Friday, August 10, 2012

How to show your brand the best way...

T shirts are like jeans, once you wear one, you will always do.
Of course not the same. May be trying to find the special one, the one nobody has, but everybody would like to have...
That is why it is getting so popular t shirt screen printing, because thanks to screen-printing, digital printing, heat transfers, you can have the most unique item.
For example for company meetings or seminars all employees could display company branding, logos and campaign messages on t shirts, polo shirts, water bottles and anything you can think of.
Besides identifying the team, it can easily be used as a way to publicize the company brand.
If you do want something really special and that lasts forever, and it is really "washingproof" you can also have embroidered shirts.
The nice thing is that you can even suggest your pattern, color, design, or simply chose among the vast selection of prints and embroidery.
And absolutely the best is that you do not even need to order a huge number of items, orders at Specialty-t-shirts start from a number as low as 25...
If you still have doubts or problems deciding what you really want or like, you can easily solve them: there is a wonderful online catalogue, where you can simply look or search for the items you are looking for.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ten technologies that will change our life

1) Egg Stem Cells A recent discovery could increase older women’s chances of having babies

2) Ultra Efficient Solar. Under the right circumstances,solar cells from Semprius could produce power more cheaply than fossil fuels.

3) Light-Field Photography Lytro reinvented the camera so that lets you adjust the focus of an image after you’ve taken the picture.

4) Solar Microgrids Village-scale DC grids provide power for lighting and cell phones.

5) 3-D Transistors Intel creates faster and more energy-efficient processors.

6) A Faster Fourier Transform A mathematical upgrade promises a speedier digital world.

7) Nanopore Sequencing Simple and direct analysis of DNA will make genetic testing routine in more situations.

8) Crowdfunding Kickstarter is funding the commercialization of new technologies.

9) High-Speed Materials Discovery A new way to identify battery materials suitable for mass production could revolutionize energy storage.

10) Facebook’s Timeline The social-networking company is collecting and analyzing consumer data on an unprecedented scale.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Germany goes green

In the German state of North Rhine–Westphalia you can find a farmer that understood what being "green" means.
Till recently he dedicated his life to his job: growing potatoes and raising pigs.
But his newest businesses point to an extraordinary shift in the energy policies of Europe’s largest economy.
In 2003, a small wind company erected a 70-meter turbine, one of some 22,000 in hundreds of wind farms dotting the German countryside, on a piece of his potato patch.
He gets a 6 percent cut of the electricity sales, which comes to about $9,500 a year.
He’s considering adding two or three more turbines, each twice as tall as the first.
The profits from those turbines are modest compared to what he makes on solar panels.
In 2005 he learned that the government was requiring the local utility to pay high prices for rooftop solar power.
He took out loans, and in stages over the next seven years, he covered his piggery,barn, and house with solar panels.
Even though the skies are often gray and his roofs aren’t all optimally oriented, from the resulting 690-kilowatt installation he now collects $280,000 a year, and he expects over $2 million in profits after he pays off his loans.
Stories like this help explain how Germany was able to produce 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources in 2011, up from 6 percent in 2000. Germany has guaranteed high prices for wind, solar,biomass, and hydroelectric power, tacking the costs onto electric bills.
And players like him and the small power company that built his turbine have installed off-the-shelf technology and locked in profits.
For them, it has been remarkably easy being green.
What’s coming next won’t be so easy. In 2010, the German government declared that it would undertake what has popularly come to be called an Energiewende— an energy turn, or energy revolution.
This switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy is the most ambitious ever attempted by a heavily industrialized country: it aims to cut greenhouse-gas emissions 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2020, and 80 percent by midcentury. The goal was challenging, but it was made somewhat easier by the fact that Germany already generated more than 20 percent of its electricity from nuclear power, which produces almost no greenhouse gases.
Then last year, responding to public concern over the post-tsunami nuclear Angela Merkel ordered the eight oldest German nuclear plants shut down right away.
A few months later, the government finalized a plan to shut the remaining nine by 2022.
Now the Energiewende includes a turn away from Germany’s biggest source of low- carbon electricity.
Germany has set itself up for a grand experiment that could have repercussions for all of Europe, which depends heavily on German economic strength.
The country must build and use renewable energy technologies at unprecedented scales, at enormous but uncertain cost, while reducing energy use.
And it must pull it all off without undercutting industry, which relies on reasonably priced, reliable power.

How much habits matter

The led light is the clear example of how much habits matter.
Led lights, mass-produced as tiny individual diodes, can be configured into any shape you can imagine.
In the future, they could cover large surfaces,curved or flat, mimicking the light that comes through windows and skylights.
I actually love those designer multicolored, multishaped lamps..
Yet for all their flexibility, the way they’re most likely to show up is as something that looks approximately like a light bulb and gets screwed into a traditional light socket..
That is ridiculous. Edison’s bulb had to be roughly spherical in order to contain a vacuum while withstanding atmospheric pressure..
Because of this, more than 100 years later, we have to cram LEDs into something that requires spaceage fins to keep it from overheating?

Friday, August 03, 2012

Safety and peace of mind in a technology driven world

To prevent audiophiles from making multiple copies of the CDs, Sony programmed the Van Zant disk, and dozens of others, with a hidden code called a "rootkit" that secretly installed itself on hard drives when the CDs were loaded onto PCs.
Soon enough, hackers began designing viruses to take malicious advantage of the hidden program, and a Sony boycott had begun.
What to do?
Nothing else than adopting a Spyware Removal.
But better than that would be, to prevent cases like this, which are getting very common in a world of escalating threat of spywares,is looking for high quality technical support.
There are companies that offer a remote support platform, so that you won’t even need to bring your computer to a shop.
But you can easily get the connection to a certified remote computer technician.
With a few simple clicks, the technician will be securely connected to your computer any time you need his services after receiving your permission to do so.
You can have unlimited support at All IT Supported .
They promise three hours response for all your IT infrastructures.
And what about having Hardware and software installation, maintenance and repair, Virus removal, blue screens and all manner of computer problems, all included in your Computer Repair Service?
That means safety and peace of mind in a technology driven world...