Friday, November 28, 2014

Why the Swiss should vote YES

This vote IS NOT about gold.
This vote is about Switzerland being a sovereign nation and the franc being an independent currency.
The Swiss haven’t realized that they are, at every effect, using the euro as currency and NOT an independent franc.
When a currency is "pegged" to another one follows it.
If the euro goes up, so does the franc, if the euro collapses, the Swiss franc won’t have any other choice than follow.
Because BOTH are fiat currency like the Dollar and when one goes down, the others fall too.
Backing the Swiss with gold would mean making it an independent currency, when the others implode, it won’t.
It means the savers will always have their money in the bank and the companies will be sure to get what they deserve.
It means that the state and the citizens will always have the means to go on and so fort.. But I am very pessimist.
Either THEY will be successful and the vote will be NO or the YES will become NO.
It doesn´t matter who votes, it matters WHO counts the votes...

Strong powers ALWAYS win

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A complete take over

Last Thursday, the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by Senator Carl Levin, released an alarming 396-page report that details how Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail banks have quietly, and often stealthily through shell companies, gained ownership of a stunning amount of the nation’s critical industrial commodities like oil, aluminum, copper, natural gas, and even uranium. The report said the scale of these bank holdings “appears to be unprecedented in U.S. history.”

Adding to the hubris of the situation, the Wall Street banks’ own regulator, the Federal Reserve, gave its blessing to this unprecedented and dangerous encroachment by banking interests into industrial commodity ownership and has effectively looked the other way as the banks moved into industrial commerce activities like owning pipelines and power plants.

For more than a century, Federal law has encouraged the separation of banking and commerce. The role of banks has been seen as providing prudent corporate lending to facilitate the growth of commerce, not to compete with it through unfair advantage by having access to cheap capital from the Federal Reserve’s lending programs. Additionally, the mega banks are holding trillions of dollars in FDIC insured deposits; if they experienced a catastrophic commercial accident through a ruptured pipeline, tanker oil spill, or power plant explosion, it could once again put the taxpayer on the hook for a bailout.

The Levin report addresses the element of catastrophic risk, noting:

“While the likelihood of an actual catastrophe remained remote, those activities carried risks that banks normally avoided altogether. Goldman, for example, bought a uranium business that carried the risk of a nuclear incident, as well as open pit coal mines that carried potential risks of methane explosions, mining mishaps, and air and water pollution…Morgan Stanley owned and invested in extensive oil storage and transport facilities and a natural gas pipeline company which, together, carried risks of fire, pipeline ruptures, natural gas explosions, and oil spills. JPMorgan bought dozens of power plants whose risks included fire, explosions, and air and water pollution. Throughout most of their history, U.S. banks have not incurred those types of catastrophic event risks.”

One would think that the mega banks’ regulator, the Federal Reserve, would be the first line of defense against this type of dangerous sprawl by banks. According to the Levin Subcommittee report, the Federal Reserve was actually the facilitator of the sprawl by the banks.

The report notes:

“Without the complementary orders and letters issued by the Federal Reserve, many of those physical commodity activities would not otherwise have been permissible ‘financial’ activities under federal banking law. By issuing those complementary orders, the Federal Reserve directly facilitated the expansion of financial holding companies into new physical commodity activities.”

After the Wall Street financial collapse of 2008, which galvanized the public and Congress to the trillions in taxpayer dollars that was required to shore up the financial system from out of control global casinos masquerading as banks, the Federal Reserve quietly commissioned a study to determine just how sprawling the commodity holdings and operations of the mega banks had become. The study was conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Commodities Team. It appears that Senator Levin’s Subcommittee has only been allowed to see a “2012 Summary Report” of that study and the public is not being allowed to see even that. The Levin report makes multiple references to the document, each time noting that it is “sealed.”


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why do we fight wars?

Once upon a time wars were fought for profit; when Rome established its empire or Spain conquered Peru, it was all about the land, the gold and silver, the slaves.
And that kind of thing still happens.
Or at least that is the official reason to wage a war, even though more than gold the goal is natural resources, oil, gas, land.
However, war — even easy, victorious war — doesn’t pay.
And this has been true for a long time.
War would necessarily inflict severe economic harm even on the victor.
Furthermore, it’s very hard to extract golden eggs from sophisticated economies without killing the goose in the process.

Besides, modern war is very, very expensive.
For example, by any estimate the eventual costs (including things like veterans’ care) of the Iraq war will end up being well over $1 trillion, that is, many times Iraq’s entire G.D.P.
So, if modern nations can’t enrich themselves by waging war and wars keep happening, one asks: why?
One answer could be that leaders do not understand the arithmetic.
My answer is that they do understand arithmetic, but do not follow the will of their people.
They do not wage wars in the interest of the people, or the nation.
As everything they do, is NOT what the citizens want, but WHAT the people who put them there want.
A country like US, where the economy is based on the production of weapons, HAS to wage wars, in order to produce more and more.
And it doesn´t matter how much they cost, or which profit they produce.
The profit is in the production and sale of weapons.
Governments too often gain politically from war, even if the war in question makes no sense in terms of national interests.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Elisa´s secret

I have a friend who is always successful in everything she does.
Her secret?
"Do it well, and in order to do so, plan it carefully, see what the others do (essential) think what YOU should do and just do it..."
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They surely can help you to make yours, as they already helped Elisa and many others like her...

Monday, March 17, 2014

The truth behind UKRAINE

There are a lot of global protests being fund by the banker government industrial complex, with a certain agenda that has been passed on as a fight for democracy and freedom for people, masquerading something else, and for understanding it we must take a close look of what is happening in Ukraine right now, because a lot of people are completely missing the point of what is going on there.
I want to start discussing a quote of Professor Carol Quigley of Georgetown.
He was also the mentor of Bill Clinton.
He said this in 1966 : The powers of financial capitalism have a far reaching aim, nothing less than creating a world system a financial control under PRIVATE hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.
This system would be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements reached in secret meetings.
The APEX of the system would be the Bank of International Settlements in Basel (CH) a private bank owned and controlled by the central banks themselves private corporations. He wrote this in 1966 and also said that the key endeavor was to control and manipulate the currency of every single country, and people like Warren Buffet were hired to misinform the people to believe that the government in these nations were controlling the currency supply.
If you read this statement and look at what has happened in the past, the interventions of the EU and the West in other countries, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, ( even though it was rebuffed by pres. Putin, the US is still engaged in it).
What do all these countries have in common?
None of them is a member of the Bank of International Settlements, it is not a coincidence, there are no coincidences when it comes to war, to finance, you have to be able to connect the dots, the BIS is NOT controlling the monetary supply of these countries.
Why would they want to bring them under the umbrella of the BIS?
Japan is the perfect example why.
Japan in 1988 was the largest creditor of the world, the BIS didn’t like it, they wanted to stop the growth in Japan and Asia.
They knew that the banks in Japan were under capitalized, so they raised the capital requirement for banks from 6% to 8%, they knew this would bring all money back into the banks and begin the recession.
Japan has been in recession for more than 20 years. The BIS was the trigger of this.
If you want to understand what is going on in Ukraine right now, look what Victoria Nuland said, "we have invested more than 5 Billions dollars to allow Ukraine to achieve this and other goals, that means bringing them into the EU and under the umbrella of the Global International Banking System.
Who are the WE?
All the money comes from the bankers.
The BANKS are involved in this.
John Kerry talks of 1 billion dollars for Ukraine leaving Russia.
That comes from the IMF.
When things become very ugly, war is part of the equation.
We are in the precipice of war with Russia.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Internet should be really "Global"

The recent NSA revelations question the US role in the Internet.
The European Union's executive is calling for a more international and less dominated by America Internet.
The first step should be a shift away from the California-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), which is subject to US law, is contracted by the US administration and is empowered to supervise how digital traffic operates.
"Given the US-centric model of internet governance currently in place, it is necessary to broker a smooth transition to a more global model while at the same time protecting the underlying values of open multi-stakeholder governance …"
"Large-scale surveillance and intelligence activities have led to a loss of confidence in the internet and its present governance arrangements."
The European institution calls also against increasing governmental attempts to control the internet, as in China, Russia, Iran and increasingly Turkey, which passed a stringent law last week curbing online freedoms.
There fundamental freedoms and human rights are on stake.
Also every decision over domain names and IP addresses shouldn't be monopolized.
"The next two years will be critical in redrawing the global map of internet governance,"
"Governments are trying to bring the internet under national control. States like Russia and China use the argument of increasing cyber-security to increase control over their own population. Organisations such as Icann, which registers domain names worldwide, currently function under US law. That has to change."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How money "flows"from bottom to top

It took me sometime, but finally I have a clear picture.
It is always the same pattern, the same tricks.
I am talking about the major crisis of 1929 1990 2000 2008 and the very next one I still do not know when.
First the FED increases the monetary mass let'say 60% or more, lowers interest rates to almost nothing.
This money goes to the market (easy credit), creates prosperity and surplus that people invest in a brand new bubble created by Wall Street.
In 1920 was the stock market bubble, 1990 2000 Enron and internet bubble, 200 2008 mortgage and derivatives (CDO CDS) bubble.
Next step is suddenly withdrawing all the money from the market.
No credit means the one who borrowed has to sell.
If everybody sells the market crashes.
They say: today these billions were burned in the market.
Nothing is burned, it is simply transferred from the mass to the elite.
That is why they get richer and richer and we get poorer and poorer.
The final transfer, has yet to come, but it is close....

Saturday, February 08, 2014

F##k EU: welcome to the real world of Geopolitics

Welcome to the real world of diplomacy behind close doors.
This is the proof of USA and EU behind other people's politic, this is what they care about democracy of other countries.
This is the new face of colonialism, the one adopted in all states of South America.
This is the proof of what since long time the government of UKRAINE suspected.
The USA and the EU are heavily involved and interferring with politics of that country.
That phone call undermines all claims of transparency, democracy building, THESE are all ideological efforts to influence politics in other countries.
This is what the USA has been doing for decades, it also shows how casually they can talk about politics of another country, where they have no legitimate way of influencing, this is what they do, this is the real way of geopolitics.
The real people are the real victims here, what the country would need is reconciliation, but the USA and EU make that compromise impossible, the Ukrainian people have no real option in the elite of both sides.
The people in the EU institution should really worry that they are second players.
The US doesn't regard the Europeans as allies, it is just corporate convenience, but when they choose, they will just drop them as easily...

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Looking like an expert even without being one

Finding a job now a day is not so easy, and if you are a woman, who needs to find it not too far from home and also has a family...
That was my friend Laura's case and I guess she was very intelligent and lucky to find the right one.
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Good luck Laura!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Small is ugly

Do you remember when small was beautiful?
Well, now the fashion or trend or whatever you want to call it, is that big is beautiful.
The bigger the better.
Even More Too Big to fail, that is the new big standard.
Many small, local banks?
No, just a few, very big.
Unite, absorb, kill, close bancroupt...till you get too big to fail.
Small big nations, united nations of...?
No, the super state. The one too big to fail.
Many currencies?
No, one only currency, the one too big to fail.
It won't last.
Because the world IS NOT mathematics, the world is made by Humans.
And humans do not work to make the others rich, they work to make themselves rich.
Humanity doesn't evolve because one man works for humanity, it evolves because one man works to make a better world for himself and his family.
The Medieval times were called the dark age, because nothing came out of them.
The Renaissance, those where the days of the city state, the artists, the scientists.
That was America, with the real healthy capitalism.
What America is now is the Dark Ages.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

“get out of jail free card” for £50,000

"The entire criminal justice system was infiltrated by organised crime gangs, according to a secret Scotland Yard report leaked to The Independent.

In 2003 Operation Tiberius found that men suspected of being Britain’s most notorious criminals had compromised multiple agencies, including HM Revenue & Customs, the Crown Prosecution Service, the City of London Police and the Prison Service, as well as pillars of the criminal justice system including juries and the legal profession.

The strategic intelligence scoping exercise – “ratified by the most senior management” at the Met – uncovered jurors being bought off or threatened to return not-guilty verdicts; corrupt individuals working for HMRC, both in the UK and overseas; and “get out of jail free cards” being bought for £50,000.

The report states that the infiltration made it almost impossible for police and prosecutors to successfully pursue the organised gangs that police suspected controlled much of the criminal underworld.

The author of Tiberius, which was compiled from intelligence sources including covert police informants, live telephone intercepts, briefings from the security services and thousands of historical files, came to the desperate conclusion: “Quite how much more damage could be done is difficult to imagine.”

The fresh revelations come a day after The Independent revealed that Tiberius had concluded the Metropolitan Police suffered “endemic police corruption” at the time, and that some of Britain’s most dangerous organised crime syndicates were able to infiltrate New Scotland Yard “at will”.

In its conclusions, the report stated: “The true assessment of the damage caused by these corrupt networks is impossible to make at this stage, until further proactive scoping has been undertaken.

“However a statement by an experienced SIO [senior investigating officer] currently attached to SO 1(3) gives some indication of the depth of the problem in east and north-east London: ‘I feel that at the current time I cannot carry out an ethical murder investigation without the fear of it being compromised.’

“The ramifications of this statement are serious and disturbing and provide a snapshot of the current threat to the criminal justice system. Additionally the fact that none of these syndicates have been seriously disrupted over the last five years provides an insight into the effectiveness of their networks.”

In one case identified by Tiberius, a leading criminal was acquitted of importing cannabis after he allegedly “bought” members of the jury hearing his case. A named police officer “was involved in some way or another”, according to the report.

Tiberius also revealed the Met was concerned at the time with a national newspaper story on the ability of the Adams family to escape the law by penetrating the criminal justice system.

In 1998, police appeared to have finally made a breakthrough when Tommy Adams was jailed for more than seven years for importing cannabis.

However, the article cited by Tiberius stated that the “only reason the Adams family had allowed the prosecution to succeed and had not resorted to bribery or intimidation to thwart it, was because the other brothers wanted to teach Tommy a lesson for getting involved in crimes they had not authorised”.

The article concluded: “Witnesses terrified into silence, dodgy jurors, bent lawyers, bent policemen and bent CPS clerks – all are part of the same cancer eating away at justice. A cure for the malady will not be easy to come by. Perhaps we should begin by acknowledging that the patient is sick.”

Tiberius disclosed that the Met interviewed the journalist who wrote the story after the murder of Solly Nahome, a Jewish money launderer credited as the “brains” behind the Adams’ criminal empire. The reporter stated one of her journalistic sources on the family was a corrupt police officer but did not disclose who it was.


Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 Economic Forecast

May be THIS will be one of the most important summary you will read and not because I am a genius, just because I have read and perused ALL the important forecasts.
Many forecast the economic collapse.
I do not know and nobody can say if 2014 will be the YEAR, what is clear is that in 2014 we will see WHAT the economic future will be.
So THIS is WHAT and not WHEN.
The Federal Reserve will face two choices in 2014: go on with QE or taper.
In both cases we will arrive to the same destiny, even though with QE may be a little bit later.
If the FED will taper there will be an immediate outcome: the interest rates on the treasuries will go up.
That means that the treasuries will be worth less and less (may be nothing) and the ones who invested in them will try to get rid of them.
That has no big consequences in an environment in which the FED buys them, but doing so means going on printing money.
In my opinion tapering gradually won't change much.
Second consequence is that tapering will put an end to cheap money, so the Equity market will follow.
Why the increase in interest rate will lessen the value of bonds?
In principle the investment that pays more money looks the most attractive.
If that was the case, the Greek bonds, that paid 13% interest would have been the most sought of...
The USA with an interest rate of 2% actually pays 350 BILLION dollars interest per year.
One point more would mean 170 BILLIONS more.
If the interest rate grows to 5 or 6% the payment would be impossible, especially in an economy that is not growing.
So, the only outcome would be bankruptcy. And what is the use of bonds that pay 5% when they are worth 0? Second choice is going on printing money, calling it QE or whatever looks better.
That would postpone the end, but the end would come NOT as bankruptcy but as hyperinflation or money that is worthless.
When you increase the monetary quantity the only thing you do is lowering the value of the existing one.
That is Hinflation, and when you print too much you have HYPERINFLATION.
The difference between tapering or not tapering in the end is zero.
Having no money or a lot of money that is worth nothing IS the same.
SO, What will the FED do?
May be it will begin tapering and stop it and printing more and more.
Or just finding, as it did many times before, an excuse and going on with QE.
In this case will be able to suppress interest rates, the value of commodities, pump more the stock bubble.
So, one just has to be a little more patient, but the results will come....

What does it have to do with Europe?
As we know, what the FED does has implications ALL OVER the world, including Europe.
Here the Bundesbank has been partially successful in limiting Draghi in printing Euros.
But in May we will have the European elections, SO...we can presume that the printer in the BCE will print enough money to keep the interest rates of the bonds lower (in Italy the spread is less than 200...thanks to Draghi) but, after MAY...
Also here we will face the dilemma.
One way, and I bet on it, will be a partial debt jubilee, but at the expenses of the people.
Nobody of the official press (the state presstitutes) has wrote about it, but the IMF, since long, is insisting of a 10% tax on the riches.
Which in simple words means 10% levy on our bank accounts.
And of course the beginning of capital control, so that any sum will be possible in the near future.
That would help to reduce the state debt, so that WE can go on paying 70% taxes to pay the interest on the debt, this time to the BCE.
What would be the use of a country if it defaulted on the debts?
It ALL brings to the same conclusion: a transfer of money from the mass to the elite of BIBLICAL proportions.
The result? Many, many poor (and slave) and a very few very, very rich.