Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Internet should be really "Global"

The recent NSA revelations question the US role in the Internet.
The European Union's executive is calling for a more international and less dominated by America Internet.
The first step should be a shift away from the California-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), which is subject to US law, is contracted by the US administration and is empowered to supervise how digital traffic operates.
"Given the US-centric model of internet governance currently in place, it is necessary to broker a smooth transition to a more global model while at the same time protecting the underlying values of open multi-stakeholder governance …"
"Large-scale surveillance and intelligence activities have led to a loss of confidence in the internet and its present governance arrangements."
The European institution calls also against increasing governmental attempts to control the internet, as in China, Russia, Iran and increasingly Turkey, which passed a stringent law last week curbing online freedoms.
There fundamental freedoms and human rights are on stake.
Also every decision over domain names and IP addresses shouldn't be monopolized.
"The next two years will be critical in redrawing the global map of internet governance,"
"Governments are trying to bring the internet under national control. States like Russia and China use the argument of increasing cyber-security to increase control over their own population. Organisations such as Icann, which registers domain names worldwide, currently function under US law. That has to change."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How money "flows"from bottom to top

It took me sometime, but finally I have a clear picture.
It is always the same pattern, the same tricks.
I am talking about the major crisis of 1929 1990 2000 2008 and the very next one I still do not know when.
First the FED increases the monetary mass let'say 60% or more, lowers interest rates to almost nothing.
This money goes to the market (easy credit), creates prosperity and surplus that people invest in a brand new bubble created by Wall Street.
In 1920 was the stock market bubble, 1990 2000 Enron and internet bubble, 200 2008 mortgage and derivatives (CDO CDS) bubble.
Next step is suddenly withdrawing all the money from the market.
No credit means the one who borrowed has to sell.
If everybody sells the market crashes.
They say: today these billions were burned in the market.
Nothing is burned, it is simply transferred from the mass to the elite.
That is why they get richer and richer and we get poorer and poorer.
The final transfer, has yet to come, but it is close....

Saturday, February 08, 2014

F##k EU: welcome to the real world of Geopolitics

Welcome to the real world of diplomacy behind close doors.
This is the proof of USA and EU behind other people's politic, this is what they care about democracy of other countries.
This is the new face of colonialism, the one adopted in all states of South America.
This is the proof of what since long time the government of UKRAINE suspected.
The USA and the EU are heavily involved and interferring with politics of that country.
That phone call undermines all claims of transparency, democracy building, THESE are all ideological efforts to influence politics in other countries.
This is what the USA has been doing for decades, it also shows how casually they can talk about politics of another country, where they have no legitimate way of influencing, this is what they do, this is the real way of geopolitics.
The real people are the real victims here, what the country would need is reconciliation, but the USA and EU make that compromise impossible, the Ukrainian people have no real option in the elite of both sides.
The people in the EU institution should really worry that they are second players.
The US doesn't regard the Europeans as allies, it is just corporate convenience, but when they choose, they will just drop them as easily...

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Looking like an expert even without being one

Finding a job now a day is not so easy, and if you are a woman, who needs to find it not too far from home and also has a family...
That was my friend Laura's case and I guess she was very intelligent and lucky to find the right one.
She liked computers and Internet, she knew how to make a website and how to improve it, so, what was better than becoming a SEO reseller?
And may be working for an important company, one with experience dealing with companies like Coca Cola, Ford, General electric...
Could you look for something better?
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Good luck Laura!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Small is ugly

Do you remember when small was beautiful?
Well, now the fashion or trend or whatever you want to call it, is that big is beautiful.
The bigger the better.
Even More Too Big to fail, that is the new big standard.
Many small, local banks?
No, just a few, very big.
Unite, absorb, kill, close bancroupt...till you get too big to fail.
Small big nations, united nations of...?
No, the super state. The one too big to fail.
Many currencies?
No, one only currency, the one too big to fail.
It won't last.
Because the world IS NOT mathematics, the world is made by Humans.
And humans do not work to make the others rich, they work to make themselves rich.
Humanity doesn't evolve because one man works for humanity, it evolves because one man works to make a better world for himself and his family.
The Medieval times were called the dark age, because nothing came out of them.
The Renaissance, those where the days of the city state, the artists, the scientists.
That was America, with the real healthy capitalism.
What America is now is the Dark Ages.