Friday, June 25, 2010

All you wanted to know about viruses and nobody told you

First of all DO NOT BELIEVE that you are safe if you have a firewall.
This can protect you from worms, but viruses can easily pass it, and some viruses can even disable it.
The good news, is that they usually do not damage your hardware (except for a few that infect the BIOS)
The bad news is that you CANNOT just save your data, reinstall Windows and be rid of them.
The moment you copy your old files you get them back too.
The best is of course using a good antivirus even though this many times can give you false indications.
Not all detected viruses are really viruses.
When you get a blue screen IS RARELY a virus.
Windows is surely the platform more attacked, but having another OS is not the certainty to be rid of viruses.
So the old rules are still valid: Don't install software from places you don't know, be wary anytime a piece of software asks you for your password, and avoid installing "codecs" from porn sites.

Anyway: I prefer 100 viruses in my computer than one in my body.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marchionne versus Fiat Workers

This is the clear example how people still believe that it is possible to have a Communist society with a Capitalistic economy.
Time to wake up, Santa Claus doesn´t exist...

Just Economists and stupids...

"World war one and two were the beginning of the demonstration of EXCESS CAPACITY, industrial might that is discharged through war, since all that industrial might and capacity and production does not know how to discharge its huge productivity. The housing bubble is another example of how the automatic wealth tries to discharge its EXCESS CAPACITY through building too many houses, McManisons, etc."

Just Economists and stupids believe that production can always grow, and of the firsts I am not so sure...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to change your dreams into reality

What is the best holiday?

It depends on who is going, where they go, and mainly it depends on the budget.

That is the unmagic word we all hate to hear when it comes to do something.

Dreams and hopes are always far superior to the means available to fulfill them.

But for once imagine you can dream to have the holiday you always wanted, something even more than what you would dare to dream, something like a holiday that can last 365 days, yes , something like one full year and you do not even have to bother how much it will cost!

Imagine to be able to choose the best hotels, in the best places of the world, and imagine all this is FREE.

It looks impossible, but for once in your life it could be possible, a dream come true.

Radisson Blu is holding a competition where you can apply, no cost, no catch.

What do you need?

Just a little bit of creativity, or a big bit, it depends on how creative you are, and how creative the others who apply are.

I presume it is going to be kind of tough, creativity is something usually proportional to the prize, and this IS something worth to squeeze your brain to find something unique.

In the meantime let me explain how it works:

Visit their website and tell them why you should be the chosen one.

But this is not enough, because to win you also need to have the biggest number of votes.

So, you could for example invite your friends, or whoever, to vote for you, maybe telling the world you need votes through a social network or any other way.

Imagine: being able to spend 365 nights in a glamorous hotel in a location you can choose among 200 and what is really nice is that you can do it during a 5 years period! Isn’t it the greatest holiday in the world ?

The competition lasts till July 24th and you must be either an EU citizen, or a citizen of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland to participate to enter this competition. But  ANYONE CAN VOTE!


Well, what do you need?

You need creativity, you need confidence, you need luck and of course a lot of  friends...

And in case you do not win?

It was nice anyway, dreaming costs nothing, but makes you feel so much better.

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Why US is still dependent on oil

This is a funny-tragic movie I enjoyed very much...

Watch Video

A lake of Gas is threatening US

"A huge underground lake of methane gas—compressed by a pressure of 100,000 pounds per square inch (psi)—could be released by BP's drilling effort to obtain the oil deposit.
Current engineering technology cannot contain gas that is pressurized to 100,000 psi.
The explosive destruction of the Deepwater Horizon wellhead was an accident just waiting to happen.
Yet the disaster that followed the loss of the rig pales by comparison to the apocalyptic disaster that may come.
With the emerging evidence of fissures, the quiet fear now is the methane bubble rupturing the seabed and exploding into the Gulf waters. If the bubble escapes, every ship, drilling rig and structure within the region of the bubble will instantaneously sink. All the workers, engineers, Coast Guard personnel and marine biologists measuring the oil plumes' advance will instantly perish.
The burgeoning methane gas cloud will surface, killing everything it touches, and set off a supersonic tsunami with the wave traveling somewhere between 400 to 600 miles per hour.
A supersonic tsunami would literally sweep away everything from Miami to the panhandle in a matter of minutes. Loss of human life would be virtually instantaneous and measured in the millions. Of course the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and southern region of Georgia—a state with no Gulf coastline—would also experience tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of casualties.

The world's superpower would be literally gone in a flash...of detonating methane."

A part of being Human

"Humans will live in as much luxury as they can afford for as long as they can pay for or borrow for it.

Most humans will then downsize, but a few will kill and steal for more.

Those would be the ones who rule us, and are preparing for war with Iran."

Not all, but most of them.
That is a part of being human.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Peak oil

It is NOT that there is not enough oil, it is that there is too much waste of it.
How many tons of plastic are in our garbage?
How many irons, fridges, garden appliances we used for a little while and then we had the problem to throw away?
In Italy we still use roads made in stones by Romans 2000 years ago.
It takes much longer to make a road like that and it doesn’t allow huge speed for cars, but it lasts forever.
It is like Chinese goods compared to good quality goods.
They are much cheaper, but you are lucky if they last one week...
We have to learn to make good, long lasting goods.
I honestly begin to be fed up to change my appliances every year.
It is a waste of money, of time and mostly of resources.
We drawn in garbage and our life is getting hell.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The smell of my childhood

I think I was kind of lucky, I had a lot from life.
I do not mean money or power, I mean I had a lot to be happy about.
I had a wonderful family, I had a lot of love, probably more than what I deserved, because sometimes I even took it for granted.
I had a great grandfather and every year, in June, when I smell the lime tree I suddenly have a glimpse of those Summer nights we spent under a huge tree in my grandparents house in the country.
It was the family house, my great great great someone house.
It was still very much as it used to be many years before.
At that time remodeling was a luxury just kings and a little less could afford.
The others were lucky to have a house and furniture to care for.
And they cared for a lot.
The entrance was always dark, because my grandmother used to close all windows and spray that poisonous DDT which probably was not that poisonous since they lived till 85 and all the other relatives quite long too...
It used to have a special smell, which I didn’t dislike.
The floor was a cotto floor, always waxed and shining and nicely smelling too.
And then there was the cellar which had a special smell too.
A mixture of mold and wine.
My grandfather, as most Italians, was fond of wine.
The good strong red wine.
Barbera, Barolo, Barbaresco, and the everyday Dolcetto.
"Water makes rust, wine never."
"The French wines are just good to make vinegar, nothing can beat a good strong piemontese wine."
"I will never be poisoned by water or French wine..."
And then there was the smell of fresh strawberries or peaches or flowers.
My childhood was a mixture of nice, good lovely smells, the smells of love I will never forget.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Licence to kill

The US president last night made it clear that BP's payments could be just the start, warning that the company could still face lawsuits from individuals and American states. On Wednesday, in his strongest show of support since the oil began leaking two months ago, Mr Cameron said the company should not be exposed to a string of future damages claims.

"BP is an important company," he said. "It is an important company for people's pensions, it employs thousands of people in the UK, it pays a lot of tax. "It's important to try to give some level of clarity and certainty so that the company can actually continue and be financially stable," he said.

If you are an important company,that employs thousands of people, that pays a lot of tax you can do "almost what you want and be slightly punished...especially if you are British.

Don´t blame Obama, blame Clinton

"In 1995, President Bill Clinton signed the Outer Continental Shelf Deepwater Royalty Relief Act, which exempted oil wells drilled deep in the Gulf from the normal royalty payments to the government.

Usually, these payments amount to between 12 percent and 16 percent of their revenues, so the exemption did a great deal to catalyze drilling in deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Deepwater Horizon well, where drilling began in 2001, was one of those catalyzed by the Clinton legislation. Overall, deepwater oil production in the Gulf shot up from 42 million barrels in 1996 to 348 million in 2004.

The latter figure represents about 6 percent of total US oil consumption and about 15 percent of domestic production. Natural-gas production from deepwater Gulf drilling increased tenfold during the same period.

The legislation was pushed avidly by Republicans in Congress, particularly those representing the very Gulf states now engulfed by the BP spill.

Unfortunately, the Clinton administration -- and the Bush and Obama administrations that followed -- failed to consider seriously what to do if things went wrong."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The best time

"One of the most common questions I receive when it comes to an exercise routine is, “Is there a BEST time to work out?”
Yes, for me it is when I have urgently to do something else, so that I can skip it...

How dangerous is your cell phone?

SAN FRANCISCO --- Imposing roughly the same cautionary standards for cellphones as for fatty food or sugary soda, this city --- never shy about its opinions --- voted on Tuesday to require all retailers to display the amount of radiation each phone emits...


Under the law, retailers will be required to post materials --- in at least 11-point type --- next to phones, listing their specific absorption rate, which is the amount of radio waves absorbed into the cellphone user's body tissue. These so-called SAR rates can vary from phone to phone, but all phones sold in the United States must have a SAR rate no greater than 1.6 watts per kilogram, according to the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates the $190 billion wireless industry. blog

For All who are surprised that somebody like Berlusconi can use Italy as his subsidary.
These are a few of the comments you can find on BeppeGrillo blog, the place where the opposition fights for "DEMOCRACY", "FREEDOM OF SPEECH", against "RACISM, "NATIONALISM"

"banna il deficiente!
che non si limita a molestare il blog
ma viene a molestare pure a domicilio!"

Gentilissima "sig.ra" Viviana,
innanzitutto ti ringrazio per il tuo "GENTILE" sottocommento a nome di tutti i deficienti della terra.
Ci terrei che mostrassi delle prove delle mie presunte "MOLESTIE" a domicilio altrimenti attenzione ad usare queste frasi(potrebbero essere fraintese NON essendo io un molestatore).
Per quanto riguarda invece le "MOLESTIE" del blog...soltanto perché ho proposto l'idea di creare una voce COMMENTI BANNATI non mi sembra di avere rotto così tanto le scatole a tutti voi,credo soltanto che essendoci un mucchio di commenti offensivi e volgari NON bannati verso terzi vorrei sapere il metro di giudizio che utilizzano i famigerati "BANNERS" e sono altrettanto curioso di leggere i commenti bannati per sapere cosa ci possa essere di così urtante.
chiudo chiedendoti gentilmente di non giudicare mai una persona deficiente solo perché pone educatamente una domanda per quanto per te possa essere fastidiosa in quanto sei sprovvista di risposte adeguate.
UMBERTO-membro del MEETUP di beppe grillo ad ALBA

tò solita merda del NO-BLOG ha censurato
il post ...delle 19:57
e con tutti nomi diversi... STRACCIONE MORALE !!!
dovresti "proteggere" certi post ...
RI-POSTO solo la prima parte...
quella del CORNACCHIONE non serve! già ne girano
tanti sui blog e nella realtà

a volte non vi comprendo....
da settimane scoppolate la minchia ( azione meccanica operata sul prepuzio onde realizzare la fuoriuscita del glande) circa la LIBERTA' d'espressione e poi ?
nel blog si si coalizza per procedere all'unisono per i 5 canonici click..
ragazzi...facciamo FINTA di essere civili.....
leghisti...berlusconiani....comunisti...zoccole e ricchioni......che TUTTI abbiano la libertà di esprimersi....

il nostro inno alla libertà un web senza nostra protensione alla multicultarilità nostra saggezza nel saper leggere anche ciò che è scomodo....
il saper controbattere senza scivolare in violenza...forti solo dell'AUTODETERMINAZIONE...ed uno spiccato autocontrollo.......
calmatevi...tutti...finocchiacci in mano non vi darei il ben altro !!!!

For Whoever doesn´t understand, it is written: "use censorship" against the many that do not belong to the restricted group of monopolizers conducted by a few spinsters who spend all day long reporting "corrected news" about the situation in Italy.
They also belong to the Movimento 5 stelle that should be in opposition to the mainstream.
Luckily they had very few votes in just five Italian regions.
If this is the opposition, Berlusconi can sleep and dream sweet dreams.


Il Blog di Beppe Grillo è uno spazio aperto a vostra disposizione, è creato per confrontarsi direttamente. L'immediatezza della pubblicazione dei vostri commenti non permette filtri preventivi. L'utilità del Blog dipende dalla vostra collaborazione per questo motivo voi siete i reali ed unici responsabili del contenuto e delle sue sorti.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mycobacterium vaccae

There is nothing that makes me feel better than walking in the grass barefooted.
Or digging with bare hands or laying and looking at the sky.
I always believed that the reason was simply being close to nature, but today I read the reason could be something else:
"Mycobacterium vaccae is a natural soil bacterium which people likely ingest or breathe in when they spend time in nature," says Dorothy Matthews of The Sage Colleges in Troy, New York, who conducted the research with her colleague Susan Jenks.

Previous research studies on M. vaccae showed that heat-killed bacteria injected into mice stimulated growth of some neurons in the brain that resulted in increased levels of serotonin and decreased anxiety... "This research suggests that M. vaccae may play a role in anxiety and learning in mammals," says Matthews. "It is interesting to speculate that creating learning environments in schools that include time in the outdoors where M. vaccae is present may decrease anxiety and improve the ability to learn new tasks."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP is no stranger to environmental crime

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was far from the "unavoidable accident" BP claimed it to be, driven by a reckless pursuit of profits and selfish disregard for our planet.

Followed by a rather obvious cover-up.

BP is no stranger to environmental crime. Over the past two decades, BP subsidiaries have been convicted of three crimes in Alaska and Texas, including two felonies. BP also holds the dubious honor of receiving the stiffest fine in history for work safety violations[i].

And with the current disaster, their lies have spewed forth as fervently as the oil.

First, BP denied there was a leak. When they could no longer hide that fact, they lowballed the estimate of the leak at 5,000 barrels a day, which is probably low by a factor of 20. And instead of taking responsibility, they are playing PR gymnastics and finger pointing.

Making the environmental disaster even worse, BP is dumping dispersants into the Gulf by the bathtub-full—and they have chosen the worst of the worst.

Talking about racism...

For example, Thomas Carlyle, writing in The Spectator in 1865, said, "The Negroes are made on purpose to serve whites, just as the black ants are made on purpose to serve the red."

Writing in 1865 the great British biologist Thomas H. Huxley maintained that "the highest places in the hierarchy of civilization will assuredly not be within the reach of our dusky cousins."

After returning from an expedition to Africa, anthropologist Edward B. B. Tyler declared that "monkeys were far more civilized than these naked savages. Never saw such scoundrels as Africa produces. Quite on a level with that of the brute and not to be compared with the noble character of the dog."

In his book The Land of the Dollar, Author G.W. Stevens wrote, "Niggers are like monkeys. It is not only their subnormal sloping foreheads and large protruding lips. They sit about in the streets and babble like monkeys; always pinching and playing tricks."

Thomas Nelson, in his book, The World and its People, contended that "the Negro is best described as an overgrown child, vain, self-indulgent, and fond of idleness.

Rudyard Kipling wrote, "Blacks were lazy, vicious, and incapable of any serious improvement, or for work except under compulsion. In such a climate, a few bananas will sustain the life of a Negro quite sufficiently."

The 19th century had an endless list of distinguished intellectuals who seemingly took gratification in insulting the intellect and character of blacks.

All these definitions of the "Blacks" would perfectly apply to my neighbors.
Too bad they are Germans and belong to the "Arian race".
Weren’t they supposed to be the best?

This is a clear example how syllogisms do not work:
Arians are intelligent, all Germans are all Germans are intelligent.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

May be the poor doesn´t agree

"Broda and his colleagues find that the prices of what the poor buy have risen less than the prices of what the rich buy. That’s because when prices of related goods change, the poor are more likely to switch to cheaper goods, all the while maintaining their overall level of satisfaction with their purchases. If it becomes cheaper to maintain a constant level of satisfaction, then one’s wages have effectively grown.
The poor are either more willing or more able to economize to maintain a constant lifestyle than the rich are, and so inflation eats into their quality of life to a lesser extent than it does among the rich."

Comment: Great post; worth reading and highly recommended.
In my opinion inequality cannot be eliminated, it has always existed and if you look at it in the functional way, it is necessary."

May be the poor doesn´t agree. But I am shocked seeing what certain people think.
Inequality is necessary. For what I fail to understand. I always thought that the American Constitution stated that "All Men Have the same rights to happiness"

Today's Nazis are the Jews

"There you have it: the infamous crimes of Nazism invoked as a shorthand for the policies of the Jewish state."

This is no reason, may be is an excuse.
It is a learned lesson that repeats itself.
Once victim, no more victim.
Attack is the best defense.
Once treated as subhuman, you learn how to treat subhumans, first making them so and then taking advantage of your power.
"There are a thousand examples one could give of the arrogance of power and its baleful effects: revolutions devouring their own children; reforming governments that have lost touch with their popular base; liberation movements corrupted by the spoils of office; democratically elected politicians who have come to think they are not subject to the same law as others; great powers going to war without just cause; and so on."
How to? It is very simple, Hitler was the greatest teacher of all.
Reduce your enemy as something which has nothing of human anymore.
Think of people as numbers and then erasing numbers is easier than what you think.

See the world as a mass of men, not individuals.
Think of them as "the others". Never allow yourself to feel or imagine what it feels like to be them.
Today's Nazis are the Jews.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The secret of a successful enterprise

Ever thought to add a live chat to your website?
Somebody comes to your website and instead of just looking around he can have a warm welcome from you, can ask questions and have all the right answers.
You can show and explain.
How does it work?
There is an enterprise-class live chat software for free which can enable you to track your website’s visitors in real time, chat to them and convert browsers into customers.
It is possible to set up unlimited operator seats and perform unlimited chat sessions.
They host the software for you so no bother to download or install it at all. It is ready to use once you sign up. And it's 100% free for life!
That means you can give live support to any of your customers, just like in a real shop.
A good relationship with the customers is the secret for the success of any enterprise.

How long?

"Germany doesn't want to hear about bailouts and stimuli anymore. Germany is looking to reinstate something like a "normal" economy based on producing things of value and paying for things when you have the capital to do it. Germany is pulling the plug on the debt-o-rama banking rackets -- at least insofar as these rackets leave Germany holding the bag for a growing list of deadbeat nations."

If Europe is dead then US is already buried.

"Those f*cking Germans! Don't they know they lost the war? Reparations are still due and payable, in the form of going along with the Geithner debt-o-rama. Here's the gig, people. Either "they" (i.e.the rest of the world) goes along with our financial escapades or they get nuked. Don't tell me there isn't that implicit threat. Why else have all those nukes? Don't believe it? Then you really don't know just how craven those in the driver's seat are."

I understand. We Europe (Italy and Germany) lost the war, so, after 65 years we still have to pay!
But for how long?
And did the US pay for Korea or Vietnam?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Bail out isn´t the solution, it is just postponing, collapse will happen in increments that conceal its happening from many people who will blame all kinds of scapegoats for their troubles.
Quality goods will continue to be evermore scarcer and dearerand so will jobs (not dearer, on the contrary cheaper). Other goods will continue to be junky. Real quality of life will continue to degrade and real wealth will be lost to inflation for many people.
The unease that people feel, knowing something isn't working right, will continue, but political shamans will deceive people and find "solutions" of a facile nature which will fail to solve the structural problems, but will kick the can down the road.

A better world is waiting for us, in which we will find that freedom from money means a harder, but most intriguing life.
Friendship, love, will again have the place they deserve in our lives.

When local goes global

Do you need a local insurance, a place easily reachable when you need, may be even walkable from home and nevertheless you want something that can offer you ALL the advantages that only a big insurance can offer?
Do you work in Sausalito and need a business insurance policy?
But in the meantime you live somewhere else in California and still need a California home insurance?
Something close to your business and in the mean time close to home, when you need it?
In a few words, do you need to go global staying local?
Nothing easier today.
You just have to choose the right insurance, the one near you that can offer the best price and the best premiums.
You can easily compare on the website and see how much you can save.
And if you live in California and have a business in New York?
No problem, you can have also a business insurance in New York and walk into their office in your town.