Thursday, November 29, 2012

Will they?

"The International Telecommunications Union, the UN agency at the center of a firestorm over new efforts to regulate the Internet, is preparing a social media campaign to target what it expects will be fierce opposition to a revised telephone treaty being decided next month at a secret conference in Dubai.
That's according to a key ITU internal planning document that appeared Saturday on the website WCITLeaks, which has been posting a steady stream of documents leading up to the conference.
Even as ITU officials accelerate increasingly clumsy efforts to deflect the wrath of Internet users over next month's World Conference on International Telecommunications, more documents leaking out ahead of the meeting continue to expose the agency's misstatements."
"The Internet community at large will not cede technical nor economic control over the Net to national governments who will destroy this great work."
Will they?

The best ecommerce website dream and the worst competitors nightmare...

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But in the same time it is also a very interesting place for designers. There they can have the CMS for web designers.
Let’s say you already are a very good web designer and you do not need help, but what about making the same with no effort and FASTER?
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Emerging ideas that are shaping our future

How can you improve your life?
One way, the first way I can actually think of improving my life is beginning to improve the place where I live.
And by improving I certainly mean making it more comfortable.
Having a nice cool house in summer, a nice, cozy warm house in winter and ALL the tons of hot water I need for my showers, my babies baths and my pets needs...
I could begin reading, searching the net, trying to improve my knowledge, doing it by myself, but, since I am NOT a professional how to understand what is best , what lasts longer, what comes cheaper and so on..
I could also search for a good home energy audit franchise, which is definitely the best idea.
I am on the opinion that the best solution is letting the experts do the job, because they just know how to do it.
Where do you start?
I would immediately contact the Home Energy team.
They will come, check and provide energy efficiency solutions through local home improvement contractors in your own community.
They are ALL experts in building science, provided with certifications from the industry’s most trusted and respected certification bodies: the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and the Building Performance Institute (BPI).
They’re expert Home Energy Survey Professionals, Home Energy Raters, Building Envelope Professionals, Building Analysts and "Energy Smart" Home Improvement Contractors.
Following my links you will find websites for contractors, from there you will be able to contact all necessary people to fulfill your needs.
I do not know how much better my future will be, but I am sure MY HOME will be warmer and much more comfortable...and may be I will even spend less...

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The permanent warfare

"IN 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower left office warning of the growing power of the military-industrial complex in American life.
Most people know the term the president popularized, but few remember his argument.

In his farewell address, Eisenhower called for a better equilibrium between military and domestic affairs in our economy, politics and culture.
He worried that the defense industry’s search for profits would warp foreign policy and, conversely, that too much state control of the private sector would cause economic stagnation.
He warned that unending preparations for war were incongruous with the nation’s history.
He cautioned that war and war making took up too large a proportion of national life, with grave ramifications for our spiritual health."

My question is: can a country whose a big part of its economy is based on the productions of weapons, that spent over $700 billion last year, about half of all military spending in the world, be defined as a peaceful country?
Can a country like that pretend to bring peace and democracy to the rest of the world?

"From lawmakers’ constant use of “support our troops” to justify defense spending, to TV programs and video games like “NCIS,” “Homeland” and “Call of Duty,” to NBC’s shameful and unreal reality show “Stars Earn Stripes,” Americans are subjected to a daily diet of stories that valorize the military while the storytellers pursue their own opportunistic political and commercial agendas.
Of course, veterans should be thanked for serving their country, as should police officers, emergency workers and teachers.
But no institution — particularly one financed by the taxpayers — should be immune from thoughtful criticism."

When a t shirt is NOT a sign of quality, it is a sign of THE quality

What could be a better promotion for your company than somebody who wears your logo everywhere?
And what could be cheaper?
People tend to be willing to do so, when they are offered a good quality t shirt, may be something well fitting, good quality, pure cotton with waterproof, washing machine proof colors. And I am NOT talking of the usual cheap imported stuff that is either too big or too sloppy or with unbearable colors.
I am talking about something made in USA, good quality cotton, where your logo or name or whatever is printed with t shirt screen printing.
I am talking about a company which has, as they say, "over 20 years of experience in providing product and equipment identification solutions".
Twenty years you can see in the high quality t shirt, in every small detail, in all what makes the difference and gives a touch to the name or logo of your company.
It can also be something employees can proudly wear in company meetings or seminars or shows. Something like a uniform, a nice one, that shows they belong together and they also belong to a high quality company.
If you really want something unique and special, you can chose high quality embroidered shirts.
Either you chose one or the other you can be sure that your name or your logo or whatever drawing you decide to print, will be displayed in the best way.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

When competition gets hot

Solar panels Chinese manufacturers make about 50 million of them a year.
Ten years ago, solar panels were made mostly in the United States, Germany, and Japan.
They also have four of the world’s top five solar-panel manufacturers.
What makes this particularly impressive is that the industry elsewhere has been doubling in size every two years, and Chinese manufacturers have done even better, doubling their production roughly every year.
That isn’t due to cheap labor in Chinese factories: making solar cells requires such expensive equipment and materials that labor contributes just a small fraction of the overall cost.
The main reason is that it’s faster and cheaper for them to build factories, thanks to inexpensive, efficient construction crews and China’s streamlined permitting process.
But the solar market is rapidly evolving, and technological innovations are becoming increasingly essential.
Though demand for solar power continues to grow around the world, the market is flooded with photovoltaic panels.
For solar manufacturers today, that means inventing cells that are more efficient at converting light into electricity, keeping cost down while converting efficiency.
Gallium arsenide a competitor to crystalline silicon, can be made into films of material that can generate as much electricity as a typical silicon cell but are just a hundredth as thick, potentially reducing material costs.
Such thin films can also be fl exible: they could be rolled up, reducing packaging and shipping costs, and they could be built into roofi ng shingles to reduce installation costs.
Thin film technology will eventually challenge conventional solar panels, if that happens, Chinese makers of crystalline silicon solar cells may not dominate the market forever.