Thursday, March 31, 2011

If you do not punish the criminals, you legalize the crime.

"How do these rogues survive the disclosure of their turpitudes?"

That IS the point.
They do survive because our society’s values have dramatically changed.
If you do not punish the criminals, you legalize the crime.
Justice is but a nice word, unless it concerns the people on the road.
Try to do the slightest crime and YOU will have to pay.
Their crimes are no crimes.
Being at that level means to have the license to do whatever you want.
It was like that in Medieval times.
It hasn’t changed much, and if it has it was in the worse.
There is a widespread acknowledging of the worthless of the law and the State.
There is nothing you can believe in anymore.
Obama was the hope, now is the despair.
It is clear that nothing can stop those greedy people.
Not even death.
Their successors are already preparing for the new era of the New World Order.
A new world where all ideals, believes, faiths are gone, where you are doomed to be a slave or die.
A world where 1% rules and 99% shut up.

Adieu douce France nucléaire

Fukushima is not only a disater for Japan.
It is the dawn of the NO-Nuclear Era.
Something the French won´t like.
80% of France´s electricity comes from Nuclear reactors.
It means a job for 200.000 people.
France´s economy is based on Nuclear power. They produce nuclear reactors.
The nuclear business is 20-28 billion euros per year.
The no-nuclear era means a French goodbye to it.
Adieu douce France nucléaire.
But welcome the relief of Nuclear danger from Swiss, Germany, Italy borders.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where cheap and quality go together

It is universally known that the cheap price of the printer is very often balanced by the high price of the ink refill.
That is if you buy the official cartridge.
Well, I talk by experience, sometimes it is better to pay more for the original than for a low quality could finish without ink and without printer...
But what if you could find a cheap ink that in the same time is high quality, exactly the same quality you would have paying up to 90% more?
You can easily shop online by printer brand and find the exact inkjet cartridges you need.
And if you can also have 90 Day Money Back Guarantee?
And an additional 10% off over 55$?
I would say that just an idiot would still buy the original printer ink...
So, do not hesitate, grab the Ink, grab the bargain!

The End of the End

Italy before 1492 was the center of the world commerce, great harbours that fed Europe with East products.
The Mediterranean at that time was the world.
Ironically America was discovered by an Italian, Cristoforo Colombo, with the effort to reach the East going west and making the trip easier and cheaper.
What he did was transforming the world economy and the actors in it.
England, Holland, Portugal were the winners.
The Mediterranean harbours lost importance, because not on the Atlantic, where the economical theater was.

Till the half of the 20th century the center of the economical world was the Atlantic, where US grew as inperialistic nation.
Japan was the beginning of the end.
China will give the ultimate stroke.
Now the world economy has widened, adding new oceans and seas, in which US cannot rule.
In its last efforts to dominate a lost empire is trying to rule the Mediterranean and the Persic gulf.
This is NOT the beginning of the end,it is the end of the end.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

"The Obama administration has drafted new proposals to curb Internet piracy and other forms of intellectual property infringement that it says it will send to the U.S. Congress "in the very near future."
In the period from 1920 to 1933 sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol were banned nationally as mandated in the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Prohibition stimulated the proliferation of rampant underground, organized and widespread criminal activity.
Prohibition created a black market that competed with the formal economy, which already was under pressure.
Rather than reducing crime it seemed prohibition had transformed the cities into battlegrounds between opposing bootlegging gangs.
Additionally, theft and burglaries increased by 9%, homicide by 12.7%, assaults and battery rose by 13%, drug addiction by 44.6% and police department costs rose by 11.4%. It has been speculated that this was largely the result of “black-market violence” as well as law enforcing resources having been diverted elsewhere.
The cost of enforcing Prohibition was high, and the lack of tax revenues on alcohol affected government.
Prohibition was known as The Noble Experiment. The results of the experiment are clear: innocent people suffered; organized crime grew into an empire; the police, courts, and politicians became increasingly corrupt; disrespect for the law grew; and the per capita consumption of the prohibited substance—alcohol—increased dramatically, year by year, for the thirteen years of this Noble Experiment, never to return to the pre-1920 levels.
You would think that an experiment with such clear results would not need to be repeated; but the experiment is being repeated; it's going on today.

Enforcing the copyright law would cause the contrary of what they are aiming to.
Admitting that it could be effective it would reduce the request of broadband.
The need of broadband is directly consequence of the availability of content.
And broadband is business.
Prohibition only makes it more alluring.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What is good for the others is good for you too

Ever thought of a website?
If you did, you must know that making it is not enough, you also have to find the right place to host it.
How to find the one that best suits your needs?
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What I found particularly interesting was the Top 10 Dedicated Hosts.
You have the list of all best available hosts for your special needs.
The world is using the internet to connect with people from all over. It has turned into a daily routine, like drinking coffee and reading the morning paper for us. We can’t live without getting online and checking our email or checking the world news.
That means it is of crucial importance, if you own a business, or if you want to go on having a business, you HAVE to be on the Net.
But not only actually being there, also being visible, reachable and available 24/7.
There are probably hundreds of different ways that a hosting enterprise can win the competition and be among the Top 10.
Of course if you want to reach the top you MUST have a good partner.
But how to find the right one for your particular needs?
Here you find everything:
Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, Best whatever you can think of...
Without of course forgetting speed, availability, price, services, Operating Systems, Utility Tools, Ratings, Reviews.
And what is the secret?
Their rating is done by customers just like you, and you can be sure, what is good for them is good also for you.

Friday, March 25, 2011

History doesn´t rhyme, it simply repeats

Al Qaeda was founded by the United States and the British during the struggle against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Many of its leaders, such as the reputed second-in-command Ayman Zawahiri and the current rising star Anwar Awlaki, are evidently double agents of MI-6 and/or the CIA.
Al Qaeda ideology offers a ready and easy way for the Anglo-American secret intelligence agencies to attack and destabilize existing Arab and Muslim governments as part of the ceaseless need of imperialism and colonialism to loot and attack the developing nations.
This is precisely what is happening in Libya today.
The US and the British used the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to oppose the successful anti-imperialist policies of Egyptian President Nasser, who scored immense victories for his country by nationalizing the Suez Canal and building the Aswan High Dam, without which modern Egypt would be simply unthinkable.
The Muslim brotherhood provided an active and capable fifth column of foreign agents against Nasser, in the same way that the official website of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is trumpeting its support for the rebellion against Colonel Qaddafi.
Militants or patsies who spontaneously join al Qaeda are often sincerely motivated by a deep hatred of the United States and a burning desire to kill Americans, as well as Europeans.
The Bush administration policy used the alleged presence of Al Qaeda as a pretext for direct military attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Obama administration is now doing something different, intervening on the side of a rebellion in which Al Qaeda and its co-thinkers are heavily represented while attacking the secular authoritarian government of Colonel Gaddafi.
Political formations in developing countries (and not just there) are often a mask for ethnic and religious rivalries; so it is in Libya.
The rebellion against Qaddafi is a toxic brew compounded of fanatical hatred of Qaddafi, Islamism, tribalism, and localism. From this point of view, Obama has foolishly chosen to take sides in a tribal war.
The rebel council is “chaired by the well-spoken former justice minister for Libya, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, [and] consists of 31 members, ostensibly representatives from across Libya, of whom many cannot be named for “security reasons”…
Many members of the council are being kept secret in order to protect them from Qaddafi, or to prevent them from being recognized in the west as al Qaeda terrorists or sympathizers.
The latter seems to be a more accurate summary of the real state of affairs.
The rebels use the monarchist flag, and may advocate the return to the throne of one of the two pretenders to the Idris line.
They are far closer to monarchism than to democracy.
The Stratfor view of King Idris and the Senussi: “King Idris came from a line of rulers of the Sanussi order, a Sufi religious order founded in 1842 in Al Bayda, that practices a conservative and austere form of Islam.
The Sanussiyah represented a political force in Cyrenaica that preceded the creation of the modern state of Libya, and whose reverberations continue to be felt to this day.
It is no coincidence that this region is the home of Libyan jihadism, with groups like the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).
The Gadhafi family has thus been calling the current uprising an elaborate Islamist plot….”
Under the monarchy, Libya was by some estimates absolutely the poorest country in the world.
Today, Libya ranks 53 on the UN Human Development Index and qualifies as the most developed country in Africa, ahead of Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Qaddafi’s stewardship has objective merits which cannot be seriously denied.
And what would be for example the status of women under the neo-Senussi of the Benghazi rebel council?
The Obama method is to use Al Qaeda to overthrow independent governments, and then either Balkanize and partition the countries in question, or else use them as kamikaze puppets against larger enemies like Russia, China, or Iran.
This approach implies a more or less open fraternization with terrorist groups, which was signaled in a general way in Obamas famous Cairo speech of 2009.
The links of the Obama campaign to the terrorist organizations deployed by the CIA against Russia were already a matter of public record three years ago.
One of the fatal contradictions in the current State Department and CIA policy is that it aims at a cordial alliance with Al Qaeda killers in northeast Libya, at the very moment when the United States and NATO are mercilessly bombing the civilian northwest Pakistan in the name of a total war against Al Qaeda, and US and NATO forces are being killed by Al Qaeda guerrillas in that same Afghanistan-Pakistan theater of war.
The force of this glaring contradiction causes the entire edifice of US war propaganda to collapse. The US has long since lost any basis in morality for military force.

Liberally taken from

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Fly Zone

No Fly zone means a place where you cannot fly.
The 1973 Nato resolution concerns exactly this.
Applied to Lybia means that nothing should be able to fly there.
The first French mission bombed the flying tanks of Ghaddafi.
The flying tank is a Ghafaddafi´s special invention, his secret weapon, something like Hitler´s V2.
Sarkozy was not deceived.
The second mission, Anglo-American destroyed TRIPOLI AND SIRTE; especially concentrating on Ghaddafi´s flying bunker.
Witnesses swear that Khamis, Ghaddafi´s son, was killed while trying to escape like Icaro, flying with false wings, violating the Nato resolution.
Should a hospital try to escape flying, you can be sure a tomahawk will immediately stop it.

Congestion prices lie exposed

Just a few days after Broadband Reports broke the news AT&T was imposing an Internet Overcharging scheme on its broadband customers, evidence continues to arrive illustrating the company’s planned usage limits are more about protecting their U-verse video business than actually controlling “heavy users.”
It reads“is to ensure the quality of the customer experience” necessary to solve “congestion in certain points of the network and interfering with other people’s access.”, in reality the company’s planned usage limits are more about protecting their U-verse video business than actually controlling “heavy users.”

What really means intelligent control?

"The intelligence in the original Internet was meant to reside largely at the end points of the network - the computers - while the specialized routing computers were relatively dumb post offices of various size, mainly confined to reading addresses and transferring packets of data to adjacent systems.
But these days, when cloud computing means a lot of the information is stored and processed on computers out on the network, there is growing need for more intelligent control systems to orchestrate the behavior of thousands of routing machines.
It will make it possible, for example, for managers of large networks to program their network to prioritize certain types of data, perhaps to ensure quality of service or to add security to certain portions of a network." NYT

I think it is extremely dangerous to begin to talk of need for more intelligent control.
Intelligence is never objective and can mean very different solutions, depending on the applier.

"While the stated possible positives of such technology are real enough, the same mechanisms could be used to impose exactly the sorts of walled gardens, service degradations, and "pay to play" limits that are at the heart of Net Neutrality concerns, as dominant ISPs in particular would be tempted to leverage this technology to further restrict user applications to the benefit of their own profit centers."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fantasy Land

Today I "stumbled upon“ an amazing website, something I can say I really like.
My only regret is that I do not have any campaign to launch.
But, if it is your case and you need video production or music production or audio production or all three and may be also script and copywriting services, I guess you should follow my links and you will find just what you are looking for.
Try the jingles and just for a second imagine which one would suit better your products.
And imagine how somebody would connect that special jingle to your company or your product.
Music can be so powerful. Imagine the one of Marco Varella on the background of a mountain of chocolate, or whatever your fantasy suggests you...
And what about Motion Graphics?
Have a look at the examples and I am sure you will be caught.
It is a brand new world where imagination runs wild without bonds.
It is like jumping in a magic mirror and finding fantasy land.


"But any stable ethical structure begins at home. And in this they are supreme."
Yes you are right.
There is one thing they invented and it is a great thing, it is called politeness.
Very often helps people not to at each other and having good relationship.
If you are polite and generous, generally you are successful with people.
As for the aids you send to Africa, if this can in some way make you feeling better, Americans (and Europeans and Chinese etc.) NEVER do anything for nothing.
That is why in Africa they are still fighting a backward.
NOBODY has any interest to teach them to be civilized, more than ever now that they discovered a lot of minerals and oil...
It is much easier to steal from ignorant people.
And if they are so stupid to fight among tribes, the better.
Romans invented it and that was the only way to keep such a huge Empire.
But I am still the idea that globalization is NOT the evil they prospect.
I always say: if we paid the bananas the right price (and no big corporation made millions on them) then the Africans would buy computers, fridges and cars.
Globalization means I sell and buy, you sell and buy, I produce, you produce, we exchange.
Very simple, but lacks one big element that drives today’s economy: where would the Big Corporations profit be?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scientific journalism is the future of journalism

"WikiLeaks coined a new type of journalism: scientific journalism. We work with other media outlets to bring people the news, but also to prove it is true. Scientific journalism allows you to read a news story, then to click online to see the original document it is based on. That way you can judge for yourself: Is the story true? Did the journalist report it accurately?

Democratic societies need a strong media and WikiLeaks is part of that media. The media helps keep government honest. WikiLeaks has revealed some hard truths about the Iraq and Afghan wars, and broken stories about corporate corruption."

Democratic societies do not need a strong media, they need media which tell the truth and prove that THAT is the truth.
Easy with the Internet, you have text AND video.
You tell the truth and you broadcast it, live.
What can be more truthful than what you see with your own eyes? When and where it happens?
Wikileaks has merely proved what everybody already knew, but didn´t see, black on white, on official and trustable documents.
If you KNOW that your wrong doings will be revealed and exposed, will you go on doing them?
Because that is all what censorship is: allowing you to do what you shouldn´t and letting you go unpunished.
This world needs on one side more leaks and on the other more people interested in them.
Then and only then something will change.

Home decoration can start with a freshly cleaned carpet

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Nothing like a freshly cleaned carpet can give your home a new and pleasant look.

Culture is links

They shouldn´t ask any more "what school degree?" they should ask "How many links did you follow?" and "what links"?
The culture of the future will be following links.
You begin with the French Revolution and you finish: "when WW3"?
You begin annoyed and you finish very interested.
And one link suggests you one book, the other a YouTube video.
At the end of your session, and if you are lucky or just in holiday, at the end of the day, you have a much wider view of the world and a deeper knowledge of history.
Learning has never been so easy and so pleasant.
Learning is really a life long trip, a matter between you and your computer and this great thing that is the Internet.

A little bit of fantasy can make up for the lack of funds...

Being on a show is one of the most interesting and exhausting thing I ever did in my life.
It usually lasted a few days, but they were so intense, time just went by so fast!
It all begins months before when you have to decide what you are going to propose and how.
Then, when you have decided for the pictures, you need the right pop up displays.
They are made with Aluminum, easy to carry and to mount and come in many shapes and prices.
Usually in a trade show pop up you look for the right size, the right impact and the right price.
Of course the right price is the one that fits in your budget.
If you have a small company your pop up trade show displaysare usually not so big, they have to fit the booth and so also the price can be affordable.
You can also order pop up booths with lights, graphics, shelving, LCD monitor holders and more.
Of course it all depends on how much you can spend.
But sometimes a little bit of fantasy can make up for the lack of funds...

Japan the new NEVERLAND

On March 11, 2011 the world changed. Nothing is going to be like it was before.
We have entered the post-nuclear era.
A new era without delirium for nuclear energy.
Japan has sacrificed itself for us, certainly not voluntarily, but that’s what’s happened.
If the nuclear nightmare that has been with us since the end of the second world war, from Chernobyl to Three Mile Island, stops (and it will) we owe it to the sacrifice of millions of people escaping the Fukoshima cloud.
A biblical exodus. Not even imaginable.
Japan risks to become the " Neverland", a place you don’t enter and you don’t leave. A nuclear trap.
Which fleet will rush to help the population of the East of Japan?
Contaminated Japanese merchandise will no longer leave the country.
Perhaps the cloud will reach Europe if the wind blows West.
The feeling of what happened is too big, too deep to stand.
People have immediately understood that the nuclear Era has gone forever.

Man is the most intelligent of all creatures of the Globe, infact he discovered the nuclear power, but no mouse (an inferior creature) will ever build a mouse trap...

Why blaming TV?

"I wish for people to disconnect, turn off their cable service and alter their awareness, but I don't have your faith that they can pry themselves away from that blue glow -- now in high definition and 3D!"

It is not bad that people watch TV, on the contrary it is a good thing.
What is bad is WHAT they broadcast on it.
It is, as usual, the best way to lose a very good opportunity to deliver some kind of education to people who do not have it in any other way.
And do not come and tell me that those people wouldn’t look.
If they had nothing else they would.
People very often give the fault to something that in reality is not guilty.
I will make a few examples: Capitalism.
Now it is the devil, the source of ALL our misfortune, when Capitalism has NOTHING to do with speculation, fraud, cheating.
It would have happened the same in ANY other form of government.
The people who did it would have just used different means.
Second example: the measures taken to solve the crisis.
I guess that lowering the interest rate, pushing people to spend is ACTUALLY the best way to stimulate production.
Infact it upgraded 8, China.
Because the people who got the money to spend consumed more, but what was produced somewhere else.
The ones who took advantage were, as usual, the few who do a great business buying there and selling here (or producing there).
They say economy is stagnant because people have too many goods.
the reality is that there is no balance.
If, as once, things were produce in US (or for me in Europe) they would be more expensive, so people would BUY less (but spend the same) and THEY would have a job, and the money would go back to the local producer.
Do we need five cell phones? Do we need to change the washing machine every year?
Do we need three or four TV?
We need one, good quality, that lasts longer.
If it costs five times more, but lasts five times more in reality we are even happier, we do not have to go and buy a new one, to have problems having to dispose of the old one and so on...
We would have more time to look at something higher level on TV.
Who cares if the choice was among 3 channels instead of 300?
One GOOD is better than 1,000,000 shits.

How to be comfortable, efficient and look nice too.

Whoever said that one cannot look nice wearing scrubs?
The secret is, of course, just to find the right one.
And that should be the job of every woman who likes to look her best, even when she works.
There are so beautiful scrubs uniforms, that it is even a pity to use them just at work...
Take for example the lab coat.
Who wouldn’t look gorgeous wearing something like that?
And they are not only nice looking, they are made with the best material, Teflon-protected 100% cotton in order to last long and look perfect even after frequent washing.
What about wear ability and efficiency?
They have a lot of pockets, which means abundant storage for papers, pens, stethoscopes, and whatever else the busy medical and nursing professional may need...

Ideas looking for fertile brains

The Internet is nothing else than a big collection of ideas looking for brains to develop in new ideas to be spread on the Internet to find new brains and so on.
In this way one can kill the host, but not its ideas.
Men get old and die, ideas don´t.
An idea dies only if replaced by a better one.

How to get the most with the least

Do you want to increase the revenues of your website?
Who doesn’t?
I guess you already know Google AdWords and Pay Per Click, may be you even tried it.
I bet that the DIY was not so effective, that is, it didn’t bring much revenue...
Do you want to try it again with the right AdWords management?
What do they really do to be more successful than you?
Well, first of all, they have experience.
They know what to do and they exactly know what is the best strategy for your business.
They carefully chose the right AdWords.
In a few words they do all what is possible to increase your sales.
And they are also the right AdWords management company, because they have very affordable pricing.
It pays off to give it a try, may be the results can be very surprising...

Again about the Japanese

"The contrast with what happened after the Haiti earthquake last January or Hurricane Katrina in 2005 could not be more stark.
It is impossible—and I mean impossible—to imagine any black population anywhere in the world behaving like the Japanese.
Japanese are united both in suffering and in the struggle to rebuild. Japan is far better prepared to face calamity than America or Europe because Japan has had the wisdom to remain Japanese."
Japanes don´t loot

I always thought the Japanese were different, and they are.
Nevertheless I was born in Europe and I think I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else.
I always wondered how you can live in such a small space, sleep in a coffin-like bed, bowing before talking, smiling when you would like to shout and so on...
I think all this behavior is more a facade than inner feelings.
It is enough to see how easily they lie, even in front of evidence, to understand that their inner nature is but acting.
In front they bow and in the back they stub you.
When you see them, they perform the part of the ultra civilized people, in the back they show their real nature,
In that article they were not thieves... ever read that ALL the Mediterranean tuna is caught by Japanese and shipped to Japan where it is sold at up to 1000 dollars a kilogram?
And in the 70s, they were thieves of technology, just as the Chinese are now...
I am sorry, I do not believe there is a race better than the other.
After all the psychological studies you find out that, as unpleasant as it can be, behind each of us there is a communal thing that is called human nature.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japanese people

"Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara said, "The identity of the Japanese people is selfishness. The Japanese people must take advantage of this tsunami as means of washing away their selfish greed. I really do think this is divine punishment."

They are also very proud.
What will win?
Is the Tsunami enough?
I do not think so, they will deny the evidence, against any law of smartness.
If you are in need, and they are, you´d better play the humble part.
Nobody likes to help a proud, self sufficient liar.
Nevertheless I whatch TV and I can just see desperate people, humans like me who in a few minutes lost all what they had, including dear ones.
My heart is with them, because I strongly believe that behind any facade of greed or selfishness or proudness, there is a frighthened human beeing, who asks himself: is it worth to be a survivor?

Friday, March 11, 2011


"One of the flaws of Western culture is the imbalance between materialism and many of the precepts of Eastern philosophy. Just as we should have a balanced diet, we should have a balanced philosophy. America places an extreme value on material accumulation and not enough of spiritual (and I don't mean religious) living. Let's face it, once you have the 60" flat screen TV, where is the thrill after watching the 50th program on it?

This addiction to materialism has probably resulted from the evolution of uncontrolled capitalism arising out of greed, which itself probably arises out of insecurity. And the insecurity arises out of our own false expectation of ourselves as somehow not worthy or competent. If we are, then bad things might happen to us, so we better get all this "stuff" before it's too late."

Your picture of modern materialism (it is not JUST American)is perfect, and your analisis too.
I am not so drastic though.
I do not condemn humans to try to be what they are.
For centuries the Church and state and whatsoever have tried to transform man from the animal he is into a spiritual being which he is not.
Sex had to be condemned because the expression of the inner animality, we shouldn´t be the image of what we are: evoluted monkeys.
I honestly am very proud of my gorilla ancestors, I prefer to be the descendant of a gorilla than of two idiots like Adam and Eve.
I like to read and improve my knowledge, but I like to go shopping and feel good if I look nice in my mirror.
I enjoy a good movie or a cultural event, but I also enjoy sex and eating the food I like.
I think the need of having more is also the need to be better and that is what they call progress.
That is what made our gorilla ancestor to become what we are now.
He wanted a more comfortable house, better food, he wanted to look nice to conquer more females and deep inside of his soul he wanted to have a huge screen to be able to dream to be what he was not: in a baseball game the hero of the game, in a movie the hero of the story.
What is wrong with that?

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This is one of those days I feel the nostalgia for that time long gone.
The time when I was a child and life was easy, 90% fun and a little bit of it duty.
My parents carried the burdens of life, I, just the nice part of it.
It was a life with little oil, little electricity, few machines and a lot of manual work.
But, as strange as it can look, it was not unpleasant.
The days were slower, everything was easier.
I do not think progress has added much to our lives.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Politics and Economics

Politics and economics are the expressions of ideas.
If the ideas are good the results are good, if they are not, well you can see the results in your daily life.
To make a great country you need great men, to destroy it, is much easier.

Future ain´t what it was supposed to be...

Whoever controls the media controls the culture.
Whoever controls the culture controls the future.
Looking at what they broadcast on TV or Movies, there is no much hope left for the future.
You have better results if you brainwash the youngs, they haven´t had the time to build antibodies.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Technology applied to war

The same technology advances that improves our computers and communication also constantly improves the killing power at all levels, whether the U.S. Air Force, insurgents or unconventionals.

Drones, warfare and videogames.
Talking to my friend, a military expert, I learned that fighters with real pilots will be rare in the future. That most air battles will be fought with drones.
So instead of “the best pilots”, in the future what the air force will need, is amazing video game players to guide drones.
Indeed use of drones is already common in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.
Now what surprised me was to find out that drone operators are suffering from more war stress syndrome than real pilots, a lot of it is from the thought of killing innocent people.
As bad as it sounds I think this is good news.
It shows humanity in them. I think that pilots are stressed enough but when they kill they are also at risk, so maybe they have less remorse.
Pilots are like toreros, they have the upper hand, but they can also die.
Drone operators are like toreros outside the arena. They just zap the bull.

Personally I don’t share other people’s fascination with high tech war. I know there are bad people out there, Osama Bin Laden and others who want us dead and if they could they would nuke us. But I also know that in the last 10 years we have lost the moral high ground that we had after 9-11, we have committed a lot of atrocities, and if anything there are more terrorists now than there were 10 years ago.
And as excited as some people may be with drones I think they make us in USA and EU look like terrorists. Moreover we armed Osama with Sting missiles and we suffer for it.
These drones will sooner or later be used by Hamas, Hezbollah, and war will escalate much further.
I see war as inevitably more lethal. That will hold from Sudan to Xinjiang.
Being a technologist gives me no special wisdom on how to achieve that peace, but as a technologist I've learned that the tools - including those of war - will predictably become more effective.
Beyond drones and better rockets, I fear what can soon be produced even in a high school biology laboratory.

Dave Burstein

Cloud computing and its consequences

"Cloud computing," is just a buzz phrase for remote storage.
Instead of having a local hard drive, a provider like Google or Amazon makes their space available to you.
All your files are on their servers; as long as your mobile device has an app for it, you can get to them. Tablet, netbook, cell phones - multiple devices all able to see the same stuff.
Sounds much more convenient than having it all on a PC and copying it everywhere right? And they'll take care of the backups, upgrades and other administrative chores too. What could be simpler?
Now let's say all your data is on the cloud.
It is very versatile and convenient, provided you remain on good terms with your provider.
You can walk away from a service that has only a handful of files hosted. What if you put all of your data there? All your photos, music and so on? How long would it take to download all that if you had to without much warning? Would doing so bust your usage cap?
Imagine another possible scenario:
Government goes to the companies (and you better fucking play ball, mister) and says it wants absolutely everything, no warrants required.
The companies hand it over.
That is what is beginning now. Companies are offering an attractive, convenient and high speed (albeit capped and throttled) experience.
Government sets rules privileging the handful of big providers, and an increasingly docile user base slowly funnels into one of those silos. Federal officials can then, if need be, work with these partners (Orwellian language intended) to get whatever it thinks it has to have - no legal hassles required. It is a very efficient way to manage an otherwise unwieldy population.
We are seeing the development of an increasingly bright line in how users access the Internet.
For most people, who don't know or can't be bothered, there will be an array of relatively cheap and fast wireless options that will allow them to stream media, store favorite music or picture files on remote drives, and generally live their digital lives happily in a gilded cage. (This all assumes no one takes an interest in the DRM status of their MP3 files or becomes concerned that their pictures might show things that touch on national security.)
For those who do not want to live there - permanently, anyway - there will be another one: Wired, slower, locally stored and self-administered - that will provide access to that portion of the network that has not yet been smothered out of existence.

Liberally taken from Building the shadow Internet.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

When "Humanitarism" has nothing to do with humanity

We are on the verge of a big war.
Big because when US are loosing with traditional weapons will try to win with Atomic weapons.
People of the world, especially you, American people, do not fall in the trap.
What US and Britain have in mind has nothing to do with humanitarism, it is but one of the déjàvu ways to arrive to the oil source.
Apart the moral aspect of a war, this won’t even be an economical gain for the US citizens.
As usual, they will have to pay for a new war which won’t bring any advantage to them.
A few corporations will get huge profits, but how many people will have to die for them?
Remember the pyramid has a few on the top and millions on the bottom.
The millions should decide what to do with their own life.