Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Costa Allegra

Ours was the country of sailors and heroes. The Costa Concordia and Allegra ruined our reputation.
We passed from Cristoforo Colommbo and Amerigo Vespucci to captain Schettino.
Not a big improvement.
Now a day all our heroes are underground, the survivors either were not heroes enough or not dangerous enough.
The dead are useful to be remembered once in a while when it is convenient, when we need a nice background.
How could we define Italians today?
Mafiosi, primitive, tax evasors?
In this country nothing is certain anymore. Not work, not justice, not religion, not the media.
What is left to the average Italian is his family, the only real value he still has.
His revolution is more a retaliation.
The average Italian is already used to all: he lives where he can, does what he can do. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t care.
The only goal is surviving, in spite of everything.
The Costa Allegra now is brought to the shore by a French boat, its engines are out of order, the passengers sleeping outside.
It is the photo of Italy.

Liberally taken by Beppe Grillo

Monday, February 27, 2012

Anonymous: a global protest movement

SAN FRANCISCO — The elusive hacker movement known as Anonymous has carried out Internet attacks on well-known organizations like Sony and PBS.
In August, the group went after its most prominent target yet: the Vatican.
Their goal — according to YouTube messages delivered by an Anonymous figure in a Guy Fawkes mask — was to disrupt the event and draw attention to child sexual abuse by priests, among other issues.
Their Facebook page called on volunteers to download free attack software and implored them to “stop child abuse” by joining the cause. It featured split-screen images of the pope seated on a gilded throne on one side and starving African children on the other. And it linked to articles about sexual abuse cases and blog posts itemizing the church’s assets.
On the first day, the denial-of-service attack resulted in 28 times the normal traffic to the church site, rising to 34 times the next day. Hackers involved in the attack, who did not identify themselves, said through a Twitter account associated with the campaign that the two-day effort succeeded in slowing the site’s performance and making the page unavailable “in several countries.”
Researchers who have followed Anonymous say that despite its lack of success in this and other campaigns, recent attacks show the movement is still evolving and, if anything, emboldened. Threatened attacks on the New York Stock Exchange and Facebook last autumn apparently fizzled. But the hackers appeared to regain momentum in January after federal authorities shut down Megaupload, a popular file-sharing site.
“Anonymous is an idea, a global protest movement, by activists on the streets and by hackers in the network,” the hackers said through the Twitter account. “Anyone can be Anonymous, because we are an idea without leaders who defend freedom and promote free knowledge.”


Saturday, February 25, 2012

The things we do, the choices we make

We all have been sort of brainwashed about our role in society.
Women, real women have to be this and that; real men have to be this and that.
In one way we have overcome it, but not completely.
It comes back, like the memories we have of our childhood, where it was appropriate to behave in one way and not in the other.
We are conditioned in our actions and never completely free.
Men have this stupid idea that a woman, the woman of their dreams, must have a certain kind of curves in the right place, it doesn’t matter she has a certain kind of ideas in the wrong place.
Women are freer, not because they are more intelligent, just because they have less testosterone.
Hormones are the ones which very often drive our behavior, especially in people with weak will and strong physical needs. And this is the point where smart people can play with your mind, using your senses, using the ideas you were taught as a child, using your feelings and your sense of right and wrong.
Actually teaching you to change your mind.
Sometimes I have this feelings that I have been used, to reject (when I was a teen ager) the kind of girl I had been brought up to be.
Free love, no family, no boundaries, no feminine attributes.
It felt great, as long as you do not go on destroying your life.
May be the right role, as usual, is in the middle, not too woman, not too man.
Woman when you need to be one and man when you need something else.
In my house I wash the dishes and my husband dries them.
And it would even be better if my husband was NOT a German.
Because he WILL never wash the dishes, IT IS NOT HIS duty.
We Italian tend to be a little more “elastic”, I wouldn’t care if I had to dry them…

Thursday, February 23, 2012


"The European Commission, facing opposition in city streets, on the Internet and in the halls of parliament, has suspended efforts to ratify a new international anti-counterfeiting agreement, and instead will refer it to Europe's highest court to see whether it violates any fundamental EU rights. EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht asserted Wednesday that an opinion from the European Court of Justice would clear away the fog of misinformation surrounding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, known as ACTA."

No win, NO pay

There are two magic words.
One is FREE, and this is absolutely the one I like best.
Unless it is free as long as you pay in a different way, which sometimes can be quite expensive.
I usually, due to bad experiences, tend to fear the sound of it...
The second one, much more reliable is "affordable".
That means "it is not free, but it has a price you can pay" which for me sounds good.
So, once I decide I need a service, I try to find the "affordable" one.
But, what can you define affordable?
Not only what you can pay, actually it is what brings you the ROI with which you will be able to pay...
And what can you define as affordable seo services?
Cheap is not enough.
What is the use of something cheap if it doesn’t produce results?
It doesn’t matter if you can afford it, if the results are zero, it is actually a loss.
On the market there is something available that I would call absolutely the best.
It works this way: You define the goals.
You say what you want to rank for. You can even suggest the keywords you want your website to be ranked for.
Eventually you can get useful suggestions, about the content you should add, what meta tags or keywords and so on...
Then you just have to wait...and this is the best: YOU PAY ONLY if you get results...
Does it sound great? It does to me.
Does it sound affordable? No doubt.
It sounds so great that it looks almost unbelievable.
Why should somebody offer you to pay JUST when you see results?
Because they know YOU WILL.
And under these conditions I really guess it would be insane, not to try...
No win, NO pay.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You are what you do, not what you say...


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Into the blue to go out of the blue

In times of change, smart people make profits, while the outsmarted find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
But you do not need to do everything by yourself; on the contrary, very often it is enough to follow the right lead to be successful.
That is what companies like “Blue Global Media”can make the difference in achieving your goals, either helping offering the best Affiliate network or helping advertisers with unique performance marketing solutions that they cannot find anywhere else.
Their philosophy IS NOT "plant the seeds and let them grow", but they concentrate in following the performance of their affiliate campaigns, doing their best to ensure a higher success than the competitors´.
They provide exclusive offers, continual optimization, thanks to innovative technologies.
Their continuous assistance lets you the time to concentrate in your main goal: to make money.
The affiliate’s job is mainly promoting the products of the advertisers, and Blueglobalmedia helps him with the right “Payday affiliate program” and the right tools to reach the goal.
Everything looks and is easier if done with the help of experts.
When surveyed most Americans said that the single most important thing in their lives was…to be on purpose, to use their gifts, be appreciated for their contribution, and be a part of doing something bigger than themselves.
Do you think in the same way?
This could be your chance.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If you sell, THEY sell.

One of the most important tasks for a seller is to find customers.
No customers, no money.
That is why for a business based on the Internet (and which isn’t now a day?) is of the upmost importance being where his potential customers look for his products.
It can be among the first twenty websites that show up during a search ( and in this case he would need a good SEO company) or among the chat of a social media user (in this case he needs a good SMO company)or in the ads of some important and highly frequented site.
Easier to say than doing, also because you are not alone, but there is a real and aggressive war out there.
The places are twenty or a little bit more, and the fighters are millions...
But there is a way, if THEY are there.
The way? Giving the task to the right company, the best possibly.
Something like HubShout, one that knows its job, and does it in the best way.
And if you are a SEO company? May be a small one, who would like to be big, but is not?
HuShout is also known because it offers the leading SEO reseller programs so, if you plan to Resell SEO services, it pays to have a look.
They can offer the best tools, and the White Label SEO technology.
They can teach you, they can make you a "super seller".
Because, if you sell, THEY sell.

When you want, you can

"As more and more broadband providers have instituted caps, I have continued to say that caps are really not necessary and that even if congestion was to be a problem, consumption caps are the wrong way to address the potential problem: congestion during peak time on the network slowing everyone down." - Sonic.Net CEO Dane Jasper

Consumption caps are like limiting traffing on a real crossing imposing fines and tolls: solving the problem creating other problems.

Sonic is turning on Sebastopol, CA customers now with home fiber connections, and has filed for permits to build a gigabit fiber network to homes in San Francisco -- as usual,with no bandwidth caps.
Their initial pilot in SF is 2000 homes in the Sunset district, with a 5-year rollout to the entire city. "The Santa Rosa-based company currently offers Fiber services in Sebastopol, Calif. Customers there can choose service with one or two included phone lines, plus ultra high-speed broadband at 100Mbps for $39.95 or 1Gbps (1000Mbps) for $69.95."
This is good news and means that when you want to make things better, you can.

Who wins?

In the last few days, we've seen an extraordinary wave of announcements by governments in Europe, particularly its eastern part, that they would not be ratifying ACTA immediately. That sequence of events, culminating in today's news that Germany, too, would be holding off, has suddenly made lots of people sit up and take notice.

But even against that tumultuous background, few of us would have expected that two of the most serious business publications in Europe, The Economist and Financial Times, would both go much further than simply noting the problems the treaty now faces, and declare that ACTA is pretty much dead.

Under the headline "ACTA up", The Economist says: "Protests across Europe may kill an anti-piracy treaty", and points out: "Internet activists used to be dismissed as a bunch of hairy mouse-clickers with little clout. Not any more."

Do not worry.
It is not a sign that people win, it is but one more confirmation that corporations have their last saying.
They are stronger than Hollywood, than copyright holders.
Who would pay for high speed Internet if suddenly there was no content to download?
It is not freedom that wins, it is just one of those times in which freedom is convenient to bandwith sellers...

The unlimited is limited

"Tallman sees few prospects for a lawsuit against AT&T.
The company is still providing unlimited data usage to throttled customers, even if the speeds are so low as to make the phone useless for anything but phone calls and text messages.
The company made no promises that "unlimited" data would always be coupled with high speeds, he notes."
That is the bitter surprise you have in Europe too.
You sign for "unlimited 4 Mbps speed" and after a few Mb download you get 15 Kbps...unusable.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The only question is: How long can it last?

"A two thousand dollar laptop computer today is vastly more powerful than the most expensive supercomputer was in 1975.
Great advances have been made in the field of automation, and in many other technical fields.
Applied to manufacturing and the supply of various services, the amount of labor needed to perform many tasks has been greatly reduced.
This explains why working people today, despite shorter work days and more vacation time, are earning much more in real dollars than they were 35 years ago.
Wouldn't it be great if the previous sentence were true? Why isn't it true?"

In one way IT IS TRUE.
Just decide who the "working people" are.
We have come to a total distortion of reality, of values and rewards.
It is not the "work" that makes revenues; it is the derivatives of the "work".
I employ 1000 people, pay them less and less and my revenues grow more and more.
While of course their revenues do not grow at all, actually get less and less.
I make money, the stocks of my company make money, the money I invest makes money.
The only question is: How long can it last?

28 Weeks Later

Posted by Von Battle

While watching direct tv cary, I got hooked to a new show called “The River”. The show is about an explorer who gets lost on the Amazon river and his family sets out to search for him. The first few minutes of this show totally freaked my wife out. It was not at all what we expected it to be. My wife was already skeptical of my choice of movies and shows, now she will probably watch anything I recommend again. When she was eight months pregnant with our first son, I took her to see a movie just to get her out of the house. I told her that the movie we going to see was a sequel of a good movie I had seen several years earlier. I assured her that the movie was just slightly suspenseful and that she had nothing to worry about. Needless to say we were only 5 minutes into the horror zombie flick “28 Weeks Later”, until she threw her bag of popcorn at me and walked out of the theater.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Too impossible to shut down

"While the file-sharing ecosystem is currently filled with uncertainty and doubt, researchers at Delft University of Technology continue to work on their decentralized BitTorrent network. Their Tribler client doesn’t require torrent sites to find or download content, as it is based on pure peer-to-peer communication. “The only way to take it down is to take the Internet down,” the lead researcher says.

The Tribler BitTorrent client is no newcomer to the BitTorrent scene. It has been in development for more than 5 years and has delivered many innovative features, which have mostly been ignored by the masses.

Today, however, Tribler is more relevant than ever before.

Developed by a team of researchers at Delft University of Technology, the main goal is to come up with a robust implementation of BitTorrent that doesn’t rely on central servers. Instead, Tribler is designed to keep BitTorrent alive, even when all torrent search engines, indexes and trackers are pulled offline.

“Our key scientific quest is facilitating unbounded information sharing,” Tribler leader Dr. Pouwelse tells TorrentFreak.

“We simply don’t like unreliable servers. With Tribler we have achieved zero-seconds downtime over the past six years, all because we don’t rely on shaky foundations such as DNS, web servers or search portals.”

So how does it work?

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Steve Jobs

"He believe the Appointee {Jobs} has what it takes to assume a high level political position in the Government, in which in his opinion, honesty and integrity are not prerequisites to assume a position."

It is about him, about politics,and about us all.
Read the 191-page FBI file on Steve Jobs (pdf)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

How to get high ranking doing nothing...

Once selling cars was directly related to the physical place where your business was.
More people passing by, more chances to show what you had and more chances to sell.
Position meant very often everything.
That also meant that you needed to pay a high rent in order to sell...
Now things have changed.
You still need to be visible, but being your business located in a virtual place, the challenge IS NOT having an expensive show room, but catching the people to the show room you have.
First of all, your website needs more to be usable than fancy.
You still need to show your cars as well as possible, but you also need an easy to use and search website.
I personally am a minimalist; I strongly believe that the less you have, the more you can show.
But having the best website is not enough.
If your customers do not find you, is like if you didn’t exist.
So, what to do in the jungle of search engines, social networks, web directories and so on?
Either you spend a lot of time and become a guru of Internet placement (because competition is getting aggressive, believe me) or you relax, pay a little fee and leave the job to the experts.
Because the best placement, even if you are so good or lucky to get it, doesn’t last forever.
Today you can be number first in Google and tomorrow...they change algorithm and you are not there anymore...
So, my suggestion is to find the right Car Dealer SEO, decide what strategy you want to follow, make a deal and work on selling and stapling money...nice, especially the second part...
You could get your goal just with selected ads in strategic places.
Because the importance is not ONLY the number of visitor, but the QUALITY.
That means to get the right traffic of people who actually are looking for what you sell.
Try Google PPC For Car Dealers - AdLogic.
I found very interesting also the blog.
One of the post I liked more is: Where Do Carbuyers Go After Visiting
It explains in an easy and understandable way how it works.
And of course, after reading it, I realized how nice is to have somebody else who does the job...especially when it is not so expensive...

Someday, somewhere who does wrong will pay for it.

I do not believe in honesty, decency, responsability, but I do believe in the importance, the duty to REPORT dishonesty, indecency, irresponsability.

Saturday, February 04, 2012


Less than One-Fifth of All Americans Favor Military or Covert Action Against Iran … Less than Half of Israelis Want to Attack Iran, and 65% Want the Entire Middle East – Including Israel – to be a Nuclear-Free Zone.
USA or Israel will nevertheless attack IRAN and we will have the third world war.
That is how great a democracy we have.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

About directories

A directory is a listing of suppliers of services or manufacturers of products or an organized collection of links to websites that offer certain products.
I find directories very often quite helpful, I can save a lot of time browsing and looking in the main search engines.
How many times you chose to open a page when the small description offers you what you are looking for and then you find everything but what described?
You click and wait and read are at the same point, a little bit angrier because you miss time and patience.
There are directories where not only you can find ALL the services or products you are looking for, but you can search for features you want and prices you are targeting.
For example if you are looking for a special web hosting, something that could come into your budget, with the services you are looking for, there is nothing better than just going in a directory that lists all, with in-depth information’s, where you can search by location, hosting services, price range and so on...
But that is not all, you can also find information’s and descriptions of what a good hosting should offer, what certain words mean (not everybody is a guru and knows everything in details).
For example if your budget is very limited and nevertheless you still want something worth the money you spend, you can click on webhostingpad, you can find out that it offers for just $1.99: unlimited disk space and traffic, $100 Marketing Coupons and even 30 day money back guarantee...
And you can ALSO see the customers’ reviews and ratings.
What is better than knowing the opinion of the ones who are using it?
If they have 200.000 customers, I guess they could also satisfy me...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

YOG , you can eat, enjoy and be safe.

"For millions of Americans, bagged salads are a miracle food, the perfect mix of health and convenience.

Time-pressed cooks can rip open a bag and pour the leaves right into the bowl, reassured by the "triple-washed" label that some wondrous process has rendered these greens squeaky clean and ready for dinner.

They don't want to think about E. coli O157:H7. And the salad industry doesn't want them thinking about it either."

"One of the biggest hurdles facing scientists now is how salad bagging works.

Thousands upon thousands of salad leaves are taken to a central plant, washed together, bagged and shipped. Even if only a few leaves are tainted, harmful pathogens can spread in the wash water — the modern salad version of the old adage that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel."
A serious illness linked to E. coli that can cause kidneys to fail.
The illness,hemolytic-uremic syndrome, or HUS, is most common in children.
Most companies treat their salad wash water by adding an antimicrobial agent, typically chlorine. Ideally, a rinse in clean, chlorinated water would whisk off those pathogens and prevent them from migrating to other leaves. But tiny amounts of pathogens can survive those washes and taint clean leaves.
T-128 has been shown in studies to boost the power of chlorinated water. "

My humble proposal is WWW wash, wash wash, and FFF fresh, fresh, fresh, mostly lll local local local.
If it is YOG your own garden, well you can eat, enjoy and be safe.

Italy: the beginning of an European dictatorship

It happens when you are so busy talking about the economy that you forget democracy.
Perhaps from a technical point of view, the Monti government is not a coup d’├ętat, but actually it is nothing else than that.
It was Napolitano who nominated it having under pressure of the EU to avoid the "economic collapse" denied by all parties and institutions till one month earlier. Where the hell have they been? Picking daisies?
The former Berlusconi government and Parliament itself are not the expressions of democracy but the offspring of the partytocracy. It is the distortion of the will of the people.
Napolitano plays his part defending the parties from “anti-politics” and from direct democracy.
We have an unconstitutional Parliament of convicted criminals, useless and incapable people with no skill, who wouldn’t even find a job as dishwashers, “appointed” by five party secretaries.
They have failed but are still there telling us what to do.
Italy’s obscure illness is the partytocracy that since the end of the last war, step by step has reduced any space for democratic confrontation and has taken control of the State.
“Calling deputies and senators “representatives of the people” no longer means today what was meant by this term in other times: they are nothing else than employees of their party.
The parties have been transformed from free associations of volunteer-believers, into organized armies with a top level staff of Commissioned officers and Non-commissioned officers in permanent active service.
The outcome of the election depends on the choice of candidates and that is done not by the voters, but by the party functionaries.
And the candidates, rather than having personal merit in specific professional competences are chosen for their attitude to becoming good functionaries of their party in Parliament.
Since then, the situation has got worse. Democracy is denied and there is no important decision relating to the citizens taken by them but by the parties that allow themselves every license thanks to the corrupted and slave media.
With the results of the referendums, expressing people´s will, like the ones on party financing and nuclear, they clean their bottoms.
Popular initiative laws, like the “Clean up Parliament” , are simply ignored.
And all this with total silence from the Constitutional Court.
What we would need is “direct democracy“: the chance to have referendums without any quorum, the obligation to vote within 60 days on popular initiative laws with open voting and the direct election of candidates.

And in all this, what does Europe do?
When you have nothing to say, it is because you agree.