Thursday, November 30, 2006

Social Networking

"Connectedness is second in our 'top ten'. We have entered a 'relationship age' in which interactions between people are more important than at any time since the industrial revolution.
You only have to walk down the street to see how people are constantly talking on their phones. The mobile revolution has enabled friends to be constantly present with each other. "

Our era is also the "Social Networking era", which has its good and bad sides.
The Social Networking Conference focus entirely on the business management and marketing of a Social Networking and Internet Personals website.The conference is on January 15-16, 2007 and will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, USA.
As the Miami event is the largest industry gathering of the year, it covers all business aspects of the dating and social networking markets, inlcuding: new technologies, mobile, venture capital, marketing, global business strategies, partnerships, legal issues and payments.

Read on The Social Networking Conferencethe Full Text of US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES BILL HR 5319, the Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006 (known as the DOPA Act).
This bill requires social networking sites to delete sexual predator profiles.
Also, in The Social Networking Conference you can find the links for the Full Text of the Pending Legislations on Identity Verification / Background Checks for Social Networking and Internet Personals in Several US States

(Proposed and Introduced in late 2005, these bills define online dating sites and social networking sites as marriage brokers and require background information)
(Illinois Introduced this bill on January 25, 2006)

(Note: California AB1681 is considered dead as of March 22, 2005)
(Pending Legislation in VIRGINIA was also defeated)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Radio days

I am old enough to belong to the "Radio Generation".
I guess that was the starting point of today's communications.
In my family we owned a Radio much sooner than a telephone.

The Radio brings me back to my childhood, when I used to spend Summer in my grandparents' home in the country and the Radio at that time WAS the BIG THING.
Even more than what the Internet is Today.
Everybody knew what was going on, and the second subject of the day, after talking about the weather, was: did you hear this, did you hear that?

The Radio was, compared to the TV, which came later, like the book compared to a movie.
It left you a big space for the imagination.
You did not see the person, who was talking, but you heard him or her, and you had a certain, special image of him or her.
I am sure the ones who did not belong to the "Radio Generation" cannot understand.

I saw Woody Allen's movie about it some time ago, and I can say I really liked it.
It brought me back to those years and I was a child again.
Now a days many things have changed, but deep in my heart, the Radio IS still there.
Among the things that have changed there are so many new models and they are so much better in terms of quality that it is hard to choose.
There is a website:
Digital Radio
where a new Guide has been launched, it is called the Radio Guide to help buyers uncover the truths around radio technology and what kind of radio best suits family needs.
One can see what Types & Brands are available, where to buy them, and compare prices on the range of radio brands that are available online.

May be today's man is nothing else than a "Monkey shaved".

The ceaseless and frenetic activity-easy to mistake for purposeful action- without anything new to say only produces noise.
No new thoughts, no magic moments.

It is an activity in which process becomes product.

The true creative act is something else.
It produces something which never existed before.Whether of small consequece or amazing significance, it's usually generated by a spontaneous insight.
Of course what appears to be a spontaneous thought may well have been a long time cooking in the uncoscious.

" It is the sudden realisation that one has taken a lot of diconnected pieces and found, not done, a way of putting them together."

That is usually what happens in the mind when somebody brings together two sides of the same reality and by discovering the likeness or the unlikeness between them, suddendly makes a new one, similar or opposite to them...

And that itself should kill the copyrights.
In principle when somebody produces, or "creates" something new, he does it analysing or re-elaborating something old.

Nothing is created "anew".
All life and creativity feeds on the past and on the ones who lived before.
All generations ended up handling their discoveries to the next generation.
Probably the only copyright owner is a monkey living thousands of years ago.
May be today's man is nothing else than a "Monkey shaved".

Car Insurances

Every time I have to pay my car insurance I have a SMALL heart attack.
(the big one being when I have to pay the Taxes).
On both cases YOU PAY, but you never know if your money will be worth...
How many times we have gone into the same problem: we paid for an insurance and dearly too and then found out, at the wrong moment, when we claimed what due, that there was that small print or that comma or what the hell, and in the end:
Sorry, but you are not insured for that or this or whatever.
You pay and when THEY have to pay, there is always something wrong...

So, I was positively surprise in finding out this website:
Car Insurance
which is NOT a place where you actually insure your car, but a place WHERE YOU CAN go before and after and in case...
I will explain it better.
First of all they help you to choose the right insurance, at the right price and at the right conditions and they compare the insurances and tell you the pro and the against.
It also offers reviews for Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance etc.
Not only.
Choose Insurance also offers free legal advice to people who have had their insurance claims declined or have been waiting an unreasonable amount of time to have their claim paid.
It looks almost like a dream, but it looks true!

The two faces of the coin

There are two kinds of Americans (and Europeans of course, because we share the same TV) the ones who were brought up with the serial "Rin Tin Tin" and still believe in it, and the ones who wanted to know the truth.

Bread for my teeth

The polemic goes on:

1. Harry Says:
November 28th, 2006 at 12:56 pm

> ALL the USA citizens were once Europeans

I had no idea that Europe in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries had so many blacks and Asians.
Another example of how Europeans are utterly clueless when it comes to understanding America. Or maybe they haven’t figured out how to use Google yet.

1. Patrizia Broghammer Says:

November 29th, 2006 at 2:30 am

“I had no idea that Europe in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries had so many blacks and Asians.”

I think that if we Europeans do not know how to use Google, sometimes Americans do not know History.
The Blacks were IMPORTED there against their will, let’s drop a curtain on it too, (but yes the trade of the Slaves was mostly done by Europeans) and the Asians came much later.
That means that :
1) America was discovered by a mistake by Cristoforo Colombo, who, knowing that the earth was round, but ignoring its size, thought to reach the Indies going in the opposite direction.
Infact the aborigens in America were called Indies.

2) Since they soon found out it was a rich country they slowly took possession of it, in ways that today we wouldn’t describe as “moral”.

3) I just pointed out that when you are rich you easily think that “everything is due and your right”, which is NOT THE CASE.
And I am not an idealistic or religious person (or communist).
I am just objective.
And it wouldn’t hurt sometimes to try to see life from another point of view.
For example from the point of view of the ones who clean our toilets.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Looking around

I like to "look around" and read.
I like to read certain people's blogs, because I find them quite interesting and stimulating.
I like to comment too, because I cannot refrain to say something...
I usually do not report them on my blog, but today I just feel I HAVE TO...

Today’s NY Times gives us a j-school lesson in overcooked feature writing marked by barely hidden agendas and grating condescension (not unlike another story in the same spot in The Times that tried to make us sympathetic with a two-bit thief, which I lamented the other day). Today, Charlie LeDuff visits a Burger King in Dallas to try to urge sympathy for a woman who has a bad job but who also admits, way down in the story, that she “wishes she would have worked harder in school. Not gotten pregnant at 13. Again at 14.” Let’s dissect this one:

Off a bleak and empty interchange midway through the Dallas sprawl stands a Burger King. It’s past midnight, the rain sizzles on the parking lot blacktop like frying bacon. A young woman is working the lobster shift at the drive-through window. She is overweight and wears pink lipstick.

“Nothing special,” she says of herself. “Nothing much.”

Gloria Castillo is 22, married, a mother of two, a Latina from the rough side of Dallas. She is on the low side of making it.

The night is busy, and a mustache of perspiration breaks across her lip. She is alone with the fry cook.

Note the heavy atmospherics: rain sizzling like bacon (really?). Note the many ways to say that the subject is overweight and sweaty. He’s sympathetic to her yet also looks down at her. We bring you the great unwashed.

The customers are rude tonight, drunk and bellicose. One guy doesn’t want to pay for his food, figuring it ought to be free. If he had wanted to rob the place, Ms. Castillo says with a tight smile, it would have been easy enough; the window doesn’t lock here like it does at the McDonald’s.

And a literate thief reading the New York Times appreciates the tip.

From the car window, the whole fast-food experience is a numbing routine. Pull up. Order from the billboard. Idle. Pay. Drive away. Fast food has become a $120 billion motorized American experience.

No news there. It’s a big industry with lots of jobs, many numbing.

But consider the life inside that window on Loop 12 in West Dallas. There is a woman with children and no health insurance, undereducated, a foot soldier in the army of the working poor.

The reporter paints her as a victim, don’t you think? And he tells us to be sympathetic to her plight. She has a crappy job. He doesn’t yet tell us that she made the choices I listed above. She’s a victim here. Of what, I’m not clear. The atmosphere continues:

The fry cook sneezes on the meat patties. Cigarettes go half smoked. Cameras spy on the employees. Customers throw their fries and soft drinks sometimes because they think it’s funny.

So far, he has told us how to rob the place and why it ought to get health-department citations. More like this to come.

“I hate this job,” Ms. Castillo says with a smile. “I hate it.” It is her third drive-through job. First it was Whataburger. Then McDonald’s. Now here. It is becoming a career.

“Burger King pays better,” she says. Even so, she has taken a second job: “It’s a bar. There’s a lot of white guys in there. I go and clean the restrooms. There’s three restrooms I clean for $150, and I do it in one hour and 30 minutes. One hour and a half.”

Well, the job’s not pleasant, but $100 an hour beats bagging burgers.

Ms. Castillo is the daughter of an illegal immigrant who came to America from Honduras by bus 22 years ago, with Ms. Castillo gestating inside her. Her mother lives on a disability check now, and Ms. Castillo is the American who sees herself competing with illegal labor, labor that drives down her wage, she says.

“I never worked with white people,” she says while putting a cup of soda and ice together. “Everywhere I go and apply, it’s always Mexicans, black or Chinese.”

She surmises that the entire morning staff at her Burger King is illegal. “I can tell you everyone who works here in the morning works fake papers. No English. Nobody in the morning knows English.

“Somebody takes the order and then we tell them in Spanish.”

Ernesto Hernandez, her manager, says that he does not know if he employs people who work with false Social Security numbers and that it is not his job to know if the numbers are real. “Call corporate,” he says in a thick accent. “They have that information.”

Corporate did not return calls.

So now add that to the favors the reporter has done for this Burger King and its employees: He practically dares the INS to come and collect the day-shift employees and he doesn’t ask them whether they are illegals.

Whatever the truth of the matter, there’s a lot of ethnic friction behind the drive-through glass, Ms. Castillo says: “There’s a lot of hate.”

She hands the soda and a sack of 10 tacos to a guy in a Chevy who looks stoned. He doesn’t count his change. He drives away with one hand on the wheel, one in the sack of tacos.

A sign on the window says: “Burgers for breakfast beginning at 8 a.m.”

Hate is a strong word. Then LeDuff shifts from that to the mundane and uninformative observations of the feature writer. What does it mean that the guy doesn’t count his change or that burgers are sold at 8 a.m.? It’s a classic feature-writer’s trick: Empty the notebook of such details and act as if they mean something, even if they don’t.

LeDuff next proceeds to outline the difficulties of Castillo’s day — her pay, her schedule with her kids and husband, her efforts to go to school now, her habit of buying the kids fatty McDonald’s food: life. He concludes:

Around 2 a.m. work begins to slow down. This is the unpredictable hour. It could be filled with only the fry cook’s music, or it could be the hour that gunmen rob the place and lock them in the freezer. It’s happened before, she says. It happens dozens of times a month at fast food restaurants across the country.

Tonight, it’s music. Gloria Castillo stares out the open window, allowing the wet air to blow inside. “I got dreams,” she says. “I’m a human being.”

She looks at the crummy little house across the parking lot with peeling paint. “That would be good too, a little house. I don’t want much.”

And just what are we supposed to take from this story? Are we supposed to feel guilty for her fate? Why? What are we supposed to do about this person with the crappy job and bad choices and hate for the immigrants who compete for those crappy jobs? Who says she doesn’t have dreams and isn’t a human being? We didn’t. But it’s practically assumed that we did. Why is this story in the national section of the national paper?

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3 Responses to “Not-so-hidden agendas” » Blog Archive » Not-so-hidden agendas Says:

November 28th, 2006 at 4:37 am
[…] BuzzMachine […]

Todd Says:

November 28th, 2006 at 5:33 am
One thing that struck me: “I never worked with white people,” she says while putting a cup of soda and ice together.

Now, I watched the video presentation, and she said this. But she was at the window of the drive-thru. Did she “reenact” the quote for the video?

Patrizia Broghammer Says:

November 28th, 2006 at 10:09 am
” What are we supposed to do about this person with the crappy job and bad choices and hate for the immigrants who compete for those crappy jobs?”
“Hate is a strong word.”

Foreigners do not hate freedom, democracy or even the “American way of life”. It is the price other people have to pay for America to have that way of life - that is what has everybody so pissed off.

And just in case you didn’t understand what I mean, read twice the full story and think for a moment that ALL the USA citizens were once Europeans and they WERE not born in USA, but STOLE the LAND from the people who lived there before them.
And I CAN say it, because I am an European, but my grandfather was among the Italians who went to USA looking for a job and a new life.
They were allowed to live and bloom there, what they do not want to allow the new immigrants to do.
A good memory is something as rare as a good conscience.

The new challenge

"Indeed, they've paid increasing premiums for the opportunity as audiences have shrunk, because even in a fragmented media world, the largest fragment "network TV " is the most valuable. But now they realize that they are losing not only mass but critical mass.
They see the old model collapsing before them, and they have $67 billion to spend and no idea where to spend it. Because, at least until recently, the Internet has lacked both the riveting content and ad space inventory to absorb it."

What about a "NEW" IPTV?
Somethng Internet looking and TV looking?
What about following the people's tastes and expectations?
What about changing?
May be it doesn't work anymore the way it did...

Heaven society

"Meanwhile, every nation in Latin America continues on a hard-leftward course. The bigger question is why Eastern Europe and Southern Asia aren't following."

Because they already tried it.
In a moment when Economy is so bad, or it looks like, in a moment when people try to replan the future, in the Capitalistic oriented countries they dream of a Comunist heaven, and in the so called socialist countries they dream of a capitalistic heaven
The problem is that there is no heaven anywhere and both idealistic view have their good and bad points.
The problem are the people who drive them.
Build the perfect society and you will always find a bunch of "superior" crooks that will drive it slowly to ruin...
All the rest are "just" people.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Isn't it frustrating?

When I was little I had to shut up because I was only "a child".
Later I couldn't talk because I was only a "girl", then "what do you want, you are just a woman!"
I was waiting to be "mature" to be able to talk and to be listened, but now I realize I am just a "number".
As a "number" I count when I watch a certain program on TV, I count as a number consuming this or that, as a number when I vote (but I fu..ed you, I DO NOT VOTE ANYMORE).
When will I be a human being?

Why not starting your own company?

"David Cowan writes:

The winning recipe today for aspiring entrepreneurs is GET BIG CHEAP. Don't waste expensive development on untested ideas, and don't let a fat marketing budget mask a weak value proposition. If instead you tinker your way to scalable organic growth, you'll have a valuable business on your hands. Don't worry about how long it takes,just make sure your burn rate is low enough to accommodate several cycles of iteration.
There's never been a better time to start a company. Find a community underserved by technology, be the disenfranchised American teenagers, bored commuters in Asia, or small business advertisers in Europe, and repeatedly craft a better user experience for them until you GET BIG CHEAP."

And be sure to make your new corporation at the lowest price and where it suits you best.
What do you have to do?
1) Choose your company name
2) Decide who will be director, and who will be the officers (president, treasurer and secretary).
3) Decide how many shares do you want to issue.

Some states base their fee on number of shares issued. For example you can have 75 million of shares in Nevada and still pay the lowest filing fee of $75. In Delaware you would pay tens of thousands in legal fees. Some States allow only one person to hold all functions. For example Nevada is like that. You can be director, president, treasurer and secretary.

Many people ask what is the difference between LLC and S Corp? It is all explained here:

How much is it going to cost?
Much less than what you think.
I did it with Florida Incorporation but they offer incorporation in 50 states.
If you want to see difference in fees check this page:

What will the Next Future be?

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
– Albert Einstein
Since long I have hoped we could reach the bottom.
Reaching the bottom, I thought, would be the way toward a new start.
But it looks like I was wrong.
We have yes, reached the bottom, but we are digging trying to come out on the other side...
On the other hand, History teaches us good lessons.
Cristoforo Colombo, realizing that the earth was round (but not knowing its size), tried to reach the Indies going in the opposite direction.
He didn’t reach the Indies, but it made one of the biggest discovery: America.
So who knows?
Digging to reach the other Emisphere could bring us to discover new energy supplies.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cell phones and plans

Marketers are busy marketing things that they would want to buy, not that their customers would prefer.

The average customer is usually lazy, because has no time and no interest in looking for the best offer, the best hardware, the best plan.
He ends in buying the first choice that’s “good enough”, no matter what the price or the features.
He doesn’t read the instructions, the manuals, the specifications.
He looks at the outside and at the “look” or at the “brand”.

But in every market there’s a subset of geeks and nerds that like to think and search before spending.
For them there are companies that propose both Cell phones and plans to use them.
For the ones who are in a hurry and do not like to waste time searching on the Net offers a huge selection of the most known brands.
In webpage you can read all the features and specifications, you can compare prices and find what you are looking for.
And if you are not too much in a hurry or too lazy, at you can find the phone and the plan that can suit you and your family.
You can save money and time, because you find all in one website.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What is broadband good for?

The standard list of applications consists of e-education, e-medicine, e-government, e-commerce, and e-entertainment. Those are the same applications that were reasons for building the "Information Superhighway" a decade ago. Some have developed well, (primarily e-commerce), while e-education, e-medicine, and e-government and others in ways different than envisaged (with e-entertainment consisting so far primarily of illicit swapping of copyrighted music files instead of paid services).
Broadband is a great technology. However, it is poorly understood, both as to how best to deliver it, and how it will be used.
Currently, music and video file sharing appears to be one of the main drivers behind the spread of broadband. (It is certainly among the main generators of traffic.)
Most of the successful services, such as the Internet, World Wide Web, Napster, and search engines, came from outside, and most were made possible by the flexibility of the Internet.
On one hand the Telecom industry has done the greatest job in limiting its role to connectivity technologies, providing what users wanted, while users have contributed in providing content for the pipes and promoting the success of broadband.
Broadband, by enabling telecommunication, is encouraging the evolution and the progress and helping the boost of the economy in areas which would be declining.

The value of locality is diminishing in some jobs, which are then migrating to India and other places, where the cost of connectivity is not much higher, but the cost of working is highly competitive.
It is in this optic that Reseller Hosting such as Hosterio can offer much more for much less.
It provides low cost web hosting packages and high quality web services with excellent support besides reliable performance for websites.
A leader in Linux Web hosting, brings the effective web hosting expertise in online presence management to over 24,000 customers worldwide. His services include web hosting, domain name registration, reseller Web hosting, ecommerce and multi domain hosting.
It includes online site builder in all hosting plans making it possible to create a site within minutes without any help of a designer.
It offers a trouble free site with the unbeatable price of $11.11/year for worldwide customers and Rs.500/year for customers in India.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


They say necessity makes the man a thief, I would add easiness makes the man bankruptcy (or almost)
I never spent so much since I use my computer and my credit card to shop.
It doesn't even look real, it looks virtual at least till I receive my Bank's statement...

But that is, progress means also spending as much as you like and regretting as much as you dislike...

Recently I found a place where I can go and shop and in the meantime have a good excuse for it.
It's coupon codesa place where you can find coupons for the best shopping sites on the Net.
You can buy and save.
Of course it goes without saying that the more you buy, the more you save.
Now, Christmas IS close and I really deserve something new from GAP, which is one of my favorite place.
Said and done, I get 5$ off any purchase.
If I make two I will save 10$. Which is not bad.
I can find the use for 10$.
I could invest them at eBags and get further discounts.
Well, what can I say?
I can earn 200$ just spending...I think that is the nicest way to earn money...

The piece lacking in a computer

Logic is the art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the human misunderstanding.

Computer logic follows this pattern since computers are created by human brains, but what follows can be different.
I would define computer logic as "Rock logic" while human logic as "Water logic".

Rock logic is solid, hard, permanent, inert and unchanging, while water logic is fluid and flows according to gradient (context) and assumes form according to space (circumstance).
If you add one rock to another, you get two, if you add water to water, it changes shape.

That is the piece lacking in a computer: fluidity.

Family's discounted communication

In a Communications Era, communicating is getting expensive.
Especially for a big family.
Once, when we used the voice, the only problem was the noise of many voices all together, now, it is more a problem of cost than a problem of noise.
The world is getting smaller and this is the price we pay to make it smaller.
Either on Planes' bills or (the cheapest) on telephone bills.
And we are getting so used to the phone (cell phone) that it has become an appendix of our mouth.
It is almost like wearing glasses.
When you get used to them you are blind without.
Would we still be able to communicate without a phone?
We do not say anymore "I Will talk to her..." we say "I will call her...".
"Give me a call" "You can find me at 356..."
Once we used to say "come and have a coffee, I live"

Well, since we cannot go back and change habits at least we could try to make the new habits less expensive.
And the best way is to "Have a plan"like:
We buy calls in "bulk quantity" and share among the people of the family.
The more we are the cheapest it gets...
is where you can find or at least look for a convenient "communication plan".

The next step is to decide priorities among family members and the budget you want.
Happy "Communications" with:

Energy Returns on Energy Invested (ERoRI).

Well, that is: the return of investment when you write a post on your blog.
It doesn't necessarily have to be money, it can also be a high number of visitors.
That you can achieve writing what people want to read.
First people want to read well written posts.
Nothing can be interesting if you do not understand what the writer says.
For doing so you HAVE to write about things you KNOW and you LIKE.
Everything comes easier if you feel it.
It is something that goes from your brain to your desktop through your hands.
In a "communication era" this is the second used way for communicating (the first of course still being your voice).

Now you even have the choice to involve your customer's eyes.
A picture is worth 1000 words and a movie even more...

Then the more things you know and like the more visitors you are going to get.
Providing you have a good position in the Search Engines of course. has asked me to write about his page.
"Write whatever you like" (of course as long as it is a positive post, I think).
The whole writing is a dialogue between him and his friends.
At first you feel like an intruder.
But then you are invited to comment.
This is the impression I get when I visit somebody else's blog.
He begins the conversation and then tells me "comment" and we can begin to talk.
The website is the virtual home of somebody and it can be nice or ugly.
Welcoming or rejecting, but it is OPEN.
Which is the greatness of the Internet.
You digit the address and you ENTER and you can listen and you can talk.
The owner says "I think this about that" and you can say "I do" or "I don't".
And you can explain why and how and where.
The good thing of a blog is that you can listen and talk and you can just go away.
Without fearing to be unpolite, because nobody saw you.

So today I am going to write about your home: Jamie.
I like the small pictures on the top and I think the one there is you.
And I think you are not bad. Too young for me, too bad.
I do not like the green, I would have chosen black.
But I know sometimes I tend to be plain.
All black and white and grey.
Old style...
I like your writing style, even though I guess people like a touch of humorism, to be able to smile or even better to laugh.
But that is not easy.
As I say: humorism is in the beholder's eyes and if it isn't, well it's better to be plain than looking stupid...
I do not do marathons, but I love walking.
And I love mountains and fresh air and green scenery.
I guess that is what we have in common.
I also like the Italian Espresso or Caffelatte or Latte macchiato.
I am Italian of course and Italians are usually brought up with milk AND coffee.

What about Christmas?
I do not see anything original in your wishes.
On the other hand, I am not so original too.
I still didn't make a list.
I do not bother because I do not believe in Santa Claus anymore.
So why wasting time and work?
This is my second link:
It is not easy to place a third one, I do not know where, and I think that by now, the ones who want to visit you have already clicked.
Nevertheless this is the third one:
just in case somebody forgot and doesn't want to scroll to go up.
Have a great day Jayme, now I am going to visit (virtually) somebody else...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PR or Page Ranking

The Page Ranking is the symbol of a corporation.
It is not a sign of is a sign OF the quality.

The highest your ranking, the highest your value.
Because the highest are the opportunities to be found, to be seen, to be known.
And if your product IS also good that means increased sales.

The Internet is a big Mall where people shop using search engines as guides.
They bring customers to sellers and also sellers to customers.
And there is a huge literature about rankings, positioning, links and so on.
It pays off to be a guru of Search Engines algorithms.
The expert is a magician that can decide the future of your business.
They say it is not important to be the best, but to be the best commercialized.
And I would add the easiest found.

And if you have no time and no knowledge to be a guru, you should invest in a good company that can help in promoting your site.

Something like
Their SEO services specialize in increasing your companies website's marketing efforts and search engine traffic to increase online sales for your business or your interactive agency customers.

What do they offer:

1) Affordable Search engine promotion
2) Link Popularity Text Link Advertising
3) Keyword Ranking Reports
4) Self Service Professional SEO tools
5) A solid link popularity campaign
6) PPC Setup, Tracking and Management Tools

Well, I think you couldn't do more than DiscountClick.
And more, you would need a lot of time and experience.
Besides, Search Engines Algorithms change quite often and, I say this out of personal experience, as soon as you understand how they work, they change it and you have to begin again...
Believe me, it's a hard job, without the assurance to be successful.
And I really believe that it is better you concentrate in offering a good quality product or service to your customers and let the Promoting job to DiscountClick ...

Tablet PC, what for?

I have an ebooks website: where I have more than 700 eBooks in the TK3 format.
It is the only format which allows having text and audio and I honestly say my audio eBooks are certainly the best you can find on the Net.
They are perfect for people who want to learn a language.
While they read the text, a voice in the background reads it.
Some are really great.
If you like that kind, you can try Tess of the D’Urbervilles which is my favorite.

The only problem is that I agree, it is not so pleasant to read a book on the computer screen.
That is fine for articles, for news, for short text.
But usually, when you read a book you like to relax, may be in your favorite armchair or in bed.
Well they didn't invent the Tablet Pcs for this reason, but I am glad they did invent them.
With my eBooks on them it is like having a real book in you hands.
Much better, it is like having a full library at your disposal, when you relax, when you travel, wherever you like.

Talking about Tablet PCs, if you want to have an idea you can go to this website:
Tablet PC Reviews
Where you can compare and read all the details of all the available on the market (and may be choose one where to read my e-books)
There is also a support forum, in case you want to know more and exchange opinions or just read others' opinions.

I almost forgot:
Those 700 eBooks are completely free, I do that as a hobby... Have a look...

Third and last thought for today

The way to heaven is through hell.

Give me some GOOD light

Since the dawn of humanity light has been the conditio sine qua non for surviving.
From that the need to reproduce the solar light in the cheapest and most effective way.
Flashlights are since long the choice for outdoors, self-defense, military, law enforcement, and general applications.
And where to find one of the biggest assortment of flashlight?

streamlight flashlights

Best Flashlight Brands are SureFire, Streamlight, and Pelican and they are used for Police, Firefighting, military, hunting, and if they are good for them, they are surely good for fun and situations where you just need some light!
Here are some useful links:

These illumination tools that are powerful, compact, rugged and reliable.
They produce optimal beams — no dark holes, rings, hot spots, or shadows. SureFire illumination tools are the finest in the world.
U.S. Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and the FBI are a few of the professionals who depend on SureFire flashlights. But they’re not just Surefire customers —they’re also Sure-Fire research and development team.
Whether you need to clear a bunker or simply read a map, you will never regret having the best tool for the job.
Well, what could I say more?
Try them and I am sure YOU WILL SEE!

Second thought of day 4

The succesful diet is based on eating more and more of less and less.

The many problems of the hair

I never met one person who was happy with his/her hair.
And I think this is one of the most important part of our face.
It can dramatically change the way we look.
Color, haircut, volume.
I myself was always very unsatisfied.
I have a very thin hair and I cannot do much with it, because It is also very weak.
It goes without saying that I always dreamed to have a very long and voluminous one. And may be a lighter color.
I waited and waited, but the moment I almost reached the length I wanted I had to cut it, because I had such a sleek and poor hair that I looked terrible.
Nowadays they found the way to give you a wonderful, beautiful, shiny, voluminous hair and more than anything as long as you like.
The secret?
They call it real human hair extensions and it really is a great solution.
First it is human hair, second it is your same color, third it is attached in a way that you cannot see it and you can wash, die, do everything you would as if it was your own!
You can watch the video with the explanations in their website and you will be astonished!
In a few minutes you can have the hair you always dreamed.

First thought of day 4

Enjoy present pleasures in such a way as not to injure future ones.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Dating business

“The reality of the other person is not what he reveals to you, but what he cannot reveal to you. Therefore, if you want to understand him, listen not to what he says but rather to what he does not say.”

In a world that is getting more and more crowded everyday, in a world where people have more things to do than time to do them, it is easy to find loneliness.
In a “communication age” where the means of communication are getting more and more important, it is easy having nobody to really “communicate” with.
It is in this spirit that the Internet tried to give an answer to the need of finding the “right” person
Since long online Dating business have made it possible to “lonely hearts” to find the perfect match.
I personally think it is a good way to meet a lot of people and then decide what you like best.
You are not under pressure and can begin writing to somebody, becoming friends, and THEN decide if friendship could eventually become something more, or just stay a nice and good friendly relationship.
The virtual world gives more value to the spiritual side of a person, which in the end IS what counts more in a relationship.
You can be attracted by a glamorous girl and then find out she is a stupid bore.
And beauty usually IS not what makes your life different.
Loopylove, the online dating business based in the UK, claims that, if you register with them, you will certainly find what you are looking for.
Find love in the UK
I am sure you would anyway have a good chance, since they have a huge database.
You can also save your privacy and security, because matches only see your on-screen name. I honestly didn’t try it, because I HAVE a Husband and a quite jealous one, so it’ s better I forget dating…
But you never know, nowadays what looks forever can last just a few moments…

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scarcity of means creates richness of content

I won't say that our generation was better, because it wasn't.
And I am not saying that our world was better, because it was the same world we live in now.
We were different because we had less.
I loved reading, but I didn't have many books, at least I didn't have all the books I would have liked to have.
The big regret in my life is that I was born too early.
Had I been born later, I would have had the Internet and I think I would have been a little bit better, or at least I would have had more chances to be...

Nevertheless not everything that looks bad is bad.
The scarcity of means often means the richness of content.
I had few books, so I read them more than once.
And the second time you read a book you ALWAYS find something you overlooked the first time.
And I still do it now.
With the books I like. I once in a while read them again. And find something new everytime.
And not because the book has changed, but because I AM CHANGED.
You see more if you know more.
The big advantage to have a good culture is that you LIVE MORE.
You see more of the world that is around you, you understand more the people who surround you, you enjoy more everything.
The more you know music the mmore you understand the ones who play and sing.
The more you know about art, the more you enjoy seeing an artist's work.
And so on.
So, having less sometimes is the road to more...

Blogging today

Blogging is not anymore the right word, it is more a REMIXING.
It is taking a paragraph from here and a quote from there — or video from here and audio from there — to tell the story from a new perspective.
Nothing else than what we were taught to do.
Every generation hands to the new one its discoveries, so that one never begins from the beginning.
That is how progress is made.
"Stop thinking of that as theft and start thinking of it as a compliment. If you’re not being remixed, you’re not part of the conversation. And the conversation is the platform of the today. So feel free to set some rules — it’s only polite to attribute and link — but then open the doors and let people create more great stuff on not only your finished product but also your raw material."
Look at the Internet as a "Platform" which is everyday remodeling, thanks to this or that.
The job is also in reading and rewriting.
What is overlooked by many can be discovered by few or reinvented or just undergo a plastic surgery so that it looks more glamorous and more attractive.
All Internet is a remixing Network, the name itself means a work done by many, everyone of them with its little piece that can be his own invention or the discovery of somebody else's invention...

Buy today and pay tomorrow

The biggest folder in my outlook is the Junk folder.
And of course the higher number of emails I receive everyday should be deleted before arriving.
Most of them promise all the money I can dream of at such a low interest rate and no guarantee, that I often wonder why people bother to rob Banks.
They should just show up and ASK.

But today nobody is a fool anymore.
I always doubt when they offer me something for free or very cheap.
Where is the catch?

And when it comes to big sums of money one should be even more careful.
For young people the biggest dream is still having their own home and very often the only way to get what they dream is borrowing money.
But how and when and from whom?
Personal Home Loan Mortgages can help a lot.
They help consumers fully understand the ins and outs of borrowing intelligently, protect customer data through SecureTrust which guarantees compliance with FTC, DoNotCall & Can Spam regulations.
Furthermore they have an extensive mortgage directory, forums and helpful industry content.
I really think it pays off to visit their website even before thinking to buy a house.
Knowing all the details one can plan what to buy, how and when to buy.
For mortgages, mortgage refinancing or any other need concerning a mortgage it's better to know before instead of regretting later.

Modern slavery

"The coming convulsion we face in the 21st century is not so much moral but no less stark: the collapse of a faltering industrial polity in the face of depleting energy supplies. Like the earlier dilemma of slavery, our national leaders refuse to face it."
Depleting energy supplies are but the surface of the real problem.
Which is still a problem of slavery, even if we could talk of a different kind of slavery.
The "abundance society" is built on the abundance of food and technical devices that should make our lives heaven, but whose production reduces man to a bigger slaveery than before.
Bigger because it is hidden and inevitable.
We are the slave of a system whose survival is in the more and more production which is based in a bigger and bigger consuming to allow a bigger production.
We have to work more to produce more and we have to consume more in order to have the need to produce more, so that the economical machine can run.
We have to work more and more to be able to afford more and more useless things, so that we will be able to make a useless world running on a useless production.
The only constant and useless depletion is still the energy supply.
We should consume less and produce less, so that we consume less energy.
But then, how would the actual machine run?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Home remodeling

I am an age in which you start to think of remodeling.
But the easiest and biggest fun is redoing my home.
I usually spend a lot in magazines and books that teach what and how to do, and besides saving money it is much more fun the do it yourself than leaving the task to somebody else.
Again I have to regret to be Italian because (I already tried it, but it doesn't work)there is a web site I found out where you can win a home makeover up to $50.000.
With that money you can do an extreme house makeover.
And it really can make a big difference to live in a place you like.
At least to me.
I spent my life collecting antiques and I have quite a good amount of nice furniture.
But the best furniture is nothing if doesn't have a nice surrounding.
The room in my house I like best (and to be honest, the one everybody likes best) is the dining room, where I have the cheapest furniture of the whole house.
But I have a very nice wall paper, with matching courtains and pillows on the chairs and nice old printings of birds on the walls.
House remodeling is an excellent way to give your home a refreshed look as well as to increase the value of your home.
Infact that is the common mistake of people who want to sell their property.
They do not understand that a small investment can upgrade the chance to sell and the amount they get.
Of course it must be carefully planed.
Sometimes you do not even need an extreme makeover
Some basic changes can do.

I guess that when you plan to take such a step you shouldn't hurry and see as much as possible.
I never tried something without knowing how it would have looked.
I think that copying something you like is much better than just putting ideas together.
The few times I did it, I finished regretting I hadn't done it.
I always ask and try and think before doing something, even painting the walls.
"Extreme home makeover" is something you should never do alone.
Unless you are a professional and have the right knowledge on how to do.
That means knowing exactly how a color will look on this or that.
Another thing you must keep in mind is that the inside is as nice as the outside.
Sometimes adding a porch to the house can change dramatically the way it looks.
That could be "extreme makeover" that extremely makes over the outside as well as the inside.
And if you belong to that lucky group of people who lives in America you really shouldn't loose the chance to win an "Extreme Make Over" of their home for up to $50,000!

Disclosure policy

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. All advertising is in the form of advertisements generated by a third party ad network. Those advertisements will be identified as paid advertisements.

The owner(s) of this blog is not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners. If we claim or appear to be experts on a certain topic or product or service area, we will only endorse products or services that we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Pinks, Pinks, Pinks.

For the unlucky ones who have only the chance to try Virtual racing, Speed TV could be the way to BE THERE.(at least with your eyes)
It promises to be most entertaining and exciting. Almost like being there!
The number of 2.000.000 viewers per week, places this Experience certainly among the best.

On SpeedTV on November 23 (hurry up!) they will show the All day marathon at Pinks.

It will be followed by Premiere of Pink.

PINKS has become the most-watched weekly series on SPEED, drawing more than two million viewers a week.

From Wednesday nights throughout the summer you will have thirteen new weekly episodes of PINKS, that will be the "hottest car show on television".
Copying the settings of a classic 1950s drag race, PINKS will pit contestants in a best three-out-of-five format, and the loser will hand over the title (pink slip) to his or her vehicle.

Drag Racing Clips

Now you can have PINKS also on iTunes. Click the Pod (on their website) for more information.
Check out PINKS on MYSPACE! Get connected, download PINKS video, you can write to them and if you go on their website you'll find many more features!

So if you are one of the two millions or want to be 2000.001 or more you'd better follow the link and see what it is all about...

Of course this post is for the ones who care for racing.
But if you usually don't, you could anyway have a look at it. May be it could be more interesting than what you think.

Lose the Race, Lose your Ride

If 2.000.000 a week ACTUALLY LIKE it, it shouldn't be so bad!

This post is sponsored by

Second thought of day 3

Willpower: The ability to eat one salted peanut and STOP.


If for any reason you are tired of video post or video blog or P2P or you just want to give your computer a break, this is the right moment.
You can book a huge selection of tickets for Sports events, Concert events, Theater events with a good discount at:
And it looks like they also give discounts to bloggers on the condition that when YOU book you mention the blog where you had the tip.

So, if you do not want to do it for you or your girlfriend or boyfriend or something else, if you do not want it for giving a day off to your computer, (once in a while it IS healthy if not for you at least FOR him) you could EVENTUALLY think of doing it FOR ME.
It's quite a long time I do not spend a day at the Theater and I wouldn't dislike it!

First thought of day 3

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.

Antonio Master Impressionist

All the excitement in the internet world now today is:
• Content
• Connectivity
• Community
• Commerce

Content because “Content is the King“! Content in form of data - raw data, not something broadcasted from a centralized server.
Content seen as P2P. As something you produce, you get and you share.

Connectivity seen as a way to new means of communication. Personal and group communication. Including voice and video communications. It is the "long dreamed" video phone.

Community seen as Forums, chat rooms, platform to which the Internet users belong.

Commerce as new way of marketing. Not the usual advertisements that nobody sees anymore, but as short, humoristic movies in which the commercial is embedded.
Or Blogs talking about an interesting subject and then with links to one or more products.

This video could be seen as a sample of entertaining, amateurish video.
If you are not a professional you have to fill the lack of technology with the richness or peculiarity of content.
The principal aim of any video is showing something the customer wants to see.
It doesn't necessarily have to be a "million dollars" movie to entertain the viewer.
On the contrary, the shortness could reveal a quality.
You do not need to keep the customer too long.


Antonio Master Impressionist

The escamotage of the catfish is a good one. Something everybody could do, if he just had the idea to...
And it is also what makes a video of this kind different from the ones we are used to.
At the end of the day, I guess the new kind of IPTV or whatever you want to call it, will be a winner, at least among the Internet users.
It is true, Tom Cruise will still have his fans and go on making expensive movies, but it is also true that the day has just 24 hours and if in the free part of them you spend your time on the Internet, Tom Cruise will certainly loose a lot of customers...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chocolate versus Aspirine

My husband and I are like one of those old couples you see in Diner's movies.
The housewife cleaning (I am a little bit following the fashion, so I usually am at my computer) and the husband reading the newspaper (online of course).
Then the housewife comments, hopefully in a humoristic and wise way (wise because wisdom belongs to housewives).
"They say it is better for your health a piece of dark chocolate a day than an aspirine." (wasn't it an apple?)
"Who says that? A chocolate producer?"
"No, a journalist."
I didn't know that they had invented yet the PayPerNews journalists...nowadays it looks like the only thing journalists are still able to do is copying their collegues online (bloggers)...

Coffee American style

The trouble with coffee is that originally it was quite a good drink.
So a group of the most eminent American scientists put their heads together and made complicated biological experiments to find a way of spoiling it.
To the eternal glory of American science their labor bore fruit.
They suggested that if you do not drink it clear, but pour a few drops of vanilla or rum into it and maybe no sugar at all, the desired object is achieved.
Once this refreshing, stimulating beverage was successfully transformed in colorless and tasteless gargling water, it suddenly became the most popular drink of America.
You must not refuse any cup of coffee under the following circumstances: if it is hot, if it is cold, if you are tired, if you are nervous, if you are gay, before you go out, if you are out, if you have just returned home, if you feel like it, if you do not feel like it, if you had no coffee for some time, if you have just had a cup.

One glorious day some American discovered the Italian coffee, drank it and changed his opinion on HOW the American Coffee should be.
I still do not know why they called it Starbuck, the name has nothing Italian in it, but at least they were intelligent enough to keep the Italian names: caffelatte and cappuccino...
But if you really want to have an Italian experience in drinking a good coffee you do not need to feed them, you can have your own machine and make a superb coffee.
Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine used in the right way can prepare a delicious beverage, almost as it should be.
And you cannot even make a mistake.
Each T-Discs features a barcode that is read by the Tassimo machine when inserted and gives instructions to the machine on exactly how much water should be used and how long the drink should be brewed as well as any other variables that are needed in preparing the perfect drink.
I am astonished.
It is true, the Americans cannot make a decent cup of coffee, but they can still make computers which can make a Perfectly Machine Made coffee.
The only problem is that you will probably be induced in drinking too many coffees...

Thank you for your interest in PayPerPost. We are unable to approve of this post. The advertiser has requested for a minimum page rank of 4 or higher. This is what we found when we checked yours: Common PR: Unranked Common PR displays the URLs most common PR among all of the datacenters.


As it looks Americans know how to make coffee machines, but NOT how to find out the page rank.

Third thought of day 2

The preservation of health is a duty.
Few seem conscious that there is such a thing as Physical Morality

The joy of being poor

It is very difficult to try and remain poor.
Indeed one has to ask himself: is it worth while?
Let's face it: the joy has gone out of poverty.
It was soon after the war that the suddendly impoverished classes gained much in prestige.
Not being abe to afford anything made them happy; their eyes and their trousers shone with pride.
Then the prosperity descended on us and ruined it all.
It took the poor unawares and disorganised their legions.
For some years they accepted Prosperity with a sigh.
Gone were the book-keepers who dressed like bohemians; every bohemian now dressed like a book keeper.
Then, a few years after the initial blow, the revolt against respectability broke out.
Filth, dirty pullovers and unshaven faces became the fashion once again; angry young men spat at the middle classes.
But there was no getting away from it.
That damned Prosperity had caught up with all of us..
How to remain poor?
It is not easy.
To remain poor needs the utmost skill and ingenuity.(And only old-age pensioners and a few other unwilling people manage to achieve it- to our shame).
What else is left?
It is no use saying that you cannot afford a car, because everybody can afford a car (50 Euro per month and no interest).
It is pointless to allege that you have no money because all you have to do is put your head in your bank manager's office and he will throw all the money you want to borrow at you.
(I am always puzzled why people bother to rob banks. Can't they JUST ask for the money?)

How to remain poor then?
I can give you no fool-proof recipe, only a few pointers:

1) Gambling, I believe, is almost always safe.
There is no amount the horses and the dogs cannot take care of.
The safest way of loosing money is chasing it.

2) Try farming. Farming is safe. You needn't worry: it will ruin you in no time.

3) Then there is always the path of dishonesty.
I mean you can always fake poverty, just in order to keep the confidence and affection of your friends..

Being well-off, of course, is not your shame, only your misfortune, but some people will not understand this.
Not only, they would insist it is even better than being poor.
In case you do not want to believe me, you can have a look at this interesting blog where somebody teaches you how to be rich, or at least how NOT to become poor.
Its name is Free the Drones and you can find useful suggestions on Negotiating With Car Dealers, in case you want to buy a car,or Black Friday - Getting The Best Shopping Deals,or Tricking Loved Ones Into Saving.
All very useful of course if you want to stay rich or try to become rich.
But then...happiness is a place between too little and too much.

Second thought of day 2

Dieting: the Penalty for exceeding the feed limit

Tile floors

Why a woman would never throw an atomic bomb?
The answer is very simple: she hates disorder and dust.
Just thinking all the damages and work to clean I get the goose skin...

That is why I love tile floors.
Especially QUALITY tile floors.
You wash them once a day and they look wonderfully clean and shiny.

Italy is supposed to be the country where they produce wonderful tiles, and indeed it is.
But you can imagine my surprise this morning when I was looking for some writable post on PPP and found this website Ceramic Tile On Sale - Fast Floors and went there for a "curiosity look".
They have the biggest assortment of tiles I ever saw, with the most wanted types (at least from me, for example, the Glass tiles which are absolutely stunning in a bathroom, with bright and shining colors like that special turquoise blue I love,)and what is most astounding is THE PRICE.
YOU would never find the same quality in Italy at the same price.
Well this could be a reason why I would like to live in USA.
You can change the color of your bathroom for one third of the price you would spend in Italy!
And they have really everything, even stones!!!
If you have a castle and you want an old looking floor I think you should have a look here.
But you can find everything also for a small apartment...
And they even have a knowledgeable sales team to help you.
What I like is you can choose and think in your own home, and then order and get special prices for quantity.
I am really thinking to ask how much is going to be shipping to Italy...

First thought of day 2

A clear conscience shines not only in the eyes.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stealth Cam Hidden Camera

When is a hidden camera a good idea?

If you ask me: Of course, when I WANT to film somebody, something, or somewhere.
And of course it is highly forbidden when they want to film me or something regarding or linking to me...
You can always find the best excuses.

Security reason is always good.
In the name of security you can even start wars, having guns (and may be using them) and sometime even killing.
Therefore, you can positively be sure that you can use a hidden camera.

Another good reason could be checking if your husband or boyfriend is faithful. (But of course HE cannot check you)
You have the RIGHT to know.

Third reason could be if you have a son or a daughter to check what they do thinking nobody can check them.
Sometimes that is surprisingly interesting.
Moreover, it belongs to a parent's right to KNOW.

Even better if your children are still children.
You just "control" them.

Fourth reason could be checking your dog or whatever and filming them.
You can always try a contest with the funniest candid camera movie.

There are millions of other usages for it.
The important is that you use the right camera.
It would be really a disaster filming something interesting and not being able to see it rightly, because you used a cheap camera.
Another feature should be the ubiquity that just a wireless camera can give you.
Tell me: How could you use a hidden camera, if you had to plug it somewhere, leaving visible traces of what you are doing?
If you do something WRONG you Have to do it in the RIGHT way, using the RIGHT equipment.

Hidden Camera
can be:

1) A nanny cam (in the children room)
2) A spy camera (wherever you need a Spy camera)
3) A hidden camera, because it is wireless and hardly detectable.
4) A "dummies proof" tool.(even I could use it).

Third thought of the day

A good many people commit suicide with a knife and fork.

PS. It is time to go to bed, the first diet day has come to an end...

How to grow young

The only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.
Everybody knows how to grow old.
It's the simplest thing in life: you just let it happen.
It is growing young that requires a certain skill and also time and money.
The easiest way is faking it.
That you can achieve with plastic surgery and you can begin injecting twice a year substances that slightly paralyze your face muscles and in that way smooth your face and of course take away every expression.
That is called "botulino" and it is something that you can find in expired home made preserves and if you accidentally eat it, you can be sure you won't grow old at all, and also you won't grow young, you just won't grow...
Let us be honest: it is better to look a great 50 years old than a monstrous 20...

If you believe, like me, that it is better being than faking, that nothing is better than looking yourself in a great shape than somebody else in a fake look, you will choose less traumatic ways to grow young.
And if it is true that we look what we are, then if we want to look good we HAVE to be good.
The road to beauty begins from a healthy body.
The road to youth begins with a young body.
And that is something you have when you are 20 and you can keep if you are smart enough (and you know how to).
A good diet and exercises help and in the good diet I would include some antioxidants which help the cells of your body and your brain to keep as they are, without aging.

By taking daily two antioxidant capsules of an antioxidant like Proleva, you can fight aging at the cellular level, helping your outside look in a natural way.
I do not say you will look 20, but you will certainly look great and more than anything, you will FEEL great, and active and strong.
If you want you can:

click here to order proleva

Using antioxidants to neutralize free radicals before they attack your body’s cells you can greatly slow down the aging process. With them it is possible to age gracefully; looking, feeling and acting younger than you really are.
And we have four good reasons to decide to fight aging in the NATURAL way:

1) Our head is clearer.

2) Our health is better.

3) Our heart is lighter.

4) Our purse is heavier.

And if we are always the same age inside, let's it show on the outside too...

Second thought of the day

It's not the minutes you spend at the table that make you fat: it's the seconds.

PPP sometimes I love you

My heart melts and my eyes get almost humid, when I see those five nice words in an email in the morning when I check my mail.


Second step is looking which post and then rereading it and thinking, well, they know what they do, they certainly do. It was nice and clever...and so on...
Let's look if there is something else I can write an "almost masterpiece" about...

blog marketing

It certainly belongs to man's (in this particular case to WOMAN'S)pride thinking to be APPROVED.
There is nothing wrong with ambition and pride.
Having climbed, then enjoy the height. Do not get dizzy and do not worry about the few who have climbed higher still.

Most people are determined to give the world an idealized picture of themselves.
They want to be seen by others (and even more by themselves) not as they are, but as they are not.
Or as they would like to be.
And a payperposter is like a plastic surgeon.
He must be able to show the picture people want to show of themselves (or of their products, which is the same). And possibly in a not too boring way.
In a way that makes the reader arrive till the end of the post.

If he can do that and puts all the right links in the right place, then his post is APPROVED.

The second thing a PyPerPoster loves, (I am sure) is the Blogger dashboard, especially in the middle where, light yellow on blue, it says: "will be paid" followed by the amount the PayPerPoster thinks he will get on his account.
I guess the first: "have been paid" is not so important, and the third "sent to charity" even less.

What else does he love?
Of course the "New opportunities" where he can scroll and think of all the nice things he can write about this or about that...
If you have a specialized blog, the choice is easier, you just look at the subject, written in italic.
But if the PayPerPoster is somebody with a blog like mine which subject is:
VoIP (that includes all the Internet applications)
Myself ( health, food, sport, games...)
Life (everything)

he really can have a lot to write about. And I must honestly say that in this website you find the whole humanity in between 50 to 80 subjects everyday.
I guess a professional marketing guy couldn't hope for more.
You really cannot avoid to ACTUALLY find a subject on which you have something to say.

What do I dislike?
I know I should say nothing, that WOULD please the one who HAS to pay me for what I write.
But then I would be less credible.

First thing is that sadistic (I would like to know who had the idea to put that) verification in the login.
"Type in the characters exactly as you see them here."
I always type them EXACTLY as I see them.
And that IS the point.
The way they are NEVER matches the way I SEE them.

"CAPTCHA did not match validation"

That captcha sounds like a devilish laugh to my italian ears.
So I would propose to put something simpler, "dummies proof".

Of course the second thing I dislike is finding on my email the:

"Your post has been rejected."

What I do not understand is why in this case they do not add :

"Tell your friends how quick and easy that was!"
They could use the same email and just change the first line.
But, well, I do not want to teach the cats how to climb of course and:

PayPerPost has reasons that the blogger's reason doesn't understand...

By the way, what do I love? What do people usually love?
I love to be appreciated.
And one way is to get a revenue for the job I do.
In this bloggers and advertisers at PPP are not so much different.
They both want a boost on their website, one for the glory and one for the money.
So, I love when you approve my post and dislike when you don't.

And what do you approve?
Usually we approve what WE like and the people who think and behave as we do.
In one way you are supposed to say whatever you want, as long as it is something the others agree with...
But that, in my opinion, goes against the spirit in which this new way of marketing is done for.
If you want to market your products, usually you hire a marketing guy or a team, who prepares something ( text, video, music) that actually makes your product look great to the eyes and ears of the customer.
We did this for a long time and overflooded the market and the customers' ears and eyes.
Most of the TV commercials are or are not going to be so effective as they should.
In a few words the ROI (return of investment) has a negative sign.
Doing it on the Net has a lot of advantages.
First it chatches the attention of the people WHO ARE on the Net and ARE NOT on TV, second has different means to appeal to the customer.
One, new and in My opinion good is using blogs.
The main reason you do not have what I call "one size fits all".
Thanks to the Internet you reach a huge amount of people.
And not all like and want to see the same things.
The Internet can give you what somebody called the "long tail" or the "ad as you like".
The people who come in my blog like to see and read the things I like and show.
And they are not necessarily the people who go on somebody else's blog.
I explain better.
Not all the people who speak English nowadays are English or Americans, and NOT ALL want to read how Great and Wonderful America is or the Americans are.
So, you do not need 100% blogs insisting on that.
Or do you?
I always say the Americans were great because they went to the Moon, but Italians were even greater because they didn't even think of going there.
And you can bet there are a lot of people who think exactly as I do...
And I will like PPPas long as you will understand that what you need IS NOT one million blogs who say the usual, same "truth".

Thought of the day

If you don't buy it, you won't eat it.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The art of making gifts.

Alcohol is a peculiar way of achieving happiness.
Technically it is a poison and leaves bad after-effects; and it is habit forming.
Yet drink survives and needs no apology from me, when the majority of the human race, including many of its wisest members, have been defending it for thousands of years.
In youth it offers stimulus, in old age comfort.

I come from a family where wine was, if not the most important in daily life, at least one of the most important.
My grandfather never left his house to go to parties or just visit some friends (and he had many who shared the same passion) without a bottle of the finest Barolo or Barbaresco.
But his favorite was the Barbera.
I remember the time we went to his sister's golden wedding in Menton and he carried in the back of the car a full damigiana of the finest wine (25 liters).
He said: "Three days would be too long without my wine, and besides I do not want to risk to be poisoned by those "French wines". The only good thing they are good for is making vinegar."
Too good no French wine maker heard that, he would have exploded.
But in his distorted logic there was some truth.
You would never be able to make a good vinegar out of a Good Strong Barbera, while you would make a perfect one out of a light rose'.

I think I inherited his habit toward wines.
I do not drink much, but I always have a bottle of good wine as a gift to somebody special.
You can never make a mistake with such a present.
You can be sure it will be appreciated and used sooner or later.
Especially if it is a vintage or premium wine.
Wine is also perfect for corporate and business gift.

Or what about beginning to collect special bottles?
The cellar in my family was always a special place.
The living room for the special guest.
In Italy you think of decorating your cellar even before the bedroom.
And of course with this or that special bottle.
You can find all the rarest wines in this rare wine company and begin to collect them.
And you can have special prices for quantity.
You can buy many and you'll always have a special gift for someone.
You can be sure your present will always be highly appreciated.
Not only, if, as they say, wine melts the tongue, it surely melts the heart of the receiver and helps relationships. And THAT can be Strategically important in a business relationship.
Or you will be able to have a special bottle to open for a special occasion.
Or just a special occasion to open a special bottle.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Importance of Being Mobile

"The Personal Computer celebrates its 25th year. With more than 700 million users worldwide, it is one of the most important technological inventions of our time. The PC, together with the Internet, have for many of us become indispensable. As we look to the future, I believe that it will be the mobile-based Internet which will have an even greater impact on our lives. The promise of the mobile Internet has been there for long, but only now are the pieces starting to come together.

Look on the streets of almost any city in the world, however, and you will see people clutching tiny, pocket computers, better known as mobile phones. Already, even basic handsets have simple web-browsers, calculators and other computing functions.

There is no question that the PC has democratised computing and unleashed innovation; but it is the mobile phone that now seems most likely to carry the dream of the personal computer to its conclusion."

The problem of mobile phones is that they are too much phones and too little computer.
I think that the future will go in the opposite direction: mobile computers that will also be phones.
The voice won't travel with GSM protocol, but on IP protocols.
Because it will be less band consuming and so cheaper. Because we will not transport only voice, but also data and video.
The whole IT world is going IP.

The world is going Mobile...

What people generally like is to buy a full package.
Whatever you have to do, it's better somebody else does it for you.
Or organizes the full procedure, letting you do the minimum.
That is what I notice when I go on ebay.
Articles sell if the seller takes care of every detail of the shipment.
The best is when you can click and see how much it would cost from him to your house.
You can perfectly know how much it is going to cost and how long it would take to be delivered to you.

That is what does: Everything.
You tell them where you start and where you want to arrive and they will pick up, move, store and deliver.
Across the road, in your State and internationally.
They also can tell you exactly how much is going to cost you and provide more than one proposal from more than one company.

Find Storage Nationwide

Well, if tomorrow morning you wake up and feel like going to China for leisure or for work or for any other reason, you can decide what you want to do and how much you are going to spend.
They also can help you to find real estate or mortgages
But at the end You can also decide you'd better stay home...

The virtual life

"That said, take away their AIM or MySpace or SMS or whatever their primary form of asynchronous messaging with their friends is and they will start twitching and moan about how you've ruined their life."

It doesn't matter what you do or where you go, it matters you do it "together with your friends".
That is where the fun is.

I would include in that not only young people, but the full "Internet Generation"

We have two lives. One is the usual one, I wouldn't even call it real
The other is the "virtual life" which is in the computer we have in front of us most of the day.
Because the Brain, yes, it is what they say it is, a wonderful world and not just a clever machine.
Everyday we slip into our virtual world with eyes and ears and mind.
How can a man listen and speak at the same time? We have become accustomed to the rhytm of silence, we have learned about a new world.
To be part of it was not just an ambition, but was a necessity.
This new world is not the relationship of a man to remote posterity not even to a social system, but the relationship of individual man to individual man.
Everything is possible if you are able to get away with it.

It's a matter of a click and you can be everywhere, with everybody.

Socializing it's what they call it.
But it is much more.
It's being able to socialize or to be alone.
It's the way to talk and to listen in the same time.
Because the Internet is communication and discovery.

And if the real world is the one reflected by our senses, the virtual world is as real as the real one.
Because with our computer we can see, and talk and hear, and most of all, we can decide when to begin and when to stop.
And that in real life doesn't belong to us...

Friday, November 10, 2006


If competition is the mother of progress, paying more is certainly the father of a new "review business".

As I wrote some time ago, the advertisement of the future won't be the one we are used to.
For the simple reason that since "we are used to" it isn't effective anymore.
And "advertisers want customers, not clicks".
And YOU HAVE to satisfy advertisers.
The advertisement of the future will be embedded in something the possible client wants to read or to see or to listen to.
It can be a movie, where the main carachter eats or drinks, or telephones or whatever, with the stuff you want to advertise.
But that is not for everybody, at least not for now.
Or it can be a song or IT CAN BE A BLOG.

That is what I am going to advertise.
A blog that can "review" in his posts what they pay him for.

And since he is free to choose what to review or not review, it won't necessarily be the kind of advertisement slavishly imitating the American style of breathless superlatives, with all their silly implications (buy our shampoo and you'll get a husband; buy our perfume and you are sure to be attacked by hungry males).

The effect of these advertisements will be vastly improved because they will be more realistic.
Some ads, for example, could be given an undertone of gambling:

XYZ is a brand new SEO.It can help you in your search. Or of course it may not. Who can tell? Try it. You may be lucky. The odds against you are only 3 to 1.


Try your luck on BMX Best Food & Recipes. Most people detest it, You may be an exception.

Or appeal to man's sense of fairness:

S.O.S They are doing badly. Business is rotten, Buy DV Hardware and give them a chance.
Honestly they are not much worse than other makes.

Or, just using moderate language.
Making no extravagant claims; being vague and incoherent, in other words, being natural:

This new chocolate is rather nourishing.
Never mind the taste.

Or else, directly inviting the reader:
Can you tell the difference between XYZ margarine and XYZ hair tonic? I can't...

I hope I gave you an idea of what Review me is.
And of course I am even paid to explain it.
Isn't it great?

Free, Free'r, Free'st

If there is one word to warm people's heart that is Free.
Say it and millions will run behind you, even pay, if they have to, to have something for Free.

If you make a statistic of the most used words on a search engine, Free is one of the most written (shortly after SEX).
If you want to promote a web page or a blog or whatever, just mention: it is Free.
And if it is Free, why not trying it?
What was lacking was a place where all the free stuff was mentioned, divided by gender, availability, in a word: really (freely)ready and accessible ...

Well, said and done.
free stuff

There you can find everything, hundreds of free articles on topics like "free stuff for babies" "free wedding stuff" "free food" "free coupons" "free stuff for pets" and not only the articles (yes, I know skepticism ) also the links to get them (for free of course)

Get free samples sent monthly of brands like Welch's Fruit Snacks, Kleenex, NeoSporin, Bounce Fabric Softener, Tylenol, Centrum, Acuvue, Nature Made, Planters Peanuts, Banana Boat Sun Screen, Kraft Dressing, Purell, and more!

FREE GROCERIES,FREE COSMETICS KIT,FREE IPOD (I didn't check this, but I wouldn't be 100% sure they really mean IPOD)

If you're really looking for something free (or if you are not, but you could eventually be) THIS is the place to visit.
An orange is a lemon that had the chance to get some sugar for free and took advantage out of it...

Monopolists and VoIP

Monopolists who fear competition and who distrust democracy because it stands for equal opportunity would like to secure their position against small and energetic enterprise [companies]. In an effort to eliminate the possibility of any rival growing up, some monopolists would sacrifice democracy itself.

Their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.

The problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the lies to deceive the public into giving them and their group more money or more power.

There are two main reasons why they didn't discuss or stop VoIP in Europe:
they under evaluate its power and thus do not fear it.

Wisdom is in the beholder's eyes

"If I'd known I was gonna live so long I'd taken better care of myself."

That is what my mother (82, soon 83) says everytime she has problems with her lungs or Throat, everytime she has problem with her heart or her pressure.

She began smoking when she was 16 and never stopped.
She smoked because at that time a woman smoker was a liberated woman.
That was what normal girls did'nt do and my mother didn't want to be a "normal girl".

She didn't understand that common wisdom and not fashion should teach how to live.

At that time most didn't know how unhealty smoking was and the few who knew had every interest to shut up.
At that time free speech didn't mean wide spread knowledge, and wide spread knowledge did't include free speech.

But today you can share your experience and prevent dangerous damage to your health.
You could use the Internet to share your wisdom.
They call it: Help others by sharing 1 piece of health wisdom at and surely this could be a good beginning.
OrganizedWisdom is a collaborative health information community, combining professional and user-generated health content with social networking technologies to help people make the most informed health decisions possible.
It is a place where individuals, families, health care providers and organizations come together to share wisdom, philosophies and lesson learned.

And the Internet, the most powerful mean of communication and sharing of ideas and experiences is also THIS.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

IPTV or Internet TV or tVadio

tVadio, at

If this IS IPTV or Internet TV I think that Berlusconi can still sleep.
If this should be competition to TV I think that for the moment there is NO competiton.

I do not see any difference with Youtube or Google Video, except for the fact that it took me around one hour to download the necessary software.
It took me longer because I installed the latest version of Microsoft Net Framework, as suggested.
Then I found out that I had to have the previous one.
So I had to disinstall it and begin the procedure again.

The window is quite small and if you try Full Screen you almost cannot see what is playing and, if you do, it is such a quality that you wouldn't be able to enjoy anything.
As I pointed out many times, on one side we are getting more and more spoiled, with high definition and big screens, perfect audio and on the other end they want to convince us that people will enjoy looking at a movie on a small cell phone screen.
But at least a cell phone gives you the ubiquity that a Tv screen cannot give you (but then, do you really need to look at TV everywhere and anytime?)

I really do not see a good improvement in looking TV on a computer screen, badly streamed on the Internet, consuming bandwidth and time...

Grid Computing

Grid computing is a software that can use the power and memory and storage of many computers large and small around the campus or around the world to solve massive computing tasks.

The grid architecture will become an extension of web services. It will use all the common items like XML, URI etc and will run on the Internet. It will use IP packets.

It will be a few years before the traffic from Grid computing hits the Internet in a big way. Because by then many grid services will use interactions betweens dozens of supercomputers and thousands of servers and PCs the traffic could be unbelievable.

Blade Server

With centralised computing continuing to gain in popularity among enterprises, the lower-cost offering will allow ClearCube to tap into new markets.

"And the desktop virtualisation capabilities enabled by these hardware products creates an even more compelling reason for businesses to embrace centralised computing."

The new Model A1010 PC blade uses an Intel Pentium 4 Model 531 processor, 80GB Serial ATA hard drive and 512MB of DDR memory.

It is compatible with any access device capable of running Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), including tablets and PDAs.

The new I8330 I/Port uses Transparent Desktop eXtension technology in place of RDP to improve video and multimedia performance, and to enable transparent USB device redirection over Ethernet.

And if the future is Grid Computing it is also the anavoidable need for an enterprise of a centralized connection and control of all its PCs.

American marketing

Americans are great and convincing in marketing.
Great because they think big.
They do not commercialize a cake or a car or any specifical product, they are great because they dared what nobody ever thought to market: The Stock market.

They began commercializing themselves and the American dream.
If you dare and dare big, then America will give you all the chances.
And indeed we saw that it worked.
Many got rich, very rich, powerful, very powerful.
What they never reported is the number of the ones who dared, dared big, and didn't make it.

In the 90'the American Dream found its best resource in the new emerging revolutionary communication mean that was the Internet.
To explain its fast growth they invented the Metcalfe's law, which appeal to Moore's law and said that "the value of a network would increase quadratically—proportionately to the square of the number of its participants" and gave an air of credibility to the mad rush for growth and the neglect of profitability.
The law was named in 1993 by George Gilder, publisher of the influential Gilder Technology Report. Like Moore's Law, which states that the number of transistors on a chip will double every 18 to 20 months, Metcalfe's Law is a rough empirical description, not an immutable physical law.
" A few very successful dot-coms did exploit the power of the Internet to provide services that today yield great profits. But when we look beyond that handful of spectacular successes, we see that, overall, the law's devotees didn't fare well. For every Yahoo or Google, there were dozens, even hundreds, of Pets.coms, EToys, and Excite@Homes, each dedicated to increasing its user base instead of its profits, all the while increasing expenses without revenue."

We would, more than an empirical law, need a statistic about how many made "the American dream of the Metcalfe's law"

"Because of the mind-set created, at least in small part, by Metcalfe's Law, even the stocks of rock-solid companies reached absurd heights before returning to Earth. The share price of Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif., for example, fell 89 percent—a loss of over US $580 billion in the paper value of its stock—between March 2000 and October 2002. And the rapid growth of AOL, which Andreessen attributed to Metcalfe's Law, came to a screeching halt; the company has struggled, to put it mildly, in the last few years."

About enjoying simple joys

It is important that you should learn to enjoy simple joys, because that is the secret of Life.
Many do not understand the pleasure in collecting rare butterflies when rare butterflies are rare and they cannot collect many in any case, or the ambition of grown-up persons to push a little ball into a small hole.
But everybody would understand the pleasant feeling of celebrating Thanksgiving with old fashioned cakes like Eggnog Cake So delicious you would like to have them also to celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas...or just any excuse you can find...
You find all you can dream of at:
Thanksgiving Treats.

If food is the most primitive form of comfort, good food is the best.

The Internet: the all purpose network. Internet: the network of networks

The Telecom network was a voice network.
The wires were voice wires. The switches were voice switches.
You can say the same for TV.
The system was specialized for broadcasting video entertainment.
These were special-purpose networks.
The Internet, in sharp contrast, is a general-purpose network.
It will carry anything.
The Internet can carry voice or video or financial data or email or pictures.
The decision "What to carry," is made in its edges. The decision of "How to use the network," is in the hands of the end user. This is a direct consequence of the Internet's architecture.
The Internet's job is internetworking.
That is, the Internet is a network of networks -- the Internet Protocol is designed to span the various component networks and to ignore the network specific details.
This fact makes the telephone-company, cable TV, Satellite TV business model old. It also makes the Internet the huge success, the integral part of our lives that it is today.
The Communications Revolution is not over. In fact, we're still at the early beginning.
And not only communication, also entertainment, news, media, literature, music.

The choice is up to the user and especially is up to the Internet Provider.
Content is the Key Word, content will be the training Key of the near Future.

Who is going to be the next Bill Gates?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

If a computer could talk, we wouldn't understand it

I think that is it.
The secret of a succesful search engine.
Natural language or sketchy "keywordese" inputs?
The goal is translating the way we talk in a language the computer's software understands.
The main problem is that it is only through our instinctive and shared expressions of inner feelings that we are able to share thoughts with others.
Just as a structuring of noise can create music, so the composition of a painting can create a comprehensive work of art rather than a meaningless colourful mess.
The purpose of language is to convey ideas and informations from one head to another.

So, how to find the right language to be understood and understand a computer?
Probably the computer is too simple to understand the complexity of our meanings and we are too complex to find the right expressions to be understood.
The search engine is somehow something in between and should tell the database what we want to know and answering displaying the right link.

We have to find a simpler language and the computer has to become a little more sophisticated.
That's all for today...