Friday, December 30, 2011

Europe 2012

If the bulk of the economy is currently based on small business, how can this economy ever "recover" to even a shell of its former self if there's no longer any real incentive for anyone to go into business?
Entrepreneurs will tend to rely on small, less risky, cash only, capital investments, and thus, small production facilities, small workforces, "under the radar" tax payments, no benefits to part-time employees, and the other techniques needed to maintain their enterprises.
While this may result in a fairly good living for the entrepreneur, and perhaps even for his/her favored employees, it's not the stuff of which enough capital is generally produced to develop community wealth.
The main obstacle to renewed economic stability is not lack of printed paper money to be loaned out at interest, and which will only add to future financial instability, but rather, the great fear of mindless government confiscation of any small profit the entrepreneur may accidentally acquire in this very risky business climate.
If this is true, it's clear there will be no recovery, at least in rational terms, until thousands of government regulations which destroy personal incentive are removed from the books.
I can't see this happening anytime soon. In fact, each day brings the news more and more governments are INCREASING taxes, enforcement personnel, regulations...all in the name of maintaining "services" such as government payrolls, pension plans, various w elfare systems, but all of which further destroys entrepreneurial incentive. Therefore, I must also conclude there'll be no stability of the economy any time soon either.
From all evidence, we're now seeing the real-life results of yet another experiment in socialism concluding predictably, but on the largest scale in history.
We now have a population trained almost to a person to believe in the omnipotence of "big daddy" government. So much so, it's abandoned the principles which formerly gave it great strength...principles of self-sufficiency, moral belief in hard-work and enjoying the rewards of this, principles of thrift, respect for the property of others...on and on.
With a belief in "cradle to the grave" so-called "security" offered by glib politicians who have no idea how to deliver such "benefits", this former noble population has been reduced to a nation of beggars demanding eternal handouts...handouts which are dwindling as fast as the former forests of Easter Island.
Again, as I see it, it's not a problem of printing more paper money. It's a problem of individual thinking in terms of personal morality.
Printing money, especially in the form of computer digits, can be done in an instant. Building character and building a nation of solid financial structure takes generations.
The relative value of both is readily apparent.

Monday, December 26, 2011

David versus Goliath

By Dr. Mercola

Monsanto has long been trying to establish control over the seeds of the plants that produce food for the world.

They have already patented a number of genetically altered food crops, which can only be grown with proper license, and the seeds for which must be purchased anew each year.

But genetically engineered crops cannot be contained.

And rather than being found guilty of contaminating farmers' property, Monsanto has successfully sued hundreds of farmers for patent infringement.

Many farmers have subsequently, quite literally, lost their farms.

Percy Schmeiser of Saskatchewan, Canada, was also a victim of Monsanto's vile ways.

Schmeiser worked on farming and developing his own seeds for 50 years, and when his fields were contaminated, Monsanto threatened him, intimidated him, and tried to take his land away.

But Schmeiser refused to give in, and eventually beat them in court.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today´s movies

"Hollywood has forgotten how to do the one thing that made the American movie industry great: to tell a story."JK
I guess that it simply doesn’t tell the story, because today’s people do not want the story anymore.
It’s like being used to buy frozen food, ready made, and you do not know that food can be cooked too.
Some years ago I had the visit of my cousin’s daughter from San Francisco.
She described me as an old style lady that "even cooks for her dog..." because I fed my poodle with meat and rice instead of opening a can of dog food...
Those are today’s Hollywood customers, they do not read, they do not listen, they look.
They cannot even write anymore "how r you2day?"
We wrote letters, today they write text messages, using one finger.
When they go to "see" a movie they want to have a short message, with a lot of colors and music and the right effects.
I do not like today’s movies.
I found most of them naive and boring.
But I am the lady that even cooks for her dog...

You can find the tools, but only YOU can provide the fantasy...

I still remember how complicated and how long it took to make the very first websites.
I am talking of the time where you had no ecommerce software, not even programs like Dreamweaver or Homesite, when you needed to know the HTML language and it wasn’t so easy for somebody like me.
It was more challenging than easy.
Well, I must confess I used a lot the "view source" and copy and paste, and then I changed text and logos and images...
Nevertheless it took a lot of time to learn to copy in the right way...
But now a day you can find all the ecommerce web design that you can dream, and it is very easy to build your own ecommerce website.
You can see the lay out and decide what will be the right one for your needs and it comes not only with complete designs, but also with shopping cart and unlimited web pages...
And you can even find the best suggestions for a logo, being able to choose among a huge selection of colors and images.
Well, you still need something that can make your website need taste and fantasy, but sorry, those are things NOBODY can provide...

The right marketing is also using the right tools

I think the best way to promote the products of a company is by promoting the company.
I mean, if you want your products to be trusted or selected or chosen, they need to be backed by a trustable, high quality, reliable company.
First you must analyze the message you want to send your customers.
If you produce good items and you sell them at a competitive price you have to point out that, choosing the right logo, the right message and if you present them in a show, why not with the right trade show flooring?
May be adding a message at the end of it?
Something like we sell quality and it comes cheap...
But if you sell quality goods at a quality price (people know that high quality doesn’t come cheap) you could use a nice trade show carpet to guide the customers to your booth.
That usually adds a nice touch to your show.
Of course you can have something similar for your office or store, and especially if you have more than one the right logo mats can be used to give a touch of continuity to your business image.
If the show is an outdoor event the right thing is usually a logo canopy, something where you can print and display your logo, may be with the right message, describing what you sell in the best and catching way.
Colors are very important, because colors send the message and describe the product.
Marketing is a science, an important one.
How many products are failures, just because they were not able to marketing them in the right way?
And how many, on the contrary, are very successful, thanks to the right marketing?
At the end of the day, attracting a lot of customers also decides if you are successful or not.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The EU and the Euro

Which will end first?
The EU or the Euro?
The EU is the union of countries that send their representatives to the Brussels’ club MED, to measure the dogs tail and care for the exclusivity of Nutella, but do not discuss about futilities like bombing Libya or African migrants, or the Mafia in Europe.
The Euro is a partially unique currency (just for 17 countries out of 27).
It should represent the value of different economies, with different fiscal laws, GDP and public debts that little have in common.
The EU and the Euro have in common the fact that they are both Virtual, they are both a dream.
They exist in the eyes of the beholders.
Their main problem is that nobody believes in dreams anymore.
We will have the collapse of both the moment Merkel and Sarkozy will agree about the square meters of Europe they will be able to get.
The divorce attorneys, the EB and the IMF are already working at it, with the good help of the rating agencies.

The war of webhosting

Since the dawn of the Internet there was the need for any business to create their own presence on it.
If you didn’t have a website, if you were not THERE you had good chances to lose customers to your rivals.
And of course you also faced the need to have a place where to host your web page or website.
The war among webhosting companies began.
And it goes without saying that the winner in this war was the user, because prices went down and quality went up.
So, at this point, who is the best hosting?
Certainly the one with the best value, or as they say, the Ultra Value Website Hosting.
What is the Ultra value, talking about hosting?
Certainly it could be Unlimited Hosting Space,or unlimited bandwidth,or free Domain Name, may be 45 Day Guarantee,and especially NO hidden fees...could you ask for more?
In the end, in this war the real winner is the one who satisfies the customers, giving them what they are looking for: quality, reliability of services and the best support.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winds of Fascism

"Brussels is like a ventriloquist's dummy sitting on Germany's knee. Germany cannot just step up and act like the Boss of Europe. Too many bad memories of an earlier instance, when a gang of maniacs wearing uniforms studded with grinning totenkopf insignia turned the whole region into a charnel house. So, Germany has to pretend to speak through Brussels. The message was: listen up all y'all nations of the Eurozone! Prepare to live on a whole lot less than you're used to! Do not exceed your borrowing and spending! Or else!"JK

I do not understand much of economy, but I know mathematics well enough to understand that paper money gets value from the work and the goods that people produce.
And the fact that you have astronomic debts means just one thing: there is too much money compared to the work and good produced.
Either you reduce the value of the currency and you earn a lot of it, or you reduce the value of your work and goods and you have little of it.
This is the only sustainable mean to live.
Thinking that you can print as much money as you like and that its value is almost the same is a dream that cost USA a lot of wars and will cost a lot more, if they want to go on on this pattern.
Because to make people outside the US to accept your currency´s value either you stop printing it, or you fight and oblige them.
Angela Merkel has, in my opinion, the merit to have said the only right thing that has to be said: if you want to be credible you have to spend as much as you earn, not a penny more.
And since most Europeans enjoyed spending more than what they produced, now they have to do the only thing you do when you are overweight: diet.
As sad, as terrible it can look.
And if that means to be a Nazi, then being one is a good thing.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winds of change

Yesterday I was quite depressed.
Nothing really changes and if it does it is not for the best.
Then the unthinkable happened.
First it looks like the Euro is saved, at least for now.
I couldn’t agree more with Merkel.
If you want a change YOU have to change.
You cannot go on forever making debts, sooner or later it must stop.
And sooner is better.
Second a small step against banks and banksters is on the way, and Cameron and the City are leaving Europe.
He doesn’t understand (or cannot understand for votes reasons) that is NOT Europe that needs Britain, it is UK that needs Europe.
It is like if California left the US.
I wouldn’t bet on its future.
Second I have two children and both never cared for politics.
Now you couldn’t find anybody who cares more.
Something is changing, the moment people begin to care you can hope again in the future.
History teaches that there is no weapons that can block a revolution or freedom or justice, when the mass is hit.
The guillotine market will explode, I am looking forward...

Friday, December 09, 2011

What is the worst of worst?

It is having nothing, not even hopes to be able to have a future.
All you have is a past, and sometimes you would like to be able to forget that also, because its memory is more a pain than a sorrow.
In one thing this times are different from what came before: young and old feel the same.
Young people and old people do not have a present and won´t most likely have a future.
If what is gone was nothing else than gone I could say that, as a boomer I had a better life than my children.
I was born after the war, there was almost nothing and the almost was so expensive and looked so unreachable that you couldn´t even see it.
But we had hopes and dreams, we believed in justice, in law, in our nation, in our parents, in our friends, we believed in life.
And when you believe in life, living is so beautiful.
We had an overdose of life and hope.
We went to sleep dreaming that the morrow was going to be a brighter day, that if you worked hard, you could get everything, be everybody, live the way you liked.
Many of us didn´t have what they wanted, but it didn´t matter, the dream and the hope was still there.
But today, today, there is no present and you do not even want to think what the future will be.
Nobody knows what it will be, but everybody knows it will not be something we like.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress

Author: Isiah Williams

Say Yes To The Dress on TLC is one of my favorite shows. I like to watch all the different women (and one time a man) try on dresses. It is so interesting how different people are in shape, style, frame everything. There are so many different shapes and sizes of people and that show really points that out to me. Each and every woman that goes in to Kleinfelds in New York is searching for the perfect dress to walk down the aisle in. It is amazing how they are all looking for a dress usually in a shade of white and they all want something so different. Some girls want princess gowns with large puffy skirts and tulle fabric. Some girls want a more vintage look with all over lace or appliqu├ęs. Some ladies even want a short cocktail length dress for something different that stands out. I always DVR this show on my so that I can fast forward through the commercials. Who wants to watch commercials when there is a dress decision to be made?!