Friday, May 25, 2012

All what you need to know about websites

Everyday thousands or millions of websites are created, published and promoted. Designing one is not a big task anymore.
You can find all the tools you need, all the templates you dream.
You chose the one you like, the one that in your opinion would better suit your business or whatever you want to show on the Internet, you fill the empty spaces, upload you pictures and there it is...
You still have to find the best web hosting for it, but also that is not a big problem. That done you still have a problem to solve: how to bring traffic to it.
Without customers all your work is for nothing.
But usually one doesn’t just want customers, he wants a lot of customers.
Which is what everybody would like to have...but, as we said there are new ones everyday, so which gets the most?
Obviously the one that is better optimized for the search engines, the one that has a good number of good links.
How to do?
Also for that, with a little patience you can find the right website that will help you, suggesting not only how to create, improve but also to promote a website.
The link exchange is a service ready available (if you know how) and you have to follow three easy steps, and and relax and sometimes also beginning to count revenues...
If you are a beginner, you can register for a free account and learn and see. Sometimes even if you are already an intermediate or an expert, you still have to learn how to find and reciprocate links.
In life one should never stop learning.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quality always pays off.

Companies should make marketing their top priority for two main reasons: continuous and accelerating market change and hyper competition.
These two factors mean that they need to spend more of their time looking outward rather than inward.
If they do that, they can more accurately determine how well marketing is driving the company’s growth.
They should focus on four areas: making the company truly market-focused and customer-centered; strengthening the marketing planning process and the effectiveness of resulting plans; revamping the marketing budget process; and developing the company’s marketing and sales personnel.
Concerning the third area of focus they should add a marketing plan that focuses on the online marketing.
That includes improving website position with Search Engine, Optimization (Local Map Optimization),Pay Per Click, Social Media sites Optimization.
For doing so they should be careful in choosing the right Seo reseller.
And for the right one I mean the professional who can really deliver the right long lasting solution.
I am talking of long lasting, because everybody knows that the major search engines change algorithm quite often and if your website is badly optimized, doing something tricky to cloak its keywords, or participating in dodgy link exchanges, quite often, after a glorious dawn there comes the moment in which it is smacked so hard to see the stars, as the saying goes...
With the right and serious SEO reseller plans, you should not be worried about, or need to re-optimize your content for any update of any search engine.
If marketing is your priority, so the quality should be.
Quality always pays off.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The new frontier of education: Online College

"Efficiency, however, has its cost.
There are going to be winners and losers in the new world of networked higher education.
The success of Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford and Princeton online programs will prove a challenge to many colleges and universities.
Why pay a quarter of a million dollars to go to a second-tier school when you can get a Harvard education online for little or nothing?
This also raises the question of whether one is paying for an education or certification when attending college.
Facing skyrocketing debt and dismal job prospects, many students and their families may even ask whether the difference between the virtual and the real Harvard is worth the cost."


Sometimes, knowing the people who know, proves to be essential

At the beginning of the commercial Internet any company which needed traffic on its website tried to find the way to reach the maximum number of customers with the best search engine marketing.
Needless to say that at "technologysaurus age“, as I read in an interesting article, being on a good position on certain search engines was more than enough to be known.
But as time passes and the number of websites grows exponentially, it gets more and more difficult, so that it is extremely important to find new ways.
With the dawn of the social medias, as you can read in the same article, it is essential to find the way to a social media optimization of your site, so that you can use in the best way this very effective mean to reach the biggest number of customers.
If you think that the users of Facebook are in the neighborhood of 500 million, (as read in another article of the same author), you can understand the importance to be able to use this way.
Real search engine marketing experts know how to reach not only more traffic, but the right kind of traffic, besides being able to let users to follow link suggestions from their friends and contacts, when social connections are used as a filter and kind of recommendation tool.
It is a way of sophisticated "word of mouth" that still proves to be the best way to reach your customers.
Nevertheless, you certainly cannot under evaluate what a big task it is to actually be able to reach certain positions.
If everybody wants to be there and for everybody I am talking about millions, being THE ONE is not so easy...
That is why one should always look and chose the best search engine marketing firm, the one that not only promises, but also delivers...
That is why reading the right articles and being informed is NOT a waste of time, on the contrary, to know the people who know sometimes proves to be essential.
And needless to say, when you really know what you are looking for, that is when you can make the best choice.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The one million dollar answer

Could somebody explain me one thing? Where has all the money gone? Five years ago ALL banks were so full of money they would give a mortgage to any beggar passing by. And then suddenly the Federal Reserve, The ECB have to print (digitally) trillions after trillions and it is never enough. If the banks are bankruptcy, people have no money anymore; the state has no money, who got it? And what does he plan to do with it?

The future as I see it

It is a world where nobody is paid anymore, or everybody is paid a lot of money that is worth nothing. It is a world where I do if you do, or I give if you give. What they have achieved, and I do not even think it was their ultimate goal, is that we went back in a few years of many thousand of years. In those moments at the dawn of civilisation where discussions were solved with wars and they still hadn´t invented the money and the way to cheat with it. When we will all finish of pretending that paper is worth depending on the numbers written on it, we will stop pretending that we have laws and institutions. Freedom will be licence and trust will be something so rare we won´t know what it is. But then we will begin. Again.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Private digital police

"The accidental censorship of the St. Margaret's community website highlights a larger reality of the Internet age: The digital networks and platforms we depend upon for all aspects of our lives -- including the civic and political -- are for the most part designed, owned, operated, and governed by the private sector.
Internet and mobile services empower us to organize and communicate in exciting new ways, and indeed have been politically transformative in democracies and dictatorships alike.
But the connectivity they provide has also created tough new problems for parents, law enforcement, and anybody wanting to protect their intellectual property.
Democratically elected governments face political pressure from a range of vocal and powerful constituencies to take urgent action to protect children, property, and reputations.
Increasingly, however, the job of policing the Internet is falling to private intermediaries -- companies that are under little or no legal obligation to uphold citizens' rights.
In effect, they end up acting simultaneously as digital police, judge, jury, and executioner."

By Rebecca MacKinnon

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beyond any reasonable doubt

The mass-BitTorrent lawsuits that are sweeping the United States are in a heap of trouble.
After a Florida judge ruled that an IP-address is not a person, a Californian colleague has gone even further in protecting the First Amendment rights of BitTorrent users.
The judge in question points out that geolocation tools are far from accurate and that it's therefore uncertain that his court has jurisdiction over cases involving alleged BitTorrent pirates.
As a result, 15 of these mass-BitTorrent lawsuits were dismissed.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Knowing your customers is the key to success

Of the many articles that can be sold online, there are some that are better fit than others.
I would never buy a dress online, I perfectly know that the right one is the one I can try and see, touch and examine.
Well I am a tough customer and never spend money without being sure what I am buying is exactly what I am looking for.
So, first I decide what I need, then what I really like to find and where I am going to look fot it.
But for something like a car, it is a completely different matter.
A car is the kind of article that can be shown in its best and cheapest way online.
A picture very often can show what a limited space cannot.
That is why a car dealer needs a lot of space and can afford to show few models the way he should.
On the Internet he can have a website with as many pictures as he needs, showing the same model in every detail and with the appropriate surroundings.
What he mostly needs, besides a nice website, is the right way to be found. That is why it is of the upmost importance to use the right Dealer SEO.
He can concentrate in his business, caring for his customers and leave the burden of optimizing his site to the experts.
Having a good placement now a day is not so easy and keeping it is even more difficult.
And it is not anymore just a matter of the right keywords or meta tags...for example to be up with the latest technologies he must master a lot of IT, which could mean the need to spend a lot of time, admitting to have the basic knowledge (which not everybody has).
For example, to promote his site is very useful to use the social media, to know Facebook app for car dealers, but how many can declare themselves as guru of social media optimization?
And last, but not less important, it can be very useful to read posts on a blog especially dedicated to car dealers, knowing something more like Interrogation Techniques to track the search on his own website.
When you have some enquires, it is nice and useful for example to know where the customer came from... which keywords he used or the sites he was before coming in yours...
I find it extremely interesting and many times I changed my site in base of the customers search...
If you know what they are looking for, it is easy to offer it...

Friday, May 11, 2012

When the rules do not apply equally

Imagine a network of private highways that reserved a special lane for Fords to zip through, unencumbered by all the other brands of cars trundling along the clogged, shared lanes.
Think of the prices Ford could charge. Think of what would happen to innovation when building the best car mattered less than cutting a deal with the highway’s owners.
A few years ago, Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia Law School and a leading thinker about the evolution of the “information economy,”warned members of the House judiciary committee that this could be the fate of the Internet.
Companies offering broadband access, he said, should not be allowed to discriminate among services online.
If they did, the best service would not always win the day.
“It’s not who has a better product,” he explained.
“It’s who can make a deal with AT&T, Verizon, Comcast or Time Warner.”.
That world may be right around the corner. Last month, the online video powerhouse Netflix started a political action committee to complement a budding lobbying effort in support of the idea that all content must be allowed to travel through the Internet on equal terms. Netflix is trying to build a coalition of businesses to make the case for this open access, also called network neutrality.
“Net neutrality has broad consumer and voter support,” Reed Hastings, the chief of Netflix, said in an interview. “It is important for the sake of public access that the rules apply equally.”
Netflix’s immediate concern is Comcast, the biggest broadband provider in the country, whose cable brings the Internet to one in five connected homes. In March it announced that watching its Xfinity TV service on the Microsoft Xbox 360 would not count against subscribers’ broadband data allowance of 250 gigabytes a month.
This, Mr. Hastings says, will give Comcast’s television lineup an edge over rival shows streaming through the device, which will consume subscribers’ data allotment. And nobody cares more than Netflix, whose movies and TV programs account for about a third of the peak online traffic.
“If I watch last night’s ‘S.N.L.’ episode on my Xbox through the Hulu app, it eats up about one gigabyte of my cap, but if I watch that same episode through the Xfinity Xbox app, it doesn’t use up my cap at all,” Mr. Hastings wrote on his Facebook page. “In what way is this neutral?”
Comcast argues that its Xfinity move is not subject to the Federal Communications Commission’s neutrality rules because the video travels exclusively on its network and not on the public Internet.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Strictly prohibited to communicate in private

When Saudi Arabia and the UAE both announced a ban on BlackBerries on the ground that they were physically unable to monitor the communications conducted on those devices,the Obama administration actually condemned the Saudi and UAE ban, calling it “a dangerous precedent” and a threat to “democracy, human rights and freedom of information.”
Blackberry communication data are sent directly to servers in Canada and the company which operates Blackberry — Research in Motion — refused to turn the data over to those governments, “authorities [in those two tyrannies] decided to ban Blackberry services rather than continue to allow an uncontrolled and unmonitored flow of electronic information within their borders.”
What is strictly prohibited is the ability of citizens to communicate in private; they can’t have any ‘uncontrolled and unmonitored flow of electronic information’.”
Six weeks later, the very same Obama administration embraced exactly the same rationale — that it is intolerable for any human interaction to take place beyond the prying eyes and ears of the government — when it proposed its mandatory “backdoor access” for all forms of Internet communication.
The UAE pointed out that the U.S. — as usual — was condemning exactly that which it itself was doing.

The unavoidable death of ACTA

The controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is dead, and the world's copyright industry will have to change to suit people, rather than vice versa.
Many thousands of people are willing to protest against rules which they see as constraining the openness and innovation of the Internet.
This is a strong new political voice.
I welcome it, even if I do not always agree with every how and when.
The Internet has to become a place of freedom, openness, and innovation fit for all citizens, not just for the techno avant-garde.
Industries should not follow the business models of the past, otherwise they would limit opportunities in the future.
The past was based on limitation and control, today we talk about customer focus, sharing and interactivity.
Limited business plans would strangle innovation and freedom. The treaty is still waiting for a ratification vote in the European Parliament, probably the whole thing will be called off.
The reality is that people don't want ACTA, and while such schemes seem perfectly reasonable in private, they will fail if put to a vote.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

There is always a great deal you can afford...

What is the best Satellite TV?direct tv
The one with the biggest numbers of subscribers?
It is directtv
And you know why?
Because it is the best TV home entertainment and not only, it has the most sports, movies, shows and HD channels.
Imagine: over 285 channels and over 170 HD channels to enjoy in the privacy of your own living room, comfortably seated in your best armchair, sipping your best wine or whatever...
Imagine: you can get the best local channels like FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and more so you can always connect to your area and watch all the favorite sports and shows of your local community.
And with now a day technology, looking at your favorite game is better than actually being there...
But it doesn’t finish here.
If the schedule doesn’t fit your busy life, you can record it and seeing it later, or seing it again with your friends, or partner or whoever...
And among the many they offer there is always a great deal you can afford...where? At What about an entertainment package at 29.99 for twelve months with over 140 channels, and if you call today, you can get an additional 5 dollars discount... And do not forget, you can have Direct TV on demand, thousands of shows and movies! I bet the only thing you will lack is the time to see them all...

You plan, decide and THEY DO.

What is a VDR? It is a Virtual Data Room, a place that houses business informations,including translation services.
Why it could be of vital importance for a company to use a service like this?
Big companies like Dell, Kraft, Chryser do.
They need a high level partner, when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, document warehousing, IPO and much more...
They will have no problems in dealing globally because the partner will act as a localization and translation company giving the best accurate language services, besides the best knowledge of the opportunities and profitability, avoiding any risk of failure.
They understand the cultural differences, systems and processes.
They have all the critical informations about a company that is needed when a VDR is put together and it will remain secured and accessible to all newly formed organisations for post-merger integration activity.
You plan, decide and THEY DO.
In the best way.
Would you prefer to risk to fail, or you want to do everything in the RIGHT way?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

When censorship can be harmful

On Wednesday, April 18, at approximately 16:00 Eastern Time, U.S. Federal authorities removed a server from a colocation facility shared by Riseup Networks and May First/People Link in New York City. The seized server was operated by the European Counter Network ("ECN"), the oldest independent internet service provider in Europe, who, among many other things, provided an anonymous remailer service, Mixmaster, that was the target of an FBI investigation into the bomb threats against the University of Pittsburgh. "The company running the facility has confirmed that the server was removed in conjunction with a search warrant issued by the FBI," said May First/People Link director Jamie McClelland. "The server seizure is not only an attack against us, but an attack against all users of the Internet who depend on anonymous communication." Disrupted in this seizure were academics, artists, historians, feminist groups, gay rights groups, community centers, documentation and software archives and free speech groups. The server included the mailing list "cyber rights" (the oldest discussion list in Italy to discuss this topic), a Mexican migrant solidarity group, and other groups working to support indigenous groups and workers in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. In total, over 300 email accounts, between 50-80 email lists, and several other websites have been taken off the Internet by this action. None are alleged to be involved in the anonymous bomb threats. "The FBI is using a sledgehammer approach, shutting down service to hundreds of users due to the actions of one anonymous person," said Devin Theriot-Orr, a spokesperson for Riseup. "This is particularly misguided because there is unlikely to be any information on the server regarding the source of the threatening emails." "We sympathize with the University of Pittsburgh community who have had to deal with this frightening disruption for weeks. We oppose such threatening actions. However, taking this server won't stop these bomb threats. The only effect it has is to also disrupt e-mail and websites for thousands of unrelated people," continues Mr. Theriot-Orr. "Furthermore, the network of anonymous remailers that exists is not harmed by taking this machine. So we cannot help but wonder why such drastic action was taken when authorities knew that the server contained no useful information that would help in their investigation." The FBI purportedly seized the server because it was hosting an anonymous remailer called Mixmaster. Anonymous remailers are used to send email anonymously, or pseudonymously. Like other anonymizing services such as the Tor network, these remailers are widely used to protect the identity of human rights activists who place themselves and their families in grave danger by reporting information about abuses. Remailers are also important for corporate whistle blowers, democracy activists working under repressive regimes, and others to communicate vital information that would otherwise go un-reported. The Mixmaster software is specifically designed to make it impossible for anyone to trace the emails. The system does not record logs of connections, details of who sent messages, or how they were routed. This is because the Mixmaster network is specifically designed to resist censorship, and support privacy and anonymity. Unfortunately, some people misuse the network. However, compared to the rate of legitimate use, the abuse rate is very low. There is therefore no legitimate purpose for the FBI to seize this server because they will not be able to obtain any information about the sender. This is plainly extra-judicial punishment and an attack on free speech and anonymity on the internet and serves as a chilling effect on others providers of anonymous remailers or other anonymous services. In absence of any other leads, the FBI needs to show that they are making progress in this case, and this has meant seizing a server so they can proudly demonstrate they are taking some action. But what this incident shows is they are grasping at straws and are willing to destroy innocent bystanders for the sake of protecting their careers. Lauren Weinstein