Monday, January 31, 2011

Without eating also the best brain cannot think...

"We've created a whole society with culture and institutions around the idea that people exist to serve the economy. That's a misplaced priority.” – David Korten

You are wrong.
If economy is what feed us and our children, as it always was and it always will be, we people serve the economy.
Very often in a society of overfed we tend to forget that without eating also the best brain cannot think...

The merger of State and Corporate power was called Fascism

Mussolini presented himself like a "socialist" he gained his first consensus from the "mass".
But he understood very soon where the power was: the big corporations.
All politicians tend to favor this or that depending on the "political contributions" to their campaign, but the last governments have been nothing else than puppets in the hands of the real power.
Once the power was essentially in industry, now it is in finance.
The "smart people" have succeeded in making the power of money stronger than the power of what money produces.

We live in a world that has gone virtual, where the "package" has more value than what is inside.
Marketing is nothing else than transforming a superfluous thing in necessity, a worthless stuff in the object of desire.
If the iPhone didn’t look so nice, was not so commercially pushed as it is, people would just see it for what it is: a simple cell phone with some additional features.

And this is valid for many other marketing "successes".

Who wonders if people believe that money itself has more power than the things you can do with it?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cui profit?

"The US is not profiting from their meddling in the Middle East, far from it."

In Europe they are beginning to ask: why are we in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Cui profit?

The answer:
Here in Germany the business of weapons producing (and submarines, they are the leaders)is blooming.
There is a factory in the south with 7000 employees.
I am on the idea that the only good business in the Western world is the war.
Of course the US citizens (at least most of them) like the Europeans, do not have any advantage, on the contrary, most of the country´s deficit is due to the wars.

But the citizens count zero, they are just good when it comes to vote or paying taxes.
At least the Americans never really knew what a war is, but they will have a good idea if we come to ww3, and US is doing everything to begin it.
If the Americans would just be able to understand and say fuck off to the bunch of criminals that rule we would certainly have a better world.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Dollars is getting more and more like a condom made in China: a tool to give false security

"In the recently international poll, America was at the bottom of popularity nations list (“A Year After Iraq War”).
Most US citizens can not believe this and wonder why it is.
In spite of doing many good things, America is still hated because Americans impose their values on others, do many immoral things against other nations, maintain its monopoly status, and are the most self serving and arrogant."

All these things could be easily forgiven, I bet most Americans do not even care to know what is going on in the world, and a few who care get the knowledge from a controlled media.
They despise and shout against Hitler, but do not see that their country is getting even worse than Germany in the 30s.
At least Hitler gave jobs (0 unemployment) and means to survival to his people.

What is happening now in America is that a bunch of psychopaths rule and do the most evil and stupid things.
They fight the Whole world, also their friends.
In the last struggle to keep an Empire created mostly with fraud they fight with the most criminal weapons they have: the silent weapons of mind controlling and brainwashing and, where not possible, they won’t refrain from using atomic weapons.

The World should begin to realize it.
And do something about.

The Dollar is getting more and more like a condom: a tool to give false security: what will happens when it breaks? ( do not forget, they are made in China...)

When will they finally stop C I A ?

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Russia said on Wednesday that NATO should investigate last year's computer virus attack on a Russian-built nuclear reactor in Iran, saying the incident could have triggered a nuclear disaster on the scale of Chernobyl.

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's ambassador to NATO, said the virus that hit the computer system at the Bushehr reactor had caused centrifuges to spin out of control.

"This virus, which is very toxic, very dangerous, could have very serious implications," he said, describing the virus's impact as being like explosive mines.
"These 'mines' could lead to a new Chernobyl," he said, referring to the 1986 nuclear accident at a plant in Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union. "NATO should get to investigating the matter... This is not a private topic."

Iran began fuelling Bushehr in August and officials have said the reactor will begin generating energy early this year, a delay of several months following the spread of the global computer virus, which is believed mainly to have affected Iran.

Iranian officials have confirmed the Stuxnet virus hit staff computers at the Bushehr plant but said it had not affected major systems.

Security experts say the computer worm may have been a state-sponsored attack on Iran's nuclear programme and may have originated in the United States or Israel.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When a child is born it can rely on his anchestral memories, the instinct transmitted through the DNA, the memory of the ones who lived before him.
That memory is limited to what is necessary to survive.
It is seeing and listening that he forms its first images of the world and stores them in the brain.
Then seeing and imitating he understands who he is, he has his first glimse of the SELF.
We are superior to dogs and other animals not only because our brain is more complex, but also because we live longer.
Our mind development is a life long experience, every minutes we live we add a little piece.
Communication is a huge part in our life.
If we didn´t communicate we wouldn´t even realize how and what we are.
Our self is this compared to that abd it is this thanks to the fact that we see and we communicate.
Everything is a "relation", this is big compared to that or thick or thin compared to the other one...there is nothing that is absolutely this or that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What should we fight for?

Revolution is a nice word.
You feel good to say: if they go on this way people will make a Revolution.
May be, it will happen.
It can also be that it will bring nothing.
Is not the fight that is important, it is the right goal.

If you fight, you should think before for what you should fight, what you would change and how.

People want a better future, they will fight for it.
But very often they do not know how to get a better future, they just want to change from the one who promised a better future (and didn’t deliver) to another one who promises he will.
But when you have no ideas, no knowledge, it is easy that you make the mistake to choose AGAIN the wrong one.


Better IS definitely NOT having everything with nothing.
Better is NOT making money moving money.
Better is not getting rich with any effort.

People who make a fortune out of nothing (unless they win at the lottery) usually do that at the expense of somebody else.
And that doesn’t make your life better, because doesn’t make the place where you live better.
A good economy is the one that analyzes the balance between producing and consuming and finds the best ratio.
If you spend here what is produce there you create an unbalance that sooner or later will explode.
There too much and here too little.
Lowering the interest rate, flooding the market with money can create jobs in "services", like making new infrastructures or hiring new state employee.
That would solve the problem of unemployment for a while, but if there are too many people in "services" and too few in "producing", where will the money come from in the future?
Certainly you cannot just go on printing and making new debts.
The debts have the problem that must be paid back unless you want to default.

Money would be better spent in making the Nation productive again, (may be lowering the VAT and taxes on goods).
When people have jobs they spend and when they spend the economy runs.

That is the ONLY way.

A happy customer is a customer for a long time...

The agency of the future will be half a software company and half an entertainment company because that's the only way to be successful.
The Web will be the major advertisement hosting of the future, so the way it is delivered has to change.
On TV you catch the audience with content and mix it with commercials, and the audience is kind of passive.
On the Net the offer of content as "channels" is huge compared to TV because open to ALL.
In this environment the customers have a big weapon: freedom of choice, and freedom of mouse.
How to catch the browser and turn him first into audience and second into buyer?
The best is still creating a mixed media marketing experience by combining old and new media.
That is exactly what a good advertising agency is doing.

Advertisement HAS to be the Entertainment, something almost like subliminal ad.
For that TV is still the king.

Advertisement HAS to be the subject and an alluring subject too.

Advertisement has to catch and keep, at least enough to show and talk about.

But once you caught your audience your power on the Net is going to be 1000 times greater than on TV.
In one move you present, you show, you convince and YOU SELL.
Thanks to interactivity of course.
Harder to reach, but mostly gratifying...
The advertising agency not only creates and delivers the right advertisement for your company, tailored to your needs, but also tracks the success of your advertising campaigns minute to minute and day to day to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment.
Sometimes a campaign isn't working, that means that kind of advertising isn't for you. What does the advertising agency do? They try a different strategy.

Because what mostly matters to them is your success.
A successful customer is a happy customer and a happy customer is a customer for a long time...

A much better quality on your screen

Many of the movies we download fail to be the quality we would like to enjoy.
We are so used now to high quality pictures that it is quite annoying looking at something that doesn’t look good.
Many years ago we used to register music on tapes and it sounded quite good to our unsophisticated ears.
But if I listen NOW to those tapes (or look at the videos registered many years ago) I ask myself how we could enjoy it...
Luckily technology comes at our rescue with something that "magically" transforms a bad picture in a good one.
Ever heard of PixelProtector?
It is nothing else than a screen calibration and screen burn removal tool for all types of LCD, LED, Plasma and Projection TV screens.
What is a screen calibration?
It is a tool that simply allows you to accurately adjust your screen to its full potential, and doing so, displaying your pictures at its best.
The phosphor compounds which emit light to produce images can create a permanent ghost-like image of the projected images and so reduce quality of the displayed image.
This goes under the name of screen burn.
PixelProtector DVD and Blu-ray has exclusive tools to remove the screen burn.
I do not understand it perfectly, but I honestly do not care.
What I see is a much better quality on my screen and THAT is what matters to me

Monday, January 17, 2011

Nulla si puote...

Nulla si puote se non si vuole cola´dove si puote cio´che si vuole...
Dante was a great poet, but also a smart man.
Things haven’t changed so much since he lived and died.
Oligarchy was and oligarchy is.
At least at that time nobody denied it.
Today we talk of "democracy", but still oligarchy is...

The one who has the money is the one who has the power and the one who has the power is the one who has the money.
It began with a few with power and money, then there was a revolution and the money was in different hands.
Then the ones who had the power stole the money and had both.
History is made by cycles, but one thing is always the same: the strong wins.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"All the flavor and no calories..."

“Love the earth and sun and the animals,
Despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks,
Stand up for the stupid and crazy…

Walt Whitman, Preface to "Leaves of Grass"

That is what we call "wishful thinking".
But I have a hope.
In the future people who like wars and fights and want to get more and more power, will just have to learn how to use a computer.
They will be able to play ALL the wars they like and it wouldn’t change much in their private life.
Tell me: people like Soros who pride to say they own 25 billions dollars, how will ever be able to spend that money?
For them it is just numbers or ounces of gold they will never enjoy.
Pretending or real wouldn’t make any difference.
I trust the new generations.
They know how to pretend, they like the virtual world much better than the real one.
When you win a war in a video game you have a double satisfaction: first you won and second nobody died.
It is something like Aspartame "All the flavor and no calories..."

Everybody has to clean its own shit

"The Federal Reserve was set up by bankers, for bankers, and it has served them well. Out of the blue, the Fed came up with $12.3 trillion in nearly interest-free credit to bail the banks out of a credit crunch they created. That same credit crisis has plunged state and local governments into insolvency, but the Fed has now delivered its ultimatum: there will be no "quantitative easing" for municipal governments.

On January 7, according to The Wall Street Journal, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the Fed had ruled out a central bank bailout of state and local governments. "We have no expectation or intention to get involved in state and local finance," he said in testimony before the Senate Budget Committee. The states "should not expect loans from the Fed.""


But I would add: whit its OWN means.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The worst has yet to come

America had a financial crisis for 30 years; since 1970 people have been making money not through producing and selling, but through finance and when you talk about making money through finance basically you talk about speculation, inducing people to get into debts, because they need thing immediately.
The problem of debts is that they have to be paid back.
It is not a financial crisis, it is just the fourth or fifth bubble and it isn’t even the last, because the government responded with the "Stimulus plan" which is:
The Government gives money that they do not have, so that they can fix up their balance sheet.
Where do they get the money?
They borrow still more from other countries, they buy treasury bonds, and they just print money.
Us is not the only one to do so, but for US is easier because they are the Reserve Currency and no one can stop them doing so.
The end of the bubble hasn’t occurred yet, it is a couple of years down the line.
Then there will be a REAL crash.
Now, we are only seeing a minor crash, the worst has yet to come.
The last crisis will be a collapse of the US dollar, which will end it being the reserve currency, with a huge expanse of unemployment.
US hegemony is already over, it has been declining since 1970, had a catastrophic fall during the regimen of George W. Bush.
It is still going to be a powerful, rich country, it is not going to be Paraguay, but it will not be the dominant force in the world.
From "Indispensable Nation" will became "Dispensable".
Other countries will just ignore US, and that is what they are already doing.
Now there are eight or nine poles of significant power, but they are too many, so everybody is trying to link up with somebody else, so everybody is looking for the best alliance.
Take Russia for example.
It is certainly one of the eight poles, it is large in area and population, has got a fairly strong military, it has got economic resources.
Who is Russia going to link up with?
It is not clear.
Sometimes with China, sometimes with France and Germany, sometimes with South America... Russia is trying out alternative links. And it is not the only one.
We could say the same about Germany or Brazil.
So we are going to see a game going on for the next five or ten years.
May be ten years from now there won’t be ten poles, but two or three poles of power.
US is more likely to link up with the Asian pole than with the European Pole.
For several reasons, first of all because Europe would prefer that.
Since 1945 Europe has been living under a "cultural discomfort".
Before ww2 they were the elder brother of US both culturally and politically, after 1945 the US became the elder.
Western Europe has never liked that. They swallowed it, they had to live with it, not only in France where they showed it clearly, but also in Germany and even the UK.
The only way Europe can be Europe again, culturally, self sufficient, is to break with the US.
Right now US is trying to weaken Europe, to prevent it to go closer to Russia.
They played with Easter Europe where although there is still fear and hostility towards Russia,( they were Russia’s satellites for many years) they do not want to go under Russia again, but they do not want to be under Germany.
They still hope US is going to protect them.
But certainly that won’t be.
What will happen to the Arab world?
They will pursue their own interest, since US is losing wars, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Israeli are not going to win politically, they will just drive conclusions and they will pursue the Arab world´s interest, just like the US will purse its own interest. We cannot moralize.

Friday, January 14, 2011

When Nature is the best teacher

And you thought the fruit fly was just a dirty little pest.

A new study reveals that the fly arranges the hair-like structures of its nervous system to feel and hear. That method now serves as a model for refining wireless sensor networks, among other computer applications.

The fruit fly uses minimal communications without advanced knowledge to arrange the hair-like structures so that a small number of cells emerges as leaders that provide direct connections with every other nerve cell.

This method of organization is simpler than existing systems used to manage the distributed computer networks that perform such functions as searching the Web or controlling airplanes in flight.

A study by the team of scientists, including Ziv Bar-Joseph of Carnegie Mellon University, will be published Friday in the journal Science.

Using the fruit fly as its inspiration, the team produced a distributed computing algorithm that is well suited for networks in which the number and position of nodes is not completely certain. These include wireless sensor networks, such as environmental monitoring, where sensors are dispersed in a lake or waterway, or systems for controlling swarms of robots.

Dr. Bar-Joseph said the algorithm based on the fly's nervous system has produced "a fast solution" to the problem that makes it feasible to use in many network applications.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A better world

"What a day that will be, when the ugly mindlock of a hypocritical
religious institution is forever stricken from the behavior of
functional and fulfilled human beings, the universe will open like a
flower to us"

As sad as it can be these words were said many times in history, then a revolution happened and people felt reborn in a new, fresh, uncorrupted word.
But that same word slowly got the same it was before.
A group of few took control of it and began slowly at first, then faster and faster till they managed to destroy everything.
Then another revolution, then again the same pattern.
Man for his nature, is not a moral individual.
Morality was invented to make possible survival without wars.
This survival instinct is so exasperated in some individuals that blinds them.
They cannot see what is good and what is bad.
I sometimes arrive to the point to think that a lot of what happens is due to an unbalance of hormones.
The same that drive men and women to sex in order to guarantee the survival of the species, sometimes, when their quantities is too high, can push men to rape and abuse.
Not always the brain can tell you what to do or not to do.
It is like when you are so hungry and you perfectly know that stealing is not good, but you need to steal in order to satisfy your hunger.
There are people who do not see limits, to whom having more is not enough, they have to have more and more.
In a few words, they are not "normal" people or "intelligent" people.
Intelligent people are the ones who understand what they need and enjoy what they have, or what they are.
Those are greedy, inhuman people, who should be taught again what the real values are, what the goal to happiness is.
If you want a just and good world you should learn from History what the danger is.
If you want to build a better world, you should care that nobody destroys it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Capitalism and Money are not evil

Capitalism, in my point of view is the best organization of a society.
And the goal to work for, money, is not evil.
If you work and work hard to make money to have a more comfortable life, to give a better education to your children, to pay for a future when you won’t be able to work anymore, this is a good goal.
You work if you work for something.
People do not work for the sake of working.
Unless you are motivated by the goal to reach what you believe in (being it a new technology or whatever).
Usual people work for the usual things.

The only evil is when the goal of money making begins to be the obsession, when the goal is NOT what money could mean for you, but it is just MONEY itself and the power to own more and more of it.
I guess that a psychiatric would certainly find the reason.
What I mean is that the normal people make the society good or bad, not the few psychopaths that rule.

Capitalism would work and work well, if we just could get rid of THEM.

Monday, January 10, 2011

We are not talking about a government-controlled system...

President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cyber security effort to create an Internet ID for Americans.

"We are not talking about a government-controlled system. What we are talking about is enhancing online security and privacy and reducing and perhaps even eliminating the need to memorize a dozen passwords, through creation and use of more trusted digital identities."

Three years ago, proposals were circulating in Washington to transfer authority to the secretive NSA, which is part of the U.S. Defense Department.

And they talk about "freedom of speech"...
ALL who will try to say the truth from now on will be classified as "terrorists" "enemy of the Nation".
This is the last step to a military, terroristic, oligarchic dictatorship, where the dictator is a puppet in the hands of a few psychopaths who are planning to destroy earth in every possible way.

HAARP program was invented and sponsored by US Army, the NASA was created and sponsored for military purposes, the Internet itself was an army creation.
US is nothing else that the (bad) copy of the Latin empire where EVERYTHING was done with the purposes to make wars.
Wars were the mean to get slaves and food.
Every male in Rome was a soldier and his life was spent 90% making wars.
The ones who produced were the slaves all over the world, for the sake of the "empire".
But there was a big difference, at least the Romans didn’t deny it, they didn’t´ say they were acting "democratically for the sake of their people...."

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dear Mr. Tarpley

I listened to your speeches for two days.
I was fascinated at first and then I began thinking...
You are right, the actual situation has two main faults:

1) Too many debts were created in too little time.

2) They were created for the wrong purpose.

I agree with your idea of "production capitalism".
What I do not agree with is your solution to go out of this situation.
First your view of a successful future based on productive investments doesn’t consider the possibility (and I am sure it could happen) that the "bad guys"( who are nothing else than main street guys) could take advantage of a hyperinflation as you picture.
We had a similar situation with Craxi in Italy.
The State made huge debts and invested in infrastructures, hospitals, roads etc.
That was good.
The bad side was that the, as we call them, "usual known guys", inflated the cost of everything (when the State pays, nothing is ever too expensive)and we made at that time the biggest debt of our history that was followed by the need of further debt.
The more you owe, the more you fall into debt.
Second, even if it was successful as you predict, it would be a bigger catastrophe than the one which originated it.
First your idea of interest rate zero is based on paper.
If your money is just paper, you can afford to lend it at the interest you choose.
If it is REAL money, then the more inflation you have, the more the money costs.
Your view is based on false premises:
1) you can print as many dollars as you like
2) you can pay oil and whatever you import with it, giving it the value you like.

Something like this could eventually work in an Autarchic state (Mussolini wanted something like this), but that means a State which can produce ALL what it consumes.
The moment you HAVE to import you HAVE to pay with a currency that is worth more than paper.
How long do you think the rest of the world is willing to believe the value you give to your currency?
You can also make wars and oblige the rest of the world to sell at the price you decide.
But how long do you think that the US can convince the rest of the world that they are the most powerful?
The last wars were not so successful and yes, you could use atomic bombs, but we are NOT talking about 1945, we are talking of 2011, when there are also OTHERS with the same weapons.
I do not think it would be a good idea to test who is the best, and I guess you agree.
Deflation is something nobody likes.
People do not like it, because it lowers their living standards, governments do not like it, because it lowers the number of votes.
Making new debts is deadly.
Because it strengthens the ideas of "enjoy today and pay tomorrow" and "tomorrow never comes".
It is rewarding the ones who make debts, who live with public money.
It lowers almost to zero the numbers of the ones who save and invest REAL MONEY.
Capitalism is based on Capital.
Real Capital, not printed paper.
You cannot solve a problem with the same means that created the problem.
The financial crisis was mostly made by people who thought that producing was not important.
People were convinced that the prices of the houses would have gone on forever, that the growth was unlimited.
That is at the base of making debts.
You buy today and sell tomorrow and live on the gains.
Just a stupid can believe in an infinite growth in a finite world.
At the end of the day, if there is no farmer, no baker, who makes the bread?

Friday, January 07, 2011

"US debt is largely fictitious"

One of the things that astonishes me most is the easiness on which the average American can drink and digest ANY lie he is told.
It is true that nothing is easier to believe than what you want to believe, but there is a limit to it.
The limit is usually given by that thing we used to call intelligence.
Well, you do not need much of it to understand that if the "US debt is largely fictitious" because it is not borrowing, it is just "printing new money" the natural consequence would be that the more you print the less it is worth.
But no, "there is not such a thing like "Hyperinflation", because the interest rate is so low, below zero.

So, explain me, why the rest of the world should produce and sell to US in exchange of freshly printed paper when everyone can print paper, or buying American bonds and stocks that are worth zero and pay zero?
Regarding "there is not such a thing like "Hyperinflation" whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear can detect the lie.
When a Website is paid 50 billions dollars how can you say "there is not such a thing like "Hyperinflation"?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The best society

There is no best in absolute, but there can be something closer to the best.
The best is a society which tries to give every individual the same rights.
That is much different from making all individual "equal", because individuals ere not "equal" (equal is contradictory to the word individual)
A society that divides the resources equally among the users, that rules the economy to give ALL good standards of living.
That rule justice in the most righteous way, punishing and preventing crimes.
The best society is the one ruled by a computer.
A computer has no sentiments of greed, compassion, love.
A computer does what it is programmed to do. Just that.

Black and white

The biggest mistake is looking at the world in terms of black and white, of good and bad.
There is nothing that is absolutely good and nothing that is absolutely bad.
The world in black and white is in reality a world that is greyer and less grey.
For every bad action there is a reason, for every good there is a selfish motive.
Not last the feeling of being "good".
That doesn’t of course want to be an apology of all the bad that is done on this world, for that there is nothing else than condemnation and punishment.
I am talking about the "bad" and“ good" situations, the "bad" and "good" economies, the "bad" and "good" ideologies.
Let’s not fall into the trap of seeing just the good side of something, without the bad.
Communism is not better than Capitalism, as much as Capitalism is not better than Communism.
The best is none of the two.
The State should be reduced to rule Justice (working justice, not the farce we are looking at now)communal services and period.
Less state, more individuals.
We have witnessed enough of societies ruled by the ones who take from the ones who have, to give to the ones who have not.
The result?
The ones who have, still have, the ones who have not, still have not, and the state is growing the salaries and bonuses of the "regulators" and the communal debts.
All in the name of "Democracy".

If this is Democracy, thanks I prefer to live without.

The good economist

Workers are more valuable in India because they're cheaper...
It's almost as if in our economic system value becomes inverted...

I do not think that anything changed.
The mistake is viewing the economy as ruled by moral and ideological principles.
Economy is first arithmetic and second arithmetic applied to profit.
Why would anybody work or invest if not for making a profit and a bigger profit if possible?
The ones who invest for philanthropic reasons are few and they have other reasons to do so.
Not last the satisfaction of feeling "good".
I see Gates as a ruthless entrepreneur (he wouldn’t be there if it was not so) and his "doing good" looks to me the easy effort (what he gives compared to what he earns is peanuts) of feeling "better" and his personal excuse is "besides I save on taxes".
With these premises it is clear that people invest where it is easier to have a good ROI.
They produce where it is cheap and sell where it is expensive and cash the difference.
At least as long as it lasts.
Economy is arithmetic, but it is also arithmetic applied to reality.
You cannot expect infinite growth in a world that is finite in number of consumers and in quantity of raw materials.
A good economist is the one who is able to make that growth last as long as possible and more than anything, is able to make the downhill as less painful as possible.
Do you want a stable and good economy?
No restrains, no regulations, the least possible taxes.
If people invest, they create jobs, if people have jobs they spend.
And when you come out with the fact that deregulation means people who take advantage I invite you to look at a world which is regulated:
Aren’t there crooks, does the law forbid to find ways to elude regulations and take advantage, and most of all isn’t the law made by the ones that the same law should regulate?
Do you really think that in a world ruled by lions there will ever be a law that forbids eating gazelle’s meat?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Will China be succesful where America failed?

"So what are the causes of the high debt-to-income ratios in Europe? Expensive labor. Expensive exports. Expensive currency. Small population. High levels of taxation and large social welfare systems. On the international front, European nations are having a difficult time competing with an increasingly devalued dollar (and consequently the Chinese Yuan and The Japanese Yen), and domestically, these nations are taking care of their citizens to a point that would make any red-blooded Texas Republican cringe. And of course, the wealthy classes in these countries are so heavily taxed that money is being pumped back into the country’s extensive social programs that, perhaps counter-intuitively, can affect the economy negatively.

It is important to note that few economists would make any real case for some type of financial plan as a result of this data simply because most of them will never pay back any of their debt. But also, because there are not really any solutions – if the citizens of each country were taxed in a way to pay off or consolidate their debt, there wouldn’t be much money (if any) left to spend domestically and put back into the economy. One of the benefits of being a wealthy nation, I guess! At the end of the day, if no one is coming to collect on these nations’ debts – what is the big deal, right? But, nations are not like people, and the rules of credit are not so applicable. The determinants of whether or not money will be lent between two countries are more likely to be a result of the two countries fraternal histories, or if they collaborate in military operations, etc."

The answer in Europe is certainly not a higher taxation, but a lower spending, more people and jobs in the productive system and not in the "service" system.
Less state employee and more factories.
But most of all, people who earn in Europe should spend in Europe, so that the money goes back to the ones who spend.
And if you really want to have a global market, the same money spent from Europeans for buying Chinese products, must come back into Europe as tourism, or buying products made in Europe.
But this cannot be, because the average Chinese doesn’t earn as the average European.
Because the Chinese government is not "elected" and so doesn’t have to bother to behave in a way to be reelected.
In a few words, the Chinese government doesn’t give a damn of how the average Chinese lives,( the less he consumes, the more to the ones who rule).
He is a number in a productive chain.
How long will the Europeans or the Americans be "individuals"?
China is buying European States bonds (they have enough American) and with them the power to "rule".
Since 1945 America has tried to be the strongest power on earth in terms of economy and military.
They failed on both.
Will China be succesful?

"After all it's just a few key strokes."

The Euro like the dollar is just computer entries. They'll figure out how to create enough of them to keep things bumbling along. After all it's just a few key strokes.

But who regulates those key strokes?
The value, as for anything else is given by the demand and the offer.
If you offer more than the demand the price goes down, if you offer less the price (value) goes up.
What happens if the oil, weath, gas, is paid in Euros?
What happens if nobody wants dollars, or euros or whatever?
And what happens if with those key strokes you make something nobody wants?

Any prediction is going to be casual, because you cannot predict a future based on premises you do not know.
And in the same way you cannot regulate a market when you cannot regulate all variables.

There is only one way to do it: playing honestly, no tricks, no false money, no richness created with key strokes.
But that is hard and people do not want to be told sad stories.
They like to believe in miracles, they welcome the ones who promise all with little.
But arithmetics is a science, based on solid equations.
2+2 makes 4, but 2-4 makes -2.
Unless you make new rules (may be with a war), that -2 will always be -2.

Rock-fell-er and Rotsh-ild-in: the new Bilderberg of the near future.

If there was still somebody ignoring the future of the Dollar and the Euro, this morning, reading what is going on in the world scene, can have a clear view of their future.
Chinese are buying the State Bonds of Spain (as they already did with Portugal and Greece) in EURO.
America is NOT a good customer anymore (the customer without money is NOT a good customer) while Europe is relatively a good market, at least for the near future.
The big problem of the Chinese regarding the dollar (what made them lenders beyond any rational behavior)was the fear of losing a big market where to sell their over production.
How could they lose their bigger customer?
But Europe is even a bigger market, with its 450.000.000 people (the Americans are 307,006,550).
The procedure is the same; I buy your bonds with my merchandise.
They will have a triple result: they can dump the dollar, they can go on producing, they can win any competition that could arise if a weak dollar means better priced american goods.
The European WILL HAVE to buy from China, MUTUAL agreements...
We won’t be slave of the Rockellfellers anymore, but it will be just the same.
Names change, but the reality doesn’t.
That is the price you pay when you exchange freedom for "comfort".

The new bubble:gold

Since some time I was asking myself what would the new American bubble be and now I have the answer: gold.
While it is beyond any doubt that the gold resources are limited and this gives the value to gold, it is also clear that the value of something depends on the demand and the offer.
To a cave man one pound of pure gold was certainly worth much less than a chicken, and for a chicken is worth less than a wheat seed.
The big request of gold as safe saving is based on a society where there is actually somebody who has a surplus and has to save something for the future.
But when the last ounce of available gold will be sold to the last lucky man who has a surplus on his bank account, also gold, as precious as it can be, will reach its peak.
When there is nobody who wants or can afford to buy gold at that price, if you will need to sell it, you will need to do so at a lower price you bought it.
And when its price begins to lower, you can bet ALL will want to sell, making the price even lower.
The Americans have one big advantage compared to Europe.
They are a real "Nation".
But sometimes this could also be a big disadvantage.
When you need a lot of buyers it is not difficult to find them
Good marketing, suggesting, not imposing, convincing, presenting the product as what they need, that will make you trillionair in one day.
It is enough to find one and the others will follow.
That is what you need to create a "bubble".