Monday, July 01, 2013

The only possible way out

US empire is based on its military supremacy.
It doesn´t have allies, it has servants.
When its economy cannot sustain its military expenses, the only way is rigging the markets trying to steal as much money as possible.
The only question is: how long? Because it is clear that it will end.
The only answer to the economical global crisis is to go back to local.
The power of China (and of Japan before) was based on producing cheap goods and selling them to the WEST.
The "growth" was based on exports, the bigger the volume of exports the bigger the growth..
But the moment there is no nation which imports your goods you have no growth. The solution is going back to self sustaining economies, the nation produces and consumes what it produces.
The cost of goods is proportional to the income of the people who produce.
No more cheap goods, less production, better quality, more durable stuff, less raw materials consumed, but a sustainable economy.
Of course this is something the big corporations, the big banks do not like. But it is the only possible way.
Sometimes to go forward you have to go back.