Thursday, June 25, 2009

when smaller becomes easier

"The Iranian regime has developed, with the assistance of European telecommunications companies, one of the world's most sophisticated mechanisms for controlling and censoring the Internet, allowing it to examine the content of individual online communications on a massive scale.

China's vaunted "Great Firewall," which is widely considered the most advanced and extensive Internet censoring in the world, is believed also to involve deep packet inspection. But China appears to be developing this capability in a more decentralized manner, at the level of its Internet service providers rather than through a single hub, according to experts.

The difference, at least in part, has to do with scale: China has about 300 million Internet users, the most of any country. Iran, which has an estimated 23 million users, can track all online communication through a single location called the Telecommunication Infrastructure Co., part of the government's telecom monopoly. All of the country's international links run through the company."


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is the world?

The world is nothing else than a big Bank.
And bankers are the rulers.
We naively believe that politicians, administrators can rule and change something.
They are nothing else than puppets in somebody else´s hands.
Well paid puppets.

History explained

When does a war begin?

When people are bored and tired of words.
They want something more "dramatic".

When people think that nothing can be worse than what they have. Everything cannot be but better.

When does it end?

When people understand that fighting with words is much better.

When people realize that there is nothing worse than death.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big Monopoli field America has turned into

I guess it would be amusing and even comic if we Europeans and the full World weren´t involved too.
May be this is going to be the only possible solution.
Playing with fake money, as we already do.
Pretending the green banknote is still worth something.
In a world were reality and virtual reality have become one, where what you see is written on a screen and the moment the switch decides, the page doesn´t exist anymore, we can do the same with our lives.
Living on a screen, jumping in it in the morning and leaving the virtual reality in the evening.
We still have to find out how to fool our body, making it insensible to hunger, cold, rain, snow, hurricanes.
And how to fool electricity producers, because also virtual reality needs to be fed.
Will technology help us?

Monday, June 22, 2009

There is nothing like money that can decide what is right and what is wrong

"Beijing recently announced that starting on July 1, all computers sold in China must come installed with government-designed software to block pornography."

Isn´t it something as they say "Deja vu´"?

"The high-tech industry takes pride in giving people new ways to stay informed, communicate with one another, and make their views known. When government bureaucrats demand the collaboration of these companies to deprive people of valued tools, high-tech executives should keep in mind that while pressure from governments is never pleasant, it's the customer who's always right."

I am sure that profit will make them forget.
There is nothing like money that can decide what is right and what is wrong.

In the stock market the only thing that makes profits is to choose the right Broker

The eternal mystery of the world of the stock market is its comprehensibility.
Of course if you understand it...
And if you don’t and you still want to make profits and be able to perform Online Trading?
Well you need just an Internet connection, the right Online Broker and you can immediately begin Stock Trading.
But, how much is it going to cost you to trade Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Fixed Incomes?
Usually it could even be up to $100, but for a limited time Firstrade will rebate your account transfer fee, give you a free one year subscription to SafeCentral, a revolutionary secure browser for Windows-based computers, and free Dividend Reinvestment.
With the right Broker it is easy and affordable for investors to get into the online investing world and, why not? Also for investors to be...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

When Monoplists´ interests are above the Law

For years, Hollywood pushed Congress to pass laws that would hold colleges and universitiesresponsible for cracking down on unauthorized file sharing that happened on campus. The threat was that if universities didn't stop file sharing, Congress could withold federal financial aid funds from students. That's quite a big stick. What justified it? Well, the MPAA put out a report claiming that 44% of "losses" from file sharing came from college campuses. Of course, the number (like so many out of entertainment industry lobbyists) was entirely made up. In fact, it was so ridiculous that even the MPAA came out and publicly admittedthe numbers were bogus and apologized!

You would think, after that, Congress would think twice about passing a law that was written based on such bogus numbers. Think again.
Congress had no problem rushing it through and getting it signed by the President.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The secret to immortality is knowing how to keep your memories

If your data are important enough to be worth to survive you and many generations ahead, let´s say up to a billion years this is the answer:

"Dr Zettl and his colleagues constructed their memory cell by taking a particle of iron just a few billionths of a metre (nanometres) across and placing it inside a hollow carbon nanotube. They attached electrodes to either end of the tube. By applying a current, they were able to shuttle the particle back and forth. This provides a mechanism to create the “1” and “0” required for digital representation: if the particle is at one end it counts as a “1”, and at the other end it is a “0”.

The next challenge will be to create an electronic memory that has millions of cells instead of just one. If Dr Zettl succeeds in commercialising this technology, digital decay itself may become a thing of the past."


Detroit? A paradise for investors

America is never at a loss when it comes to good ideas, ideas to make money.
How to begin your business with almost nothing and make good profits.
You would think that the best way is investing in the right Stocks and just wait that they go up.
But you would think wrong.
You also would think that investing in real estate in a moment like this is like a suicide.
And also in this case you would think wrong.
Because doing the right business is just a matter of finding the right target and work on it.
When a Nation gets poorer the right investment is providing offers for poor people.
But what actually comes cheap, cheaper than you would have expected, so cheap that the part of the population that yesterday couldn´t afford it, today can?

Yes, THAT is IT.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is living

When I was 10 years old I decided to become a lawyer, because on TV they showed Perry Mason and I was very fond of him.
When I was sixteen I discovered Simone de Beauvoir and wanted to be a philosopher.
When I was 18 I decided to study Pharmacy, because I was good in chemistry and it was a good and profitable profession.
I did it for 22 years, then I had to quit, because I had so many things I liked doing that I had not enough spare time.
I was fond of Horseback riding at that time, and I had my own horse and I had to ride everyday, beside taking care of him.
Later I changed to gardening, which was a Hobby more congenial to an aging lady.
I didn’t achieve any glory or fame in what I did, but I had a good time doing it, and now I can pride myself to be an expert in many things.
My blog reflects my attitude and is a mirror of what I am.
I began it as a VoIP blog and my posts in the beginning were about VoIP.
But it is hard to write always and almost every day about a subject so limited as VoIP, so I widened it with technology.
But being my technical background mostly my husband’s knowledge (which is undoubtedly good), I find it hard to write every day a new post about it.
Especially when there are so many new things every day to write about.
The secret to creativity is knowing how to widen your boundaries.
There is a huge world out there, so huge an average lifetime will never be able to discover it.
That is why we make children, so that somebody, somehow will go on...

When brainwashing gets really dangerous

"U.S. regulators are arguing that television ads for drugs and medical devices should avoid distracting images and music that can reduce viewers' comprehension of potential side effects. Advertisements also should use similar type styles and voice-overs when conveying benefits and risks, according to the FDA.

The guidelines follow complaints that manufacturers use various techniques in their widely seen television ads and other promotions to downplay risks while emphasizing potential benefits. Leaving out or minimizing side-effect information is the most frequent violation."

For this reason I think Alternative Medicine is good.
With it you mainly buy illusions.
You feel good because you are doing something good for your body, you are fighting aging and achieving health.
What you get is something very close to water or a little bit more, but, at least water does no harm...

Hunterwasser, Magdeburg


Many have an idea of the Germans as people so precise and obsessed with perfection that have no space in their brain for new and original projects.
These many should go to Magdeburg and would have a very different opinion.
I personally do not like Gaudi, I find it a little kitschy, but I was surprised and pleasantly surprised...
The real catchy is that you wouldn’t certainly expect anything of this kind in Germany.
This is a Paradise for children and adults that dream to be children again.
All those stairs and small gardens and hidden windows and colored columns.
It is something like the "One thousand and one nights".
It is like jumping in a fairy tale and be a part of it...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The white fence

Finally we have the sun today.
It was missing since long, so long nobody remembers a June like this, cold and rainy.
They say it is because of the climate changes and pollution and so on.
I know why: because the Broghammers decided to live here.
Wherever they go, they bring rain and cold.
Mostly it is Mrs. Broghammer´s fault.
She is always cold and always complaining and that is exactly what happens.
Something like a Nemesis, today to you, tomorrow to somebody else and usually to the Broghammers...
Anyway, today was the right day to go on with the fence.
It proceeded also last week, in spite of the rain, in the few moments of sun,the Broghammers were ready with brushes and paint.
It looks great, at least that is what everybody around says.
Painting is also a way of socializing.
People who have little to do (which looks like to be the majority around) stop and chat.
Every day the Broghammers know a little piece more about the people who lived here before.
Every day a little piece of local history unfolds and many small details find an explanation.
For example the PKK written with a mosaic of tiles on the cellar’s floor is the name of the Polish who lived here in the early DDR times.
He kept the garden and the fence in a spotless way.
He loved to play the Harmonium in the garden and there were chairs and benches ready for whoever wanted to stop by and sing.
They also drank and laughed and enjoyed life.
Later he went away and the garden lost its glamour.
The fence began deteriorating, the color went away, the gate died a slow and painful death.
The Broghammers are welcome because the garden can begin to live again, the fence is a shining, glossy white and may be they hope somebody will begin to play and sing again.
That is something which won’t happen, but the neighbor’s are already happy to be able to find somebody to chat with.

Times are changing and changing fast, why shouldn´t the law?

The Internet has entered our life transforming it just like a revolution.
Many changes are merely technical, communications are faster, the cost of gathering and getting data has lowered and so on.
But the biggest revolution was in the way our culture is made.
It has become the no boundaries culture, the real, precious globalization of the minds.
The Internet has unleashed extraordinary possibility for many to participate in the process of building and cultivating a culture.
Culture is no more a Nation’s luggage of knowledge.
It is world’s knowledge.
In this new and catching scenario the old copyrights world has been threatened by the potential of the Internet to change the way both commercial and noncommercial culture are made and shared.
Corporations have found the need to induce lawmakers to use the law to protect them.
It has become a real war against the technologies of the Internet, in order to defeat "piracy".
They have reduced the matter to the side to take in this war, in favor of property or against it.
In this perspective “piracy” is wrong, and the law, properly tuned, should punish “piracy,” whether on or off the Internet.
Are the new technologies of the Internet “trespassing” upon legitimate claims of “property”?
The Internet makes possible the efficient spread of content. Peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing is among the most efficient of the efficient technologies the Internet enables.
It is also the most efficient way to spread culture.
I believe it would be right for common sense to revolt against the extreme claims made today on behalf of “intellectual property”.
I believe it would be wrong to stop the process to change the way culture is made, just for defending the interests of the few.
I believe intellectual property is right and must be rescued.
I believe it is time to change the law.
Times are changing and changing fast, why shouldn’t the law?

Human rights bullshit

"As far as the long emergency is concerned...the U.S. has already the solution...attack those who have oil...under different pretexts...and once a safe oil availability window (of 10 to 15 years )is secured...develop nuclear and switch to it...all this humanity, human rights bullshit emanating from US is actually what it is...bull shit..."

I read this comment on a Kunstler´s post and found it quite disturbing.
Especially coming from a Nation who prides itself to be the "Human Rights" defendant.
Who finds as an excuse for every war the need to "civilize" and rescue the minorities.

Lying is so common in today’s world - it’s almost natural.
If it weren’t for lies, I honestly believe the world economy would fall down on top of itself.
As it already did, but nobody saw.
Because everybody was not only lying to the others, he was actually lying to himself.
"If crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?"
One day posterity will remember this strange era, these strange times, when ordinary, common honesty was called bull shit.

Where is the money going in the next future?

I have an answer, and I have no doubt you come to my very same conclusion: ONLINE.
I am no "marketer", no expert of marketing or digital advertizing.
I am much more than that: I am a consumer.
And that makes me a better expert than any marketing planner.
I am like millions out there and I certainly KNOW where I like to shop and where I like to spend my spare time.
So, if you belong to the category of people who wants to make money and actually be able to work in the next future, you HAVE to inform yourself, times are changing, are you?
If you are one of the many that lately have struggled and strained to maintain a profitable livelihood in an ever-changing marketplace, Tom Treves has the right posts in the right Blog.
What can be more interesting than reading all what you need to know in a few, well written lines, quite amusing and catching?
I usually find very interesting reading blogs (not all of course) and I have a few I daily check for updates.
Because I like the writer and I enjoy reading them.
The good result is that I am always very informed, in real time, about what is going on on the online world.
Times are undoubtedly changing and I am amusingly changing with them...

Monday, June 15, 2009

You could be less ill than what you look

It turns out that doctors and nurses with a drug problem make fake entries in patient files to justify prescriptions that they fill for themselves. Medicare and Medicaid fraudsters concoct entire courses of treatment for real people and bill for them. And illegal immigrants who wouldn't be eligible for services on their own use the identities they've already stolen to get jobs as a way of getting treatment.

That's bad, but what's especially troubling for ordinary citizens is the way it screws up their medical records. They may only find out about the fraud when they're told they've used up the lifetime health insurance limits they paid for. Or, worse, they could go in for treatment unconscious and be given a transfusion of the wrong blood type because their records had been altered to match the blood type of the identity thief. That's a pretty heavy price to pay for identity theft. And it's likely to get worse as the Administration's electronic medical record initiative takes hold, and medical records are increasingly consolidated into a single electronic patient history that is accessible by all providers.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to avoid brain cancer

The cell phone companies surely will not broadcast this – especially in a down economy – but your cell phone can do some serious bodily damage resulting from radiation.

And these dangers are skyrocketing at an alarming rate… though you may not be hearing about it because of the economics involved.

Brain cancer recently surpassed leukemia as the number one cancer killer in children. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an alarming development.

Dr. Charlie Tia, preeminent Australian neurosurgeon, believes a significant contributing factor in the exponential increase in pediatric brain tumors is excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phones and other electrical and electronic equipment and appliances.

Even when you’re not using your iPhone but have it on, it still operates as a base station, transmitting radiation to you.

Further, iPhones tend to get a great deal of use due to their amazing plethora of applications, which increases your risk.

Data waves from your iPhone substantially affect your biology, altering intercellular communication. Thing is… you want your cells to talk to each other in a ‘normal’ way, not to take on abnormal communication habits.

Your total radiation exposure is rapidly increasing -- even if you don't use a cell phone. And when you add your personal exposure, it only compounds the problem.
The emission of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from cell phones continues to become a growing concern. However, you'll not hear the large wireless corporations or the federal government publicly talking about cell phone EMR emission issues.

Why? Big-time profits linked to large powerful corporations. Sound familiar?


Monday, June 08, 2009

Will a victory become an avalanche?

The Pirate Party has won a huge victory in the Swedish elections and is marching on to Brussels. After months of campaigning against well established parties, the Pirate Party has gathered enough votes to be guaranteed a seat in the European Parliament.

Good news.
Will others follow?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Why didn´t they ask me?

"Homeopathy is the antiscientific belief that infinitely diluted medicine in water can cure various ailments. It’s perhaps the most ridiculous of all "alternative" medicines, since it clearly cannot work, does not work, and has been tested repeatedly and shown to be useless.

And for those who ask, "what’s the harm?", you may direct your question to Thomas Sam and his wife Manju Sam, whose nine-month-old daughter died because of their homeopathic beliefs.

The infant girl, Gloria Thomas, died of complications due to eczema. Eczema. This is an easily-treatable skin condition (the treatments don’t cure eczema but do manage it), but that treatment was withheld from the baby girl by her parents, who rejected the advice of doctors and instead used homeopathic treatments. The baby’s condition got worse, with her skin covered in rashes and open cracks. These cracks let in germs which her tiny body had difficulty fighting off.more...

Omeopathy should be banned because is a cheating.
What they sell is just water (and the irony is in the fact that they say it loud) at a very high price!!!

About Life Insurances...

I think that the best way to show your love for somebody you care is to make a life insurance and declare her or him as beneficiary.
I made one long ago and since then I am in very good health.
That is also the other side I see it, usually things happen when you are not prepared for them...
Besides the joke, assuring your dear ones that they will have a sum to go on even if you die is, in my opinion, the best investment for your money.
There are three types of life insurance, the Term Insurance, which usually is cheaper and lasts a set number of years.
If you die in the meantime, the death benefit you have selected will be paid to the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the policy.
If you choose the life insurance as some sort of investment, then the second type, Return of Premium term insurance should be your choice.
With this solution, at the end of the term period, the policyholder gets back all of the premiums paid into the policy.
The third type goes under the name of permanent life insurance, with this, you will be covered for the rest of your life.
With this death benefits and premiums are fixed for the life of the policy.
It works as a cash account, which acts like your own bank account but for insurance.
It pays an interest and the account increases .
If you want to know more you can read about in life insurance comparison.
By the way, in spite of the fact that the term life insurance was cheaper, I choose the second type and it proved to be a good decision.
In this time of financial disasters I am sure I will get all my money back when the term expires.
I still have ten years to go and I cross my fingers...

Friday, June 05, 2009

It is just the end of stupidity...

The modern economy is based on what people have become, or better, on how they were plastered to be.
The good principle of marketing is offering the market what people want.
And what do people want?
Mostly the "package".
When they want to buy something being it a house appliance or a Holyday, they like very much the "all included".
They want to shop for the ready to use bargain.
First it must be easy to find, shining to look at, convincing to buy and easy to use.
You must have everything in one: the pre, the in, the post.
Second it must be affordable.
Preferably not $999, but $10 a month.
It doesn’t matter how many months, nobody is interested.
The only thing in which the customer is interested in is that he can afford to buy it.
Use it today and pay tomorrow.
It even doesn’t matter that when tomorrow comes he is not able to pay for it, well, the thing is anyway used, why bothering?
As long as there is somebody willing to pay before and enjoy the profits later...
But when the later comes and not only there is no profit anymore, but there is no capital invested too, well things change.
No more use it today and pay tomorrow, no more pay before and enjoy the profits later...

Is this the real end of capitalism?
No it is just the end of stupidity...

A Nation is a society of individuals

The big problem of America is what was its strength for long: the fact that it is a big, united nation, where they speak the same language and ALL tend to do the same mistakes.
Bubbles here are very easy.
Once you start is like an avalanche: they ALL follow.
That was the reason why the Stock market was so blooming before 29 and it fell after.
That is why the "house market" followed the same track and had the same end.
One thing must be said about the Americans: they really have a "collective" life.

The Mass likes to have the road prepared and the "few", of course, like to prepare it...

Is it a matter of education?

Europe is much more an heterogeneous country.

We do not socialize, we "fight".
Of course no more with weapons.
We fight with words and competition.
You will never convince a French to do what an Italian does.
No easy bubbles here...

Is it a matter of schools?
In my school they mostly taught how to discuss, how not to believe, how to think...and I believe that is a good school...
A nation is not a herd of sheep’s.
It is a society of individuals, that is what educators should keep in mind.

Where the Future is the Past

When do you realize that time passed and you, now, belong to the generation of those who know "how it was" and "how it got"?
It suddenly can appear to you, just like lightning, in one of those desolate days when memories come pressing into your eyes.
It can be a picture, it can be a smell, it can be a word.
But then, it is there, your remote past and it looks so remote that you feel very old, in spite of the fact that it looks just a few years ago...
You realize it because your tastes have changed, what looked nice now looks ugly and the opposite.
I live now in an old town, a town which has been spared the "modernization" of the sixties and the seventies, which was reborn in the nineties, when "old" was "new".
When I was a child, my mother used to wear stiletto shoes and being shortly after the war, shoes didn’t become the roads of that period.
They still had those nice (or what looks nice now)stone paved roads.
Every two steps the stiletto finished between two stones and, besides being hard to walk, it endangered a new and expensive pair of shoes.
"I wish they changed the roads" was my mother comment, "It is time they do something new".
And they did it.
Brand new roads.
Where new cars could go as fast as possible.
But then, when you could finally walk with a brand new pair of stiletto shoes, you couldn´t walk anymore.
Too many cars, too dangerous and may be too uncomfortable to walk.
Why bother walking when you had a car that perfectly did the job to bring you from A to B, in much less time?

The same happened to houses.
Most of them, the old ones, were just pulled down, to leave space to new "modern buildings”, which had more light, more elevators, more appliances.
Few trees of course, who needed trees anyhow?
Trees are a burden, they take away the light and the space where you can have more concrete.
Why bothering to have grass you have to cut, when you can have nice and easy to keep concrete?

I have grown up with "modern buildings" "modern schools" "modern towns".
That is why I like the old.
Here life has a much slower rhythm.
Cars cannot go fast because the roads are still stone paved and the trees roots have made them hilly and difficult to drive on.
Houses do not have elevators and, if you enjoy a nice view, you have to climb.
You have to use your legs to walk and may be some sweaters more because when there is the wind you feel it through your bones.
But you have millions of birds on the trees and nice grass to sit on and a lot of rivers and lakes, and old bridges and old small shops and you see a lot of human beings, because everybody walks.
It is a place where people still live.
They walk, breath, chat and live close to nature.

In a few words, you grow old, but you do not really care, because there is still place for you, and you perfectly fit in the landscape...

The complete guide of "how to" blogging

A person starts to be a blogger when he begins to write.
As simple as that.
All the necessary rest is something you can easily find on the Internet.
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Or making money with blogging?
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Here it is, the complete guide of "how to" blogging...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

No more blinds thanks to stem cells

Here's something that people with poor or no vision will be excited about: three patients had their sight restored in less than a month by contact lenses cultured with stem cells.

All three patients were blind in one eye. The researchers extracted stem cells from their working eyes, cultured them in contact lenses for 10 days, and gave them to the patients. Within 10 to 14 days of use, the stem cells began recolonizing and repairing the cornea.

Of the three patients, two were legally blind but can now read the big letters on an eye chart, while the third, who could previously read the top few rows of the chart, is now able to pass the vision test for a driver's license. The research team isn't getting over excited, still remaining unsure as to whether the correction will remain stable, but the fact that the three test patients have been enjoying restored sight for the last 18 months is definitely encouraging. The simplicity and low cost of the technique also means that it could be carried out in poorer countries.