Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad times have in store great things

We live in magic times.
Who could have believed we would come to the point where money´s value can be everything and can be nothing?
It is almost like on eBay.
I bought a wood massive bedroom for 100 euros and the lamps for the night tables for 499 EACH.
I added a designer bedcover for 999 euros and two nice pillows for 250 each.
But then, the oriental hand made carpet came for 67 euros including shipment.
And since I still had place in the room I also bought one two sitzer leather couch with armchair for 1 euro.
Well, the main precious things came for nothing, while the accessories are very expensive.
The same happens to currencies and bonds.
When currencies are worth nothing or almost and the forecast is they will be worth even less, it can look a good bargain to buy Greece bonds at 13% interest.
Of course you cross your fingers that the situation will improve.
If it does, you made a good bargain, if it doesn´t you just risked money that will be worth nothing.
Well, you could buy gold, but my concern is: when gold will be worth 2000 dollars a ounce and nobody will have the 2000 to buy it, what will you do with your gold?
At least, with my new/old bedroom I can sleep well and even have a leather couch, I cannot use gold for nothing.
They say bad times can have in store great things, let´s hope.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The more you steal, the less you pay.

They say small IS beautiful, I say it is beautifully a scapegoat.
If you feel like polluting DO NOT pollute in a small scale: if you throw a piece of paper out of your car´s window is 100 Dollars, if you pollute the Gulf of Mexico you have very good chances to be unpunished.
If you borrow money from a bank, do not stop at 100.000 dollars, think big, something like 10 millions or more.
In the first case you will be obliged to give ALL back with high interests, in the second you can spare a few millions in bribery and go away with the rest...
If you feel like stealing, do not think small, think big.
The more you steal, the less you pay.
Isn´t that how it works?
Take three pay two, or take 1 million and pay nothing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What is behind wind turbines and electric cars

China will be important not only for cheap merchandize production, but also for raw materials, for example today’s electric cars and wind turbines rely on a few elements that are mined almost entirely in China.
Demand for these materials may soon exceed supply.
Will this be China’s next great economic advantage?
China, currently produces 95 percent of the world’s supply, but even without Chinese restrictions and with the revival of the California mines, worldwide supplies of some rare earths could soon fall short of demand.
Of particular concern are neodymium and dysprosium, which are used to make magnets that help generate torque in the motors of electric and hybrid cars and convert torque into electricity in large wind turbines.
There are no practical alternatives to these metals in many critical applications requiring strong permanent magnets—materials that retain a magnetic field without the need for a power source to induce magnetism by passing an electric current through them.
Most everyday magnets,including those that hold notes on the fridge, are permanent magnets.
But they aren’t very strong, while those made from rare earths are tremendously so.
Rare-earth magnets are found in nearly every hybrid and electric car on the road.
The motor of Toyota’s Prius, for example, uses about a kilogram of rare earths. Offshore wind turbines can require hundreds of kilograms each.
New mining activity, not only at Mountain Pass but also in Australia and elsewhere, will increase supplies—but not enough to meet demand for certain critical metals, particularly dysprosium, in the next few years.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Your company has no qualities that Studio Center cannot reveal

Studio Center, a video production company, was founded in 1966 and since then it has grown to produce more than 14,000 projects for its clients every year (many of them award-winning), and has clients in all 50 states and 23 countries around the world.
They have 700 talented employees focused on delivering the PERFECT Product. Their goal is nothing less than excellence.
They can give a voice to your business, a short movie to explain your product, the right jingle to be remembered.
They have more than 1000 uniquely talented voice over actors, but they also have the greatest, most expressive faces, the best media production the best jingles writers, the best On Hold Message.
Well you think, name it and they have it.
And if they do not have it?
Simple, they can make it, the right one, just for YOU.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby boomers

I am a boomer, a post war child, like many here.
We were deprived for long of a REAL social life, the feeling of belonging to a family.
We were the victims of the exasperated individualism following the exasperated nationalism.
Hitler, Mussolini made people proud of belonging, first to their family, (and the bigger the better) second to the bigger family that was the Nation.
You were born, lived and died for and in the family.
You worked for the family, you fought for the family.
The capitalistic ideology considers men as individuals and produces progress thanks to competition.
There is no space for family and no space for close friends and lately not even space for your country.
You belong to the world, you have to compete with million other men, you have to be better or die.
You are alone, incapable to build a long lasting relationship.
Women in the 60s 70s were "liberated", they didn’t even wear a bra any more.
Divorce, abortion were our conquest.
Free love, casual relationships.
Now, as a result we have people who do not know where to go.
What they thought was right is not anymore.
What was seen as freedom and happiness brought loneliness and an emptiness many are trying to fill in the wrong way: exasperating the goals they were looking for when young.
They have models to follow, heroes to inspire, always better, always more difficult to copy and reach.
It is forbidden to look old, to play old, to show you as an old person.
You CAN be old, because that is something you cannot change, but you HAVE TO LOOK young.
Plastic surgery, gym, "healthy lifestyle", sex, sex, sex.
The older you are the younger your partner should be.
Because thanks to Viagra, thanks to surgery, you do not look old anymore.
But you are and even more so because you deny it.
Our generation was the stolen generation.
We miss love, affection, reachable goals.
We need real friends, not Facebook or social media.
We exchanged laughing for a good bank account and now that our bank account is no good anymore we have nothing.
Not even a shoulder to cry on.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's Wrong with Our Soy and Corn?

Corn allergies are on the rise, and while some genetically modified corn is engineered to withstand Monsanto's herbicide Roundup, other varieties are engineered to create their own internal pesticide (Bt toxin). The biotech industry claimed there were no health risks to worry about from these altered foods. In the case of Bt corn, the concern that your gut might turn into a pesticide factory was shrugged off with lame assurances that the Bt toxin wouldn't survive once ingested.

However, just last month, a study revealed that Bt toxin was detected in:
•93 percent of maternal blood samples
•80 percent of fetal blood samples
•69 percent of non-pregnant women blood samples

Turns out you cannot replace actual safety studies with lip service after all. Another recent review of 19 animal studies on genetically modified organisms (GMO) revealed that nearly 10 percent of blood, urine, organ and other parameters tested were significantly influenced by GMOs, with the liver and kidneys faring the worst. Additionally, Jeffrey Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and author of two books on the topic, has previously documented more than 65 serious health risks from GM products of all kinds.

Dr. Mercola

How many chances to get cancer?

The United States has the highest rates of cancer of any country on the planet. According to the statistics, one in two men, and one in three women are expected to get cancer in their lifetime. One in eight American women has breast cancer, and only one out of every 10 breast cancer cases is attributed to genetics.

Ninety percent are triggered by environmental factors.

Samuel Epstein, MD, a scientist at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, one of the top experts on cancer prevention.

The donkey and the economy

We have an anecdote: once a farmer was crying because his donkey died "I was almost successful in inventing a new strategy to save money and so optimizing my projects.
He was almost used to starve, but after three days he died.
Why did he have to die and ruin my plans?"
So are the people.
Why, if everything was going so well this crisis had to happen? We were almost used to never ending growth and this stupid crisis had to ruin everything?

The problem is not what happened, it is not realizing why.
Because if you do not understand your mistakes you are condemned to repeat them forever.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bitc oins: Why freedom can begin with a currency

Money has come a long way, now currency is not even paper anymore: going digital has turned into numbers.
With the finance collapse of 2008 the competence of central banks that are supposed to manage national currencies has been called into question.
The intrinsic value of a currency depends more on the willingness of pretending that it is worth something, on the official relation with other currency, on the reliability of the bank that issues it.
The financial meltdown has shown how fragile can be a number written on a computer, especially how fragile and worthless ( and criminal) are the banks behind.
Private currencies are coming into the scene, because, while having no more reliability than the official ones, at least they offer new and valuable advantages, first of them being the NON Traceability of transactions.
Though bitcoins are magicked out of nothing (but so is the official currency) as long as many people are happy to accept them as payment for goods and services, they are worth the same.
Instead of pretending that the dollar is worth something, you can pretend that bitcoins are worth the same.
The private currency is protected by inflation by using computational complexity to keep it artificially scarce.
You can evade taxes, you can buy drugs, you can do illegal transactions, because it is digital money, it is numbers and the owner is xy or ab.
Private digital money goes back to what money was created for: it is anything two parties can agree on as a medium for the exchange of goods and services.
Money is nothing else than a promise to give something in exchange of its nominal value.

Private digital money is the proof that we can live without banks and probably much better.
That is why it has so many and so powerful enemies.

Who is behind the cyberattack to IMF?

WASHINGTON — The International Monetary Fund, still struggling to find a new leader after the arrest of its managing director last month in New York, was hit recently by what computer experts describe as a large and sophisticated cyberattack whose dimensions are still unknown.

The fund, which manages financial crises around the world and is the repository of highly confidential information about the fiscal condition of many nations, told its staff and its board of directors about the attack on Wednesday. But it did not make a public announcement.

Several senior officials with knowledge of the attack said it was both sophisticated and serious. “This was a very major breach,” said one official, who said that it had occurred over the last several months, even before Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French politician who ran the fund, was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a chamber maid in a New York hotel.

Asked about the reports of the computer attack late Friday, a spokesman for the fund, David Hawley, declined to provide details or talk about the scope or nature of the intrusion. “We are investigating an incident, and the fund is fully functional,” he said.


What is behind?
Its database contains potentially market-moving information (economic bailout programs for Portugal, Greece and Ireland — and possesses sensitive data on other countries that may be on the brink of crisis).
"The concern about the attack was so significant that the World Bank, an international agency focused on economic development, whose headquarters is across the street from the I.M.F. in downtown Washington, cut the computer link that allows the two institutions to share information."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Black Death of the 21ST Century

The great waves of plague that twice devastated Europe and changed the course of history had their origins in China as did a third plague outbreak that struck less harmfully in the 19th century.

The causative agent of the most deadly plague, the Black Death, was the bacterium known as Yersinia pestis.
This agent had always been the favored cause, but a vigorous minority of biologists and historians have argued the Black Death differed from modern cases of plague studied in India, and therefore must have had a different cause.

The Black Death began in Europe in 1347 and carried off an estimated 30 percent or more of the population of Europe. For centuries the epidemic continued to strike every 10 years or so, its last major outbreak being the Great Plague of London from 1665 to 1666. The disease is spread by rats and transmitted to people by fleas or, in some cases, directly by breathing.

Medieval Europe was invaded by two different sources of Yersinia pestis. One strain reached the port of Marseilles on France’s southern coast in 1347, spread rapidly across France and by 1349 had reached Hereford, a busy English market town and pilgrimage center near the Welsh border.

The strain of bacterium analyzed from the bones and teeth of a Hereford plague pit dug in 1349 is identical to that from a plague pit of 1348 in southern France, suggesting a direct route of travel. But a plague pit in the Dutch town of Bergen has bacteria of a different strain, which the researchers infer arrived from Norway.

The Black Death is the middle of three great waves of plague that have hit in historical times. The first appeared in the 6th century during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, reaching his capital, Constantinople, on grain ships from Egypt. The Justinian plague, as historians call it, is thought to have killed perhaps half the population of Europe and to have eased the Arab takeover of Byzantine provinces in the Near East and Africa.

This plague (E. Coli) even though came from Soya sprouts doesn’t come from China.
It comes directly from a Lab.
No infected man put it in the sprouts, it was the opposite.
The hand who began the process was a glove protected hand, may be using a syringe.

This or a similar one is going to be the Black Death of the 21ST Century.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Intersting comment on E. Coli Monsanto

I am a farmer that used to be all for GMO technology when it first came out, susceptible to the false claims that Monsanto had told us when we researched the products at NMSU agricultural science center.
Claims such as, Glyphosate (Roundup) is so safe and non-toxic, that you could "drink it", that it was totally biodegradable within days of use, and that GMO products were safe to consume (even though the products were so new that consumers were not able to eat them yet because they were still in the growing-testing phase).
Now, one of the products that they came out with is a corn seed that has inserted into the DNA code a beneficial bacteria called Bacillus thurengensis (BT corn).
It persists in the silk, and when a worm digests the silk, they also digest the bacteria and it leads to their demise. Would it not also be just as simple to insert a harmful bacteria such as E. coli? I think so....whether on purpose or by accident. I certainly do believe that this corporation has no morals, ethics or scruples and that they are hell-bent on dominating our world's food supply.
They have been after organic farms because it's the only safe food we have left. Organics haven't "bowed down" to GMOs, although they are beginning to here of late. I really do believe that Monsanto is part of a global conspiracy that is beyond the clutches of government.
Through this "fear campaign" they will be able to point fingers, blame others, and make it look like they are the innocent ones in order to open the door for a world wide monopoly in the seed industry.
They hold a "patent on life forms", which allows them to ruin the local farmer whose crop was unfortunate enough to cross pollinate, attain GMO properties in their family seedline...and monsanto sues them for not "purchasing the technology". Horrible, isn't it? What and who is to stop them?
Unless we all rise up against manipulative corporations such as this, we will all become slaves to them.

It was posted without a name, as a comment, but it is so clear I thought it my duty to publish it.

Shiga toxin responsible for 28 deaths linked to Monsanto

What is Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli?

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli is a type of enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) bacteria that can cause illness ranging from mild intestinal disease to severe kidney complications. Other types of enterohemorrhagic E. coli include the relatively important serotype E. coli O157:H7, and more than 100 other non-O157 strains such as O111 and O26.

Shiga toxin

Monsanto partially funds the anti-organic Center for Global Food Issues, a project of the right-wing Hudson Institute. It is run by Dennis Avery and his son Alex Avery. Here find the latest on Hudson's anti-environmental and pro-biotech spinmeister Michael Fumento, and his secretly taking money (at least $60,000) from Monsanto.
In 1998 Dennis wrote an article that began "'According to recent data compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), people who eat organic and natural foods are eight times as likely as the rest of the population to be attacked by a deadly new strain of E. coli bacteria (0157:H7)'.



The relation between the number of people who aren´t of working age and the number of people who are is captured in the dependency ratio.
In Ireland during the sixties, when contraception was illegal, there were ten people who were too old or too young to work for every fourteen people in a position to earn a paycheck.
That meant that the country was spending a large percentage of its resources on caring for the young and the old.
Then Ireland´s dependency ratio hit an all-time low: for every ten dependents, it had twenty-two people of working age. That change coincided precisely with the country´s extraordinary economic surge.
Demographers estimate that declines in dependency ratios are responsible for about a third of the East Asian economic miracle of the postwar era; this is a part of the world that, in the course of twenty-five years, saw its dependency ratio decline thirty-five per cent.
Dependency ratios may also help answer the much-debated question of whether India or China has a brighter economic future. Right now, China is in the midst the "sweet spot".
In the nineteen-sixties, China brought down its birth rate dramatically; those children are now grown up and in the workforce, and there is no similarly sized class of dependents behind them. India, on the other hand, reduced its birth rate much more slowly and has yet to hit the sweet spot. Its best years are ahead.

Malcolm Gladwell

There are times in which you can have fun at a bargain price

How many times did you give up going to the concert of your favorite singer, or the most dreamed game, just because it was too expensive?
And if there was a place where you can book tickets for many events across the country, at a bargain price?
Since long when I have to book a Hotel, wherever I go, first I look on the Internet in special websites where I am sure to find the best rooms at the best price.
How do they do?
They book a certain amount of rooms at a special rate and then sell them at a very convenient price.
This website works exactly the same.
Are you looking forJersey Boys Tickets?
Or Harlem Globetrotters Tickets?
May be Taylor Swift Tickets, may be Yankee Stadium tickets, even Fenway Park tickets.
And these are just a few of the available ones.
And what if you have no idea for a special night?
It pays off to have a look at the list and the dates, I am sure you will find just the right one for a special night...

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

John P. Holdren genocidalist beyond Hitler

Hitler´s goal was to exterminate 6 millions people.
This guy, called Angel of death has in mind 6 Billions people.
He expressely writes on his book Ecoscience that a New World Government is needed in order to reduce the world population to at least one billion (out of 7).
". . . it appears that (about) a billion people is the maximum population supportable by the present agricultural and industrial system of the world at U.S. levels of affluence." Ecoscience p.1093.


"Reduce the rate of growth of the population, although not necessarily to zero.
Stabilize the size of the population; that is, achieve a zero rate of growth.
Achieve a negative rate of growth in order to reduce the size of the population.
The alternative is to permit the death rate to increase,for example, dilution of economic progress in less developed countries, and aggravation of environmental and social problems in both developed and less developed countries"
(Ecoscience p.1124)
"An essential feature of any humane program to regulate the size of the human population must be provision of effective means for individuals to control the number and timing of births." p.1126

"Infanticide, which is viewed with horror today by prosperous people in industrialized societies, has probably always been practiced by societies lacking effective contraceptive methods.
It was a rather common practice among the ancient Greeks, and the Chinese and Japanese are known to have used it for centuries, especially in times of famine. In agrarian or warlike societies, female infanticide has often been practiced to provide a greater proportion of men or to consolidate upper classes. Only a century or two ago, infanticide was widely practiced in Europe in an institutionalized, although socially disapproved system sometimes called "baby farming"." p.1127

"Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society." p.1280
"Individual rights must be balanced against the power of the government to control human reproduction." p. 1281

One fast way could also be using microbiological weapons, spreading infections with bacteria (E. Coli) or viruses (Aviarian flu).

What the future will be can depend on us.
May be it would be much easier to exterminate one only person instead of six billions.

Music in the hackers ears

Apple wants to launch the iCloud.
Collection of data from users to share with the others.
I guess nothing could be more welcome among hackers.
But, as sad as it can look, they will find enough idiots to put their data in an Apple machine.
When you scroll the stupids´tree, something ALWAYS comes down.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Creativity is often the result of thinking the unthinkable


Audio and video programs are now the normal way we learn new things.

Imagination is everything if you know how to express it, and there is nothing too much in a dream or in a fantasy.

Honda beginning on June 2nd 2011 will show short films, created by W+K  Wieden + Kennedy London, on Channel 4  featuring brand-led films starring real-life customers who use their Honda products in original ways.

All phases of the campaign will also be on Facebook and Twitter, where you will be able to find the full version of the documentaries in addition to films, articles, and interesting stories.

The visitors will also be able to find a 'Take Part' section, where Honda-owners can upload stories and photographs,showing their  unusual ways they use their Honda products.

One of the most original "work" will be chosen to be turned into the final mini-documentary and turned into idents for TV.

If you think you have a good and unusual  idea of how to use a Honda product and this idea could be used in the documentaries

you have found the right place to post it.

In an interview I saw some time ago most Americans said that the single most important thing in their lives was…to be on purpose, to use their gifts, be appreciated for their contribution, and be a part of doing something bigger than themselves.

In a few word to be creative expressing what they liked and did in their daily life.

That is what Chris Groom and Sam Heath, Creative Directors, Wieden + Kennedy want to see.

They knew "there were all sorts of people using all sorts of Honda products in extraordinary ways" and that  this was  the right way to find out who and what.

Sponsored Post

Viral video by ebuzzing

Sunday, June 05, 2011

To look nice while feeling comfortable

Who said that you cannot be smart when you work?
What you need is just the right place to buy the right working scrub, something like
And not only for women.
Who says that men do not care for the way they look?
They just need the right scrub for men.
And of course you also need to find the right scrub store.
But what really means to be smart?
It´s not only looking good, it is mostly feeling good.
And this is very important when you have to do certain jobs and have freedom of movements.
A woman would never wear stiletto shoes when she has to stand up all day, so what she is looking for when she chooses a scrub is something not too tight and not too big.
Not too long and not too short.
In a few words the right size and the right style.
That is why it is important to choose a company that knows its job.
Somebody that can easily fulfill the needs of a nurse or a surgeon or whatever job.
Anyone can make something nice, but to look nice in the right way, with the right suit, tailored for the right purpose and in the right degree, this just a specialist can do!

E. Coli genetically modified

In 2001 scientific articles reported how Monsanto produced proteins with genetically modified E. Coli.
"Monsanto developed a recombinant version of BST, brand-named Posilac, in 1994, which is produced through a genetically engineered E. coli. A gene that codes for the sequence of amino acids that make up BST is inserted into the DNA of the E. coli bacterium. The bacteria are then broken up and separated from the rBST, which is purified to produce the injectable hormone."
The Posilac was sold to Ely Lilly.
A 2007 USDA Dairy Survey estimated rBGH use at 15.2% of operations and 17.2% of cows.

In 2006 the genetically modified E. Coli was used to produce Aspartame that Monsanto registered under the name of Amino Sweet.

Was it intentional? (Germany refused to send troups to Lybia) Or Unintentional?
They say they do not know where it comes from, because I am sure THEY KNOW.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

If you are looking for a safe future, you must think and act now.

Do you know what a bullion is?
Either gold or silver is the best investment for your savings.
Especially now, when the world future has never been so unpredictable, the only predictable thing is that one day, very soon all our savings, if in currency, won’t even be worth the paper they are printed on...
For example gold in a few years from 300$ a ounce has come to more than 1500.
Imagine you had invested your money in gold bullion, now you would be much, much richer...
But, as they say, it is never too late, because the price will go much higher.
So, the best thing you can do, if you have still something left, is to buy bullion.
It can be also silver.
They say silver will even get a higher value in the near future, and since it doesn’t cost as much as gold, it can also be a better investment.
If you buy gold bullion, the price at the moment is around $1500 and they forecast $3000.
You will be still able to double your savings.
Also if you are planning an Individual Retirement Account you should think about gold IRA .
Especially in a moment of financial uncertainty due to war, natural disasters, an over-valued stock market, the cost of oil and the bubbles in both real-estate and the vastly under-funded pensions in corporate America (YOUR retirement), you should really seriously considering to invest in precious metals as a hedge against the uncertainty of the future and the sure devaluation of the currencies and subsequent hyperinflation.
If you are looking for a safe future, you must think and act now.