Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alitalia: Italy's Lehman Brother

Italy has been envious of the big sister America.
Since the days in which our Colombo put a foot on it.
Since the days our ancestors put their feet on it.
Since the days America was a great power and Italy dreamed to be the same.
So why not following the disaster's footsteps?
We began with Cirio and Parmalat (nothing of course comparable with American's) and now, we proudly follow with the Nation's wings: Ali-talia.
The company which is going to save (or better which was going) is made by People, who have often been convicted, investigated, on trial. In their hands, gold becomes shit and shit becomes capital gains.
Of course our national Trade Unions had to play some sort of a game to show they are trying to do their best. In reality they represent themselves. They have defended the privileges (their privileges) and betrayed the employees. They believed (?) in the election promises of Tar Head and in the Italian consortia. What did they get in exchange for the failure of the Air France negotiation?

Alitalia is a paradigm, a metaphor for Italy. It is bankrupt and without a lira.
The bankruptcy of Alitalia is a symptom and a prelude of our country's collapse. The parties and the Trade Unions know this. If the books end up in the Tribunal, those responsible will have to answer. Let Alitalia collapse then and let be there a public trial against those who have destroyed it.

Are you a writer?

Music is seven notes and the alphabet is 22 (Italian 20) letters.
You are a great musician or a great writer depending how you put them together.
All begins there, but how different can be the result!

You put some letters together and you make a word, then some words and you make a line, then some lines and you make a page or a short post or whatever.

It is not the story you tell, it is actually the WAY you tell the story that makes you a writer.
It is the one who reads that makes you a writer.
It is the many who read you that make you a successful writer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Smile: you are on CCTV cameras

And you will be there for at least five years!
Guardian on its main front page story:
The police are to expand a car surveillance operation that will allow them to record and store details of millions of daily journeys for up to five years.
That is more than enough to satisfy the need of many to be "always on".
But what about those who don't want it?
"A national network of roadside cameras will be able to "read" 50m licence plates a day, enabling officers to reconstruct the journeys of motorists. Police have been encouraged to "fully and strategically exploit" the database, which is already recording the whereabouts of 10 million drivers a day, during investigations ranging from counter-terrorism to low-level crime."
At least I live in a country (Italy) where, even admitting they would like to do the same, at least they do not have the means to do it...

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a world where people were not honest, were not good, they were just smart.
Because they understood that you can cheat and steal as long as you leave something to the one who is cheated and robbed.
So that he can diligently start again and save again and be ready to be robbed and screwd up again and again.
But greediness is something you cannot stop and whose limits very often you cannot clearly define.
And grediness ALWAYS brings disaster and an end to what could have gone on forever.
If only...yes, those are words that we often say, too bad too late.
If only they could have understood that virtual works as long as everybody believes in it, that fake revenue must be balanced by (almost) fake investment.
You cannot produce millions from nothing.
At least you got to have the paper on which to print them.

The one who controls the Persian Gulf is the one who controls the energy resources

Since 11 September 2001 we (Italy)have been one of the nations at risk of Islamic attacks. More than six years have passed and, as far as we can remember, not a single person has been killed or injured in Italy as a direct result of the Jihad. This must be some sort of record. We have not seen a single fanatic involved in any robbery, bloody event or domestic burglary.
Some may believe that this may be simply because Italy closes one eye (looks the other way), perhaps even both eyes and allows everyone to mind their own business.
And the Country allows the setting up of logistics bases that could be used as a springboard for attacks elsewhere in Europe.
There may well be some truth in this belief because, here in Italy, we are free to do whatever we wish and this Country is probably the best crossroads for all the secret services of the world.
Abu Omar was kidnapped in Milan by twenty-six CIA agents.
However, any terrorist wishing to blow himself up in London or Madrid is able to access local support with impunity. He needs just to go as far as Rome or Milan. Since 2001, there have been around 8000 people murdered in the workplace, hundreds more have died at the hands of organised crime (Mafia) and there have been thousands of rapes.
Entire towns of Campania, Calabria and Sicily Regions are beyond the law, ruled by guns.
This result is due to the fact that we have sent our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan and cut our funding to the Country’s Police Services.
All Jihad's fault.
Of what use is to fear Muslims and their mosques? The person who prays does not normally get involved in criminal activity. In an attempt to find some sort of answer to this question, you just need to read the recent International Energy Agency Report on the future of world energy.
The report’s content is summarised in a map published by the Financial Times and entitled: “The increasing importance of Middle East's oil”.
In 1980, the quantity of oil extracted in non-Opec countries, such as the United States and Russia, amounted to 35.5 million barrels per day, while 28.1 million barrels were being extracted by Opec zone Countries.
The forecast for the year 2030 is exactly the opposite, with oil production expected in the order of 60.3 million barrels per day in the Opec zone and 53.2 million barrels in the rest of the world.
The one who controls the Persian Gulf, which is where 30% of the entire global requirement will be extracted, controls the energy resources and, the one who controls the energy resources will be able to control the entire planet.
The rising demand for energy (China alone will go from their current 7 million barrels per day, to 16.5 million by 2030) will go together with the production of oil in the Persian Gulf, overlooked by Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. All of which are Muslim States. Therefore, the more oil you produce, the more terrorist you are.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to "Unchrome" Chrome

What I like of IT is that there is nothing really definitive and unhackable.
You make a program or an application and there is at once somebody who is able to undo it...

"Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier". Unfortunately, each Google Chrome installation contains a unique ID that allowing identifying its user. Google doesn't make it an easy job to remove this ID. UnChrome helps you with this task. It replaces your unique ID with Null values so that your browser cannot be identified any longer.
The functionality of Google Chrome is not influenced by this. You only need to apply UnChrome once.

David Lesher

Fast and easy to apply to more than 1,000 four-year colleges

The bad side of any application is always the paperwork that goes with it.
Then you have the problem of choosing the right school, the right words and form for the application process.
But today you can find an easy and effective way to do all just like a paperless transaction design based on soft-coded logical interviews where data is collected and transferred to designated forms and transmitted in the best way through a multi-party workflow.
What do you have to do?
Simply choose multiple schools, ( the greater the number the more opportunities the student can have) fill the appropriate form(one for all), print your professionally looking application and...send(of course with application fees, reference letters or any other document you think you need).
To make it even more appealing you will receive a t-shirt from the ZappsStore and a iTunes gift card.
Just follow my link to know More about applying to college:

Internet Time

"One of the main lessons from the history of communications is that technologies are often adopted rapidly, but seldom at the astronomical rates that popular imagination associates with the Internet. This applies even to the Internet, where change tends to be less rapid than is often thought.

Browsers were adopted rapidly. The first informal release of Mosaic took place in the spring of 1993, and in under two years, the majority of Internet traffic was Web-related. However, that was an exception. Other changes have been slower. Just consider Internet telephony, introduced back in 1995. It is finally beginning to have a noticeable effect, but it is far from dominant. "

One application is adopted when it "works".

Internet telephony DIDN'T work. At least not as the expectations.

And it was also too expensive.

But look at Skype. In a few months reached millions.

That is following "internet time".

Even technologies with compelling advantages tend to take a decade to dominate markets. Fax machines took about 10 years, from the introduction of the first inexpensive models until they became ubiquitous. Cell phones, one of the fastest growing industries, have taken about 15 years to reach their present level.

It took very little to cell phones to reach their present level from the moment they became "affordable".

And the Fax machine was invented when the NET didn't exist yet. (at least what we call Internet)

The decade-long diffusion periods listed above for consumer goods and services are due to the inertia of the millions of people who have to individually decide to adopt a new technology. Most new products and services are in that category. Sociological changes are even slower, taking a generation or two. Normal change, with a simple shift in technology that offers serious advantages over older, more established competitor (as with CDs over vinyl records, which provided higher quality sound reproduction, or cell phones, which offered mobility, even at the cost of sound quality), takes on the order of a decade.

The adoption of Mp3 didn't take a decade.

It took very little from the moment they were widely used with Napster.

That is:

If a technology is interesting for the Mass Market, is affordable, is reachable, it really takes very little time to reach millions.

That is the power of the NET.

How to choose among tons of different niches in the web hosting business

Ever thought of a website?
If you did, you must know that making it is not enough, you also have to find the right place to host it.
How to find the one that best suits your needs?
There is a webhosting site where you can find all the available opportunities and you can also choose the best, knowing what is actually the best.
What I found particularly interesting was the Host discussion.
"The world is using the net to connect with people from all over. It has turned into a daily routine, like drinking coffee and reading the morning paper for us. We can’t live without getting online and checking our email or scoping the world news."
That means it is of crucial importance, if you own a business, or if you want to go on having a business you HAVE to be on the Net.
But not only actually being there, also being visible, reachable and available 24/7.
There are probably hundreds of different ways that a hosting enterprise can win the competition and be among the Top 10.
Of course if you want to reach the top you MUST have a good partner.
But how to find the right one for your particular needs?
Here you find everything:
Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting, Best whatever you can think of...
Without of course forgetting speed, availability, price, services, Operating Systems, Utility Tools, Ratings, Reviews.
I think if you can read carefully, you cannot make any mistake...

Mouse's freedom

"The biggest innovation in the advertising industry during the last 70 years before digital was color TV," says Ajaz Ahmed, chairman and co-founder of independent digital marketing agency AKQA. "The agency of the future will be half a software company and half an entertainment company because that's the new landscape."


Since we assume the Web will be the major advertisement hosting of the future, the way it is delivered has to change.
On TV you catch the audience with content and mix it with commercials, and the audience is kind of passive.
On the Net the offer of content as "channels" is huge compared to TV because open to ALL (thanks to availability and price, competition is harder and monopoly, thanks God, almost impossible.(at least for now)
In this environment the customers have a big weapon: freedom of choice, and freedom of mouse.
Difficult to catch them in the usual way.
Advertisement HAS to be the Entertainment, something almost like subliminal ad.
Advertisement HAS to be the subject and an alluring subject too.
Advertisement has to catch and keep, at least enough to show and talk about.

But once you caught your audience your power is going to be 1000 times greater than on TV.
In one move you present, you show, you convince and YOU SELL.
Thanks to interactivity of course.
Harder to reach, but mostly gratifying...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Upgrade to HD

There is good news for radio fans as it is possible now to receive many AM and FM stations in digital quality.

This allows to receive AM stations in FM sound quality and FM stations in CD sound quality without any audio distortion.

On the display of the new receivers I can read about traffic data, stock market info as well as real-time information’s of the artist and song recurrently playing.

You will wonder about how many stations are already broadcasting this way.
Here you can find your local radio stations.

There are receivers for your home as well as for your car.
Select the one you like in the Buyer's guide, for example Polk iSonic ES2.

If you are possessing an iPod, then you can also use the iPod Tagging.
This way you can easy listen again a song you like at any time you like.

Very important : these new HD Radio services are free of charge as there are no subscription costs involved.

The last bridge in Venice

I saw the last bridge of Venice on TV.
I also heard what they were saying about it:
Wonderful, Beautiful, a Masterpiece.

I wonder nobody saw it as I did.

I still remember a discussion many years ago I had with an old woman about her "false teeth to be".
She insisted that they should have been as "white as possible, as "beautiful as possible".
And her dentist did as she asked.
The result was exactly as Venice's bridge.
A wonderful, shining, bright, white mouth in an old wrinkled, grey face of a seventy years old woman.
And Venice is much older than seventy...

Blaze the ripper

As a multimedia addict I of course have all the available tools on hand, but was always annoyed by the fact that I need a separate tool for the different activities.

Finally I found one which does all theses tasks in one single application and I have to say that this is the best video converter I ever used.

It is a the one solution for all my audio, video, ripping and editing tasks.

The audio converter includes a player, recorder, converter plus editor and the video part includes capturing, converting, editing as well as burning DVDs/CDs.

Also DRM protected audio files (like WMA) can be handled the easy way.
And it is also easy to extract just the audio part of a video file.
Of course, it it also possible to change all the audio and video parameters on the go.
What I like is the fact that there is also an MP3 tag editor available.
I also need to mention that the video editor allows to work in full screen mode.
It is useless to say this is the best dvd ripper in my opinion.

Last not least there is also a function for joining and splitting of files available.
It is really difficult to find something that offers more…

Italy's reverse priorities

Italy is founded on priorities.
Priorities are its very foundations. Without the priority of the Mezzogiorno (South of Italy), of work, of young people, of the Mafia, and just recently of Clandestines, and of released prisoners, this country would not last 2 days.
Of course a country without foundations cannot last.
Thus in Italy there are some priorities that have had priority to wait for a century. They are reverse priorities. The one that shines above the others is the SRC Salerno-Reggio Calabria.
For some time, in the Italy of high speed and Great Traffic Jams, when a motorway needs repairing or a clogged ring road needs improving, up pops the priority to be given to the Salerno-Reggio Calabria.
Already Andreotti said it when he was deputy Pharaoh. It’s been repeated by Ministers who were Christian Democrats, Socialists, Olive Party and even Emmenthal Lunardi. Even he admitted “The Salerno-Reggio Calabria is a priority especially if someone is in a hurry to get to Milan.”

The SRC is 443 Kilometres long but on average it takes 8 hours to drive along it. It was due to be ready by 2008, but at the current rate it could be opened in 2036 by the new Minister of Transport Lapuccio Elkann junior.
Now the SRC has been indicated as having priority over the Bridge of Messina, otherwise known as the megalomaniacal delirium fruit of the wig of Berlusconi, the day that Dell’Utri made him a gift of a Golden Gate made from Lego.

The bridge over the Straits would be very very costly and the greatest Japanese engineer has said “yes it could hold up, if you take the sea from underneath it.”
Thus we are happy to give priority to the Salerno-Reggio Calabria. But, this time, let’s keep our eyes open.

Guilty of DUI

It’s mathematics: when a road is constructed, they start a new account for the dead who will subsequently be remembered with bunches of flowers, memorials, stones, photos.
The car companies have advertising that always emphasises the cars that are always more powerful, that invite you to exceed the speed limits. Excess speed is one of the main causes of accidents.
And if you add speed to drunk driving you give a good answer to most of the streets' deaths.
Speed is violence, IT is a myth of the past, of older people, finished, of those that find gratification with an accelerator rather than with a vagina.
Yes, I want to remind people, especially the young ones that life is something else, somewhere else. Not in rubber tyres, in engine wheels, in 220 an hour, in four wheel drives.
The speed maniacs are poor things, but the real problem is that they don’t know that.
As may be they do not know their rights and how to defend themselves.
They go towards death or towards crime without realizing it.
But then, when realities reveals a different scenario they find themselves armless against destiny.
That is the moment they need good Los Angeles DUI Lawyers | Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys in California.
Just to be able to make the best out of the worst.
To be able to understand what life is, what danger is, and being able to have a new start.

Let’s look forward learning from our past

The Rialto bridge was completed in 1591. The work took 3 years. It’s a combination of beauty and functionality. The last bridge built in Venice should have cost two million Euro, but the cost reached 14 million. To finish it they took 7 years, like for an average pyramid.
Construction is a business. It’s no longer a necessity. A speculation whose beneficiaries are the property groups, and the banks.
Italy's landscape and its beauty are our most important heritage.
I believe that the moment has arrived to interrupt every new construction if it is not necessary: the sheds, the sky-scrapers, the road overpasses.
Let us deconstruct. Let us invest in the restoration of old buildings.
Cement is the present. Let’s look forward learning from our past.

There is always an offer you cannot refuse

I love travelling, and I like travelling cheap.
That is why I love the Internet.
When I plan to go somewhere the first thing I do is looking to go and be there in the best and cheapest way.
Which I believe is what everybody wants.
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Or you feel like being particularly lucky and wanting to try your luck?
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Even if you won't win at the Casino, at least you will have a wonderful vacation for a very good price...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why just me?

The European Commission has proposed a reduction in vehicle CO2 emissions by 2012. The emission limit would be an average of 130 grams per kilometre instead of the current average of 160. The manufacturers that exceed this limit will be obliged to pay 20 Euro per gram in excess of the set limit, a fine that will go up to 95 Euro per gram by 2016.
The 19% cut in the level of poisons is deemed to be “a very disappointing proposal” by Sergio Marchionne, and inadequate by the environmentalists. The heavier a vehicle is, the more it pollutes. An SUV poisons better than a Fiat five hundred. The 120 grams/km limit is far more difficult for larger-engined vehicle to achieve. The list of current lung killers is led by Porsche, with around 255 grams/km, followed by Subaru, Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Mazda and Mitsubishi.
Green Germany’s Angela Merkel, having viewed the results, instead of taking issue with her Country’s vehicle manufacturers, stated that this was an attempt to: “implement an industrial policy at the expense of the German motor manufacturers. Then, without even blushing, she proceeded to add that: “It is unacceptable that nothing will need to be done in terms of half of all the French cars, while 90% of German cars will be affected, this is an imbalance that needs to be addressed”. Perhaps Merkel would prefer all cars polluting the atmosphere as much as Porsche does.

When a honeybee dies we die a little bit too...

If you see a honeybee that is busy dying, you should be very concerned indeed. Albert Einstein once said that: “Were all the honeybees to disappear, man would only have four years left to live”.
Honeybees play a pivotal role in the production of honey, pears, apples, tomatoes, clover, medicinal herbs, milk and meat.
They transport the pollen and transform the world around us into food.
The honeybee, which is a bio-indicator of environmental health, is a species that is currently at risk. If the honeybee is at risk today, tomorrow it will be our turn. In an article entitled “Honeybee deaths reaching crisis point”, The Guardian reports that fully one third of the total of 240,000 British beehives actually died off during the past winter and spring.
British Minister Rooker has stated that if nothing is done to remedy the situation, there will no longer be a single honeybee left on the island within the next ten years.
Honeybees contribute some 165 million pounds sterling per year to the British economy through the production of fruit and vegetables. That is, of course, over and above the honey that they produce.
The Honey Association forecasts that no more locally produced honey will be available in Great Britain by Christmas. New stocks will only become available during the summer of 2009.
This, however, is a worldwide crisis. The world’s largest producer of honey is Argentina, where the 75,000 tons produced annually has now dropped by 27%. In the United States (25% fewer beehives in 2008) and the rest of the world, the honeybees are deserting us. In Italy it has been a disaster.
Fifty percent of our honeybees died and 200,000 beehives were lost in 2007, resulting in a 250 million Euro loss for the agricultural sector.
However, it would seem that this is not a national priority. Apparently, the real priorities are the deployment of soldiers on our streets, gagging the Justice System by means of the separation of duties, gathering the fingerprints of gypsy children, the Alfano Bill to ensure the impunity of the Top Four Gang and Impregilo’s incinerators. These are the real priorities!
And why are the honeybees dying you may ask? They are dying because of environment pollution, climate change, Varoa (a type of mite), the conversion of grazing land into fields of Soya beans used in the production of bio fuels, the indiscriminate use of pesticides and the pollution of our water courses. The beehives are being decimated by a phenomenon known as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), and all because mankind is busy poisoning our planet.
There is something that we can do immediately as far as Italy is concerned. We can prohibit the use of nicotine-based pesticides.
They have already done so in France. Nicotine has a disastrous effect on honeybees. It makes them lose their sense of direction, they are then unable to find their hives and so they die.
In addition to putting the honeybees at risk, those producing nicotine-based pesticides are also threatening our survival.
Anyone who poisons a honeybee is also poisoning you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If you never stop saving, you never stop buying...

What about a weekend at the "Marriott"?
I would suggest it, if you have some spare money and no spare energy.
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And with the $500 you saved you can think of a further good purchase.
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What about a new Digital camera?
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Well, if you never stop saving, you never stop buying... and that is exactly what coupons are made for...

The priority was, is, and will be food

If the wars of the day after tomorrow will be fought for water, the wars of tomorrow will be for food.
Wheat, rice, corn, soya. Revolts and attacks on bakers have already happened in many countries, from Egypt to Indonesia, from the Philippines to India.
The harvests are becoming more important than oil.
It’s better to die while you are still, than to die of hunger while you are moving.
The over-populated states are moving on the world chess board and buying up cultivatable land.
China in Brazil, Laos, Kazakhstan and Tanzania.
India in Uruguay and Paraguay.
South Korea in Sudan and in Siberia. Egypt in Ukraine.
At the same time they created a new protectionism: the starving hungry.
The States that don’t produce enough food resources for their own population are blocking exports or are increasing the customs duties.
It’s just human nature. The price of food is going up at a mad speed in the whole world, thanks also to financial speculators. It’s the economy.
The mechanism is hell.
One State, for example, China, is increasing the number of mouths to be fed while it is destroying cultivatable land. In China in 2005 the expropriation of land from the farmers has grown up 15 times in relation to 10 years earlier. Land that has been transformed into residential and industrial zones. Less land, less food, more Chineses.
The solution seems to be buying more land for food elsewhere.
In the countries where, for now, they allow exporting of agricultural produce.
But even in these countries, the population is increasing, the land for food production is decreasing, because of the building speculation and the producing of bio fuels, and water for irrigation is scarce.
What will happen when the Brazilians will see their corn disappear and no more daily bread?
Any government wouldn't last more than a week and the lands sold to foreigners would be nationalized.
The match would be in the hands of China and its armaments.
China is the prime world producer of cereals and rice. Once upon a time it was exporting. In 2007, China produced 501.5 million tons of wheat and the Chinese consumed 510 million. According to the FAO, in 1985 the Chinese ate 20 Kilo of meat each, in 2018 that’ll go up to 70 Kilo. To produce meat you need cereal and land. China imports already today, 60% of the soya that they need.
If the top world producer has to import, the others, like Italy, what will they have to do? Seen from above, our country seems like a building nightmare.
It is disappearing swallowed by concrete.
The priority should be self-sufficiency in food, not parking lots and incinerators.

PS. A word of advice: create your own kitchen garden on your balcony or in a tiny piece of land.

What you are looking for is just ONE click away!

Did you ever have the need to find out who is calling, or just called or has that particular number?
Once it was much easier.
Because ALL numbers were listed and accessible.
Now a day it is getting difficult, especially when it comes to a cell phone number.
But if you follow my link you can access a very detailed reverse phone directory.
There are listed millions of cell numbers and landline telephones within the United States and information is kept up-to-date and accurate.
It is quite easy, you go to their website, write the telephone number and what you are looking for is just ONE click away!

And the wonderful thing is that you can trace not only the name, but also address, phone carrier, line type, zip code, city, state and more for FREE.
To be honest I still have to find out why it is free, but as long as you do not have to pay...I think it is worth a try...

How far have we come in Italy?

Municipal Council meetings are public events. They could and should be filmed and made available to all citizens who do not join the meetings. All you need to do is enter, tell that you would like to record the proceedings and then just film.
At the municipal council meetings they take decisions that can affect our future, including issues regarding water distribution to healthcare and from education to environment.
The municipal councillors are our employees and, as such, they are obliged to publicly account for their doing.
What I am writing is nothing revolutionary by any means. Were this to be read by a Spaniard, or by an American for that matter, they would be quite surprised because they aknowledge this as normality.
In Los Angeles, City Council meetings, which are their equivalent of our Municipal Council Meetings, are broadcast live via cable TV on Channel 35 and on the Internet. Information is a public service. Municipal debates are public events.
The decisions made at these meetings belong to the public records.
Mayors and councillors who prohibit the filming of council meeting proceedings have a somewhat exclusionist view of politics.
What they don’t appear to realise is that their salaries are paid by the very people who wish to film the proceedings and thereby check up on what they are getting up to. The Municipalities themselves should be voluntarily filming Council Meetings and making them available live on-line, and they should accept any viewer's comment made on the Internet.
Dear Mayors and Councillors, what have you got to hide? All those Euros that enable you to make ends meet or, better still, to live rather high on the hog are given to you by the citizens.
When these citizens walk into Council Chambers, you should welcome them with open arms. These are your bosses that are coming to visit you. These are your true principals. Should you decide to have them evicted by the Police or the Carabinieri (and on what grounds would you be entitled to do so?), they should turn around and withdraw the mandate they gave to you in the first place.