done what was clearly the right solution in 1999. Music in the format that people actually want it in, with a Web-based experience that’s simple and works with any device. I bought tracks from Amazon (Kevin Drew and No Age), downloaded them, sync’d them to my new iPod Nano, and had them playing in my home audio system (Control 4) in less than five minutes. PRAISE JESUS. It only took 8 years.

8 years. How much opportunity have we lost in those 8 years? How much naivety and hubris did we have when we said, “if we build it they will come”? What did we spend? And what did we gain? We certainly didn’t gain mass user adoption or trust, two prerequisites to success on the Internet.

Inconvenient experiences don’t have Web-scale potential, and platforms which monetize the gigantic scale of the Web is the only way to compete with the control you’ve lost, the only way to reclaim value in the music industry. If your consultants are telling you anything else, they are wrong...
follows ...

It is better to carefully plan before than crying later

Never like today they talked more about loans and mortgages.
Never like today was so important, if you plan to buy a house and ask for home loans or Mortgages, besides a real estate agent, to look also for a very good mortgage broker that can help you to choose the right mortgage rate, the one you are sure you'll be able to pay in order to keep your home.
What is worst than loosing the house you dreamed and you live in, just because you were badly advised and you choose the wrong partner?
It is better to know before than crying later.
In life many disgraces could have been avoided if our businesses had been better planed.
What does My home Loan Mortgage offer?
Besides all the useful information's of where and how and which is the best mortgage or loan for your needs, prepares also all the documents required for the home loan.
And if you need it, gives you expert advices on mortgage loans and home refinancing, and directs you to the best of your local mortgage experts.
It is better to carefully plan before than crying later.

What you do not know about VoIP

VoIP can provide a number of benefits beyond replacing existing PBX/PSTN telephony:

1) Enhanced speech quality
The PSTN (and most PBXs) are limited to 3.1 kHz, 8-bit/sample audio. It is likely that future IP phones can provide CD quality and possibly even stereo audio. Even where the additional bandwidth required for this extreme level of quality cannot be provided; modest codecs such as G.722 (7 kHz speech bandwidth) can be used to provide better quality than conventional telephony;

2) Improved availability
There are many aspects of availability. Lowering the cost can make telephony more available to low-budget activities. Redundancy can provide as good as (or even better) reliability than traditional telephony. Integrating telephony with location-based computing and groupawareness systems can make the communication partners much more ‘available’, or provide the means to transfer communication to a point in time where it is more appropriate than the usual interrupt-driven telephone call;

3) Improved coverage
In a similar argument, IP Telephony can be made available in places where traditional phones are often not available in a university, e.g., lab settings (in particular, student labs). Also, many universities still consider the cost of phone installations high enough to force their employees to share phones in a common office, again, not necessary when workstation-based IP Telephony is used;

4) Improved mobility
It is very easy to move an IP phone to another room. There is no need to deal with ports on the PBX and change dial numbers. Simply plugging it into an ethernet socket in a new room makes it available;

5) Improved media integration
IP phones can be enabled to add media to an ongoing call as required, e.g., viewing a picture or drawing on a whiteboard. Using workstations themselves as IP phones can facilitate providing this function, whereas the standards are not yet there for coupling traditional phones and workstations;

6) New services
As IP Telephony evolves, it can be used to provide new services (like user-defined call processing) or to integrate existing concepts, e.g., Presence, Location Awareness or Instant Messaging. Because of the open standards available for these services, they need not to be limited to vendor-specific solutions. In other words, it can be much easier to deal with issues such as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and so pave the way to a completely new way of understanding telephony;

7) Research
The protocols and standards used for IP Telephony are open and publicly available. This allows research institutions to work on their own services and solutions.

With regard to the economic aspects, the ‘packetisation’ of voice using Voice over IP has given rise to new international telecommunications carriers.These carriers have distributed network architectures using the Internet as a platform. VoIP networks have an architecture offering the most efficient way to implement multilateral telecommunications agreements, thus eliminating the need for carriers to engage in hundreds of bilateral traffic agreements as are required between
traditional circuit-switched PSTN carriers.
Moreover, since packet networks are software driven,they can be configured more dynamically than traditional PSTN networks. For example, with a global voice over packet network, new destinations are available to all users on the network,
without the need for constant additional investment.

IP Telephony telecommunications companies may expand the availability of services to a wider audience. IP Telephony technologies can be used to build voice networks more rapidly and at a lower cost than legacy PSTN systems. Easier deployment of Voice over IP networks can bring the benefits of telecommunications to more people in a much shorter timeframe than would be possible with conventional PSTN networks.
At the same time, not having to build extensive infrastructure provides the motivation for many companies to migrate to IP Telephony architectures.

[IP Telephony Cookbook]

If you are a hero, now it is your chance to show it...

Would you like to have your "Day of Glory"?
Or do you know somebody who could aspire to a great chance in his life?
Be a part of it, now you canNominate torchbearers for the historic Torch Relay to theBeijing 2008 Olympic Games!
How to?
Nothing easier.
Samsung is promoting a selection to find the passionate torchbearers to help carry the flame of the Olympic spirit to Beijing in time for the 2008 games.
Of course the ones need to be local heroes, somebody who has proved to be special in life, may be triumphing over adversity to achieve a better life or perhaps those who have helped others to do so or have contributed to make a better life for all.
If you think you fall in this category, or you think you have made something special to be proud of, or you know somebody who is, you just go to and click on Nominate Now.
And of course: cross your fingers!


The record-breaking economic boom of the 1990s has left Americans more polarized and debt-ridden,researchers found.
A rising tide has lifted the yachts to tremendous heights, but many Americans are still bailing out their boats after decades of sinking real wages.
Ten years ago, there were 66 billionaires and 31.5 million people living below the poverty line in this country. Today, the United States has 268 billionaires and 34.5 million people living below the official poverty line -- about $13,000 for a three-person family.
In 2007 economic inequality is rampant in America.
The top 1 percent of households has more wealth than the entire bottom 95 percent combined.
The situation is much worse than it was a quarter-century ago: Since 1977, the top 1 percent has doubled its share of the nation's wealth to 40 percent.
Currently, the people on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans "have about as much wealth as the 50 million households in the bottom half of the population."

Better than DIY

Where can you find the best POS at the best price in this jungle of offers?
May be a used point of sale?
Or a ibm pos , or a Fujitsu Point of Sale equipmentequipment?
There is a website where you can find the most useful information's about it.
They say "Welcome to Vision Pos", and you are really welcome to browse among the many offers and choose the ones that best suit your business.
Because the right tools are also the ones that increase your ROI and a good ROI is WHAT people are working for.
There you can read and learn about the latest technology products, and choose the ones that you think useful for your business.
Every technology gadget is carefully described and the best brands are compared.
You can have a quote and know exactly the price and amount you are going to invest.
All done in front of your computer, with a few clicks of the mouse.
You really cannot ask more for upgrading the efficiency of your business.
Last and not least important, if you decide to change all your POS equipment, you can sell your surplus point of sale systems and equipment to Vision!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Again about bandwidth and IPTV

Mark Tomin said...
TV cable carries over 200 channels simultaneously over different frequency range. When you watch internet TV, you only need 1 channel. This will save enormous amounts of bandwidth for all of us, once cable companies reprioterize their bandwidth allowance.

Thanks for the comment.
If it was for getting a link you are welcome, even though my blog is not so high ranked to make a difference...
It it was to discuss, this is my answer:

Cable TV already exists and works pretty well.
I do not see the need to buy a Set Top Box to see the TV on a PC monitor when we can look at it comfortably sitting on our couch on the TV screen...
When we talk of IPTV we talk about IP, and on IP in the cases in which it is really an improvement.
For whom it is going to be an improvement?
1) It won't use ANY kind of frequency or any room on any satellite, just bandwidth on the Internet.
That means EVERYBODY could be a TV producer...
Big improvement, isn't it?
The only problem is that at this moment every connection sucks bandwidth not only on the receiver side, but ALSO on the sending side.
If I am a broadcaster and I have let's say 100 (which is nothing) contemporary viewers, I am going to consume let's say 1 Mbps X 100, which is a little bit expensive for ANYBODY...
Let's say I am a TV broadcaster and I have 1.000.000 contemporary viewers, I will consume 1.000.000 X 1 Mbps, and it is going to cost me much, much more than paying a frequency...
That is the reason why, for the moment, the real IPTV doesn't exist (don't talk about Youtube, because that IS NOT comparable to TV...)

A man's world

What is the most important issue to agree in your marriage if you like it to last long? (I do not say forever, because I do not believe in forevers)
Both must have a special place to live their private life.
For a woman can be a nice bath, or a gym, or a library.
For a man it is usually his garage.
That makes it easier when you have to make gifts for him, or if you want to buy something to him to prove your love.
I already know what my husband would love.
First because he likes to do a lot of DIY jobs in his spare time and second because he is a German.
What would be better than a metal pegboard where to hang all his tools?
It would be exactly what he dreams for his garage, first because he has a huge number of tools and they are all scattered around the house and second because, being a German, what is better than having everything nicely and orderly arranged in his own room?( the garage).
And a "Complete Kit of Formed Edge Metal Pegboard 4 Metal Panels of Pegboard - 16" X 32" by 5/8" Deep Starter s..." is just $67.45!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Envisioning Tomorrow's World

TECH TALK: Envisioning Tomorrow’s World: Teleputer, Ubinet and M-Web
The Teleputer is a term coined by George Gilder. Think of it as a device which marries a mobile phone and a computer, or more specifically, a network computer. As I see it, the teleputer is a device which is a mobile phone which can also double as a multimedia network computer. It can be connected to a docking station which connects to a full-size keyboard, monitor and mouse.

We will carry the teleputer with us when we are on the move. It has its own small keypad and display. It has good data connectivity and an in-built browser. Perhaps, future versions of the teleputers will also have excellent voice recognition and, like Nintendo's Wii, even understand gestures. When we want a bigger display and keyboard, we will dock the teleputer to connect to servers on which the information and applications are stored.

This is Ok providing that tomorrow's man is somebody always on a run, always connected, always working.
That is definitely NOT the vision I have of Tomorrow's man.
Because tomorrow's man is going to be quite different from today's man.
He will have understood that life IS NOT just making money, but that there is a time for work and a time for enjoying life.
That working is done better if you sit on your desk, that a worldwide network means you can work from home.
He will have understood that wireless is good and useful if used in the right and logic way.
And that is a huge wasting of money and a huge danger for his health spreading millions of microwaves just for asking how is the weather or chatting and saying stupid things on the run.
And he will have understood that a book (may be an e-book on a PC tablet) is much better than wasting time and resources with small talk.
Well, I am not sure of this, but I am sure I would like a different world and a different life of today's world.

The Ubinet is a ubiquitous network of connectivity. It will be an envelope that allows access from anywhere. It will be wireless and broadband. The early versions can be seen in technologies like 3G, WiMax and mesh wireless. Tomorrow's networks will have far greater speeds. The Ubinet is what will make network computing on the teleputer a reality, with performance that we are used to seeing on today's desktop computers.

The M-Web is the Internet that is My, Mobile and Magical. It includes a computing grid that will take care of all the storage and processing. Personalization will create a magical experience as the teleputer will know where we are and get from the M-Web contextual information. The M-Web will be mobile friendly because that is how the predominant access will happen.

The M-Web will have some key differences from today's Web.

Hopefully it will be an EMERGENCY WEB, not the daily meal for fanatics' individuals.
A decent size screen is much more enjoyable and better for our eyesight.
As the right size keyboard.

TECH TALK: Envisioning Tomorrow's World

In praise of gifts

There is nothing better than to be able to make gifts.
First you feel good, then you can go shopping and you have a good excuse to make it as long as you like.
At the end, it is not so easy to guess other people's tastes, and besides, you want to buy something cheap that looks expensive...
So why not buying something that IS expensive and paying it less?
Easy and fast.
You just choose the right coupon codes.
Example. If you have a husband who is very fond of computers, Christmas would be the right moment to buy for him a new computer .
So, why not taking advantage of $350 Off Inspiron desktop purchases over $999? ?
I know, it looks a little bit early to think about Christmas, but time flies and you have the advantage NOW and with those $350, you could buy something nice, like a new digital camera , also this comes with 20% off at Best Buy .
And if you really feel generous, I mean with yourself, you deserve it, since you were so good with your can have a look at that 30%off on clearance items at Zales .
I am always on the idea that the best presents are the ones you buy for yourself...

Friday, October 05, 2007

The very next future of advertising

If video is indeed the most important type of user generated content today, and we have entered the monetization phase of the new web, then the gold rush fever surrounding video ads is not a surprise. But what is the right way of doing this?

The right way is going to be whoever manages to deliver ads in a format that does not annoy consumers. A repeat of what Google did with text ads, but in video, is going unlock huge advertising spending and shift even more of it online. Will this be Google or some other company? We do not know yet, but Google has already spent a whooping $1.65B on YouTube, so it will fight this battle hard. In this post we look at what different companies are doing today and consider the ingredients of a successful solution, using AdWords as a model.
Read/Write Web

And the very next future of advertising company is the one man marketing.
And the very next future of middleman in the advertising world is something PayPerPost like.

Oban, a place to be

Ever heard about Oban?
If you ever got the ferry to to the Western Scottish Isles of Mull, Iona, Kerrera, Tiree, Lismore and other islands of the Inner Hebrides group, you certainly have been there.
In case you haven't, write it down, because it is a wonderful place to see.
Especially if you, like me, love Scotland and the North of Europe, if you feel well with nature and picturesque landscapes, if you love the sea and history.
The name means "little Bay" and it is a small wonderful sheltered harbour.
What is the best way to stay there?
I love "Bed and Breakfast", because they are more "personal" than big hotels and also much cheaper.
Besides, there are no large hotel groups in Oban, or anywhere nearby, which in a way is a good thing because the B&B’s are high quality, comfortable and come with the sort of Scottish hospitality that you would enjoy in a place like that.
So, if you're planning a visit there and you're looking for oban bed and breakfast just follow my link and you can find a very good selection of them.
The only thing I would add is that the sun is not included, but the place is quite nice also in the rain...

Everything has to change in order to be ALWAYS the same...

“We’re going to invest the time and energy and the resources in these stories because the question we’re always asking ourselves is what matters to our audience,”
Now, as more readers and advertisers migrate to the Internet, this kind of enterprise reporting has become harder to find at many papers. And in that context, The St. Petersburg Times is itself an endangered species — an independent, privately owned daily that continues to serve up quality journalism.

Balancing Bottom Lines and Headlines

First question:
How many is more readers and advertisers?
I still see a society where old people are still in a good number, and old people HATE changes in their habits...

Second question:
If it is real QUALITY, shouldn't it be immortal?
You can change the way to express it, to deliver it, to spread it, but good quality news is always good quality news.

XML, the newest gadgets, and a good glass of wine...

At first sight, that man with cowboy's hat found my utmost approval.
And he declared himself a xml Aficionado!
I am not so "aficionado" to xml, nevertheless in his blog I can find interesting posts about the latest news that, willing or not, affect me.
Interesting tips about things I find installed on my computer even if I didn't want them.
May be that's the new way to approach technology, otherwise, I, as many others, would never change and try new roads.
I am talking about Microsoft's Live Search.
I didn't want it, because I didn't even know it existed, but now that I have it, and now that Alexander Falk explained it, well I realized that most of what he writes is true.
In his XML Aficionado blog you can find besides of course new technologies, trends, and innovative uses of XML, also the explanation about great developer tools that improve the overall software development cycle.
And being a man of THIS world, you can bet he won't neglect gadgets and a good restaurant...

Reinventing the news

Reinventing The News Business Requires A Little Imagination Scott Karp says:

"Here’s another example. Once upon a time, millions of people downloaded music for free — and illegally — from Napster and other file sharing services. Then iTunes came along and those same millions of people started paying $0.99 to get the songs legally when they could easily still get them free with no real risk of getting caught breaking the law. How completely irrational. I’ve actually gone and purchased most of the songs I downloaded from Napster back in the day. Craziness.

SO, sure I can post a classified for free on Craigslist. And most people happily do so, completely oblivious to that fact that their actions are putting their local papers out of business. Most newspaper executives probably assume that people will continue to choose free Craigslist over paid listings in their paper or on their website because that is the “rational” thing for those people to do.

But I wonder what would happen if newspapers introduced a new factor into the equation: the civic benefit of supporting local journalism."

I am not so idealistic about man behavior, at least about man's general behavior ( I do not doubt there are still a few idealists).
The reason why many download from iTunes and pay for it, is that with 0.99 you avoid the hassle to use a P2P software.
Most of the young people still do and do not pay iTunes.
Most of the people my age do...
And I really doubt that people would prefer to pay to put an ad on a newspaper where they have to pay to have fewer chances to be seen...
The future will tell if humans are still humans in spite of...

Two loneliness together make a good company

Yes, I am a senior.
And I do not even say: too bad...
Because I like to be a senior.
Aging has also advantages, but only if you age in two.
A lonely senior doesn't have a nice life.
What are successes and joy and entertainments if you cannot share them?
We are not made to live alone, we do not like to live alone.
So, what to do if you are a senior and you're looking for company, but a special company, the man or the woman to share what you like and dislike?
Now a days it got much easier to find somebody on the Internet, and there is a special address where you can find exactly what you're looking for: "senior dating" .
It is number first Senior community on the Net and first senior personals.
After joining (for free) you can browse among the members, search what you're looking for, posting and just wait...
A bright new future is waiting for you.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Connecting the wrong dots

"The point of all this is that we evolved for an environment very different from the one we’ve built for ourselves. For survival we have to fight our genetic instinct to tell ourselves stories (including the special case of connecting the dots) and be skeptical of our own conclusions."

Tom Evslin

Man's use of symblos to make sense of the world distinguishes him from roughly a million species.
Symbols are the instruments which convert raw intelligence into culture.
Being conscious of them, man was able to invent languages to communicate thoughts, work his environment, create concepts to express ideas, and images to identify the supernatural forces which surrounded him.
They say with the first step by which the first man made the first human footprint on the surface of the moon, mankind became conscious of a new era in its evolution.
I think it happened long before.
It was when gazing into a fire, somewhere, sometime, suddenly a man saw a face in the flickering flames.
At that moment matter became mind and man discovered virtual reality, "connecting the dots".

The advantages of having a software based IP PBX

To have a decent phone system, a SMO until some time ago had to buy a central system, do all the cabling to the in-house phones, whereas the old phones had to be replaced, too.
Additionally one had to establish a certain contract with the local telephone provider to be able to communicate in a productive way.
And, of course, one had to pay a nice amount for this investment.
Things have dramatically changed.
As almost all SMOs nowadays have a connection to the Internet, they are in the position to get rid of all this hardware stuff ( including the old cabling ) and to replace it with just a piece of software, a Software based SIP IP PBX..
This software does all what an expensive PBX does and even has many more functions, which gives the user a more comfortable handling of all the telephone requirements.
Besides this, the winning part in this is the big saving one can reach using the Internet as one doesn't pay for a call to another user on the internet.
And if it comes to International calls, the savings are even higher.
You can establish an agreement with a VoIP provider who can forward your internet call to any other VoIP provider on the globe.
This saves you up to 95% depending on the country of destination.

This is a sponsored post, please read disclosure policy.

Darth Apple and the iPhone: The Dark Side Revealed?

"If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!"
-- Darth Vader (Dum dum dum ... dum dee dum ... dum dee dum)
[ Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) ]

Greetings. I invoke "Star Wars" analogies at my considerable peril, but the current blowup (some are indeed calling it a "war") over the iPhone does bring elements of the films' saga to mind.

In Star Wars we had evil masquerading as good, evil that became good, and good that became evil. We had lowly Ewoks (let's call them "consumers") who defeated a would-be control-freak galactic empire (let's call that "Apple"). Now admittedly, the Ewoks are very nearly my least favorite Star Wars characters, only surpassed on that score by Jar Jar Binks, but we'll let that slide for now.

Other than the obvious "good triumphs over evil" stance of Star Wars, a key lesson of the films is that it's not always that easy to tell the difference between your friends and those who would exploit you, one way or another.

Apple has long been the darling of the "creative" community broadly defined, existing in the glow of being the anti-Microsoft, despite an extremely limited range of hardware platforms compared with the vast array traditionally available for Microsoft Operating Systems.

But Microsoft has (mostly due to its own actions over the years) taken on the mantle of the evil empire, while Apple -- especially since Steve Jobs returned to lead the company, bringing with him an air of widely admired "coolness" -- has been perceived as taking the moral high ground.

But now Apple seems eager to do battle with some of its strongest adherents, by trying to retroactively lock down the iPhone platform with their own technological version of the Death Star, wiping out third party applications and in some cases bricking the phones.
It's enough to give one considerable pause and to question some basic assumptions.

On my belt is a Windows Mobile PDA phone. It cost less than the iPhone and unlike the iPhone was partly subsidized by Cingular (now AT&T). It runs a vast array of third party commercial and public domain applications -- all the relatively basic stuff that iPhone users say are missing from their phones, plus an incredibly wide range more besides.

By and large, the only people who brick Windows Mobile phones are ones who rewrite the OS firmware, which given the wide applications availability for these phones is really unnecessary except for the very hardest of hard-core hackers. To my knowledge, neither the phone's manufacturer nor the carrier have ever tried to erase, block, or otherwise tamper with these phones. Third party applications support are one of their main selling points, and we don't hear complaints from the carriers that these applications are somehow damaging their networks.

Apple's attitude is, by and large, "If you do stuff to your phone that we don't anoint as canon, and then it so happens that updates we send to your phone later f*** you up, don't complain to us."

This is, from a legal standpoint -- given the verbiage of the complex licenses associated with such products -- probably legitimate, at least in court.

But from a consumer standpoint, seeing this sort of attitude from the smiling face of Apple must come as something of a shock to many Apple fans, some of whom might be expecting to see Steve Jobs show up wearing a black cape at his next product announcement.

What's really going on is something that goes far beyond Apple.
Technology companies are rapidly extending their complicated intellectual property agreements into the consumer devices that we buy and depend upon. In essence, we're more and more really renting these products, not actually buying them, since legally there are all sorts of restrictions on what we can do with these modern wonders, and often ways that they can be turned into useless junk by their makers if we don't play by their rules.

My sense is that intrusive intellectual property and Digital Rights Management are rapidly approaching a serious tipping point where consumer unwillingness to "just go along" with these restrictions could reach a fever pitch very suddenly.

Eventually, people get tired of being told what they can or can't do with electronic devices that they own, especially when faced with what seem to be unreasonable restrictions. This applies whether we're talking about the iPhone, DVD recorders that refuse to record since the local cable company has arbitrarily tagged even basic channels as copy protected, or to "self-destructing" next-generation DVDs when piracy is even suspected -- along with lots of other examples now and coming down the pipe very soon.

Like the Ewoks who were viewed as primitive beasts by the Star Wars Empire, consumers may not have the poison pill firmware updating power of the "Death Star" -- but they do have some items even more powerful at their disposal -- their wallets and their votes.

If they continue pushing so hard to ram these restrictive products and licenses into the consumer marketplace, many manufacturers, the telecom industry, and the entertainment giants alike may discover that their Ewoks aren't buying, and are instead voting for politicians with a more equitable view of how "the galaxy" should be run.

Of course the plot isn't finished -- in some ways it's only just begun. We might still see script twists that are impossible to anticipate, and the cast of characters, both good and evil, may yet change and surprise us all.

But consumers will always be the ultimate force to bring balance to these matters, if they choose to use that power wisely.

Let the force be ... oh, you know.

Lauren Weinstein or