Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014? The year in which the small and medium sized company will put the big ones OUT OF BUSINESS...

In a globalized world, in an evermore bigger economic scenario, one would think, better, would be sure that a small company can, if not already done, begin thinking to be soon out of business.
How could a small guy, with limited resources, be competitive with giants and more than anything, how could he compete with low prices as the Chinese merchandize?
The answer one would expect is: impossible.
Pack and good bye.
But NEVER like TODAY, end of 2013 and beginning of a revolutionary year, 2014, the small and medium sized company, can believe in a revolutionary future.
Business Insider says it's "the next trillion dollar industry." The Economist has gone even further, comparing its history-changing impact to the steam engine and the printing press.
And the price has got so little than ANYBODY can actually afford one.
Too good to be true? NO, this invention could be "bigger than the internet."
I guess many have already understood what I am talking about, YES: the 3D printer.
What you need, as with any revolutionary invention, is imagination and ideas of how to use it, to produce the next killer application.

So, now you have it, your dream and the way to materialize it.

What you still need is the easy and fast way to find the lacking part of your business: your future customers.
And of course you need them now, if possible, so to say, yesterday...
The answer can be just one: the Internet.
The Internet can offer millions of customers, millions of people wanting to buy what you sell; there is just a small problem: finding them.
But that is a problem easily solved, if you know how and where to go.
In five minutes you can have all the list of possible customers, of people that want what you sell.
Imagine, in a few minutes being able to access a database that would require years to build, and more than anything so particularly detailed that you are sure every letter , every email, every word you will write, will address JUST the right guy, the one who wants to read it...and more than anything, who is willing to buy what you sell.

Too nice to be true? NO:click here

Monday, December 30, 2013


More of the same, but worse...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

About Drones, what everybody should know...

"What the public needs to understand is that the video provided by a drone is a far cry from clear enough to detect someone carrying a weapon, even on a crystal-clear day with limited clouds and perfect light.
This makes it incredibly difficult for the best analysts to identify if someone has weapons for sure.
One example comes to mind: "The feed is so pixelated, what if it's a shovel, and not a weapon?" I felt this confusion constantly, as did my fellow UAV analysts.
We always wonder if we killed the right people, if we endangered the wrong people, if we destroyed an innocent civilian's life all because of a bad image or angle.

It's also important for the public to grasp that there are human beings operating and analysing intelligence these UAVs.
I know because I was one of them, and nothing can prepare you for an almost daily routine of flying combat aerial surveillance missions over a war zone.
UAV proponents claim that troops who do this kind of work are not affected by observing this combat because they are never directly in danger physically.

This is the point: "they are never directly in danger physically"... Once, when wars were fought in the traditional way, a soldier risked his life and had some kind of justification"I killed not to be killed."
This is no more war, this is legalized murder...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

When digital rights are not supported by the law, they must be granted by technology.

"Digital liberty has lost the Lawfare fight. It must win the technical fight."
Former Guardian columnist Greenwald paid rueful due to his own onetime lack of encryption skills, but said that most journalists covering national security had been no different as recently as a year ago.
That has now changed, both among journalists and the interested general public.
“One of most significant outcomes of the last few months has been the increased awareness of the importance of encryption and privacy,” he said. “It’s a remarkable sea change.”
The power of the NSA and the security establishment is too strong, and democratic governments are proving unable to resist the seduction of surveillance-derived knowledge.
Third parties that are vulnerable to being co-opted by national sovereigns cannot be trusted.
No law protection, no trust in third parties, so how to fight the technical war?
No design should ever permit unprotected data to touch third party infrastructure anywhere, anytime, anyway, ever. Period.
Recognize that we now inhabit an environment in which there are effectively no legal protections of any kind against pervasive, omnipresent surveillance.
Build robust, distributed channels.
Make them end-user friendly.
Build systems that MANDATE third party deniability.
Build systems that are (relatively) trivial to audit.
Pillay, the first non-white woman to serve as a high-court judge in South Africa,has been asked by the UN to prepare a report on protection of the right to privacy, in the wake of the former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden leaking classified documents about UK and US spying and the collection of personal data.
The former international criminal court judge said her encounters with serious human rights abuses, which included serving on the Rwanda tribunal, did not make her take online privacy less seriously.
"Combined and collective action by everybody can end serious violations of human rights … That experience inspires me to go on and address the issue of internet [privacy], which right now is extremely troubling because the revelations of surveillance have implications for human rights … People are really afraid that all their personal details are being used in violation of traditional national protections."
The same rights that people have offline must also be protected online, including the right to privacy

Friday, December 27, 2013

The future

How can you predict the future?
It is much simpler than you can believe.
Simply look at the past.
Everybody talks about the first quarter of 2014, the second quarter, many go as far as 2015 or 2016, but ALL agree that kicking the can down the road will end somehow.
It is enough to look at the past, the far away past, as far as the Roman Empire, or as close as the URSS or the DDR, they were small, then great (or almost) and then they just finished.
Any dictatorship has one limit: they eventually run out of other people's money.
The other people's money being a colony or many colonies or just own people's money.
You steal today, you steal tomorrow and one day there is nothing more to steal.
And it doesn't really matter how big is your police force, or your army, or how many drones you have, when you have no money to pay their salaries (or when the money you print has no more value) they just do not work for you anymore.
And eventually work AGAINST you.
Once dictators had SOMEWHERE to fly to, to hide in, but in this globalized world, when can they hide?
The very same tools they invented to spy on their enemies will be their own NEMESIS.
Who kills with a sword, will die by a sword.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Internet: no more P2P

The Internet was born as a small, decentralized collective of computers.
It meant “ Independence of Cyberspace.”
Not anymore.
Two decades later, most communications flow through a small set of corporations—and thus, under the profound influence of those companies and other institutions.
Google, for instance, now comprises twenty-five per cent of all North American Internet traffic.
It has become a centralized “computer utility” that offers computing much the same way that power companies provide electricity.
Today, that model is largely embodied by the information empires of Amazon, Google, and other cloud-computing companies.
From independence of Cyberspace we have come to dependence from Cyberspace's utilities providers.
More and more Internet users now submit to terms-of-service agreements that give companies license to share their personal data with other institutions, from advertisers to governments.
We should call it "mea culpa"if it wasn't really others foul play's culpa.
In the U.S.(Europe follows), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, a law that predates the Web, allows law enforcement to obtain without a warrant private data that citizens entrust to third parties—including location data passively gathered from cell phones and the contents of e-mails that have either been opened or left unattended for a hundred and eighty days.
The solution is to make the Internet more like it used to be—less centralized and more distributed.
Surely it won't end surveillance, but will make it harder to do it at such a large scale.
The challenge is to make decentralized alternatives that are as secure, convenient, and seductive as a Google account.
More secure won't be difficult, as alluring will be the not easy part.
The peer-to-peer architecture holds the potential for greatly improved privacy and security on the Internet.
But existing apart from commonly used protocols and standards can also preclude any possibility of widespread adoption.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The dream of a few has turned into the nightmare of many

The sect of the Europhiles is not flustered in the face of any failure.
Go ahead and always, on behalf of the United States of Europe.
Even if in the meantime the dream of a few has turned into the nightmare of many.
Even if you knew before , long before , that it would end like this.
They must integrate . While they say " integration" they have small orgasms.
The satanists integration. They want to penetrate each other.
Now they are doing the banking union .
Where Union means just one.
And who but a banker, as Gianluca Garbi , can defend a project to fuck the citizens in order to save the banks ?
All the billions that follow the religion of austerity , made of money were saved , by slashing , LTRO operations ( other small orgasms ) , spread ... all of this is money .
It is not true that the money burned : it simply changed hands .
And they are in the middle, make a ridge. Gnawe budgets , take millionaire bonuses, go to rape the "others", and their colleagues( or puppets) Draghi in Brussels , Papademos in Greece , Italy and Saccomanni in dealing with institutions , now reduced to condominium meetings , cut government spending, destroy domestic demand, selling everything even the Bank of Italy , and they use our money to pay off the balance sheets , to save giants doomed to failure, such as Monte dei Paschi , relying on our homes , our current accounts, savings supposed to be the future of our children.
All this they call it the great dream of a United States of Europe.
They refer to "our fathers" , who wanted to avoid a new century of wars.
But to avoid a war against a real enemy , they invented one that you can not win .
With the responsibility of top governments they removed the ability to decide .
And Brussels has taken the rest . 90 % of the laws now are from European Union.
That means that Parliament now decides on marginal issues.
To understand the Fiscal Compact and ESM you must go to the source , where a small group of anonymous bureaucrats , rubber-stamping of large financial interests , made of stone figures that have unpronounceable names, decide whether a large Italian industrial group should close or relocate, if 60 million people are prosperous or lose it all .

  Letta has to go home . Napolitano needs to go home, if he has one .
Italy must first of all be a spokesman for the Italian .
I do not know( better I KNOW) who speaks in the name of the Prime Minister when he wants more integration .
I do not know who speaks in the name of the President of the Republic when he writes books about Europe, when he warns in favor of the United States of Europe.
I speak on behalf of citizens who have a name, a last name and a face : economists , teachers, janitors , orderlies who lose their jobs , desperate people . People who cannot manage to get to the end of the month.
Napolitano reads and talks about something that is not there, a future that they wanted and that has never been , wanted by the elites who are not entitled to anything or anyone : dreams do not distribute assignments.
But surely he speaks on behalf of people who have no money problems.
He forgets that Italy IS the Italians.
So let the people decide , not four conspirators behind closed doors.

Liberally taken from Claudio Messora

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The army of the bottom lickers

There is an army, much more powerful of the traditional army.
With one only traditional bullet a soldier can, in an optimal condition, putting three people one after the other, kill three, if the bullet goes through.
A soldier of the bottom lickers’ army can, with one only signature, kill millions.
And can, on a dinner of risotto con funghi and filet mignon, between a glass of Arneis and a glass of Brunello di Montalcino, decide if the next day millions will be able to have a soup or will have to skip the meal.
We have a good army of bottom lickers in Brussels.
They chose them accurately, just the most imbecile, so that they will follow orders, whatever they are.
They think with somebody else's brain, they kill for somebody else's order, without even knowing what they do.
We can decide, if we want to be slave or die or we want to be free.
The difference between being slave and being free is just defeating the bottom lickers’ army.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Every day one farmer kills himself in France.
Even though France receives 9 billions a year for subsidize farming.
The problem is that the money goes to the big, the ones who do not need it, because they have easy access to cheap credit.
"Yesterday my neighbor killed himself.
The bank just called to tell him that they were not going to renew his credit. That meant he had to give back the money he didn’t have, that he was going to face bankruptcy and loose ALL he had.
No farm, no job, no house, no food for his family."
And what happens then?
The bank grabs his farm, gives it up on an auction to one of the bigs who have the chance to get new land for nothing and getting bigger.
The same is happening with the small companies.
That is how you kill the economy and commit genocide.
Thank you Europe!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

People versus elite: easier than what you think

They say babies are born at night, so my ideas, when I cannot sleep and everything looks clearer.
There are two worlds: the real world, made by real people, who really work and produce.
Then there is the fake world, the one made by people who do not work, who do not produce, the PARASITES.
Those exist and thrive thanks to the real people who work and produce for THEM.
In order to do so they use the MONEY they print, which has no real value, because its value is the paper’s in which it is not even printed anymore.
One hour of the real people work is worth 7 dollars of THEIR fake money.
And that is possible because the REAL people accept it.
What would happen if the real people would say; I do not accept your fake money, in exchange of MY work or MY assets I want real money: gold or services.
It would happen that the REAL people, the ones who work, could afford the REAL money, while the parasites could eat their paper.
Why don’t we do it?
Wouldn’t it be so difficult just to say no?
To have REAL representative, people who are paid by us and work for US?
We could have OUR REAL money, printed by us, that could buy the real things, produced by the real people.
It just takes a little detail: wake up and live in OUR real world, leaving the financial fake world to the gamblers.
They can eat what they produce.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The colonization of our minds

Technology behind television and videos create a kind of state like hypnosis, where information is absorbed without being processed , the more you put yourself in front of a screen the more susceptible you are, the more you are getting the propaganda that the controller of that technology wants you to get.
It is all corporate control, conditioning you to buy, buy, buy, and becoming a consumer to a point that the more you watch certain news and the less you know, since you are indoctrinated to certain propaganda.
You just learn what they want you to.
That is not subliminal conditioning, it is being bombarded by certain propaganda, it is being inundated with false data.
Garbage in, garbage out.
You are totally convinced of false data, because that is what you get from those sources.
That is influencing minds.
You should have good food and good nutrition for your body as well as good food and good nutrition for your mind.
In one way or another we are all conditioned, our minds have been colonized.

A one sided partnership

Today, 13 November 2013, WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s GDP.
The TPP is the forerunner to the equally secret US-EU pact TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), for which President Obama initiated US-EU negotiations in January 2013. Together, the TPP and TTIP will cover more than 60 per cent of global GDP.
They will try to pass it as a commercial trade, but the trade has little to do with it, just the minimum part concerning the big Corporations.
If we want to define it in a few words we can call it as the succeeded coup to get the power, done by the few big corporations that already rule the world.
And if we want to define it with one word, we can call it Fascism.
The merging of political power and corporations is nothing else than Fascism.
That is why the discussion is done behind closed doors and in the utmost secrecy.

We thank you very much, Mr. Obama, but, honestly, I would rather prefer a friendly divorce between USA and Europe.

The real face of Europe

There are two ways to reach the deficit balance: increasing production or increasing taxes.
The second is what Brussel wants.
Germany is guilty indeed, because instead of increasing taxes and adopting "austerity" has tried to balance increasing (or better, just keeping it on the plus) production.
That, of course, must be punished, because the Germans are NOT poor enough.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The land of the rising YUAN

As for today I, and this is a personal view, see not a bright future for USA and the west, Europe included.
The matter is when, not if.
We will have a currency and following financial and of course economical reset.
Iran is the typical example of a check mate.
China, thanks to its intelligent understanding of financial and economical matter, has arrived to the point where getting rid of its trillion dollars US treasuries won’t bring a loss and is ready to do so.
They calculate it has reached around 10 or 11 thousand tons of gold, whose value is indirectly dependent on the US dollars. If the dollar goes up, the gold goes down and that is what allowed China to buy such a good quantity of it.
But if the dollar goes down, THE GOLD GOES UP , that means China won’t suffer when it decides to flood the market with US treasuries.
If US attacks IRAN, as Saudi and allies want, China will discharged the dollar, if US doesn’t attack IRAN, Saudi will discharge the petro dollar.
In both cases China won’t suffer, on the contrary, the Yuan will be the next reserve currency.
What will be the outcome for the banks and the financial world?
The death of the petro dollar means also that the reserve of the too big to fail won’t prevent them to fail.
Like a domino game, one will push the other down.
China: check mate

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We, the people

TAFTA or TAP Trans Atlantic partnership is what they ( US and EU) are discussing at the moment.
As usual one thing is what they call it, what they say it is and the other the reality.
It has everything those few multinational corporations need and lacks one big detail: Democracy.
That is why not only nobody asks me and you (we, the people) if we want it or not, but following the best rules of the best dictatorship, the talkings are done in the utmost secret and the deal will be signed, either we like it or not, and THEN, one day, the presstitutes will tell us: a new deal was signed to improve trade among US and EU. It will bring jobs and money and people will live happily ever after.
The discussion is NOT about the rules or whatever, it is about WHAT our WHORE politicians will get to sell our sovereignty.
That is the best way to have elections and what they call democracy, but in reality we will just vote for the best KAPO, will pay them and THEY will execute the big corporations orders.
If anybody has doubts about the outcome of the TAFTA, I invite him or her to inform themselves about NAFTA or TPP Trans Pacific partnership.
Canada, after signing the agreement had the gut to make a law against additives on gasoline, because it was proved they caused cancer.
They were sued and not only lost the sue, but even had to pay a HUGE fine, just to remind them who is the Boss....
For the ones who care about their health, we will be obliged to accept Monsanto and the likes, ALL small industry will be destroyed and obliged to close.
The middle class will have the final stroke and WE ALL will work for them, at the salary THEY will decide, and the moment we will have something to complain about, we will lose job, house, money.
People, when they think of the New World Order imagine somebody like Mussolini.
I explain you what it will be. We will still have our nice politicians that we will still vote to put in their place, but they will take the money from us and work for the REAL government, the PIN STRIPE Mafia: BIG Banks and Corporations, exactly the same that are responsible for destroying our economy and our society.

For what reason do you think they did it?

This will be the genocide of the 21st century, Hitler style, but Stalin size, even bigger.
The difference this time is that there will be NOBODY to help us people to get rid of it.
It will be “till death us part”.

Monday, November 11, 2013

High frequency trading

It works in a very simple way.
The all matter is in being faster, nanosecond and even less.
It can be explained in a few words: how to cheat big investors realizing how much and when they make their bets on the stock market, then being faster a nanosecond, buying the stocks they are buying and reselling them for a price of a penny more for every stock.
One penny can be a huge sum if you buy and sell millions a second.
That is the easiest way to make money never losing, because you buy JUST what you will sell.
But being easy to understand doesn’t mean it is easier to do.
The way to be faster is JUST the right algorithm, but it takes a genius to invent it.
That is why at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and co. you find the best minds of our society, the best brains, the M.I.T masters.

This is also the mirror of what our society has become.
The best minds, the best brains, that once worked to make a better world, NOW work to make a faster bet, so that they can cheat faster and better the world.
What a waste!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We terrorists

The electoral campaign in Europe has begun.
This looks like one of the most important in Europe’s life, because people will vote for deputies, but in reality Europe’s life itself is on stake.
That is why it is utmost important to be ready and to be ready on time. All European’s army is on alert.
At least the kabala that is driving Europe at this moment (which is exactly the same that rules USA, Canada and UK.

They have one only goal and one only voice: theirs.
That means that ours not only doesn’t count, but must be fought in every possible way.
One powerful way is to convince the ones who know nothing, who think nothing, who understand nothing, but have one big advantage: they vote.
It is that small piece of paper in which they will write a name.
The name is unimportant, the important is what it means, yes or no.
The strategy is to convince those who will do their best, who will be able to give them a job, a house, a future.
And, as usual, it doesn’t really matter if they mean or want, or mean the opposite, what really matters is what those believe.

First step: Draghi lowered the interest, the maximum he could.
Well, he could even go to zero, but, zero is no interest at all...
That means the European countries can borrow more at the same cost.
At least till the elections. Nobody talks of the "after"
Second step will be to rig all the possible numbers. GDP, Inflation rate, taxes and so on.
What they cannot rig is the standard of living, the REAL numbers.
Very little does to me to know that the inflation is 0,2 when my expenses grow 40%.
I guess they have good chances to be successful.
If there are still a lot of people who believe that you can get thinner eating as much as you want, no exercise, then there are enough people who can believe you can create jobs, increase the investments, with what they call "structural measures" which means: more taxes, firing people, less credit, less education, less infrastructures.
As they can believe that they can lose weight going on with the same lifestyle, just with a miraculous pill, so they can believe there will be growth going on the same path that brought the bankruptcy.

The miraculous pill is printing new money, inventing new taxes, firing a few millions. That will bring richness, a higher standard of living, more consumes, new jobs.
But why then Rompuy is shouting that whoever doesn’t believe in Europe is a "populist" (Letta said even "terrorist") and must be stopped in ANY WAY.
If being a terrorist or a populist is believing in a better future for our children, then, I am a TERRORIST, I am a POPULIST and Mr. Rompuy, Mr. Barroso, Mister Letta VAFFANCULO!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

How to be successful

What is the secret of success?
The bad thing is that not everybody achieves it, the good thing is that it is no secret at all.
What does your business need to be among the first on the most important search engines and directories?
It needs to reach a lot of customers, as simple as that.
But how?
First you need a nice and interesting website, not too much stuff in it and not too little.
The old trick is that if you want viewers you need to catch them and to catch them you need to give them what they want, mostly informations or tips for your category using the right technology.
Second, once you have the right catching website you need people to know that it exists.
That you can achieve in many ways, with the right search engine optimization, or using the appropriate means like for example pay per click.
Once you find the first customers and they like what they say, they themselves will not only come back, but bring other customers (what is called word of mouth).
And the more visitors the more chances you have to grow your business.
It looks simple and IT IS simple, when you know how and what to do.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Debt ceiling, debt crisis

They say the problem is not the ceiling, the problem is the debt.
I say the problem is not the debt, the debt is the symptom of the real problem.
So, what is the problem?
On one side you have a country that produces almost everything (China) and on the other millions of consumers that produce nothing.
In order to consume in USA you have a monstrous private debt, and in Europe a monstrous nation debt due to the fact that where there are no jobs, the State becomes the employer.
And, of course, all with the approval of the immense and steadily growing financial system.
They (the central banks) create the money out of nothing, lend it with interest to states and private people, the debtors are happy, the creditors are happy, the producers are happy.
But it is clear that it cannot work and someday, somewhere it will have to stop.
When? When the last of the chain, the one that works will be tired of working for paper money that is not even worth the paper on which it is printed (infact mostly it is digital money).

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Talking about design...

An effective web design is one in which your users are able to find information quickly and in a logical fashion.

Some things to consider talking about design:

Are important information being seen by the user?
Are the navigation and action items intuitive?
Is the user being directed to sections in a logical manner?
Does the web page load quickly enough to not turn away the user?
If you’re interested in analyzing and optimizing your page layout - here’s some tips to do so.

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Second: relax and wait.

If the website is OK, your customers will certainly come.

Monday, July 01, 2013

The only possible way out

US empire is based on its military supremacy.
It doesn´t have allies, it has servants.
When its economy cannot sustain its military expenses, the only way is rigging the markets trying to steal as much money as possible.
The only question is: how long? Because it is clear that it will end.
The only answer to the economical global crisis is to go back to local.
The power of China (and of Japan before) was based on producing cheap goods and selling them to the WEST.
The "growth" was based on exports, the bigger the volume of exports the bigger the growth..
But the moment there is no nation which imports your goods you have no growth. The solution is going back to self sustaining economies, the nation produces and consumes what it produces.
The cost of goods is proportional to the income of the people who produce.
No more cheap goods, less production, better quality, more durable stuff, less raw materials consumed, but a sustainable economy.
Of course this is something the big corporations, the big banks do not like. But it is the only possible way.
Sometimes to go forward you have to go back.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Individual Vs the Collective

Many people think freedom means not being in jail.
Freedom is the possibility of doing whatever you want, providing you do not endanger the life, property and freedom of someone else.
That means that any type of coercion that could be allowed to a private or to the state is defending life, property and freedom of someone else.

The grand design of the USA after WW2 is to rule the world. One hundred years ago the presence of the state in our life was approximately 15%, now a day it is well over 50% and if we continue the same pattern it will soon be 100%.
The only question is: how long it will take?
Unless there are some major changes on how much our life has to change, that is the direction where we are headed.
We are going to wind up living under tolitarism.
All world Is going into the same direction, because the driving engine is a philosophy, it’s an idea.
It has a name: it is called collectivism.
The whole world has bought in this idea, they all think that is the way it should be. Individual is not important.
If we put the right of the individual ahead of the group that is selfish.
The individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number.
We have been educated on that idea, and as long as people believe in it, they will vote for people who will implement that idea.
The government is supposed to have more and more power, in order to solve every problem. And that is exactly the reason why the whole world is headed toward tolitarism. Conspiracies are the engine of history.
If you think that the duty of the state is to solve all problems, then you have to give the state all power.
But power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Governments, especially powerful governments are magnets they attract the predator class, because with the power of the state they can do legally what they would otherwise do illegally.
Once they are inside of the mechanism which says what is legal and what is illegal, they are protected.
If we, in our stupidity, think that a very powerful government is a good thing, we just create a magnet for every kind of criminals.
There are people who like to dominate, not many, but enough. The Rotschild were the originator of this concept of the world bankers.
The first real implementation was the Bank of England, with which the power of monetary system fell in private hands. 1694 William Patterson:” the bank will have the benefit of interest of all money it creates out of nothing”.
230 years later Reginal McKenna “the banks can create money and the ones who control the mney of the nation, direct the policies of the nation and hold in their hands the destiny of the people”

Carrol Quigley in Tragedy and Hope: “The structure of financial controls created by the tycoons of "Big Banking" and "Big Business" in the period 1880-1933 was of extraordinary complexity, one business fief being built on another, both being allied with semi-independent associates, the whole rearing upward into two pinnacles of economic and financial power, of which one,centered in New York, was headed by J. P. Morgan and Company, and the other, in Ohio, was headed by the Rockefeller family. When these two cooperated, as they generally did, they could influence the economic life of the country to a large degree and could almost control its political life, at least on the Federal level.”

In USA the banking system reached the same monopolistic control achieved in England, France, Switzerland Italy, making looking like in the state control, but in reality in private hands. The formula is called by Edward Griffin the “Rotschild formula” Wars are terrible, but inevitable.
If you cannot stop them, you can profit from them. How? Lending money to both parts. This is how this banking system evolved, because based on the profits of wars.
Now a day nothing has changed.
The money comes from the people through taxation or through inflation which is another form of taxation. The financiers become the controller of the governments.
If you can create the money, you can hire the people who pass the laws. One of the greatest conspiracy of history was the one of Cecil Rhodes.
Quigley wrote about the most successful secret society of history and it didn´t have a name. They were smart enough not to give it a name.
The purpose of the Rhode´s secret society was to conquer the world using certain techniques non visible to the common man. The society would collect very intelligent, powerful, wealthy people.
All these people are controlled and divided in groups and if you want to control a nation, all you need is to control the leaders of these organizations. You can do that using money, blackmail, education, influence, ideology.
And this is what is running the world today.(FED, IRS, CFR)

There are 6000 people in the world whose goal is to build a New World Order that is going to be a collective type of society without the limitations of moral and values that we have.
The education system has been dismantled by this group, they are messing with genetic, with food, water….

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who will pay?

Nearly 100 years ago two young Detroit girls visited a now-vanished island park that had a dance pavilion, amusement rides, and swimming, and wrote that they were “having fun” on a piece of paper. Then they put the paper in a bottle and tossed it into the St. Clair River, where a diver found it last June.

They wouldn’t recognize the place today. Detroit, which grew and prospered for much of the last century, has become a wasteland of abandoned buildings, lawlessness, and municipal debts.

Somebody’s going to pay for that.

It’s not going to be the politicians whose decisions undermined Detroit. And it’s not going to be the industrial and financial executives who made bad decisions, yet retired with their full pensions and portfolios.

Who’ll pay the price for the fall of Detroit?

There was never going to be any other answer, not in today’s political climate: The bill’s going to the teachers who educated Detroit’s children. The gardeners who tended its public parks. The drivers who carried its people from place to place. The trash collectors who did the city’s dirty work at the break of dawn. They’ll be told they’re paying for decisions they didn’t make.

Those workers didn’t break the economy with Wall Street fraud and recklessness. They didn’t sign those trade deals, or eviscerate the union movement, or allow the ever-growing wage inequality that robbed Detroit’s cars of their markets, its citizens of their spending power, and its children of their hopes.

But they’ll get the bill anyway.

Ritual Sacrifice.

Scapegoats have been purged from societies since the dawn of time, and always for the same reason: so the people in charge don’t get blamed.

Detroit’s democracy has already been sacrificed. Under Michigan’s “Emergency Manager” law, the city has already lost most of its right to self-determination to an unelected City Manager. Kevyn Orr was appointed by a Republican Governor who represents precisely the policies that destroyed Detroit in the first place. He’s a viceroy for the corporate/political class.

The Looting of Detroit By Richard (RJ) Eskow June 19 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A blog is like a train...

A blog is like a train, the posts are like stations of that train. Once in a while somebody jumps on it and writes a comment, stays with the train for a while, reads and shares... A blog is like a train and the blogger is like a driver, sometimes he likes to go and sometimes he likes to stop. A blog is like a train that goes for a trip, as long as the driver likes to drive it... A blog is like a train that likes to try always new paths and sometimes gets lost...

Communication is our goal and our despair

"I know a lot of people think that technology will save us from all this. The story line there is that we'll all be "connected." We'll all network up over the smart-phone and "communicate" and "share" and "innovate." Connection has become a pointless end in itself. It's what you do when the world is collapsing around you. Wouldn't it make more sense to learn how to grow potatoes and train a mule?" J. Kunstler

What happens if we find out that in spite of all phones smart and not, we have nothing to say anymore?

Science is the engine of prosperity

Well, it should be, if science was used for ALL and not for making rich a few and the others slaves or even worse "not useful anymore..."

Nobody says what people should know.
That if a nation, a country doesn´invest in education, in jobs for the young people soon will find ALL without jobs and pensions.
Who pays the pensions?
The young people.
But if there is no job, or not enough jobs?
Both will starve.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Big brother in your eyes

Imagine a world in which every major company in America flew hundreds of thousands of drones overhead, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, collecting data on what Americans were doing down below.
It's a chilling thought that would engender howls of outrage.

Now imagine that millions of Americans walk around each day wearing the equivalent of a drone on their head: a device capable of capturing video and audio recordings of everything that happens around them.
And imagine that these devices upload the data to large-scale commercial enterprises that are able to collect the recordings from each and every American and integrate them together to form a minute-by-minute tracking of the activities of millions.

That is almost precisely the vision of the future that lies directly ahead of us.
Not, of course, with wearable drones but with wearable Internet-connected equipment.
This new technology -- whether in the form of glasses or watches -- may unobtrusively capture video data in real time, store it in the cloud and allow for it to be analyzed.

Some will say these new devices are no different from existing technology, like handheld video cameras or iPhones with audio recording functions.
But there's a huge distinction.

The emerging new technology is not designed with significant storage capacity.
Instead, its default mode is for all data to be automatically uploaded to cloud servers, where aggregation and back-end analytic capacity resides.

So, who owns and what happens to the user's data? Can the entire database be mined and analyzed for commercial purposes? What rules will apply when law enforcement seeks access to the data for a criminal or national security investigation? For how long will the data be retained?

As some members of the Supreme Court recognized last year when they considered the use of only a single stream of data -- GPS location -- creating a life stream of data points paints a mosaic picture of a person's actions and habits. Who owns that mosaic?

Service providers may argue that the terms of service approved by customers will set limitations on how their collected data can be used.
But even if customers can truly make informed decisions about the storage and handling of such data, they have no right to consent to the use of data that is collected about passersbys whom they record, intentionally or not.

Dewayne-Net RSS Feed

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Your Office Is Your Image

An office is the mirror of a company and what’s going on inside. It's where you communicate with your employees, customers and investors. Hence why so many say, your office is your face. Looking for office space in new York? You can find some really innovative workspaces here at the best price, and you can find everything in one place. For everything regarding office space in new York, and I really mean EVERYTHING you need and could dream of for an office space new York ... THEY provide the staffing, structure and support, so you can spend your time being more productive, and making more money with less to worry about. They include things like: Attractive, Bright, Clean And Well-Appointed, Furnished Offices Luxuries like marble and granite lobbies; bright hardwood floors; taupe French windows in every room A virtual secretary that collects your mail when you are away and sends it where you want, and answers your phone Copiers, Fax Machines, AV equipment, PowerPoint Projectors Full-service mailroom and messenger services Cleaning and maintenance services? These office are even great if you are beginning small and growing with your business, they can have you set up in no time at all! ALL the necessary features you might need are provided, and more. Even better is the flexibility, because ALL this can be available to you for the amount of time you need it; for example a year, half-year, month, week, day, or even by the hour! It's amazing really. It can be scalable and flexible to meet your organization's expansion needs. They even offer virtual office, Corporate I.D. and part-time office usage plans, while you consider your full-time office options. Just ask and THEY have the right plan for you. I almost forgot, not only are these offices easily accessible for all commuters, but even they even offer parking, right across the street... and that is not all ... if for any reason you decide you need it, and you decide you want it... in about 20 minutes it can be yours.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The ultimate revolution

When one thinks of a revolution usually thinks of slaves revolting against dictators or masters.
On the contrary, Aldous Huxley, speaking at U.C. Berkeley in 1962, outlines his vision for the ‘ultimate revolution’, a scientific dictatorship where people will be conditioned to enjoy their servitude.
“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears…they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

If that were to happen today, how would it be possible?
NIDA-funded researchers have conducted a successful in vitro demonstration of a prototype programmable medication skin patch.
As envisioned by developers Drs. Bruce Hinds and Audra Stinchcomb of the University of Kentucky, the smart patch will enable physicians to schedule transdermal medication doses that vary dynamically to match patients' fluctuating needs.
Doctors in the addiction field will tailor personalized nicotine replacement and other relapse prevention therapies—for example, to program dose increases when stress, metabolic cycles, or environmental exposures may increase cravings. Dr. Hinds, a chemist, and Dr. Stinchcomb, a research pharmacologist, developed the innovation that makes the patch possible: a membrane containing billions of carbon nanotubes, each 10,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Or: No, we've been in that world Huxley described since the time he described it.
He wasn't describing the future; he was articulating the present. It's gotten worse since then.
Right now more than half of Der Homeland is medicated with some consciousness altering drug, legal or illegal programmable medication skin patch.
Got a job, mortgage, credit card debt, car payment?
Own property? Got NetFlix? Got cable?
Got a Smart Phone tracking device?
They're way better than any medicated patch.

"The western world resembles Brave New World (and BNW Revisited) so closely, that the only explanation (for me) is that Huxley was hanging around with the designers"
Huxley was sharp enough to perceive what was happening around him and smart enough to envision where it might ultimately lead.
He wrote that story as a cautionary tale but words have power, and once you unleash an idea - regardless of your intent - your vision can be corrupted and taken advantage of.
It's not that BNW is is self-fulfilled prophecy, manifested by those who stood to gain the most by the creation and implementation of such a system.
Soma could be anything that distracts you from the truth which is all around you, though I believe that we are beginning to recognize the man behind the curtain for who and what he truly is.
As the world around us becomes smaller and more transparent, it will become increasingly difficult for those pulling the strings to hide the existence of those strings.
When (not if) we are finally able to collectively see the world through an open and honest lens, it will force us to reevaluate our priorities and the systems through which we govern and guide.
Aldous Huxley was indeed one of the elite designers of a New World.
His book is NOT a warning, it's a blueprint.
Investigate brother Julian Huxley and his deep connection to british eugenics. Aldous was describing and creating a "scientific dictatorship" that would allow the royal elites to control the common man on an unprecedented level.
If you listen to the "Ultimate Revolution" lecture and pay attention, his intentions are quite clear.
The ultimate revolution is when a man has total control over another man's perception, or mindbody as Huxley says.
When the State incorporates changes that will closely resemble Brave New World, the ultimate revolution will be close at hand.

"The older dictators fell because they could never supply their subjects with enough bread, enough circuses, enough miracles and mysteries.
Under a scientific dictatorship, education will really work.
With the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.
There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown."

What is the value of bitcoins?

Bitcoin’s wild ride was the biggest business story of the past few weeks.
Over the course of less than two weeks the price of the “digital currency” more than tripled.
Then it fell more than 50 percent in a few hours.
Suddenly, it felt as if we were back in the dot-com era.
The economic significance of this roller coaster was insignificant, but the fuss over bitcoin was a useful lesson in the ways people misunderstand money — and in particular how they are misled by the desire to divorce the value of money from the society it serves.
How is bitcoin different? Unlike credit card transactions, which leave a digital trail, bitcoin transactions are designed to be anonymous and untraceable.
Bitcoins are in a sense the ultimate fiat currency, with a value conjured out of thin air.
Gold’s value comes in part because it has nonmonetary uses, such as filling teeth and making jewelry; paper currencies have value because they’re backed by the power of the state, which defines them as legal tender and accepts them as payment for taxes.
Bitcoins, however, derive their value, if any, purely from self-fulfilling prophecy, the belief that other people will accept them as payment.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Squaring the debt circle

Having a bad credit rating doesn't mean you don't need money. On the contrary, that can be exactly the reason why you need money more than ever.
And that of course doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be able to pay it back either.
The big problem is, that with a bad credit rating you automatically have offers at higher interest rates, sometimes so high it makes it almost impossible to pay it back.
That is the reason why it is very helpful to find a company where you can see all the available offers for short term business loans.

Besides finding short term business loans, you can also get a business cash advance, and so on.
The savings situation is made far worse by the enormous balance of trade deficit, public and private debt.
If your credit history has entries like default on payments of previous loans, or country court judgments, you become a borrower with bad credit.
Is there a website that can connect you to an express funding group no matter what the economic outlook? Would you like to apply for a loan now? Of course you would! It doesn’t matter to them the reason why you need cash in advance.
They can offer a personal business cash advance from $5,000.00 up to 1,000,000!!! ( yes the number of zeros is right)

Do you need a small business loan? or perhaps a big one?
For up to $5,000,000? (yes, in this case also, the number of zeros is right!!!)
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And to top it off, the money can be in your bank account in 7-10 business days... so if you need to take advantage of these services for something special, you can find More ideas here.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Confessions of a bitcoin scammer

Bitcoin: the latest hoax?

Bitomat, the third largest exchange for bitcoin -- the cybercryptocurrency not backed up by a government or any hard assets -- lost its wallet.dat file which held all of its bitcoins.
Bitcoin lost their wallet

According to the article, this was due to using the wrong cloud computing model on the part of the exchange, not any fault of Amazon's cloud computing services.
A consequence of this latest bitcoin disaster has been the acquisition of Bitomat by the largest exchange, Mt. Gox.


This article calls it a "bid to restore confidence in the bitcoin market".
I don't quite get how merging the two exchanges involved in the largest bitcoin disasters restores confidence, but I suppose confidence can't get any lower so anything you do must be an improvement.
May be, as usual, I am a little of a bad thinker, but wasn´t that convenient? ( I mean to lose tha data)

Europe: the neo colonialism

The old model of Colonialism was the following: the colonizing power conquered or co-opted the Power Elites of the region, and proceeded to exploit the new colony's resources and labor to enrich the homeland.

It began with the Roman empire and spread to England, Portugal, Spain and so on... In Neocolonialism,as we could see for the thrid world countries, the forces of financialization (debt and leverage controlled by State-approved banking cartels) are used to indenture the local Elites (corrupting politicians) and populace to the banking center: the peripheral "colonials" borrow money to buy the finished goods sold by the "core," doubly enriching the center with 1) interest and the transactional "skim" of financializing assets such as real estate, and 2) the profits made selling goods to the debtors.

Very interesting and useful to understand the new "way" is the John Perkin`s book: Confessions of an economic hit man.

In essence, the "core" nations of the E.U. colonized the "peripheral" nations via the financializing euro, which enabled a massive expansion of debt and consumption in the periphery. The banks and exporters of the "core" countries exacted enormous profits from this expansion of debt and consumption.

Now that the financialization scheme of the euro has run its course, the periphery's neofeudal standing is starkly revealed: the assets and income of the periphery are flowing to the Core as interest on the private and sovereign debts that are owed to the Core countries' commercial and central banks.

This is the perfection of Neofeudalism. The peripheral nations of the E.U. are effectively neocolonial debtors of the Core countries' banks, and the taxpayers of the Core nations are now feudal serfs whose labor is devoted to making good on any bank loans to the periphery that go bad.

The peripheral nations of the E.U. are effectively neocolonial debtors of the Core countries' banks, and the taxpayers of the Core nations are now feudal serfs whose labor is devoted to making good on any bank loans to the periphery that go bad.

The European Union established a single currency and trading zone for the classical Capitalist benefits this offered: a reduction in the cost of conducting business between the member nations and a freer flow of capital and labor.

From a Neoliberal Capitalist perspective, such a union consolidated power in a Central State proxy (The E.U.) and provided large State-approved cartels and quasi-monopolies easier access to new markets.

From the point of view of the citizenry, it offered the benefit of breaking down barriers to employment in other Eurozone nations. On the face of it, it was a “win-win” structure for everyone, with the only downside being a sentimental loss of national currencies.

On the surface, the E.U. squared the circle, enabling stability, plentiful credit creation and easier access to new markets for all.

But beneath this beneficent surface lurked impossible-to-resist opportunities for exploitation and arbitrage. In effect, the importing nations within the union were given the solid credit ratings and expansive credit limits of their exporting cousins, Germany and France. In a real-world analogy, it’s as if a sibling prone to financing life’s expenses with credit was handed a no-limit credit card with a low interest rate, backed by a guarantee from a sober, cash-rich and credit-averse brother/sister. Needless to say, it is highly profitable for banks to expand lending to credit-worthy borrowers.

Credit at very low rates of interest is treated as “free money,” for that’s what it is in essence. Recipients of free money quickly become dependent on that flow of credit to pay their expenses, which magically rise in tandem with the access to free money. Thus when access to free money is suddenly withdrawn, the recipient experiences the same painful withdrawal symptoms as a drug addict who goes cold turkey.

Even worse--if that is possible--free money soon flows to malinvestments as fiscally sound investments are quickly cornered by State-cartel partnerships and favored quasi-monopolies. The malinvestments are masked by the asset bubble which inevitably results from massive quantities of free money seeking a speculative return.

This is a colonialism based on the financialization of the smaller economies to the benefit of the "core's" big banks and their partners, the Member States governments, which realize huge increases in tax revenues as credit-based assets bubbles expand.

The “too big to fail” Eurozone banks were offered a double bonanza by this implicit guarantee by the E.U. to make everything right: not only could they leverage to the hilt to fund a private housing and equities bubble, but they could loan virtually unlimited sums to the weaker sovereign states or their proxies. This led to over-consumption by the importing States and staggering profits for the TBTF Eurozone banks. And all the while, the citizens enjoyed the consumerist paradise of borrow and spend today, and pay the debts tomorrow.

Tomorrow arrived, but the capital foundation of the principal—housing and the crippled budgets of post-bubble Member States—has eroded to the point of mass insolvency. Faced with rising interest rates resulting from the now inescapable heightened risk, the citizenry of the colonized states are rebelling against the loss of their credit-dependent lifestyles and against the steep costs of servicing their debts to the big Eurozone banks.

Profits are private but losses are public--by shoving the costs of the bad debt and rising interest rates onto the backs of the core-country taxpayers (now indentured serfs).

The profits from the euro arbitrage and Neocolonial exploitation were private, but the costs are being born by the taxpaying public of both core and periphery.

The Power Elites are attempting to set the serfs of the periphery against the serfs of the Core, and this is necessary to keep both sets of serfs from realizing they are equally indentured to the Core's pathological Financial Elite-State partnership.

Liberally taken from Charles Hug Smith Of two minds

What is Video Conferencing?

Many of us still envision Videoconferencing as a video call, maybe involving three or more people. But let's think of how it should really be. Imagine the following scenario with conference calls on skype: One colleague dials a second client, and right-clicks to connect on a basic phone call. (you can Check it out here) They decide to add a third participant who is also available, and are able to conference her in on the fly by dragging her name over the "conference call" button. The three then decide they need to review a particular document, and they are able to call it up from wherever it's located and edit it together, each passing and seizing mouse and keyboard control in turn. If all are equipped with desktop video cameras, they can decide to enable the video as well. The document is updated, the colleagues agree to the actions required upon completion of the conference, and the call concludes with a click. All this is not a dream anymore, because with a conference call (with the right provider for it) and using a data line, you can work in a virtual workspace by: - sharing applications - sharing desktop capabilities - using online chat (even though I hate this) - sharing a whiteboard - using audio and video communication - sharing calendar functions - sharing file and data storage - using an effective document viewer (for the most important text and graphic documents) It really shouldn't be called video conferencing only, because it can do so much more. You still cannot offer someone a coffee using the Internet, but with the right provider you can do more than one telephone call at a time and you could order a coffee from a coffee shop near each of your colleagues and have it delivered in REAL TIME... With the right affordable provider you can ALWAYS find a solution...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The "Communication Era"...

Yesterday, on my long trip home on a German train, I had the chance to experience the "new" way of communicating.
Ours has been labeled as the "communication era" and communication, or what they think communication is, is today’s topic.
Well, yesterday in front of me was a young guy of I guess 16 and on the other seats, on the other side of the train, were his "Kameraden" of more or less the same age.
They were communicating via the cell phone.
Three people, sitting a few centimeters one from the other, didn’t use their voice anymore...
I would call it craziness if I wouldn’t know that this is "communication"...

Anonymity on the Internet: right or wrong?

While the most wired place on Earth is planning to go against anonymity on the Internet, it is an unavoidable question asking if it is right or wrong.
Many believe that the attempt of the South Korea's government will fail.
On one end, the growth in Internet access brought online also the worst.
Seoul plans to introduce internet etiquette and ethics lessons in schools.
But the question is: can you control the Internet with a police like authority?
British MPs are already heading toward a similar solution. Members of the Commons select committee for culture, media and sport, which has made the case for centralising controls, say they want "a tighter form of self-regulation, under which the industry would speedily establish a self-regulatory body".
South Korea is doing much more. Not only will all sites that publish news be liable to the same restrictions as newspapers, TV and radio, they will be answerable to a government regulatory body - the Korean Communications Standards Commission.
The rules extend beyond websites to individuals. All forum and chatroom users will be required to make verifiable real-name registrations, while internet companies will have to make their search algorithms public to improve "transparency".
Most controversial of all, the commission will be given powers to suspend the publication of articles accused of being fraudulent or slanderous, for a minimum of 30 days. During this period the commission will then decide if an article that has been temporarily deleted or flagged should be removed permanently.
This decided on paper, it still has to be done.
Is the government able and willing to pay the thousands more people to staff the commission?

Happiness is in enjoying everyday's life

The true challenge of technology is how to get the most out of it without letting it overwhelm us. How to keep things simple but powerful. How to master technology without letting it become our master.
Here are some tips how to:

Focus on the essential. It’s important to take some time to think about what’s essential to your tech work (and play). What do you really need? What gives you the most benefit for your time? What’s not so essential? What takes up a lot of time without making much of an impact?

Do one thing at a time. I know. This is super hard when it comes to tech. Browser’s on, a dozen tabs open at once, switching between reading and email and work and IM and Twitter … we live in a multitasking world. But it doesn’t have to be this way. While there’s nothing wrong with having multiple tabs open, it can be very helpful to focus on one task at a time.

Have periods of disconnectedness. While I do most of my work online, I find it extremely useful (and calming) to close my browser and just work offline for awhile.

Don’t live in your inbox. Email is everything to many people. It’s communication, it’s a task list, it’s where you do your work, it’s your organization system. But if you work from your inbox, you are constantly being interrupted by new messages.

Schedule your IM time. If IM is important to your work, then schedule IM meetings, or have certain times of the day when you’re available for IM and tell your colleagues and friends about it. And have it for a limited amount of time and then end it.

Set limits on what you do. For example, check email just twice a day. Write emails of only 5 sentences or less.

Liberally taken by Zenhabits

I guess the secret is not in imposing limits, it is enjoying what you do.
Your life is yours, your day is yours, all the rest is just technology.

Tips To Make New Customers

It is clear that the serious and successful entrepreneurs of today, focuse their business on the customers. Whatever the approach may be, it is still the way to propose your product to the audience that will be purchasing it. The better you are in proposing or marketing, the more successful you are going to be. And it stands to reason that the more customers you have, the better!

But how do you get more customers? What does the word key customer mean? A key customer is somebody who will bring other customers. In every business, 20% of your customers can bring 80% of other customers. Most companies have customers who are more than essential to the success of their business, it is knowing them and treating them in the special way they deserve, that can make a success of your business. It just needs to be coordinated and developed and there are companies that can help you with that!

First, they will identify your resources, then cultivating existing relationships across accounts. Then they will provide training to sales reps, frontline staff and others, in building relationship channels to service those accounts. Web development, search engine optimization, social media, video production and design are also key ways to get key customers. That is what Heather is working at with her skilled team at Whale Communications Ltd. One of her recent successes is a segment on her site called Sonar Moment. Pacific Northwest based CEOs started the New Year with exclusive online interviews, telling their stories about leadership and business approaches. It is very worthwhile to check out these segments which are being produced at monthly intervals. Very interesting to me, was the interview with Q5 Innovations Founder and CEO, Sage Baker. She says that you can build businesses that make the world a better place, but you can also focus on making money at the same time, and not have to apologize for that. I thought that was pretty profound. Being non-traditional can help to understand social interactions, as much as providing products to view can help to sell them.

The key to success is focusing on your products as well as on your customers. Especially those key customers that can be reached with a business model built on commercializing innovative technology products.

Their Business Is Your Success

The eternal mystery of marketing is that it always works (when done properly) and it is essential, especially in periods of a stagnating economy. What usually doesn’t work is the DIY kind. Why waist chances and opportunities (not to mention time) just to save a few bucks? In principle it is the best investment you can make right now. Not only is it a matter of saving your business and your income, it is also a way to improve your revenues and build a solid future. But how? First step: Measure your Return on Investment, and Increase Revenue. How? By looking for the best Experiential Marketing Companies! THEIR BUSINESS is your success. They help their customers to better understand their business needs and to see the right path to reach their goals. It is not enough to do the right marketing campaigns, it is also necessary to follow them step by step, in order to see what can be improved, to maximize results. Experiential Marketing Companies captivate and inspire consumers. Their main strategy consists of: consumer targeting event planning program management field management. They have the knowledge, experience and technological savvy to develop tailored programs for any client or environment and deliver sustainable ROI. Experiential Marketing means Event Marketing, Live Marketing or Sponsorship Activation. With product sampling, mobile tours, acquisition programs, street teams, demonstrations they can bring new life to your business. They pride themselves in having some of the largest Financial Institutions in the world as their clientele, and if they were able to satisfy them, they will be able to help you to reach the success you want. The secret is transcending the limitations of traditional marketing, targeting the consumers and captivating them. If you are able to create a unique brand experience, consumers remember, and they are yours. If you still do not believe this, you can Check it out further and see for yourself the results you can experience.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What is Social Media?

Social Media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into content publishers.
It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism to a many-to-many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers.
Social media uses the “wisdom of crowds” to connect information in a collaborative manner.
Social media can take many different forms, including Internet forums, message boards, weblogs,wikis, podcasts,pictures, and video.
It is also the perfect way for what goes under the name "word of mouth"
Which is what companies who sell Social media packages are aiming to, for increasing customers and sales.
Social media is made up of user-driven websites that are usually centered around a specific focus (Digg = news) or feature ( = bookmarking).
Sometimes, the community itself is the main attraction (Facebook and Myspace = networking).

Apart from the proverbial purpose of getting traffic and attention for your website, Social media marketing also involves the process of promoting and spreading ideas and products among targeted audiences.
Social Media marketing can also be used as a calculated tactic to nurture feelings or goodwill towards a specific event/website or business.

Social media marketing is not merely about hitting the frontpage of Digg or any other social news website, it can be also a strategic and methodical process to establish your influence, reputation and brand within communities of potential customers, readers or supporters. If you are particularly fond of this new way of communication, you can also use your skill and passion to become a Social media reseller. How?
Finding the right company that will use your special skills.

Life after death (of copyright)

Or a brief history of how life changed after the dawn of the Internet.
It began with music.
There had been several attempts and attacks to the Music industry long before, but the quality of the copy was quite low and the original still sold a lot.
CDs sounded good and you could bring them with you in your Portable CD player, and the only digital music you could get was as good as your friends' CD collections.

Then Napster came.
Suddenly, it was like all those college networks were tied together, and you could find all this cool stuff online. It was easier and more efficient than record stores, it was powered by music fans, and, well, it was free .

Suddenly you didn't have to pay 15 to 18 bucks for an album and hope it was good, you could download some tracks off the internet and check it out first.
In a few short years, the aggressive push of technology combined with the arrogant response from the record industry has rapidly worn away everybody's scruples.

But it didn't stop to music.
Suddenly the whole copyrights' world is changing, the very own idea of copyright has another look.
The Music Industry had its own chance.
The chance to come to terms with the customer , the chance to evolve in something different from the old anachronistic, arrogant, monopolizing, power-hungry company, the chance to get the same increasing the number of users and decreasing the price per song.
They ignored it.
They wanted more customers and more revenues.
They lost the customers and lost the revenues.
And nobody pities them.

History magistra vitae, but it is a teacher nobody wants to listen.
If you do not acknowledge your mistakes, you are destined to repeat them forever and ever.
And Destiny will attack and win ALL the other Monopolies on the market.
No thanks.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Big brother over us

There are at least 10,000 buildings across the US, with a massive concentration in Washington, DC, engaged in ongoing surveillance of all people residing in the territory of the US.
Surveillance and counter-terrorism activities employ about one million professionals with top level secret clearance.
One estimate has it that every day over two billion emails are tracked.
And on and on along these lines.
The basic logic of such a surveillance system is that for the citizens´security all are being surveilled, or potentially so.
That is to say, the logic of the system is that all must be considered suspect in a first step in order to ensure safety.
Who, then, have the citizens become, or turned into?
The massive surveillance system built up over the last 10 years is the domestic companion of overseas drone killings.
Drone killings and unlawful imprisonment are at one end of that spectrum of degradation, and the rise of the power, economic destructions and unaccountability of the financial sector are at the other end.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It Is a Wild World Out There

It is a wild world out there, something you shouldn’t confront alone, if you want to be the winner. In the beginning, when the Internet was "young", it was enough to have a nice website, to know a few basic rules and you were sure you could catch 100% of the customers looking for your business. Then it became 95, 90, 80...and some could consider themselves lucky if they still got 10% of the traffic. But sometimes 10% is not enough, especially if you are small and your potential customers are limited. So, what do you do? One way, the optimal one, would be becoming a guru, learning all the marketing tricks, how to be on the top and so on ... But after being on the top, you also have to learn HOW TO STAY on top, and that means a life long learning of SEO and Marketing strategies. But who has the time, and more, let’s be honest, who has the skills? Then there is the second option which in my opinion is the best. For example you could give the job to a specialized company for website optimization. What can they do for you? They can "build" your brand online with SEO (search engine optimization) SEM (search engine marketing), web analytics (understanding your web traffic), social media marketing, and small business marketing. Not only will your customers find you, but you will be able to connect to them thanks to the Social Media. If you do not believe me, you can visit the site. You will learn how to approach purchase decisions in various industries, Why, you might ask? To learn how to develop the right strategy to reach them with your message. To learn how your message should be communicated. In the real world you might be a great seller, you know how to reach your customer, how to address him, what to say, how to smile etc. Those are things you cannot do online. You have to learn to use other means. It is your website that talks to them, not you. And it is the web traffic that can decide your success, so you have to learn to talk to them through it! It is a whole new world, and a wild one too. It is not difficult to win; you just need to learn the right ways!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

To be found, there are times you need help

To be on the Internet nowadays can be quite easy.
Gone are the times you needed a guru to make a website.
Now you find what you like on the Internet, just fill the empty spaces, upload some photos and...voila´...your brand new business is there, shining and alluring...
But, but there is a but...
Anyone can do that, it is easy, but to be in the right place, in the right time, for the right persons to be seen, for the right purpose, that is not so easy.
You might need help, and good help and the right seo consulting services.
But even that alone is not enough.
It is easy to reach the first position in the right search engines, with the right keywords, at the right time, with the right persons, for the right purpose, but being there for fifteen years, FOR FIFTEEN YEARS, that is not so easy.
For that you need the BEST seo consulting services you can find on the market.
Where to find somebody that can give you: Proven Track Record, References Available 10+ Years of SEO Experience, Algorithm Expertise, Personalized Service, High-level SEO Consulting, state of the art seo consulting services of an affordable price?
All those things put together, providing you have the right merchandise or the right services to sell, will make you unbeatable...

Monday, March 04, 2013

The Internet changes everything (or mostly)

I do not know if the Internet changed everything, certainly changed a lot in the way we live and also in the way we work.
Most of the jobs now can be done at home.
The myth is the man in his pajama who makes a billion dollars business.
It is not really how it works, the Internet doesn’t make you a millionaire in a fortnight, but what it certainly does is allowing you to work also without a fancy office. That is why they invented what they call the new york virtual office.
It is partially virtual.
In reality is a real one, but just when you need it.
Let’s imagine that you have a lot of customers that you mainly deal with them through the Internet or with the telephone, so you do not want to invest much money in a real office you would use a few days a month. So you would need a new york virtual office
But on the other hand, you still need a place where to meet them once in a while, to show your products, or to sigh important deals.
And of course you would like a fancy one, because as we say, the suit doesn’t make the priest, but it makes the manager...
How could you sell good products or quality services in a shabby and cheap environment?
But you can still have a nice place in a good location, with all the right furniture, even the size you need just for the hours you need it. That could be a virtual office new York
Suddenly you need a big room or a conference room, in midtown, for a few people or up to 100 guests?
Or just a small office?
You choose and you pay only the hours you need it.
That is calledvirtual hourly office.
Isn’t it great? Isn’t it just what you need?
Well, now it is available, what you need is to make a call and book it, any time you want.
It starts at $60 per hour, which is nothing compared to what it would cost you a fix office, and may be just for using it a few hours a week or a month.
But it is not all, it includes also a mailbox with the chance to check your mail and have it forwarded to you.
You can have your name and company name in the electronic directory in the building entrance lobby, share receptionist services including the cordial, professional greeting of your guests and clients, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Do you need more?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Should Italy leave the Euro?

Yes, she should and could live happily after...
"Italy, not Greece, is the country that has the strongest case for leaving the euro", says a new report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
The Merrill Lynch (BAC) report has Italy tied with Ireland as the two countries with strong incentives to leave the euro.
Why Italy?
Because, like other countries that are suffering from being yoked to the strong euro currency, Italy would benefit from increased export competitiveness, Merrill says in its July 10 report.
And unlike some other troubled countries, Italy could probably stage a relatively orderly exit, the report says.
Its government is running a small primary surplus—that is, not counting interest payments.
A bigger challenge is that it has a significant current account deficit, which means that it needs a constant inflow of foreign capital to pay its bills.
But that could readily change, if the exports, that now are at almost 50% could boost the economy with a weak currency. Italy would become the China of Europe, but with much better quality products.
Of course, export-led growth is only one consideration for a country.
The most counterintuitive part of the analysis says that borrowing costs would fall for peripheral countries, especially Greece, Portugal, and Ireland, because the ability to print their own money would reassure markets that the likelihood of a default had fallen.
How many Ferraris would Italy sell if their price was in Lira, when the Mercedes and BMW were still in Euros? How much parmesan cheese?
Or designer clothes or furniture?
Or cruise ships?
Or shoes and gloves?
Or tiles and sanitary?
If we still had our Olivetti, ruined by that criminal of Debenedetti, we could be first in computers too...
But who says we wouldn’t be able to be again among the first?
O.K., if Italy has a relatively weak incentive to stay in the euro, could Germany bribe it to stay in, since Germany would suffer from an Italian exit?
That is exactly what they did with Monti...
This is the surprise for the new elections...
A Comic that could say "VERPISSEN" to the German brothers...
What would the fate of Eurozone be?
Herr Peerlusconi probably knows...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Technological era

We live in a technological era, in which reality has given up the space to virtuality.
We do not travel anymore, we do not even walk.
We shop in front of our computer, we see places, visit cities and museums, read, listen to music, sing, chat, entertain, work ALL in front of our computer.
We do not talk anymore, we do not even write, we digit, very often symbols on our keyboard.
It is not anymore: you didn´t say, or you promised or you talked...
It is you smsed me.
Or you blogged.
soon :You videoblogged...
We gave up our intelligence to have back our smartphones.
The brain is the big winner when there is a brain.
Our DNA has never been so open, so clear, so visible.
We have no age, no look, no body or face.
We are what we write or what we like to be.
You do not detect truth by a smile or a twinkle or a nod...not even by trembling of the develop a sixth sense for pauses, for fonts, for capitals, for commas or for words used.
There we are: real monsters of virtual reality.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Get ahead with the right partner

Once there were the yellow pages.
All (or mostly) the commercial world turned around them. especially the local world.
Now people do not search on "paper" they have gone virtual...
From that the need to be where your customers look for you: on the internet.
Also for local searches?
Yes, also for them.
People do not walk anymore, they browse, and if you are not there, you do not exist, and more than ever, you do not sell...
The commercial relationship is based primarily on communication, so you need to be able to catch your customer, but also to keep their attention. You have to change browsers in customers.
For that you fisrt need experts in local search marketing.
They know how to do the right job, they work for you and better than what you would and you are not even permanently bound to them with a contract...
As they say they "create value, communicate value."
And that sometimes is the thin line between being successful and going bankruptcy...
In a world that is changing, to get the same you have to change.
To better explain how it works the Local business marketing, they have, on their website, a very useful and smart search.
You simply must enter a word or two that best describes your business category or service, then you can select your State and County.
And there it is: the number of searches that are made for your products or services...will you be the one they find?
It mostly depends on you for the easiest part.
You do not need to learn IT or be a guru, you just have to chose the right partner.
Who? The one who is expert in local search
In the total amount of 16 billions search on the major search engines one out of five of those searches is local in nature.
What does that mean?
It means that if you are not there yet, you should hurry up...or you will be left behind.
Do you know that it is possible to show photos and videos of your location? And that it could mean that Google gives prominent placement on its search, just for that?
Many other things you do not know could really make a great difference...

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The italian electoral campaign

What the Italian electoral campaign is lacking is reality.
All candidates, without distinction, are engaged in a race of promises and concessions.
All PROMISES that will be impossible to realize.
Sorry to say, but ALSO Grillo is carried away ...
His proposal of basic income is even more irrealistic of the most promising promises Berlusconi.
How does he think to be able to give a basic 1000 € to ALL?
Lowering the pensions of 90,000 euro.
He forgets the most elementar concepts of mathematics, the pensions of 90,000 Euros are hundreds, while the "poor citizens" are millions.
The money saved could barely allow an income of a few euro if "guaranteed" to all those who need it.
As it happened in Parma, where as a result of the promises there is the mother who has to pay € 1000 per month to send her two children to kindergarten, because the money is what it is and it must be collected where it is.
So the working mother earning 1000 € per month must give 500 to pay the tuition fee for the child of the mother who does not work (and could keep him home) and therefore has no income ...
There are two models of "government."
The U.S. model where you pay 20% tax, but the health care is private, the school is private, all services are private.
There is the European model where you pay 68% of taxes, but the school is public, health care is public,services are public.
They both worked well at first, then human nature took over and they both failed, so that USA continues to give nothing but increases taxes, in Europe taxes cannot be further increased so they begin to dismantle the "public" and begin its "privatization."
The result will be the same: high taxes and no services.
An honest politician should NOT promise unattainable things , but follow one of the two models and promise to make it working.
In Europe: do you pay 68% of taxes?
Well with that kind of money the state will guarantee health ', education, services.
You do not want to pay? Well, you'll have a 'higher salary, but it's up to you to save for diseases, for the education of your son, for all the other services that the state does not provide you.
Why, dear citizen, since you cannot have a drunken wife and a bottle full of wine, the realistic promise that a serious political should make is that he will do everything possible to guarantee either lower taxes or services that work (for free).
I wish I could vote a politician who talks like this.
And also the majority of Italians, because, believe me, they are not as stupid they want us to believe ...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The financial weapons of mass destruction

Amphibious invasions, special forces, armored flanking maneuvers, missiles, guns, those are the traditional tools of war.
They cost a lot of money and easily cause casualties.
In today’s war the only weapons are financial—currencies, stocks, bonds and derivatives.
We are in a global financial war that uses currencies and capital markets instead of ships and planes.

Derivatives should be banned except for standardized exchange-traded futures with daily margin and well-capitalized clearinghouses.
Derivatives do not spread risk; they multiply it and concentrate it in a few too-big-to-fail hands.
Derivatives do not serve customers; they serve banks and dealers through high fees and poorly understood terms.
The models used to manage derivatives risk do not work and never will work because of the focus on net risk rather than gross risk.
Derivatives are nothing else than financial weapons of mass destruction.
And as long as Banks will be able to borrow money at a zero interest rate they won´t resist the temptation to use it to bet and destroy, as soldiers in a battle field.
As long as banks will be allowed to use people money to speculate, as long as politicians will bail them out when they fail, we won’t see neither peace nor progress.
Our future, our sons future, our grandsons future is at stake.
Our war, the war against slavery passes through the destruction of this banking system.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who is the "troika"? Who appointed them?

You cannot be but surprised reading what our leaders and politicians say about Europe.
According to them looking into Europe you can see the light of democracy , and indeed any future government in Italy must follow the road paved by the actual European leading trio not to lose the view of this light.
The worst thing that can happen is to be ruled by mystics, visionaries, as they appear in fact these worshipers of superdemocratic EU.
But I go even further.
I think they are not mystics or visionaries, they perfectly know what they are doing.
Being ruled by the majority in a community, is not totally right, minorities should be allowed to have their saying, but that is what democracy is about: the middle way between caos and order.
I can accept that.
You have to make laws and put boundaries, and you have to accept the fact that the majority knows, even though histroy is full of disasters created by the majority...
But when the majority is a few people that can decide of life and death, that is called Dictatorship.
And that is what we have now.
The European government, along with its head, in the name of Europe, is NOT elected.
The democratic deficit was planned and wanted by Europe´s lovers because the will of the citizens would have prevented its realization.
They were inspired, from the first sketches of unification of Europe, from the most totalitarian model of socialism that was solidified in Russia.
It's called 'the Union', in fact, is modeled on the Soviet Union, and the United States of Europe are called Commissions and Commissioners decision-making structures, the same name that Lenin and his comrades have given themselves forming the first revolutionary Russian government.
Even in the EU, as in Soviet Russia, the Commissioners are not elected but appointed by the small group of those who hold the most power, and the only institution elected by the citizens is that fake Parliament, as the Duma, which provides armchairs politicians, non-governmental and not even affair talks during a crisis like the present one in which it was even aired the collapse of the euro and the EU itself.
Even the "troika," from which we are waiting, together with the Greeks, a judgment of acquittal or conviction, is one of the most profitable inventions of the Soviet rulers.
With the excuse of the fanatical obsession of non-existent counterrevolutions, Stalin and his companions had created the special commission to combat debt (pardon the counterrevolution) equipped with trios, also known as "sets of shooting," consisting of three people with power investigative and judicial, absolutely independent of which the public name was secret.
At their meetings they had no the witnesses or the accused, nor the lawyers.
Well, it's very similar to the democratic spirit that exists in Europe and I would like to know: who is the "troika"?
Who are the three powerful lords who stick their noses into the most intimate affairs of the Greek nation?
Who appointed them?
Under what democratic norms Greeks should accept the judgment?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Europe : a living hell.

In 1997, Bettino Craxi said:

"They show Europe as a kind of earthly paradise.
For us, at best, will be a limbo, in the worst case scenario, Europe will be a living hell.
So you have to think about what you are doing, because the most reasonable thing of all is to request, to ask the renegotiation of the Maastricht criteria, since we are a great country, because if Italy needs Europe, Europe needs Italy, do not forget. "

Now that we are finally in full recession, and now that our wallets are becoming anorexic, now that the privatization of the Bank of Italy implemented overnight in 1992 by the devious rat Amato and made definitive by the trio Prodi-Padoa Schioppa-Napolitano has become a chain, we are increasingly liable for the leeches of international finance.
Now we are, with our own taxes, filling the holes of the German and French bankers friends Monti and Passera, now that the financial Fourth Reich (it is no coincidence that the headquarters of the European Central Bank is not allocated in Milan, rather than Lyon or to 'Hague, but in Frankfurt) has succeeded in finally reducing Greece to starvation we should meditate on the Dictatorship of Europe.

What were the origins?

The origins are from far away.
A project of "perpetual peace" based on homogenisation of all people and all states, primarily those in Europe, dating back to the early Humanism and then passed to the philosophers of the eighteenth century to Kant who wrote just a "Project perpetual peace. "
It was quite clearly a philosophical speech, a theoretical hypothesis without any links with reality, but the politicians and the Anglo-American financiers have used them at the end of the First World War, to launch, under the ideal of peace, the idea of ​​a union of European states.
American-led federal union which in reality was supposed to begin as an economy and a global market.

What is the relationship debit / credit between the European Union and Italy?

I do not think we can speak of a give and take relationship.
If we consider the comparison between what Italy gives to EU in money as the share of VAT compulsory annual salaries and expenses with what it receives as aids or agricultural subsidies and other such things we are already in the minus zone, but we must add the damage of the loss of currency sovereignty, with all what it involves, and the payment of interest (seigniorage) to the bankers of the European Central Bank.
How to calculate the loss of its territory with the elimination of the borders established by the Treaty of Schengen?
The loss of independence of our country with the associated loss of prestige of the name of a nation and a civilization that has impressed from the time of Rome onwards, our vision of Europe?
Not to mention the loss of freedom for the production of its products, with the planned imposition of agricultural crops, the extermination of magnificent cows to the exchange of fruit that travels from one end of the world to unite Chinese tomatoes and Brazilian zucchini.
There is nothing to balance all this.

What are the dark sides the European project is hiding?

What has never been clearly stated by any of our politicians: the ultimate goal of globalization, one world government.
For all people, one language, one religion, one currency, one identity, one culture, one country.
Personally, however, I am convinced that globalization is not the ultimate goal, but rather the instrument for an additional purpose of which I do not know anything.
The reason I believe that globalization can not be the final goal is obvious: you can not keep billions of different people together.
Language, affections between groups territorially close, necessarily stronger (or hostility)also with distant groups.
In short, the equality does not last even for a short period if not imposed with violence of a dictatorial power (as happened in the Soviet world) and without dictatorship, of course the world government could not exist.

What damage did the euro to the national economy?

So large that it is impossible to calculate.
The single currency has been called "the heist of the century" but in reality only five or six bankers, those who designed it and who have collected the fruit, are able to make a calculation.
In reality it was plkaned that people would never be able to have an exact idea, mathematics, of what was going on, so that bankers could rely in carrying out the robbery.
If we focus on, only what we can see, we can not be wrong: with a monthly salary of two million lire any Italian citizen lived well, with the corresponding one thousand euro can not live.
But it is also impossible to calculate the damage caused by the anxiety of having to use an unknown currency, the fear of making a mistake losing what little you have, in addition the general doubling of prices was due, not, as has been said, by the dishonesty of traders, but by the inflation deliberately inserted to avoid the awareness of the people, that we continue to suffer without hope of recovery, while the ECB declares barely 2%, and that alone led to bankruptcy countries in which it was higher, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.
We absolutely have to leave the euro if we want to save ourselves.

What damage is producing the Schengen agreement on security and legality?

Each state has always been equipped with borders , but now Italy is no longer a state.
Which, after all, is the primary purpose of the European unification: the elimination of the States.
There are neither people nor customs controls for goods, which, according to the Maastricht Treaty, must move freely throughout the Union.
Immigration is obviously exploded due to a lack of boundaries: if one does not have boundaries can not accuse anyone of being in his house, or rather can not claim it to be his own house.
Every citizen of the Union may establish in Italy and have the right to vote and stand in local elections.
The immigrants came from all over the world almost invited because the common feature of all our leaders always was an absolute contempt and hatred for Italy and wanted to trample, to destroy the Italians.
They did it for two thousand years and continue to do so.
So that the immigrants come in mass in Italy, a land dreamed for centuries ...

Europe has failed even before beginning.

What has failed is what I think now visible to all.
It failed even before starting because the goal was political unification and the political unification of nations such as France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy (to name only the most important), with their own long history of civilization, with their own language, their own literature, their own journey of independence was not even "thinkable".
The various Kohl, Mitterand who wanted at all costs to the Union,started from the currency because they knew in this way they could achieve political union.
It was a case of operations "in theory", done in pure fiction.
"Europe is a bluff" as Prof. Lucio Caracciolo, deep expert in geopolitics says.
Yes, it's a bluff, but played in the guise of democracy, with the lives of people with their identity, their freedom with their affections, with their wealth.
A crime that still no emperor, no dictator, no tyrant had ever done.

Who has the "merits" of our entry into the euro system?

There is no doubt: Ciampi and Prodi. With the support of all the others, but also the fact that the left has called, in a surprising move, Mr Romano Prodi as its leader, though it was an old Democrat, solely for this purpose: to bring Italy into the euro deceiving the electorate, the workers, who never would have guessed that the left had sided with the bankers and capitalists.
TO Ciampi, however, the governor of the Bank of Italy and therefore assumed a leading expert on currency transactions in the eyes of the Italians, was given the task to devalue the lira to the edge of collapse and sell almost all state assets to bring Italy in "economic conditions" for Europe.
I can not even imagine what a special circle of Hell Dante would have created for these two men if he had the horrible misfortune to meet them .

What can be done to rebuild the national social and economic system?

Immediately suspend the Schengen agreement so that Italy can defend itself by all possible means from immigration and the allocation in our territory of foreigners of all kinds.
It is useless to appeal to the EU.
The European Union was created specifically to destroy nations, states, the identity of the people, so the migration is provoked and encouraged as the best tool to achieve these goals.
Italy must face this reality and, even if the politicians can not say so openly, relying only on its own strength and prepare against very stringent and coercive moves.
Our small area can not accommodate even one person more (at the time of the unification of Italy, the population reached to 25 million, now exceeds 60.)
There are vast continents and countries almost uninhabited as Canada, the United States of America, Australia, Africa, Russia so it does not make sense that those who want to change their country come to Italy.
At the same time with the suspension of the Schengen treaty, Italy should leave the euro, recovering monetary sovereignty.
This operation is recommended by many economists, both Italian and foreigners to all countries that have economies too different to be squeezed in a single guideline.
It would certainly cost, but nothing compared to the benefits of short-and long-term.
In addition, as the euro and the European Central Bank are the only concrete institutions of the EU, abandoning them, would be the concrete meaning of a negative judgment against real European unification.

Does Italy need to find the Italians or has already given up?

The problem are the leaders, rulers, politicians of all parties, the Pope, the clergy.
They are the ones that - I repeat strongly - want the destruction of Italy and tend to multiculturalism and internationalism of Freemasonry.
The people are not able to take the initiative without a guide, without a leader.
I hope, however, that someone will feel the love for Italy and for its freedom and so the liberation can begin.
There are many enzymes in the league against the dominance of the European Central Bank and against Freemasonry installed on the upper floors of Europe.
I also know, for I saw it by myself that there are small scattered movements against the euro, starting with the now classic party "No euro". The association "Free Italians " is full of people who want freedom from any foreign domination of Italy, including the United States.
We do not have the necessary economic forces to organize a party, but I hope that we can work together, beyond any ideology, to liberate Italy.