Saturday, January 31, 2009

What they do not want to admit

At lower frequencies, such as the microwave range used by mobile phones and base stations, the energy emitted is too low to damage chemical bonds (non-ionizing radiation). This is the primary argument used by those who believe that cell phone radiation is completely harmless and choose to live in ignorant bliss and refuse to change their unhealthy behavior.

Although extremely low frequencies (ELF’s emitted from appliances and power lines) and extremely high frequencies (ultraviolet and gamma rays) are known to be carcinogenic, the scientific community is extremely hesitant to attach any kind of danger to the in-between frequencies where cell phones operate.

It is not at all surprising that most all “experts” refute the increasing evidence that is coming forth. Please remember that they also did this with cigarettes.

The transmitter in your phone operates on about 0.75 watt (or much less, if you're close to a base station) to 1 watt of power, with 2 W at peak usage. This electric current running through the transmitter circuit also creates an electromagnetic field around it. As the electric current moves back and forth, the fields continue to build and collapse, forming electromagnetic radiation.

Thus, cell phone radiation is generated in the transmitter, and is emitted through the antenna in the form of radio waves. In the case of cell phones, the frequencies of these radio waves fall in the low microwave range.

Most experts base their cell phone safety recommendations on the basic sinusoidal wave, also known as a “carrier signal." However, what they fail to recognize is that the danger does not come just from the carrier wave but also from a modulated signal that actually carries the data or your voice, which operates at a different frequency than the carrier signal.

The problem is that many of your body’s processes also operate in this frequency range.

In fact, your cells are loaded with receptors that specifically respond to these signals. So when you are exposed to these information carrying radio waves, the receptors are stimulated. Once that happens the delicate microtubular connections between your cells become impaired.

These crucial intercellular connections are responsible for communication between your cells. Once they start to fail, your cells “lock up” and retain far more heavy metals and free radicals, which can wreak havoc in your body.

One of the main concerns associated with cell phone use is that the phone is pressed to your head. Since electromagnetic radiation shoots out—at the speed of light—in all directions, this radiation can penetrate into your brain.

Making matters worse, modern Digital Service and PCS cell phones—as opposed to analog cell phones—have two additional low frequency magnetic fields associated with them.
Since extremely low frequency radiation (ELF) has been shown to cause cancer—like leukemia—these additional ELF’s raise new questions

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Friday, January 30, 2009

It is better to think before than regretting later

If you are going and willing to buy a new car there was never a better time.
When the offer is higher than the request, the buyer can really make good deals...
But how to make actually the BEST DEAL?
Of course having the right tips and information’s.
That means going on the Internet, looking for the best car reviews website, reading carefully and what your heart tells you.
I myself would buy the new Audi tt.
Isn’t that a gorgeous car?
The white one would be my choice, so classy and elegant, and then...white is a neutral color that goes with any outfit...
My husband would prefer a brand new BMW.
Of course the more you spend the more you can save...
What we really would need is may be a Dodge Ram 1500 .
We usually have a lot to transport, furniture, computers, tiles, and things like those.
Or may be we could just decide for a Honda odyssey.
That could be the car that fits all our needs.
Transportation of goods and of people, including our six children and eventual pets...
But whatever you decide for, it is better to think before than regretting later.


For me writing in English is a challenge and the way to improve my language skills.
I am Italian, live in Germany, and love reading.
That in itself doesn’t make a writer, but gave me the tools to be able to write in another language.
I think that for being a good writer you need less knowledge than creativity and ability to see with the eyes of the soul.
Music has seven notes and the alphabet 22 (Italian just 20) letters.
But what a difference in using them!
With the same starting point you can build a masterpiece or nothing.
It is what appeals to the soul that makes a great melody or a good writing.
Is it better to have a style so gorgeous that it conceals the subject, or the ability to write about any subject in the way that appeals to the reader?
I guess that writing means exactly this: reaching the person who reads what you write.
Writing is not egotism or the way to show your skills.
Writing is all about communication and communication is all about expressing what you think, want, and love.

When truth and honesty do not pay

"Popular blogger Michael Arrington from TechCrunch has decided to take an extended break from blogging after he was spit upon by a stranger and received death threats from a man."

The main problem is that people take criticism too seriously.
I, personally, see it as and invitation to fight.
And there is nothing in this world I love better than discussing.
Even if I know I am on the losing side.
I like discussing for discussing.

There are three kinds of people: the ones who love the World, the ones who want to change it and the ones who talk about it.
I belong to the third group.
I do not discuss about it, the world is as it is, and you have no choice but accept it as it is.
You can change the way people see it, but you cannot change how humans are.
Bad and good is the way we see it, the way we believe it should be or shouldn´t be.

A down payment on US digital future

Of the $819 billion being spent to shore up the economy, the House set aside $6 billion to expand broadband.

They will offer tax incentives for ISPs that provide 5Mbps/1Mbps in underserved areas and faster speeds of 100Mbps/20Mbps to areas they already serve.

Since IT and data storage will be involved in the realization of infrastructure projects like the nation's transportation system and energy grids and school modernization it will benefit more than broadband users.

Who fears a world made of clones?

Sometimes the thought that that ugly guy you hate will one day die makes you feeling better.
But what kind of nightmare the idea that he could be cloned and be born again?
"Meet Lancey, the first commercially cloned dog, delivered to Edgar and Nina Otto on Monday. The Ottos bid and won an auction to receive a genetic duplicate of their beloved Labrador named Sir Lancelot, who died in January of 2008. They stored the donor dog's DNA, and from that, his identical twin, created by BioArts International (no, it's not called RePet, The 6th Day fans), was born November 18th."
The question is: do we go too far or should we let progress be progress and accept whatever it brings?

It is nice to see "light" out of the tunnel...

"Incandescent tungsten-filament light bulbs face a global switch-off as governments push for energy efficient fluorescent lamps to become the standard. But the light could soon go out on those lamps too, now that UK materials scientists have discovered a cheaper way to produce LED bulbs, which are three times as efficient as fluorescent lamps."
As a good saving housewife that is the news I was looking for.

"the expense of the super-efficient technology has made the timescale uncertain. The researchers now say LED bulbs based on their new process could be commercially available within five years."

Five years is a lot of time and a lot of bills, but it is nice to see "light" out of the tunnel...

"The economy of means is founded on the richness of technology"

The quality of VoIP highly depends on the economy of bandwidth needed to transport the packets.
That is to say "Less is More".
The first move in any creative process is to introduce constraints.
This brings potentials into focus which may be overlooked in more generous conditions.
A "smart director of the Internet Revolution" could say:

"All I need to make a movie is a computer, a room, a man and a (pretty) girl."
Of course you also need some brain.

The goal for every Net content is "Shrinking".
The smallest the packages, the biggest the audience.
And in the case of VoIP:

"VoIP is limitation, the essence of every call is compression."

Patrizia from a World on IP

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who did get it?

"A beautiful woman sits alone at a bar. She’s had a long day. Clients were difficult, work piled up, and she scrambled frantically to get it all done. Now she’s tired and trying to unwind.

On either side of the woman sits a man. One is wearing a fancy suit, a gold watch, and has a briefcase next to him. The other man wears a baseball cap, a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

The man in the fancy suit starts talking to the woman. He tells her about his credentials and diplomas. He mentions his Ivy League education and his top marks. He’s impressive, and he doesn’t mind letting her know.

He talks about last year’s deals, each worth at least a million dollars. He bandies some big names around, and tells the woman how he has personal connections to each one. He mentions his luxurious apartment, his five cars, and his success stories.

Then he hands the woman a sleek business card with bold, gold lettering. He asks for her card in exchange and mentions that if he gets it, he’ll put her on his list of preferred customers (along with other hinted perks).

The woman turns to the other man in the baseball cap. The man strikes up conversation and asks the woman about her day. He listens to her answers. He asks more questions. He lets her lead the conversation, and he expresses empathy, nodding and telling her he understands how she feels.

The conversation revolves around the woman and the problems she faced. The man never talks about himself at all. He offers the woman some suggestions that might help tomorrow be a better day.

Who do you think got the woman’s number?"

A man would answer: the man with the baseball cap.
But, let me tell you, he got it wrong.
A woman, without the least doubt would answer: the man with the fancy suit.
And if you do not believe me, let me tell you: may be you know a lot about marketing, but you know nothing about women!

In the fight against BiTorrent users Google takes the consumers´side

"In their quest for Net Neutrality, Google is backing the M-Lab project with 36 servers in 12 locations. Google will also provide network connectivity for the tools hosted on M-Lab. The servers Google has promised will be rolled out over the next few months, while the PlanetLab Consortium manages the tools hosted on the site.

The project aims to reveal the throttling practices of ISPs worldwide and put an end to all the secrecy. “Transparency has always been essential to the Internet’s success, and everyone can agree that Internet users deserve to be well-informed about what they’re getting when they sign up for broadband,” says M-Lab, explaining the ideals behind its website."

It feels good knowing that such a big player is on one´s side...

Can masturbation really cause cancer?

"Researchers surveyed 800 men, about half of whom had suffered prostate cancer, and found that the more sexual activity they had engaged in as young adults, the more likely they were to have been stricken with the disease. A higher rate of intercourse did contribute to this discrepancy, but most of the difference was attributed to self-love."

My husband commented that most of the researchers must have been women.
No comment to the comment.

What can be defined as pornography?

New laws designed to tackle extreme and child pornography could declare illegal what is commonly accepted as "non pornography".
Sometimes it is a matter of personal feelings, of what we are used to see that makes an image offensive or not.
When your eyes get used to a certain kind of once defined as pornography, they do not see it any more as such.
And the peculiar is that Films given an official classification are excluded from the new law, meaning certain extreme activity by actors will be allowed on screen. However, similar imitations on paper will not be exempted.
"We COULD get to a point where the police could legitimately visit your home or workplace, and sanctioned by an un-elected magistrate or judge go through your collection and if they find any comic book that they feel will cause sexual arousal or displays extreme violence then they could arrest you."

In the fight against copyrights infringment the line gets slower

Cox, the third largest ISP in the U.S, adopted a new way to discourage BiTorrent users, slowing the Internet speed when the line is (in their opinion) congested.
This will be achieved using a brand new throttling scheme, whose details are unknown.
Any practice that comes between users and the Internet puts at stake the network neutrality.
Restrictions won´t help the ISP for long.
As long as the customers will decide for another competitor with more available bandwidth...

Where Main Street reaches Wall Street

In good times any online brokerage firm is good.
It is in bad times that there is a big difference among the available ones.
When it comes to Online Trading there are things you should never overlook.
First you should be able to choose among as many as possible types of Mutual Funds.
In this way it is much easier to find what suits your needs, being it a small investment for a short period or a big one for a longer time.
Second, after what happened in the Financial World, it is of the upmost importance to have some kind of account protection.
So that your hardly saved money doesn’t melt and disappear.
Third you should look for an Online Broker with low commissions.
Very often the revenue is so small compared to the handling fees that in the end the only one who earns something is not you...
And what about starting with as little as possible, with a company which doesn´t request a minimum?
Or somebody who doesn’t charge Setup, Maintenance or termination fees?
Or the possibility to reinvest the revenue with no additional commission?
If to all you add a very good Customer service, real time portfolio tracker, good and reliable information about your possible investments, the chance to use a financial calculator, you really do not have to search any longer...
You found the right online brokerage firm.
What about Stock Trading?
Do you want to know more?
Firstrade provides also a live chat line and a knowledge center.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Energy produced by Cyanobacteria

Could cyanobacteria eventually become a more popular biofuel than corn, sugarcane, or even algae? Quite possibly. According to Science Daily, cyanobacteria can convert up to 10 percent of the sun’s energy into biomass.

This is a drastic improvement over the 1 percent rate of crops like corn and sugarcane, as well as the 5 percent rate of algae. With such a high conversion rate, cyanobacteria could replace a hefty amount of fossil fuels without taking up too much land.

At a recent conference organized by the European Science Foundation (ESF), participants discussed how photosynthesis evolved by cyanobacteria produced our current fossil fuel supply. Now the objective is to use those same reactions to produce more fuel—without taking fossil fuels out of the ground.

These reactions could theoretically be created with an artificial leaf system consisting of self-assembling nanodevices that regenerate themselves much like real plants and cyanobacteria do.

But we won’t see such a system on the market anytime soon— the technology will be in development for another 10 to 20 years. In the meantime, however, algae appears to be the most promising biofuel contender.

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Cyber marketing

The best way to reach in the least time all the customers you need is still email marketing.
To do so you need a reliable and efficient email marketing software, which allows you to easily send and track all your emails.
Because it is not enough anymore to send a certain number of emails, you also need to score their deliverability rates (you can realize how many of them have reached the receiver).
That is done by a company who can guarantee deliverability rates around 98%-99%.
They can lso help you, with easy to use templates, to write the perfect mail and have all the possible suggestions on how to be successful.
Their email marketing solution includes, all in one, features like surveys, auto responders and sophisticated RRS feeds.
If you still have any doubt, you can sign up for a free trial and see what is possible...

What Hallucinations are

"Most people have a rough idea of what a hallucination experience might be like, but when it comes to defining a hallucination, that's more difficult. If a hallucination is defined as 'seeing or hearing something that is not actually there,' then dreams and imagery would be considered hallucinations.

According to ffytche, visual hallucinations, (people do hallucinate with other senses), "are located in the world around us, not in the mind's eye. They are not under our control, in the sense that we cannot bring them on or change them as they occur. They also look real and vivid, although the things one sees may be bizarre and impossible."

I think I have a simpler explanation of hallucinations.
I do not agree that they are "located in the world around us, not in the mind's eye".
It is exactly the opposite.
Assuming that we do not see the world, but we see the world reflected by our eyes (infact just consider how much shaper is a vision with glasses and how different reality can look seen under the lenses of a microscope) hallucinations are nothing else than a distorted transmission of what our eyes see or our ears hear or what our nose smells.
If you send to the brain stimulus in a different way or if you distort the way stimulus are sent, you have hallucinations.
You look at the same thing, but the conditions and the transmission of what you see is different.

The same can happen without hallucinations, just with the brain conditioned by what we read or know.
How much different a music sounds to our ears when we know it, or a painting looks when we actually are explained about it.
I used to go through museums looking at masterpieces and seeing nothing of them.
The thing changed when I actually had a guide who explained me what I had to see.
"the great poet is always a seer, seeing less with the eyes of the body than he does with the eyes".

One could come to the conclusion that the world is a collective hallucination.
We see what we see because we have a certain kind of eyes.
Or we see what we are meant to see.
Because we still have to answer to the same question: what are we, who made us this way, what are we here for?

A new weapon against bugs: Copper

No, you do not have to drink or eat copper.
It is enough you use handles, like they did at Selly Oak hospital, in Birmingham.
Handles, copper taps, toilet seats and push plates on doors eliminated common bugs.
In fact copper is a powerful killer against dangerous germs, including the flu virus and the E coli food poisoning bug.

How to handle a full project

Team foundation server hosting is a tool, which allows you very easily to handle a complete project.
This includes also the capability to enhance the communication between all involved members of a team.
Another important part of it is the possibility to track the status of the project.
The enhanced communication is based on a Windows Sharepoint Web site, which allows to store documents and reports, to find these documents.
The members can - thanks to the integrated Team Explorer - view reports, work items, manage documents and work with product builds.
An Alert system provides alerts that are sent to the team members via e-mail when something changes on the project.
And the so called Source Control enables the team to manage all source code of the whole project.
There are many other tools and features available, which make it comfortable to handle all issues involved in project development.
You would think that something like this is not affordable for a small company.
You can be wrong because team foundation server pricing can be cheaper than what you think.
Imagine the software as a service and you will understand how the team foundation server price can perfectly fit all your needs.

When phishing doesn´t pay off

"Phishing doesn't pay very well and tends to attract low-skill hackers who themselves become victims.
Lured by bad math and get-rich-quick pipe dreams into a life of cybercrime, those phishing for dollars confront a problem not unlike that faced by traditional anglers: too few fish in the sea. The result is what's known as the tragedy of the commons, wherein a limited resource becomes depleted when self-interest supersedes group interest."

Conficker or Downadup

One of the worst worms´infection exploded through the Internet and may have infected something like nine million personal computers around the world.
This worm, a malicious software program whose programmer is still unknown, swept through corporate, educational and public computer networks around the world.
It spread thanks to a recently discovered Microsoft Windows vulnerability and carried by consumers´ gadgets like USB keys.

The Broghammers are in Germany

Well, finally here we are.
And all in one piece.
A part a few broken dishes and glasses, some scratch on my favorite furniture, some unavoidable distress, we are well established in Quedlinburg.
This is a hell of a beautiful town.
Sorry for the people who never heard about it.
It is a place at least to visit.
The magic is in the night, from my bedroom window on the last floor Schmale Strasse looks like a road in those Grimm’s fairytales.
With all those timber houses and the dim light of few old style, yellow lighted street lamps, the little stones road, the silence and the sky full of stars, I live again in my childhood when I read the Grimms´ tales and imagined a place just like this.
I guess it is from then that I dream to live in a old house and mine is indeed one.
On the door is written it was built in 1592 and I have no doubt of it.
You would think that such an old house would have an unwelcome air, but it is exactly the opposite.
The real moment is the night, when you still can hear the wind blowing and the noise of the people walking in the road.
Schmale means narrow and it is a narrow road, but that is what makes it nice.
There is so much to clean and polish.
I will soon have to make new wax, and that is one of the job I like best.
That smell of turpentine, seeing the pieces of wax melting, spreading it all over, windows, floors, furniture, even brass and silver.
I love the smell and the shining of everything.
In the small things you get sometimes (very often) your satisfaction and your happiness.
The thought you did a good job and your house looks exactly the way you like.
I was born in Italy, but I feel like my childhood was here, among these roads and looking out of these windows.
I love to think that somewhere there is a prince or a princess or some wild animal or a witch.
Behind these huge and heavy doors you could hide anything...

If thinning is your problem, they got a solution

What is the secret of a successful company?
First is providing the customers what they are looking for.
Second, providing them with the best on the market.
Third, having a good pricing.
Fourth, letting the customer TRY the product before buying.
Providing a safe and secure shopping, that includes availability, a good customer service and a fast and prompt delivery.
Is something missing?
May be they can also offer Satisfaction Guaranteed on Every Order.
That will make an occasional customer a customer for life.
I admit I, like most of people, am quite a lazy consumer.
I do not like to browse for hours ( also because I do not have the time) and when I find a supplier which I like and gives me all what I was talking about, I am a customer for life.
Hello Gorgeous offers all and not only.
They have the biggest selection of products from all over the world, just the best and very selected items.
They are the Leading Website for Name-Brand Beauty Merchandise.
Right now they have a very special offer for a new product: nioxin, which is something many of us will welcome.
Who doesn’t or didn’t have in his life the problem of thinning hair?
Especially if you get older you realize that in one way you get wiser, but you pay it with losing the best.
Which very often is your hair.
I, myself, used to have a gorgeous thick hair, but now it is getting less shining and weak and thin.
And there is nothing like the hair that can make a pretty looking face.
This offer comes as a very welcome news.
I like when they offer the complete treatment which adds thickness, active renewal, vitamins that provide moisturizing nourishment for the scalp and hair.
And you can even choose among 8 treatments the one that best fits your problem.
To this you add a good discount and a very fast delivery!
Well, if thinning is your problem you cannot miss Nioxin.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the future will be

"The advance of technology alone – and nanotechnology in particular – will result in a future of incredible abundance and prosperity, and that alone will solve most of the problems that plague us. Space migration, intelligence increase, and life extension will be commonplace realities. These things, plus the growth of both knowledge and its accessibility and the concomitant rise of the individual from the group, will constantly diminish politics as an element of life. The future will be much better than anything visualized on Star Trek, and will arrive much sooner. That’s the good news."

The bad news is that I, and many with me will not last long enough to see it.
But we have to accept the fact that we have a small room in this world and we must be ready to give it up when our time comes and that is when our followers will need that space.
What we do singularly matters very little.
It is what we do as world’s citizens that matters.
Good or bad, Humanity has progressed a lot since coming into the picture
Sometimes going forward, sometimes a little backward, backward enough to go forward again.
And that is the answer to the question: What are we, and what are we for?
We are here to make the world go on, for what reason we do not know, may be just because it has to.
And we are immortal, we have an immortal soul, that is our DNA chain which lives long after our bodies are dead.
We have to die because our bodies are not good enough after a certain age to do what they are supposed to, and we have to leave the space to the bodies who are good enough to do it.
So, the long term future is progress, the short term is what we make out of it.
Enjoying what we have, small pleasures of life, and doing what we can for the world we live in...

How could we picture our Future?

What we need is a clear restarting point.
Where do we have to begin?
The answer is very easy: from where our society went in the wrong direction.
And that was long ago, when we believed that extracting oil from the ground would bring immense wealth, because a machine could work like thousand of men and ate much less then a single man.
The machine would survive and feed on oil which was the cheapest thing you could have and came for free from the ground.
And the more you extracted the least it cost and the oil producing countries were so happy to get immensely rich just letting others to drill on their soil.
It was like fairy tales.
They work till the moment you write: and they lived happily after...END
But the cheap, almost free oil brought with it the biggest problems like wars to posses it, greediness on the producers side, an easy way to suck money from people with new taxes, a world that is so polluted we can hardly live in it.
With oil came cheap food and people could eat as much as they liked and that produced monsters who can hardly walk and be called humans.
But the worst consequence was the addiction to it, the addiction to the thought that you could have something so cheap that it cost almost nothing, while working and producing usually cost a lot.
It brought to the end of research for new energy, the end of public transportation, the end of well done job, the end of pride in what you do.
All began long time ago, when the golden black devil became the first source of richness, the only goal to look for.
The world is addicted to energy, cheap energy and we are confused, finished when our addiction cannot be fulfilled.
How to imagine a world without oil? A world where if you want to enjoy you have to work, may be hard.
A world where food is getting more expensive and you can afford less, where you have to use your feet to move, the stairs to climb, the broom instead of the vacuum cleaner.
When people will understand where we HAVE to begin, THAT will be the real way out of bankruptcy.

Sex will never die, but Porno has to change

You have to change in order to be always the same, that is in order to have the same (or bigger) number of customers.
They say Feminists and social conservatives are the enemies, I think boredom is enemy number first.
After you have seen the same pictures on every angle one million times you just do not look at them any more.
In a free society free sex is not so taboo and interesting anymore.
Even Playboy's New York City offices are to be closed and its staff either laid off or offered a position at the magazine's headquarters in Chicago.

The magazine, which back in the '70s sold up to 7 million copies a month has been losing money for years now.
While Playboy is still the best-selling men's magazine (circ. 2.6 million), its market share has been eaten away by lad mags like FHM and Maxim. The publication is kept alive because apart from its historical importance to the Playboy brand, it is said to be much beloved by Hefner, who is still its editor in chief.
Sex is not a bad business to be in, but customers are getting more sophisticated and want something else.

When healing a customer means losing your revenue

"Twelve years ago, Irving Weissman discovered a treatment that might have saved the lives of thousands of women with advanced breast cancer, but pharmaceutical companies weren’t interested in developing the therapy. Though that interest is finally being reignited, Weissman doesn’t pull any punches. “I hate to say I told you so,” he said.

Weissman, a professor of pathology and developmental biology at Stanford University, spoke Wednesday and Thursday as part of the Columbia University Department of Religion’s Bampton Lecture series. The lecture series is modeled after a centuries-old Oxford series of the same name, and invites famous authorities in their respective fields to give talks on various issues of interest to the religious community.

In Wednesday’s lecture, Weissman laid out the conceptual foundation of his work—that stem cells are rare, self-renewing, and can regenerate body tissues. Weissman repeatedly expressed frustration that while many of his discoveries seemed to hold remarkable potential for life-saving treatments, commercial or regulatory hurdles have prevented his scientific research from benefiting human beings."

As hard as it can look, those things happen and not just in the medical field.
In this particular field they look more hideous because a person’s life is involved.
But we must remember that businesses are created actually to make money and what is the best way to have a good revenue than having a customer for life?
Somebody who needs your drug (insulin) daily, may be twice a day?

But I am always on the opinion that a healthy person is a better customer indeed.
If he lives longer he will need something else when he will be eighty or so.
he certainly will need something for his stomach, his heart, his muscles, his bones.
How much money can an old person spend in drugs?
I am a pharmacist, I know it.
I know that when you are a certain age, the fear of dying makes you caring for just one thing: your health.
And that means BIIIIg revenues for a pharmaceutical company, providing that it does all what it can to bring people to that age, including curing diabetes in the RIGHT and NEWEST way.

We are at the same question: Is it better one egg today or a chicken tomorrow?

Monday, January 26, 2009

A world without oil

I think in this world of know how and don´t know how and when everybody is looking for the guilty.
In this war against the responsible of this or that bubble nobody sees the clear reality which is in front of our eyes.
The clear reality the damage of finding and using oil has brought to this society energy addicted and foolishly behaving.
Imagine just for a few minutes how our modern world would be without oil, how our lives would be, how our society would look.
Technology of alternative energy would be much more advanced.
We would have spent money and energy looking for cheaper and effective ways to move our machines, to warm our houses, to go to work, to fly in the sky or not to fly.
Our railroads would bring fast and safe trains, our skies would be cleaner and we wouldn´t have so many cars running.
Our TVs and computers would use electricity produced by the wind, our food would be more expensive because we would have less production, but our weight would be normal and we wouldn´t see the monsters that are in growing number in this sick society who doesn´t know how to live, but just how to consume.
And more than anything, the oil producers would have had to produce something else because they wouldn´t have had oil to sell and fields to empty.
May be there would be less wars, at least less interest in fighting wars to grab oil.
They talk about black gold, I talk about black devil.
If we ever had let the oil where it was and look for water, food, ideals and life.
A world without oil would have been such a nice place to live in!

With sunlight you can save up to 75%

If you are planning to buy the building for your office be careful to choose one with plenty of sunshine.
In the next future the offices with a lot of sunlight will upgrade their market value.
The future: The LCD driven by sunlight will feature an increased contrast ratio and can save up to 75% power over regular LCD panels.
It will soon be available a new TFT LCD for notebooks that is specifically designed for outdoor use: The 14.1” panel is illuminated by sunlight instead of the standard backlight unit when used outside.
Running a notebook LCD with the help of sunlight sharply cuts the power consumption of the most power hungry hardware in today’s notebooks as well. In sunlight mode, the display will use only 25% of the power used in backlight mode, LG promises. Since LCDs consume considerable amounts - typical 14.1” LCDs can consume somewhere between 50 and 70 watts – a power reduction of about 75% is significant.

Skilled players of life are ...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
If that is true, and I personally believe it is, then for a perfect syllogism Videogames are very important in a child’s development.
What would you suggest as very important achievement in improving your intelligence?
First: intuition.
Intuition is the mother of every success.
To be there at the right time and in the right place is a matter of having a good intuition.
And certainly playing video games can improve your ability to see.
To be a good player you need to understand how and where and when to move.
And you have to understand it in the shortest time.
Second: understanding your mistakes in order to be able not to repeat yourself.
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."
In a Video Game that is one of the most important skills.
You make mistakes once and twice.
The third time is too much: you are out.
And also this is a good knowledge for life.
In life you can make as many mistakes as you like, but if you want to be successful, then you´d better learn.
Third: creativity.
In life you need creativity.
Creativity is the mother of intelligence.
Creativity is also the way to find the clue to win a video game, to overcome difficulties, to make good scores.
Tricks do not exist, good players yes.
And then, socializing.
Online Video games can make you interact with anybody in this world.
Can make you meet the perfect adversary, to check your ability and to lose or win.

Skilled players of life are what remains when one has forgotten everything he did playing a Video game.
If your kid wants to begin playing the latest, amusing (and free) online video games he can find them at:MEGA Brands Kids Zone.


Do we want a better world, a better economy?

"Now, searching for stability, the U.S. government and some European governments have nationalized their financial sectors to a degree that contradicts the tenets of modern capitalism. "
Well, the same, but opposite has happened in countries where they used to have a nationalized financial sector which they are trying to privatize.
That being a sign of failure of one side of the "capitalistic" ideology and on the other of the "Communist" ideology is in both cases the sign that human nature is the same all over the world, races do not exist, people are fundamentally the same.
Put a child in front of a cake and it will be very probable that he will eat it, and as much as he can.
Political forces, or better, people who rule, cannot resist their deep feelings of possessing and grabbing.
I do not use the word stealing.
I do not criticize.
May be, very probably I would do the same, if I were in the right position.
The only thing that failed in the whole system is the power of the controllers.
People should be in the position to know and to check and to make it difficult to cheat.
It is a matter of laziness combined with ignorance and wanted impossibility to control.
Do we want a better world, a better economy?
It is not impossible, it would work in any way, we just need what we once called Honesty, which was nothing else than fear to be found guilty.

A pair of becoming glasses can make a great difference!

Where could you find a perfect prescription eyeglasses for JUST $15?
The only place is ONLINE.

And what if they come also with : Anti-Reflective coating, UV protection coating, Anti-Scratch Hard Coating, Colorful , Stylish Eyeglasses Hard Case, Quality glasses Cleaning Cloth, Nice and professional customer service, Free international shipping, Free lens customizing of rimless eyeglasses, Beautiful used Hong Kong stamps?

I know it is hard to believe, but ALL comes for just $15.
I am sure once tried, you will be a customer forever.
And that is precisely why they come so cheap.
Because the manufacturer wants to get as many customers as possible.
And this is the way it usually works.
Low pricing, good quality, free shipping.
All this makes a satisfied customer and a satisfied customer is the secret of success.
How many companies still do not understand how to grow and upgrade their turnover?
I always say: if you want to make a good business think how you would like it to be on the customer’s side.
Of course you like good quality products and if they are also cheap the trick is done.
To all add a perfect customer service, a good website where you can shop 24 hours a day, 30 days a month and 12 months a year, without having to dress up, drive your car, park it, and go to the shop.
You just sit in front of your computer, choose the style you like, all the features you need and with a click of the mouse the deal is done. (of course you also need to pay...)
In a few days (depending where you live) you have a brand new eye style and a brand new eyesight (which is important too...)
I know it is stupid, but, even if you already have a good pair of glasses, $15 dollars are a perfect excuse to change the look...remember, a pair of becoming glasses can make a great difference!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why the dollar rises?

This currency should be plummeting like a stone, yet instead it rises!
The main reason is the "race to the bottom" in currencies, in which every nation/trading bloc is trying to devalue their currency faster than their rivals in order to support their exports.
Americans buy other countries´ goods to support their export/surplus model (mainly China), and they accept a dollar intrinsically worth less than the goods sold, and everyone walks away happy.
China is going to transition to a domestic economy, but that looks very far away.
This is what has created/supported the actual situation.
But it won’t last forever.
You cannot go on buying on credit, or you can do it as long as the people who produce can go on hoping in a "better future".
But when it is clear that no one is going to pay back, at least not in a near future, also the Bank of China is not wishful thinking anymore.

Just lift up, store your things then push back

What is the secret to have a good sleep and nice dreams?
Besides being satisfied with oneself, is also having the right environment.
At least that is essential for me.
I like a nice and cozy bedroom, a comfortable bed and may be a good electric blaket to warm my always cold feet...
Well, that should be the job of a good husband, but an electric blanket is something that always helps...
I am a little bit peculiar and the style of the bed, the matching cover and curtains gives me a certain satisfaction and really helps me to relax.
I personally like beds old looking, but modern.
Usually the old ones aren’t big and comfortable enough.
The problem with a big bed is that it usually doesn’t fit well with the small size of today’s bedrooms.
It doesn’t leave enough space for big wardrobes where to store (and hide) all the stuff we like to accumulate day by day.
I do not know about others, but, in spite of my best propositions, I always end up having more than I can store.
And I hate to throw away anything...
But intelligent furniture comes at our rescue.
Something like storage beds, where you have a lot of space to sleep (and have wonderful dreams) and still have a lot of space for ALL you buy.
"Most beds feature up to four times the storage of a normal divan with the ottoman storage system. Amazing ease of use, just lift up, store your things then push back down again. "
That is what I love best: just lift up, store your things then push back down again: and voila´: Everything in order, everything looks clean and in its place...the dream begins even before sleeping...

A "Safe Haven"

Is there a safe haven? Somewhere where to transfer our surplus (for the lucky ones who have a surplus) or for the ones who Would like to make a surplus for rainy days?
“There is no surer source of commercial distress, than the creation and extension of fictitious capital; and of an appearance of prosperous trade without the reality, which is the inevitable consequence of a paper currency.”
"By reducing interest rates far below zero in real terms, by doubling the monetary base and by blowing up the Fed’s balance sheet to three times its normal size, the capital is even more fictitious – and the United States will shortly reap the appropriate reward in an uncontrollable upsurge in inflation."
"The effects of combined monetary and fiscal profligacy will be manifest in the bond market. If inflation is rising towards double digits and government financing needs are $1.5 trillion annually, it seems impossible to imagine that investors will be willing to accept less than perhaps an 8% yield on U.S. "
Even the People’s Bank of China will cease to regard as a safe haven an investment that loses half of its principal in less than 2 years.
The safe haven is certainly not Spain or Italy.
Russia looked attractive for a few years, but can hardly now be regarded as a haven of any kind. Brazil is a lot safer than it used to be, but you don’t get to be a safe haven with a BBB credit rating. Australia lost its superior management a year ago and now appears to be in the usual Anglosphere trouble.
Germany. Fiscally very sound – budget deficit of only 2% of GDP in 2009, even in a deep recession and after a modest stimulus plan.
Germany’s total public debt is $2.2 trillion, so the market is more or less big enough to absorb a substantial percentage of even the largest central bank’s investment. Finally, the country did not have a housing boom in the 2000s; house prices recently were lower than a decade ago.
Germany after 2000 solved its economic problems, whereas the United States went on a spending spree.
The safe haven is about to move, and American taxpayers and savers will pay the price of that move in higher borrowing costs and lower equity prices for decades to come.

Liberally taken by Martin Hutchinson

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to keep your identity safe

Fed up with spam? Tired of telemarketing calls? Feelin’ paranoid about identity theft? … Here you’ll find a bunch “throwaway” web tools that can help you out.

Disposable email account

Mintemail - Instant disposable email for any ‘fishy’ registration form or sign-up. Go to and a random email address will be automatically generated and copied to your clipboard. You can either bookmark the location of created inbox and use it on a regular basis or always use a new one.

Highlights include: Automatic eMail verification, email forwarding, option to set custom expiry times (from 1 hour to 1 month) and more.

Disposable phone number

Numbr - This is a really good one. Basically, Numbr gives you an anonymous disposable phone number that can be set to forward all incoming calls to any provided landline or mobile number (US only). Absolutely free. It’s an ideal solution for times when you want to keep your phone private but want to list your contact number in places like classifieds listings, social networking sites, blogs ,etc.
Along with the number, you also get access to dozens of cool functionalities, i.e. forward to voicemail, ability to activate/deactivate nr. at any time, etc. Read more: Numbr - Disposable Phone Number.

Disposable login details

BugMeNot - Here you can get disposable login details (username/password) for a huge number of popular news/review/download websites that normally require users to register.

For example, let’s say you clicked on a link that points to an article on a popular media website (eg. NYT). Usually instead of landing straight on the article page you’re asked to signin or register. Maybe there is a good reason behind it, but what’s the point of signing up if that is your first and only visit to that website. When it comes to BugMeNot, it instantly gets you a number of “public” login details that can be used to access the website. It’s fast, it’s convenient and you don’t have to worry about getting spammed.

Disposable name and address generator

FakeNameGenerator - Fun tool for quickly generating fake but totally sound names and contact address. Cool part about it, not only you get to choose country of residence but can also specify what kind of name you’re looking for, i.e. Chinese, American, Indian, etc.

Disposable file sharing - Anonymous file sharing service where you can upload and share file/s (via password-protected URL) for 30 days. Once 30 day period is over, all shared files will be automatically deleted. Read More: - Disposable File Sharing.

Grannies used to be old with grey hair, but nowadays grannies can be quite young

Since November 3rd I am a grandmother.
I never really understood the meaning of that word, I even hated the idea of becoming one, that is something you begin to realize the moment you become one.
So what really is a grandma?
A grandma is something who looks old on the outside, but is still young on the inside.
Or better, is a mother who has a second chance, may be is somebody who feels younger playing with children.
Whatever she is, she certainly has to rethink and view again the ways and supplies to bring up children.
In my times things used to be a little bit more complicated and there were not so many baby slings to carry a baby.
When my daughter decides to go shopping she doesn’t need to prepare the baby one hour in advance as I did, she uses the easy and practical way modern mothers use, and she can easily carry the baby everywhere.
What is nice is that my grandson loves it.
I always thought it was quite uncomfortable for the baby, but, as a matter of fact, it isn’t.
But they invented (or just got the idea from the old way of carrying babies)even a faster and easier way: the moby wrap, with no strings, no straps.
They say babies who are carried cry less on average than those who are not, also when they are very little.
They feel the safety to be close to the mother and in the same time they have the chance to see the world and learn new things.
Also, this is the way to improve the baby’s emotional development and trust while providing him with the security that he feels being in direct touch with his mother’s body.
Well, grandmas are delightful things that date back to the last century, but they certainly know children...

The miracle man

Will he be able, or won´t he?
It depends on which sort of miracles you´re epecting.
If it is the kind of "surge et ambula" said to a dead corpse, that surely won´t happen.
There is just One who was able of that and we are not even so sure about it.
If you, more realistically expect miracles like "if you work hard and in the right way you´ll get somewhere", that is the kind I am sure he will be able to do.
And this is the only possible kind.

How long it will take it is hard to say, it depends how hard and how well one goes on the right road, how much one is willing to accept in term of exchanging useless things for valuable efforts.
It is like in a diet.
If you eat too much and you get a lot of weight, than you have to eat less than what you consume or consume more than what you eat to get to your ideal weight.
It is hard, but not impossible.

Good Luck Mr. President, the World expects a lot from you, don´t delude us.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The US must become an e-nation

"The US must become an e-nation. Network economics means that even those locations that already have decent communication gain by subsidizing the locations which do not. Everyone gains from a universal transportation or communication network; even those who already have local transportation and communication. Remember Metcalfe's law: the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of endpoints. Even if you are already connected, you gain by having the network you are connected to become universal." Tom Evslin

I agree with you.
Communication and good infrastructures are essential in a modern society.
But, isn't i peculiar that in USA, the mother of capitalism, these kinds of thoughts are nurtured?
As you said "Public financing, any financing where there is lots of money involved, is tough to get right and keep honest. ", look at Communist countries, or just at countries ( like Italy) where the Trade Unions and the left parties had great influence, all what is "Government ruled" is a complete disaster.
Corruption, inefficiencies, lack of new technologies...may be the States ( which in principle means the men who rule them) have in mind more the next votes than the efficiency of their infrastructures.
May be US is different, but, believe me, men are the same all over the world, and they do not miss any chance of gaining power and money...

Opportunity lies on the edge of depression

They say Humorism is born from extreme despair and I agree.
In principle the Renaissance, one of the lightest moment in Italian History, was born in the Middle Ages.
And we are, no doubt, on the verge of a modern Middle Age.
But, on the contrary of what universally believed, the Middle Ages were a period of intense cultural activities, what brought later to the Art and cultural explosion of the Renaissance.
Wars bring destruction (and I really do not believe in them), but certain people, too bad, the majority of people, need destruction to be able to rebuild.
So does Nature. After a big fire there is new life growing and, from the ashes, even better.
May be we need failure and bankruptcy to grow a new society, where ideals are ot just words and nice images, but reality.
So, welcome depression, if that means a better future.

Friday, January 02, 2009

The world is fast changing

"The World Wide Web and peer-to-peer networking have effectively dismantled the business models of Old Media: newspapers, magazines, publishing, music, network TV and Hollywood. As all media becomes either free, shared or low-cost, there is no way high fixed-cost Old Media can survive."
"These trends are accelerating. Newspaper circulations are plummeting; few citizens under the age of 40 subscribe to a "dead tree" newspaper. Why pay $250+ a year for a subscription when all the valuable content is on the paper's website for free?
Magazine circulations are falling, as are ad pages and the sums advertisers are willing to pay for an advert.
Now comes the really bad news: standard advertising/marketing no longer works very well.
There will always be a place for print books and media, but the assessment of value when digital resources are free has shifted.
But the days of people paying $300/year for a newspaper subscription, $25 for a hardbound novel that offers two hours of distraction, $15 for mostly mediocre music on a CD or $16 for a film DVD are passing.
The markets are priced according to the costs of manufacture, distribution and size of the markets. Downloading an entire 100,000 word novel takes only a few moments and a few pennies of electricity and disk storage; it is as close to "free" as is possible. "

Yes the Media World is changing, but not only.
The whole producing and consuming world is changing.
What is in stock for the next future?
The very next will be a preface of the long term.
It is the whole business plan that is changing and the ones who didn't realize it yet will suffer most.
Goodbye middle men, middle companies, middle whatever.
The Market of the Future will be a direct Producer-Consumer.
The Middle will be something like a Portal where you find in a relatively short time and relatively easy way the producer you need.
The Middle will cost almost nothing so that the producer will earn more and the consumer will pay less
That is what it is happening on Websites like eBay, where you contact a digital supplier and you save.
But in the Media world you will contact the singer or the writer or the DVD or whatever producer and get better prices.
We will pass from a employees world to a free lancers world.
More difficult, but more rewarding.
You will produce, promote, sell.
And this will be the only way to fight against the "free lunch".
Usually when you find a good cheap lunch, you prefer it to a bad free lunch.
Or you should.
As for "There will always be a place for print books and media"
"Printing and shipping a book (or DVD, CD, Sunday newspaper, ad-larded magazine, etc.) costs much more and hence it must cost more.".
That is. We'll have something like a "virtual printed book or magazine or newspaper" and when you finish to read it, you just delete or you keep what you want and you have back a blank screen where you can store the, good, readable, may be with sounds and beautiful colours...
The world IS changing and I love it...