Sunday, October 30, 2011

Could you find something more promising than that?

There is nothing more intriguing than making your own website.
Especially if you plan to use it to promote your business.
First you collect the right images, you prepare them, choosing the best and making them small enough to be easily and fast downloaded.
Then it is time to prepare the text.
Not too many words, but not too few.
You have to explain what you sell and why your customers should buy it.
Because of better quality or better price, or special budget or whatever.
Now you are finished and comes the second part: publishing it.
This is as important as making a good website, even more.
Because if nobody or just a few see it, or if the server is down or not easily reachable, all your job was for nothing.
How to find the right web hosting, the one that best suits your needs?
Easy: look one of the best web hosing rating site.
There you can find the one that is the right price for you, with the best service.
For example: do you need Unlimited Disk Space & Traffic, Google Adwords Credit, and may be Money Back Guarantee?
Host Gator is certainly your choice.
As they say "We eat the competition", could you find something more promising than that?

If you need advertisig ( who doesn’t?)

Does your company need advertising?
Who doesn’t?
Even if you are already on the top, you need to keep there.
Advertising is something that in today’s world nobody can live without.
Because, even if your product is the best or among the best, the customers have to KNOW.
And how can they know, if nobody or nothing tells them?
One of the best way on the Internet is using the Pay per click.
Because in this way you can assure that your company’s name and products are ubiquitously widespread on the Net.
In order of achieving the best results, you need a good company, this is their Home page.
Because the best way of doing something is letting the professionals do so.
They know how to reach your goals in the best way.
Do you want to have the best opportunity to advertise with this Advertiser?
A good company knows how to filter and to sort the traffic by its quality. Thus you can receive only high-quality traffic.
Who cares to have traffic that doesn’t bring revenues?
You consume bandwidth for nothing.
A good company knows the right keywords you need to use in a campaign, not only, they can customize your advertising campaign with this Publisher page in base of time, location, keywords and category.
And you are sure to get the best customer service, the supervising of a personal manager, a 24/7 support and answers for your questions.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

US budget, GOK

Let´s pretend US is a family.
Now let’s remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget.

• Annual family income: $21,700

• Money the family spent: $38,200

• New debt on the credit card: $16,500

• Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710

• Total budget cuts: $385

"I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution - taking from the federal government their power of borrowing."
Thomas Jefferson, 1798

"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes... Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."
Napoleon Bonaparte, 1815

How will it finish?
GOK (God Only Knows)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

That has nothing to do with Democracy

In answer to : Thanks to the young man from Misurata of Tom Evslin

"to help the young people of Libya build their young democracy (we hope)"

Well, I would add:
If you want to build democracy in Lybia, please do not copy USA or Europe.
That has nothing to do with Democracy.

Who isn’t sensible to a nice discount?

How should a "modern" scrub be?
First of all it should be "practical", that means it should help you to do your job in the best way.
Like on the website: can find the classic scrub turned into a shirt which can be tucked in or worn out, depending on how you feel better, and has a big, practical pocket.
And of course they didn’t forget to make it simple, nice and fashionable.
Who doesn’t like to look better also when he works, considering that he spends most of his day working?
But, they didn’t forget a very important feature: affordability...
Where else can you find so many discount medical scrubs?
Who isn’t sensible to a nice discount?

How China became the first economic power

"This story is told in the brilliant book by Clayton Christensen, Jerome Grossman and Jason Hwang, The Innovator’s Prescription :

ASUSTeK started out making the simple circuit boards within a Dell computer. Then ASUSTeK came to Dell with an interesting value proposition: “We’ve been doing a good job making these little boards. Why don’t you let us make the motherboard for you? Circuit manufacturing isn’t your core competence anyway and we could do it for 20% less.”

Dell accepted the proposal because from a perspective of making money, it made sense: Dell’s revenues were unaffected and its profits improved significantly. On successive occasions, ASUSTeK came back and took over the motherboard, the assembly of the computer, the management of the supply chain and the design of the computer. In each case Dell accepted the proposal because from a perspective of making money, it made sense: Dell’s revenues were unaffected and its profits improved significantly. However, the next time ASUSTeK came back, it wasn’t to talk to Dell. It was to talk to Best Buy and other retailers to tell them that they could offer them their own brand or any brand PC for 20% lower cost. As The Innovator’s Prescription concludes:

Bingo. One company gone, another has taken its place. There’s no stupidity in the story. The managers in both companies did exactly what business school professors and the best management consultants would tell them to do—improve profitability by focus on on those activities that are profitable and by getting out of activities that are less profitable."

I see a war looming on the horizon. Either the US will produce IN China or China will sell directly IN the US

Full Article

If you are not there, you do not exist

Big companies now a day have their own IT department, their own IT professionals who know how to place and market the company´s website and so reach the best positions in the major search engines.
Position is everything.
If you are not in among the first in the first ten pages of the most important search engines, you cannot count in a wide exposure of your company and of course your sales will be just local.
So, what to do, if you cannot afford an IT department because your company is too small?
Learn from Mauve and John.
They owned a small publishing company and in spite of being good in their job, lacked the necessary funds to grow enough to afford IT specialists to promote their business.
No marketing, no growth.
But they had the good idea to delegate their success to the right SEO company, which brough them to the first pages of the search engines.
How did they do?
With local SEO, performing well with highly competitive keywords,with constant exposure in the local and global search engines.
Not only.
Since traditional marketing such as yellow pages, newspaper ads, or billboards were disappointing or declining, since more and more people were searching online for business information (especially the younger generation), they increase the exposure with a local small business marketing online.
A company specialized in SEO knows perfectly when the local SEO changes and helps your company to change with it, following daily the company´s placement on the local search engines.
With the right search engine marketingthey can make your business appear before the competition, and at the end of the day, that is what counts, as Mauve and John found out: if you are not there, you do not exist.
So, if have a small or medium business and you want to increase your sales, it pays off to tray with the right company.

If God existed he would probably be an atheist...

If God existed he would probably be an atheist...
And you are terribly wrong about Europe Mr. Kunstler.
What is so terrible if Europe went back to be what it always was: France, Italy, Spain, Germany etc...
Do you really believe that there was one Europe?
Europe will exist the moment people will think of themselves as Europeans and not as French, Italians, Germans and so on...
What will really happen will be a deja vu..while Europeans Nations will fight against each other to find out who is the best or the worst, who deserves to be saved and who doesn’t...the Chinese will buy ALL what they can, and who will be the winner, or better the less looser...the ones who have the biggest debts.
The Italians have good chances to be saved...because France has 500 billions Italian debts, and losing Italy would mean complete bankruptcy of French the old saying goes, if you have to be in debt, it is worth to have huge debts.
Greece will probably go into default; the losses will be very low compared to Italy and Spain...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tough solutions for tough times

The business environment has never been tougher. Companies need to grow their revenues while reducing network operating costs. Telecom developers are working on new innovative applications, with fewer development resources. How can the industry achieve these seemingly contradictory goals during lean economic times? How can one do more with less?
The answer can be but one: delegate.
Let the professionals do your marketing, in the only possible way: the right one.
When choosing your future Advertising Agency, you must have in mind just one very important goal: to reach your customers in the best way.
But what do I mean when I talk about the best way?
I mean the only possible way to ensure the best results for any marketing campaign, which is enhancing your revenues and if possible, lowering the operating costs.
Let the advertising company decide which is the best way to reach the highest number and how and when.
It can be through the traditional media, TV, Radio, Newspapers or the new interactive way: the Internet.
Let them decide the right approach and the right way.
Let the masterminds and analytical professionals do the job for you and let yourself do the job you like best: seeing the results.
Because at the end of the day, it comes down to one only truth. What is the return on your investment? It's the only question to ask, and it's one the right advertising company will be able to answer.
And answer in a way you will certainly like, believe me.

The future of the Internet

The Internet is nothing else that "dumb pipes"....with intelligence at the edges, the opposite of the pre-existing networks.
The dumb network in a world of intelligent networks.
But the Internet is much more than that.
It is a "universal content delivery", but even though the "universal" would make it already the winning application, most do not see that its innovative feature is not only in the widespread footprint but in the fact that it is the first network that can afford the delivery of "moving content" besides the usual "static content" to which we are used.

Radio, TV, Satellite, they all were means of distribution of "static content" or "one way network".
The Internet is the first "two way network", in the sense that the customer can be in the same time consumer and producer.
I can download, but I can also upload.
This small detail changes dramatichally the full picture.
And this is something the young Arabs understood.
An infographic about Digital Marketing Trends in the Middle East estimated the number of Twitter users in the Arab region to be around 5.5 Million users, that is 136.5 % growth rate! The infographic goes to reveal that 40% of them are from UAE.
And following this trend it becomes obvious that internet marketing in the Middle Eastis getting more and more important, if you want to find the future customers of the Internet.
What do you need?
A good SEO company ,a company which is able to develop Social Media monitoring and world-class Website Design. A company which is able to provide proprietary tracking with EssentialPPC technology.
You need a company with a 24/7 customer service philosophy providing the best online marketing tools, enabling all of its clients to exceed their digital advertising goals on day one.
The value in today’s economy is principally knowledge and information, but knowledge is for nothing if you do not know how to use it.
Let the professionals explain you how to.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street:: who is gonna win?

All our history has been the fight between the ones who had little and the ones who had a lot and wanted more.
All our history has been the sequel of victory of the ones who had nothing in having all and loosing it again, to struggle and fight again to get it back.
Because historia magistra vitae, but the problem being that there are never enough pupils and the ones who should remember never do, on both sides.
Nothing new on the horizon, may be soon another fight and another victory, either the "restoration" of the life as ever or the "new that comes" and brings a new redistribution of wealth.
How long will it last?
The time to go back to the new old state of things, where a few arrogant ad presumptuous will get it all back in their few greedy hands.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

What kind of democracy?

It makes me laugh (and cry) when they talk about bringing democracy to Libya.
What kind of democracy?

Our democratic education?
Our education is getting more and more expensive and less and less democratic.
Infact, just the rich can afford to study...

Oue health system?
Also the health system is getting more and more expensive, at the point that n USA the principal cause of bankrouptcy is medical bills...

In Libya they have free education for all, free medical assitance for all...
THEY should teach US democracy.

What is the advantage of our "democratic" regime?

“Before a presidential election in the U.S., everyone who’s even contemplating running for president spends 100 percent of his time announcing how he would change everything if he was elected,” said Kenneth Lieberthal, who held Russel’s post under President Bill Clinton.
“In China, the incentives are exactly the opposite, your incentives are to do nothing except praise what the current leaders are doing because they’re the ones who decide whether you replace them.”

The results are, paradoxically, exactly the same.
Because the elected president will go on leaving everything as it is, as the ones who paid for his campaign want.
In China, at least, they save the money in campaigns that are for nothing, in election expenses, and the time the average voter spends to look, to listen, to decide, to vote.(which anyway is wasted time).

Could somebody ask for more?

Isn’t it nice to have somebody doing all the most annoying tasks?
And in a very professional way, the way you wouldn’t be able to do any way?
And what about saving money and having from the same company all services, and besides carpet cleaning, also, cleaning and maintaining commercial and residential flooring, upholstery, air ducting, tile, commercial water damage austin, and ALSO restoration, from water extraction to smoke and fire damage restoration...
Whatever happens, you call them and it is done!
Not only done, but done in the best way, because since 1983 their main goal has been customer satisfaction, they even GUARANTEE their services!
Could somebody ask for more?
It is a real pity, if you do not live in the Austin area...

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs

Every minute in the world 267 people are born and 108 die.
Steve Jobs was one of the seconds.
Everybody talks about him, nobody talks about the other 107.
Some were worse, but may be some were even better.
We just talk and mourn about the known, but what about the millions unknown?

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Watching The Big Bang Theory with my boyfriend

Guest post written by Kelly Simpson

There have been all types of shows that my boyfriend and I have tried watching together. But there's just so much that we disagree on when it comes to entertainment. I would rather be reading Jane Austen when he would rather be playing a first person shooter game. So you can imagine that we wouldn't really want to watch the same type of TV. But there's at least one show that we know that we can watch together, The Big Bang Theory.

I actually started watching the show by myself and then one night he was over when it came on, so we watched it together. Well, now he even looks looks up spoilers on the Internet for what's going to happen the rest of the season! When he was doing that a few nights ago, I ran across some information on Internet Companies. After I looked through it some, I decided to change over my company to one of those I was reading about.

Sometimes I'll tease my boyfriend about being a nerd and that there should be a show about him like that. But that's just because he works in a lab and he takes it all in stride.