Monday, November 18, 2013


Every day one farmer kills himself in France.
Even though France receives 9 billions a year for subsidize farming.
The problem is that the money goes to the big, the ones who do not need it, because they have easy access to cheap credit.
"Yesterday my neighbor killed himself.
The bank just called to tell him that they were not going to renew his credit. That meant he had to give back the money he didn’t have, that he was going to face bankruptcy and loose ALL he had.
No farm, no job, no house, no food for his family."
And what happens then?
The bank grabs his farm, gives it up on an auction to one of the bigs who have the chance to get new land for nothing and getting bigger.
The same is happening with the small companies.
That is how you kill the economy and commit genocide.
Thank you Europe!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

People versus elite: easier than what you think

They say babies are born at night, so my ideas, when I cannot sleep and everything looks clearer.
There are two worlds: the real world, made by real people, who really work and produce.
Then there is the fake world, the one made by people who do not work, who do not produce, the PARASITES.
Those exist and thrive thanks to the real people who work and produce for THEM.
In order to do so they use the MONEY they print, which has no real value, because its value is the paper’s in which it is not even printed anymore.
One hour of the real people work is worth 7 dollars of THEIR fake money.
And that is possible because the REAL people accept it.
What would happen if the real people would say; I do not accept your fake money, in exchange of MY work or MY assets I want real money: gold or services.
It would happen that the REAL people, the ones who work, could afford the REAL money, while the parasites could eat their paper.
Why don’t we do it?
Wouldn’t it be so difficult just to say no?
To have REAL representative, people who are paid by us and work for US?
We could have OUR REAL money, printed by us, that could buy the real things, produced by the real people.
It just takes a little detail: wake up and live in OUR real world, leaving the financial fake world to the gamblers.
They can eat what they produce.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The colonization of our minds

Technology behind television and videos create a kind of state like hypnosis, where information is absorbed without being processed , the more you put yourself in front of a screen the more susceptible you are, the more you are getting the propaganda that the controller of that technology wants you to get.
It is all corporate control, conditioning you to buy, buy, buy, and becoming a consumer to a point that the more you watch certain news and the less you know, since you are indoctrinated to certain propaganda.
You just learn what they want you to.
That is not subliminal conditioning, it is being bombarded by certain propaganda, it is being inundated with false data.
Garbage in, garbage out.
You are totally convinced of false data, because that is what you get from those sources.
That is influencing minds.
You should have good food and good nutrition for your body as well as good food and good nutrition for your mind.
In one way or another we are all conditioned, our minds have been colonized.

A one sided partnership

Today, 13 November 2013, WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s GDP.
The TPP is the forerunner to the equally secret US-EU pact TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), for which President Obama initiated US-EU negotiations in January 2013. Together, the TPP and TTIP will cover more than 60 per cent of global GDP.
They will try to pass it as a commercial trade, but the trade has little to do with it, just the minimum part concerning the big Corporations.
If we want to define it in a few words we can call it as the succeeded coup to get the power, done by the few big corporations that already rule the world.
And if we want to define it with one word, we can call it Fascism.
The merging of political power and corporations is nothing else than Fascism.
That is why the discussion is done behind closed doors and in the utmost secrecy.

We thank you very much, Mr. Obama, but, honestly, I would rather prefer a friendly divorce between USA and Europe.

The real face of Europe

There are two ways to reach the deficit balance: increasing production or increasing taxes.
The second is what Brussel wants.
Germany is guilty indeed, because instead of increasing taxes and adopting "austerity" has tried to balance increasing (or better, just keeping it on the plus) production.
That, of course, must be punished, because the Germans are NOT poor enough.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The land of the rising YUAN

As for today I, and this is a personal view, see not a bright future for USA and the west, Europe included.
The matter is when, not if.
We will have a currency and following financial and of course economical reset.
Iran is the typical example of a check mate.
China, thanks to its intelligent understanding of financial and economical matter, has arrived to the point where getting rid of its trillion dollars US treasuries won’t bring a loss and is ready to do so.
They calculate it has reached around 10 or 11 thousand tons of gold, whose value is indirectly dependent on the US dollars. If the dollar goes up, the gold goes down and that is what allowed China to buy such a good quantity of it.
But if the dollar goes down, THE GOLD GOES UP , that means China won’t suffer when it decides to flood the market with US treasuries.
If US attacks IRAN, as Saudi and allies want, China will discharged the dollar, if US doesn’t attack IRAN, Saudi will discharge the petro dollar.
In both cases China won’t suffer, on the contrary, the Yuan will be the next reserve currency.
What will be the outcome for the banks and the financial world?
The death of the petro dollar means also that the reserve of the too big to fail won’t prevent them to fail.
Like a domino game, one will push the other down.
China: check mate

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We, the people

TAFTA or TAP Trans Atlantic partnership is what they ( US and EU) are discussing at the moment.
As usual one thing is what they call it, what they say it is and the other the reality.
It has everything those few multinational corporations need and lacks one big detail: Democracy.
That is why not only nobody asks me and you (we, the people) if we want it or not, but following the best rules of the best dictatorship, the talkings are done in the utmost secret and the deal will be signed, either we like it or not, and THEN, one day, the presstitutes will tell us: a new deal was signed to improve trade among US and EU. It will bring jobs and money and people will live happily ever after.
The discussion is NOT about the rules or whatever, it is about WHAT our WHORE politicians will get to sell our sovereignty.
That is the best way to have elections and what they call democracy, but in reality we will just vote for the best KAPO, will pay them and THEY will execute the big corporations orders.
If anybody has doubts about the outcome of the TAFTA, I invite him or her to inform themselves about NAFTA or TPP Trans Pacific partnership.
Canada, after signing the agreement had the gut to make a law against additives on gasoline, because it was proved they caused cancer.
They were sued and not only lost the sue, but even had to pay a HUGE fine, just to remind them who is the Boss....
For the ones who care about their health, we will be obliged to accept Monsanto and the likes, ALL small industry will be destroyed and obliged to close.
The middle class will have the final stroke and WE ALL will work for them, at the salary THEY will decide, and the moment we will have something to complain about, we will lose job, house, money.
People, when they think of the New World Order imagine somebody like Mussolini.
I explain you what it will be. We will still have our nice politicians that we will still vote to put in their place, but they will take the money from us and work for the REAL government, the PIN STRIPE Mafia: BIG Banks and Corporations, exactly the same that are responsible for destroying our economy and our society.

For what reason do you think they did it?

This will be the genocide of the 21st century, Hitler style, but Stalin size, even bigger.
The difference this time is that there will be NOBODY to help us people to get rid of it.
It will be “till death us part”.

Monday, November 11, 2013

High frequency trading

It works in a very simple way.
The all matter is in being faster, nanosecond and even less.
It can be explained in a few words: how to cheat big investors realizing how much and when they make their bets on the stock market, then being faster a nanosecond, buying the stocks they are buying and reselling them for a price of a penny more for every stock.
One penny can be a huge sum if you buy and sell millions a second.
That is the easiest way to make money never losing, because you buy JUST what you will sell.
But being easy to understand doesn’t mean it is easier to do.
The way to be faster is JUST the right algorithm, but it takes a genius to invent it.
That is why at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and co. you find the best minds of our society, the best brains, the M.I.T masters.

This is also the mirror of what our society has become.
The best minds, the best brains, that once worked to make a better world, NOW work to make a faster bet, so that they can cheat faster and better the world.
What a waste!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We terrorists

The electoral campaign in Europe has begun.
This looks like one of the most important in Europe’s life, because people will vote for deputies, but in reality Europe’s life itself is on stake.
That is why it is utmost important to be ready and to be ready on time. All European’s army is on alert.
At least the kabala that is driving Europe at this moment (which is exactly the same that rules USA, Canada and UK.

They have one only goal and one only voice: theirs.
That means that ours not only doesn’t count, but must be fought in every possible way.
One powerful way is to convince the ones who know nothing, who think nothing, who understand nothing, but have one big advantage: they vote.
It is that small piece of paper in which they will write a name.
The name is unimportant, the important is what it means, yes or no.
The strategy is to convince those who will do their best, who will be able to give them a job, a house, a future.
And, as usual, it doesn’t really matter if they mean or want, or mean the opposite, what really matters is what those believe.

First step: Draghi lowered the interest, the maximum he could.
Well, he could even go to zero, but, zero is no interest at all...
That means the European countries can borrow more at the same cost.
At least till the elections. Nobody talks of the "after"
Second step will be to rig all the possible numbers. GDP, Inflation rate, taxes and so on.
What they cannot rig is the standard of living, the REAL numbers.
Very little does to me to know that the inflation is 0,2 when my expenses grow 40%.
I guess they have good chances to be successful.
If there are still a lot of people who believe that you can get thinner eating as much as you want, no exercise, then there are enough people who can believe you can create jobs, increase the investments, with what they call "structural measures" which means: more taxes, firing people, less credit, less education, less infrastructures.
As they can believe that they can lose weight going on with the same lifestyle, just with a miraculous pill, so they can believe there will be growth going on the same path that brought the bankruptcy.

The miraculous pill is printing new money, inventing new taxes, firing a few millions. That will bring richness, a higher standard of living, more consumes, new jobs.
But why then Rompuy is shouting that whoever doesn’t believe in Europe is a "populist" (Letta said even "terrorist") and must be stopped in ANY WAY.
If being a terrorist or a populist is believing in a better future for our children, then, I am a TERRORIST, I am a POPULIST and Mr. Rompuy, Mr. Barroso, Mister Letta VAFFANCULO!!!!