Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"We need to develop an early-warning system to monitor cyberspace, identify intrusions and locate the source of attacks with a trail of evidence that can support diplomatic, military and legal options — and we must be able to do this in milliseconds.
More specifically, we need to re-engineer the Internet to make attribution, geo-location, intelligence analysis and impact assessment — who did it, from where, why and what was the result — more manageable.
The technologies are already available from public and private sources and can be further developed if we have the will to build them into our systems and to work with our allies and trading partners so they will do the same."

Michael McConnell, the former director of national intelligence.

That´s about changing the internet to make everything anyone does on the net traceable and geo-located so the National Security Agency can pinpoint users and their computers for retaliation if the U.S. government doesn’t like what’s written in an e-mail, what search terms were used, what movies were downloaded.
Or the tech could be useful if a computer got hijacked without your knowledge and used as part of a botnet.

No more cars, please

"$1 billion invested in intercity rail and urban transit in U.S. and European cities can support twice the number of jobs gained from investing the same resources in highway infrastructure. In a world of rising oil prices, public transportation will also be a much less expensive option for traveling through the city, especially for poorer residents."

"Mention “clean tech” or “green jobs,” and many people will automatically assume you are referring to wind turbine manufacturers, solar installers, and the like. But another dimension of a greener economy has long been neglected: the transportation sector, and specifically the role of rail and urban transit."
"Now, in the midst of a deep economic crisis, public investment in intercity rail and urban transit is seen as a way to kickstart languishing economies, and to create jobs in both manufacturing and operating public transportation systems."

The great rail race of the 21st century is on.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The choice

I am always been a liberal, whatever that means.
But I guess the real reason of this economic/financial crisis is the globalization.
Not that globalization is wrong, it is right and it is what a modern society should aim to.
But when the western economical world has to fight with weapons that won’t allow it not only to win, at least to survive, against emerging economies that have everything on their side: low job cost, low living cost, low taxes, people who are willing to work 20 hours a day, including Saturday and the many holidays we count.
Here it is Easter time, Carnival has just finished and the Winter holidays were not so long ago.
Soon it will be Summer time.
It is not just the Holy days, but the days that come before and the days that come after.
How can the western world be competitive?
You can produce quality goods, but when quality is so expensive that the average consumer cannot afford it, it is not so competitive.
Now it is China, soon it will be Africa, South America.
We have two choices: capitulate, reduce our lifestyle, work more, pay less taxes (and having less services)or having a closed economy, where we consume ONLY what is produced here. Also in this way the lifestyle won’t be the same.
We won’t be able to afford ALL what we can now, but we will have jobs again, and factories and shops and everything we had BEFORE.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

China, China

Yesterday I went to Berlin, to my favorite flea market.
Not that I needed anything new, thanks to eBay and the various flea markets my wardrobes are so full I do not know where to put anything.
Nevertheless I found a luggage I couldn’t resist.
Also because it came for 10 Euros.
Once home I looked at it and found out the zipper was broken.
No problem says my husband.
I am going to fix it.
He spent a few hours, managed to break it even a little bit more and said: sorry, nothing to do.
We have to say that it is one of those new things that look epensive, are expensive, but have cheap features.
So that you should buy a new one every two or three trips.
I tried to go a little bit further and in doing so I managed to hurt my finger.
I had to use a plaster which needed a piece of tape to keep close, since the glue didn´t work.
We are surrounded of cheap stuff that works for a few days.

Nevertheless now the zipper is working ( I used a part of another one from another luggage).
It is a really nice looking piece of luggage; it certainly looks much more expensive of what I paid.
Once in a while it is good that things break easily, otherwise, how could I find an expensive luggage for 10 Euros?

Friday, March 26, 2010


Every year I feel like it won’t happen, this time we will have Winter forever.
And then, one morning you wake up and the sky is of that special blue, the air is thin and caressing, the birds are singing, the trees have very small leaves and the tulips, crocuses hyacinths are coming out.
The next day they are a little bit bigger and the new grass is coming.
It’s time, Patrizia.
I get up very early, when most people still sleep and the first rays of sun are warming the first lucky plants.
I clean, bring away leaves, dig and plant.
Then I water and wait...
How different would be if people, all people, could be so lucky to live close to nature, to be able to walk with bare feet on the grass, to sit under a tree and just looking around.
What and immense microcosm lives and we never see it.
Verms, bees, flies, ants.
They are all so busy and so happy.
The miracle has happened again, lucky the ones who see it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Italy, Italy

To the ones who think something is changing, something will change: leave all your hopes you who enter...Lasciate ogni speranza o voi che entrate.
That was on the Hell´s door, written by Dante.
Italy will never change.
It was a mixture of ex Austrian- Ungarian empire, ex Savoy Monarchy, ex Pope´s State, ex Borbonic Monarchy.
Now it is a mixture of ex Marocco, ex China, ex Albania, ex Rumenian people.
All has changed, so that everything can be the same.
What keeps them together is the "religion".
We are such a religious state that we have a Crucifix also in the bathroom, but people kill, steal, cheat.
That is why they need a crucifix everywhere, they have the need to be able to repent before dying, and , as you know, death is so unpredictable...
Europe WILL change.
Italy won´t.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What is boiling in the Internet pot

Making predictions is a tough job.
I always say the best predictions (and the most accurate) are the ones made AFTER the event took place.
All the others are speculations.
Nevertheless, I also say: if you want to know the future look at the past.
So, if we look at the past we can easily see that the most successful usage of the Internet and the other networks was as "plain, dumb pipes"
What was the unexpected huge success of the last years? The cell phone.
And it is exactly the opposite of what many would have predicted as successful, it is a narrowband network and not a broadband network.
That means what mostly matters is actually the use you can do with a network and its cost.
"When people talk to us about others they are usually dull.
When they talk to us about themselves they are nearly always interesting, and if one could shut them up, when they become wearisome, as easily as one can shut up a book of which one has grown wearied, they would be perfect absolutely."
That was Oscar Wilde, more than one hundred years ago.
He didn’t know anything about cell phones, but he knew human nature.
If asked, he would have probably predicted a huge future for a device you could use to talk about yourself.

Coming back to my predictions, I do not see that huge future of Internet as a device to broadcast movies or usual content as IPTV.
For that we still have a wonderful device called TV.
What could make the Internet a huge success would be the "personal" use of the Internet as IPTV.
Broadcast yourself.
That could be a winning future for the Internet over classic TV.
The Internet would be just "dumb pipes" to transport the creative product of the user.

Election time

Once the vote was the people’s "voice".
They were asked and they answered: I want this and I do not want that.
It was a fight among various candidates and the winner had the duty, right to rule the country.
Also today it is still the people’s voice.
They say: we do not want you anymore, we do not trust you.
And the way is not voting.
But this voice is mystified, it is interpreted in the politicians way: if you do not vote, your vote will go to the party who gets most.
As if a non vote could magically become a vote.
In situation like France it is clear that the people do not want those candidates.
The election shouldn’t be declared as valid, because the winner is the “no vote” party.

"Users visiting are now being redirected to, where we are offering uncensored search in simplified Chinese, specifically designed for users in mainland China and delivered via our servers in Hong Kong.
Users in Hong Kong will continue to receive their existing uncensored, traditional Chinese service, also from
Due to the increased load on our Hong Kong servers and the complicated nature of these changes, users may see some slowdown in service or find some products temporarily inaccessible as we switch everything over.

Figuring out how to make good on our promise to stop censoring search on has been hard.
We want as many people in the world as possible to have access to our services, including users in mainland China, yet the Chinese government has been crystal clear throughout our discussions that self-censorship is a non-negotiable legal requirement.
We believe this new approach of providing uncensored search in simplified Chinese from is a sensible solution to the challenges we've faced—it's entirely legal and will meaningfully increase access to information for people in China."


Google is hiring traders for its new bond trading platform, according to published advertisements on its job site.
Currently, roles include trader of foreign government bonds, portfolio analyst for Google's U.S. government bond portfolio, and a portfolio analyst for agency mortgage-backed securities.

All of the roles are at Google's Mountain View facility.

The area: Finance
Google's Tax and Treasury teams consist of strong, creative performers with deep expertise in their respective fields. We contribute to our company's growing global success by dealing with challenging issues and concepts and then applying them to rapidly evolving business models. In Treasury, we provide funding, risk management and mitigation support as well as investment oversight. The Tax group is responsible for global tax planning and compliance, defending the company in tax audits, and ensuring that the company accurately reports its tax matters in public filings.

The role: Trader, Foreign Government Bonds
This position involves executing trades for foreign government bond portfolios and maintaining those portfolios. This role also involves financial model building and the construction of tools to enhance performance and portfolio construction, as well as interaction with the sell-side team, portfolio managers, portfolio management team, trading operations team, other traders, and senior management.

• Execute trades for foreign government bond portfolio and construct/maintain multi-country portfolios that are within risk tolerances and constraints
• Interact with sell-side to stay current on market trends and interact with portfolio managers to enhance quantitative models
• Develop performance tools to ensure performance attribution, develop portfolio construction and trading tools, and develop tools to assist in the valuation of the rates products
• Deal with day to day administrative issues in support of trading activities and report monthly to senior management
• Drive valuation-related initiatives and identify investment opportunities, as well as enhance price-testing, reporting, and valuation risk control processes
• BS/BA or equivalent experience in Finance, economics, mathematics, statistics, or engineering; CFA (or on CFA track) preferred
• At least 5 years of relevant experience trading government bond portfolios, willingness to work market trading hours while in Pacific time zone
• Strong analytical, quantitative, and financial modeling skills, strong verbal and written communication skills
• Excellent with Excel and Power Point, as well as skilled at Bloomberg & trading/portfolio systems (e.g. yield book)
• Familiarity with corporate investment accounting a plus
• Has a good sense of humor

Isn´t there still something which Goo(gle)d doesn´t cover?

Friday, March 19, 2010

A new way to deliver ads and good revenue for bloggers

What exactly IS blogging?

It's one person's voice -- one author's journal of original ideas, brief commentary on news, technology, law, politics, whatever.

It's a journal for anyone who wants to devote the time and energy.  Some authors spend hours a day preparing their postings.  Costs are virtually nil, thanks to the Net.

The successful ones are read daily by thousands of folks, many influential, including leading reporters in the mainstream media.

Often you read articles in The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal where the story idea clearly came from a blog.

Postings can be frequent -- maybe daily, maybe more, with an archive of past issues.

The technology of blogging is fundamentally pretty simple. You've got tools that free the author from thinking about layout or HTML codes while posting his or her daily bleat.  You've got RSS to syndicate the content.  And Google to search across them all and find out what the buzz is.

So, besides writing for writing, why not making some cash out of it?

Everybody does. With ads, articles, suggestions...

Isn't it a case of "you can't believe everything you see and hear”, regardless of whether someone actually discloses their influences?

The more your blog is ranked the more you can get.

And of course the more posts you write, the more you earn.

Since blogging became alluring for advertisers it meant the dawn of a new kind of Internet's companies: the "Buzz providers".

They have the task to look for advertisers on one side and for bloggers on the other.

One of them ( and my favorite) is ebuzzing

where you can, broadcasting videos and creating content for brands, make some money.

You can make Video Campaigns with a dedicated player:


Or Video Campaigns using banners


or Article Campaigns

More than 800 advertisers have proposed campaigns to bloggers with the help of ebuzzing such as Coca-Cola, Intel, MTV, LʼOréal, MasterCard, Toyota, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, eBay, Canon, Diesel, Warner Bros, Philips, StudioCanal…

You have to follow certain ethic rules like the presence of the disclaimer “sponsored post” for all articles, all links within the articles are « no follow » links.

But you can talk about what you like, tell your personal opinion and even set your own price per article.

This post is written to announce the lauch of ebuzzing in the UK and to invite other bloggers to read: Why you should join ebuzzing , where of course it is  explained why joining ebuzzing can be an interesting experience (besides bringing money).

Try and you will find out it is easy to register on, the best way to monetise your blog.

"Who seeds a post harvests some cash" this is my philosophy, why couldn´t it be yours too?

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Open or close?

PCs were designed to run software written by authors other than the PC manufacturer or those with whom the PC manufacturer had special arrangements.
The resulting PC was one that its own users could program, and many did.
A comparable feature belonged to the Internet since its birth and was the reason of its huge success.
No central intelligence, but end to end communication and freedom to use the tool as pleased.
This meant an extraordinary birth of applications to cover all the possible needs.
And this is what is lacking in the case of cell phones, where the buyer, as in the case of the iPhone, doesn´t really get the ownership of the hardware, since its usage is limited to the software of the producer and to its updates.
It could happen that once the producer decides to charge for an update and the owner doesn´t want to pay he is in possession of an unusable tool.
Not only. Take in consideration the case in which China makes 3 cables for a mega brand, a store brand, and no-name factory, that sell for several tens of dollars, some $20, and $15, respectively - identical but for the label/packaging (and the manufacturer gets only a few dollars).
This is more common than one could believe.
Or the case of GM crops whereby the seeds are property of the company, and a farmer is not allowed to save seeds for future harvests.
An open system is dangerous because it can easily endanger copyrights but the damage to creativity and innovation can be limiting and detrimental to society.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Google-China: Lose-lose. Win-lose. Lose-win

"We have not changed our operations in China," Rubin said by phone from Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California.

China's industry minister insisted Friday the company must obey Chinese law, which appears to leave few options other than closing, which has about 35 percent of China's search market.

China without Google could mean no more maps on mobile phones. A free music service that has helped to fight piracy might be in jeopardy. China's fledgling Web outfits would face less pressure to improve, eroding their ability to one day compete abroad."
In every transaction there are two parties, not necessarily one earns and the other lose.
Most likely both win something, otherwise there would be no business transaction.
Google stays because they earn out of it and China will not ban Google.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good education is like good journalism...

“News is a process, not a product.”
News is what happened and the product is the interpretation of what happened.
The news must be plain and open.
“People want to create, not just consume, because collaboration is a way to expand news, because it is a way to save expenses.”
People want to be entertained, because this is our generation.
It began with TV which was a one way communication and now with the Iternet we have a two way communication, this is real entertainment, a show in which the public is both spectator and “actor” which is what people like…
“Instead of giving tests to find out what they’ve learned, we should test to find out what they don’t know. Their wrong answers aren’t failures, they are needs and opportunities.
We tell them our answers before they’ve asked the questions.”
To make questions you HAVE to know the answers.
To say what you think, you HAVE to start from the subject.
And the subjects are the suitcase of knowledge people before us have reached.
Every generation hands to the next what they have learned, what they have achieved, so that the new generation can begin where the others finished.
“It’s easy to educate for the routine, and hard to educate for the novel.”
It is the same, the second is just letting the door open, instead of closing it.
“We must stop our culture of standardized testing and standardized teaching.”
We must go on teaching what is our culture and encouraging people to analyze and correct it where needed.
“Rather than showing our diplomas, shouldn’t we show our portfolios of work as a far better expression of our thinking and capability? The school becomes not a factory but an incubator.”
The school must be a factory that teaches how to incubate.
Life will give the chance to develop what the students learned.
To be open means no incubator, but complete freedom of expression.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Made in Italy

The American taxpayers will receive this year an Economic Stimulus payment, which is a sum of money that comes from taxpayers and goes back to them to purchase something and in this way stimulating the economy.
What should they buy?
If they spend it at Wal-Mart it will go to China.
If they spend it on gasoline, it will go to the Arabs.
If they spend it in fruits and vegetables, it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.
If they buy a car it will go to Japan or Korea.
If they buy useless stuff it will go to Taiwan.
If they pay their credit cards off, it will go to management bonuses and they will hide it offshore.
To keep the money in America they should:

1) Spend it at yard sales

2) Go to ball games

3) spend it on hookers

4) spend it on beer

5) spend it on tattoos.


They could help America by going to a ball game, drinking beer all day with a tattoed hooker met at a yard sale.

What could Italians do to help their country?

Nothing, because even the hookers are from Albania....

Say it with your body

Many prefer tattoos.
I think that a T-Shirt is much better.
It is cheaper,easier to wear, you can change it every day or many times a day.
What about any time you change your mind?
And do not forget that the moment you are tired of talking with your body it is so much easier to stop with a T-shirt.
I didn´t also mention the fact that a good tailored T-Shirt can also hide those few pounds more (or less) that you do not want or want to show.
Today for example I want to talk about wild life, the best I can do is looking for a custom t-shirt in the color I like (may be green) and with the words I would say.
Then tomorrow I am in the mood of something else, or I am going to meet people who do not care about wild life, but politics, why not a politicstshirt?
You can always find some kind of inspiration, going to the website of“CNN Politics”.
There are so many models of t-shirts and everything else you can dream to customize, drinkware, posters, stickers and all what concerns home decor, that it is getting really hard to choose...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The loneliness of living

"Whenever you write anything, you have a desired message to communicate to a desired audience, whether it’s writing an ad to persuade a customer to buy your product or writing a recipe so that others can make and enjoy your best dish.

Your goal, then, is to inform your audience, not to impress them. What does it matter if they love the words you use but don’t act on the message those words are intended to convey?"


Many times I asked myself: what makes a good writing?
Certainly not a good writer or not only a good writer.
How many times we read something badly written or we listened to somebody who was not even able to speak correctly a language, but we felt something for it or him?
Or we saw a photo and we felt indescribable emotions, even though the subject was nothing special? May be even ugly?

I guess what makes it is the feeling we can express.
With good or bad words. With a good or bad image.
It is actually "saying" something that makes what we write or show special.
The more, the better.
If you really mean what you write, your feelings come out of what you write.
Because there is no big happiness or sadness that we cannot communicate, even with an expression of our face.
A good writer or a good actor can actually communicate a big emotion without actually being directly involved.
And that is the greatness of art.
Whatever form you consider.
Music, painting, writing.
Being able to communicate, to make "common" a feeling you have.
Being able to involve, to share, to make the reader, the spectator, seeing and feeling.
The sublimer of all arts is the one that breaks the loneliness in which we are born and in which we will die.
The loneliness of living.

The best bargain

Once I was a fan of eBay .
I used to spend hours just browsing in search of good bargains.
And I found a lot of them.
I got merchandise for nothing.
Too bad it was ALWAYS something I didn’t really need.
I bought wonderful clothes for a ridiculous price, but I never wore them.
Because they were not my style or something I didn’t need.
Well, on eBay you can be lucky and pay nothing, but on the things nobody wants.
On the contrary when I wanted to buy a scanner I bought two for a very cheap price, but here they are, I can't use drivers are available, the stepping motor doesn't work, the light is not OK…
Now I understand why they sold them for a cheap price. Why would anyone want to sell a "good" scanner for a ridiculously good price?
Or a computer, or a monitor?
Either you buy things that are obsolete (and you cannot use because there are no drivers available) or you better look somewhere else.
Then I found Wikio Shopping, which is a website where you have a list of all available offers of what you are looking for and, what I love, price comparison which is very important.

With Wikio Shopping, you can research any product you are looking for, and not only find a price comparison, but also get user reviews, see photos, videos, and ratings of the product.

I was, for example, looking for monitors.

I had the following window:


Then I clicked on the first and found:


where the price of the same monitor was different in different websites.

I also found the shipping costs and all the other details that could allow me to make the right choice.

And this is just a simple example of the huge selection of choices you can find shopping on Wikio.

The advantages?

I can compare quality with price and decide to buy what I really need.
It is true the prices can eventually be higher than on eBay ( but sometimes they can be even cheaper…), but believe me, the best bargain is to buy what you need at the lowest possible price.
Sometimes the "1 Euro" bargain IS NOT a bargain.

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Great powers, like great men, are born, rise, reign and then gradually wane

"The challenges that face the United States are often represented as slow-burning. It is the steady march of demographics -- which is driving up the ratio of retirees to workers -- not bad policy that condemns the public finances of the United States to sink deeper into the red.
It is the inexorable growth of China's economy, not American stagnation, that will make the gross domestic product of the People's Republic larger than that of the United States by 2027. "

I like to compare Nations to families, abstract entities to real people, because a Nation is nothing else than the families and the people who make it.
Usually the children of a rich, well established family don’t do well, used to luxury and comforts, while a child from a poor family is more motivated and in spite of all difficulties will succeed better that the other.
Survival need which includes the dream of a better life is often the reason why Nations like China can do much better than USA.
When you have more than what you need, that is the moment you stop working.
When it is easier letting THE OTHERS produce and just resell, that is the moment in which your economy begins dying.

After the Second World War the Americans thought:
"Let's be fair. We have been Top Nation for long.
We have done splendidly well once again.
Now we must give others a chance: let's decline."
But it is not so easy to decline.
After a few centuries other nations just will not believe that you are as inefficient and couldn't care less as you are.
They will insist on thinking of you as succesful, reliable and rich, however unsuccesful, unreliable and poor you may have become.
It needs the unfailing effort of rich and poor, old and young, intellectual and illiterate, skilled and unskilled.
It is an arduous, almost herculean task, but nothing will deter the
Americans, once they have made up their minds.
They played a great part in destroying Nazi Germany; the destruction of democratic America seems child's play compared with that.
The general strategy is grandiose: let us give away our Empire as fast as possible or a little faster; let us ruin the dollar by pretending that we did not give away our Empire and can still be a reserve currency; let us distribute overseas aid in a grand manner, at the same time, let us go around begging for oil.
Made in USA used to be synonymous with quality, so let us not rest until it means "shoddy goods, delivered late (how could it be different, it comes from China).
All this needs great determination, skill and the united effort of a great nation.
But the Americans aren't the Americans for nothing.
To their eternal glory, they are on the way to complete success.

Cyber savings

Once, not so long ago, but it looks ages, when you had to travel, you had to go to a travel agency and pay the price they asked you.
The Internet has changed our life also in the way we travel.
And of course making it easier and cheaper.
Never heard about “Travel coupons”?
Those are a great invention.
You can travel in the usual way, but at a discounted price.
How does it sound?
I guess this is gold to my ears, because I love to think I got a bargain, as much as I hate to think I overpaid for something.
That is why before doing ANYTHING I always check the Internet.
Online you can really find good bargains and travel for half the price.
If you do not believe me, have a look at “Southwest promo code”.
You can find gorgeous Las Vegas Vacation deals.
And if you are lucky besides being smart, you can gamble, eventually win, and you can have fun even bringing home some money!
But if you are not interested in Vegas or similar, you can just type “Southwest” and still find the best deals for wherever you dream to go.
But if you really cannot decide, let the convenience do the choice for you.
Go where it is cheaper or affordable for your budget, and have fun!
The best investment for your money is still enjoying it!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Answer about a comment about the body language

"It is true that the wrong messages can be sent by the way a person dresses. But that isn't any excuse for a rape. If a child knows that he isn't suppose to have cookies... is the cookie jar being open a reason for him to take it? Women need to learn to respect themselves...its true...but whether or not they do....nobody has the right to rape"

You are right, nobody has the right to rape anyone and everybody has the right to wear as she pleases.
But I guess that an intelligent woman who knows how stupid and aggressive and bad acting certain men can be, would never put herself in the position to send the wrong message.
In the company of nudists no one is naked, but if you happen to be in the company of no nudists, you should conform, otherwise it is "on your own risk".

That in a few words means: the world of MEN is not yet ready for the 21st century.
Most of them still live in the Middle Ages.

Friday, March 05, 2010

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."

For the past ten years, the web has been filled with static content, the offline model equivalent of this structure is a yellow pages or encyclopedia.
Now the web is becoming dynamic and ever changing.
So traditional search relevance is turned upside-down.
Relevance of content isn´t just about how popular it is, it is about timeliness. The offline model equivalent is a newspaper.
This will transform the way that all information is created and delivered.
The basic idea is to go beyond the "mere" blog, it is connecting more and more blogs, creating a "river" of informations, of news, of ideas.
People want to contribute the content and to share it.
Let people — no, encourage — people to remix your stuff.
They’re doing it anyway. They’re taking a paragraph from here and a quote from there — or video from here and audio from there — to tell the story from their perspective.
Stop thinking of that as theft and start thinking of it as a compliment.
If you’re not being remixed, you’re not part of the conversation.
And the conversation is the platform of the today. Look at it as the way to create great things.
Your blog could become a huge platform for new ideas.
Enable people to use you to make connections to people and information.
Create networked reporting tools that let the people join together.


With SmallRivers a tool for bloggers to network content and audiences
What is it exactly?
SmallRivers is the way to connect your blog to similar ones, so that your readers do not need to search the Net to find what they like to read...
In simple words it is a tool that allows you to "network" content, without even searching for blogrolls or linking pages.
It works this way: you grab a ‘sticker’ from the SmallRivers website and then paste it on your own blog.
This will follow the same concept and everybody and everything which has a connection to this sticker will be interconnected.
You just click on it and you will see a window with all the pages where you can find the content you are interested in...As easy as that...
Let your ideas flow in a never ending river of communication.
Communication is the foundation of society and business.
When you communicate, you change the world

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Body language

"Some rape victims wouldn’t have been raped if they had dressed properly, according to some religious nuts handing out pamphlets in Virginia. So basically if you dress like a tramp, you’re asking for it — and leading good men away from Godliness by giving them impure thoughts."

Even though I rarely agree with the Church, I do this time.
We are like animals in our body language.
Why showing your body if not for a certain reason?
That reason being attracting males...

Monday, March 01, 2010

Everything is a story

To write is to be able to tell a story.
To be a journalist is to be able to write a story which makes sense to the listener, which captures the audience, who makes somebody willing to read more.
To teach is to be able to tell a story which makes sense to the listener, the student. To learn is to be able to listen to a story and extract meaning from it.
"Once upon a time " is the beginning of the process of teaching and learning.
That is how the communication of wisdom begins.
Since I can remember, I have associated learning with stories. Since childhood, my best teachers have been those who have had the gift of telling a good story.
To know is to know the story.
Everything is a story, life is a story, my past is a story, my present is a story, my future will be a story.
Living is writing a story, telling your story is the first mean of communication.
If you can tell an interesting story, you will be successful; it is indeed that simple.

Where everything is included, also the sun and the nice weather

If happiness is dreaming what you do not have, a wonderful, hot, sandy beach is what you see in a cold snowy day in winter.
What about a few days somewhere, where you can forget your daily problems, may be with a nice drink in your hands, in front of a deep blue sea?
What about Breezes Resorts?
You can have all inclusive vacation packages, where ALL means really all what you can dream of: deluxe accommodations, all meals & snacks, unlimited premium beverages ( and this would already be enough for a lazy person like me)...but if you happen to be active, or you want to have an active holiday, even land & water sports...What do you want more?

Of course the sun and the hot weather, but that comes for free, even without Breezes.
Have you EVER seen something more alluring thanRunaway Bay Jamaica?
That is the place where you can really feel like a queen, served and revered as you never were in all your life.
Where you have all the needed staff to care for you and nobody when you need it.
What about a few wonderful days with your loved one, just the two of you and the most attractive scenario, where time stops and life looks like a dream?
Where you can feel like somebody else and you can think: if Heaven is something wonderful, then it must look and feel like this...
But if you are not the beach and sport type, if you are a workaholic and still think of a vacation as something nice but active, if you are really so busy you cannot forget your job, not even for a few days, Negril Jamaica IS the place for you.
Because besides all luxury treatments, that make life a joy, you can still find state-of-the-art equipment including projectors, A/V equipment, flip charts, microphones, podium and office supplies.
So that you can have a wonderful time and organize group meetings.
If working is nice, working in a place like this is just unforgettable...

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